2011-01-10: Walk In Bryant Park


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Summary: Jeremy asks Robin to meet him in Bryant Park to discuss dance committee stuff, Tex happens to be there too.

Date: January 10, 2011

Log Title: Walk in Bryant Park

Rating: PG

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

After seeing Robin again Jeremy remembered a conversation that she had with Hosea that he witnessed. He feels bad about it and so under the pretense of talking about the dance committee he's given her a call to meet him in Bryant Park. He's also arranged a meeting with someone briefly before the set time so for the moment he's talking to a guy at one of the tables before there's an exchange of money for something, a bit more chatting and the guy wanders off leaving Jeremy to wait for Robin.

Robin is not one to miss out on an opportunity to be punctual, so she arrives at the meeting place right on time, checking her cellphone just to make sure. Her puppet follows close behind her and, while Robin doesn't seem to be noticing the cold too much, Blank is hunched over with arms crossed. Robin glances about quickly and pushes her glasses up her nose before rubbing under the painted lens. When she spots Jeremy, she raises her hand and calls, "Hey!"

Jeremy smiles as he hears her voice and starts to walk towards her. "Hey Robin." He says as he shoves his gloved hands in his pockets. "I hope it wasn't too much to ask, you coming out to the city. I figured…this is a good meeting spot." Though he should have thought of something warm like a Starbucks. "You wanna get a cup of hot chocolate or something?"

Robin and Blank synch to shakes their heads, and Robin says, "No problem at all. And a hot chocolate sounds like it'd be just perfect right about now." She smiles slightly and glances around before uncertainly deciding on a direction to where she thinks the nearest coffee shop might be. "So you'd like to talk about something for the dance? You have anything in mind?"

Jeremy starts to walk towards a little stand that sells hot drinks and takes a deep breath before speaking. "Well..kinda but not really. I used that as an excuse. I was already meeting an acquaintance out here and also wanted to see you so I invited you out." He admits. "Cause actually, I am so lost in all this planning just…did I ever tell you what my powers were?"

"I think you mentioned you can see the past, but that it works by touch?" says Robin, biting her bottom lip lightly in thought. She can definitely see how that might, in many cases, be uncomfortable. She folds her own hands together and shrugs slightly. "Are you wanting to talk to someone about something you've seen?"

"Kinda it's just…you know him." Jeremy says before taking a deep breath. "I hate this power cause I can't control it, I can't control what I see or what happens. And then I can't get it out of my head and it drives me crazy but, this guy, that goes to your school. Hosea. I saw everything. Everything he did and I feel so bad cause I saw a private conversation, between you and him. Something I shouldn't know."

"Hosea? I know him, I'm on his training team…" says Robin, trying to remember specific conversations, until a flash of memory seems to cross her face and she presses her lip between her canines. "Ahh. Um. I'm guessing you're talking about my, ah, past." She rubs her arms lightly over her jacket and then shrugs. "Yeah, what I said was true. I try not to be ashamed of that, but…" She shrugs.

Jeremy nods and lights up a cigarette as the awkward silence hangs there for a bit. "Yeah..I heard. But…you got what you wanted though so…that's a good thing right?" He says as he's always known Robin as a girl and he has a hard time judging knowing he's not perfect. "Though, I ran away too. My parents, they weren't like you described yours to Hosea but mine…they had ideas. Me and my siblings were supposed to be normal. Good grades, electives that looked good, all that but I found out my parents were..um..are mutant killers. We got into a huge fight and I ran away, or got kicked out. I don't really remember. I think it was a bit of both but..I guess…what I'm trying to say is…I'm fine with you. And you deserve to know that I know since it's your secret. And…there's a lot in my life I'm ashamed of." He admits quietly.

Robin listens to what Jeremy has to say, and frowns when he says that his parents were mutant killers. "Oh, I'm so sorry… I know there's a lot of things about myself that I'm ashamed of, but… I'm glad to hear that who I am doesn't bother you. It's hard to explain the way I felt, I guess, but I felt that way." She shrugs and says, "But it's very thoughtful of you to let me know what you know about me… Thank you."

"It's not easy having parents who hate you for what you are, what you can't control." Jeremy says as he can't really identify with her gender identity issues but he does find the girl he's talking with to be nice. "It's not easy having a power that lets you see things that you don't want to and on that note…be careful around Hosea, please."

"I've heard some rumours about him lately, actually, that he did something… um, not so great," says Robin, frowning slightly. "I don't know what triggered it, but I heard he hurt someone at our school, and was trying to kill some girl. So I think I'm going to take that advice…" She crosses her arms lightly and notes, "I mean, usually he's pretty friendly, but like I said, I'm in his training group. During training he's… intense."

"He's been through a lot, I saw it all. He, I don't know how much I should tell you but please, just, be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt." Jeremy says taking a deep breath. "Just, when he was in Nigeria he didn't have it easy. He was a soldier and did some pretty horrendous things. So anyway, about this dance. Do you have any ideas for it?" Jeremy's always one to change topics when he starts getting uncomfortable.

Robin nods solemnly when Jeremy explains to her, "He's told me that before himself, so I don't think it's wrong to hear it again…" As the subject suddenly changes she seems somewhat surprised for a moment, but follows in turn. "Well, umm, I think the theme is pretty cool. I'm kind of more focused on fundraiser stuff at the moment, though. I'm pretty excited for that. Like I said before, I've always wanted to help with a bake sale."

"I've been wondering what I can do to help with the fundraiser. I'm not really crafty. I can play the violin and that's about it." Jeremy says as he was never overly artsy. "I bet your good at baking. What kind of things are you thinking about cooking?"

"Well, you could always man the tables, too. There are roles for everyone. And that's right! You can also play violin. Maybe do some licensed busking?" says Robin, tilting her head slightly in thought. "I think I'll do mostly traditional bake sale pieces, with my own touches. Cinnamon cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, maybe carrot cupcakes, cinnamon buns, brownies… Oh, you'll have to try some of my brownies. They're /fantastic/. I'm kind've partial towards chocolate, myself, though…"

Jeremy smiles as he listens to her talk. "Chocolate is always good, I do like chocolate. And maybe I can do some violin playing, just for some atmosphere or something. And licensed busking?" Jeremy asks cautiously. "I don't think they give guys like me a license. That's for people who are actually good and aren't doing it to beg for money..not that I need to anymore but, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," says Robin, frowning slightly at that. "That's not really what I meant. You could draw people towards us, is what I mean, but we'd need to clear it with the venue, 'cause you generally do for things like that. But since we're clearing the bake sale in general with the venue…" She shrugs, "It's just something to keep in mind, I suppose."

Jeremy shakes his head and then gives a smile. "Sorry. I'm just..not use to this." He says motioning to her then himself with a finger. "Having someone to talk to, about, normal things. But, I guess I can. You don't think people would get bored with classical music cause I'm not like a cool violinist like in Dave Matthews Band. I'm more classical."

"Ohh, yeah, I know the feeling…" says Robin, smiling slightly at that. She pushes her glasses up lightly and shrugs, "I think classical music is generally really pretty, though. I guess some people would disagree with me, but I doubt a few nice classical songs will drive anyone away, either."

"So what about you? I know you bake, what else?" Jeremy asks as he finishes up his cigarette. "I'm a violist and I used to do track and field before I ran away but I'm not in as good as shape as I used to be." He doesn't think it's a surprise. "Where did you live before coming to New York?"

"A small town in Kansas," says Robin, responding to the last question first. "Called Pomona. Like twelve residents there, including cats and dogs." She smiles slightly at her own joke and continues, "I don't know. I'm good with visual arts. But mostly school stuff, I guess. I didn't leave my room much as a kid."

Jeremy smiles and then lets out a little chuckle. "I didn't either. Though Beavercreek had more people in it than twelve. I focused a lot on my school work so sometimes I still think back on where I was three years ago and have no idea how I ended up here." He says taking a deep breath. "It's just, I don't even feel like that me was the same person as I am now. So much has changed."

"Yeah, I know… If I look back three years…" Robin frowns and pushes her glasses up her nose slightly, "So much has changed for me. Lately, for the better, mostly." She bites her bottom lip for a moment, between her canines as she occasionally does out of seeming habit. "I focus on my schoolwork a lot, still. I would kind of like to be a doctor someday…"

"Some stuff has changed for the better, I just developed some bad habits on the streets. Though I'm not stealing or anything more, I always felt bad when I stole from someone." Jeremy admits. "I would steal someone's wallet and take the cash and then drop it in the mailbox hoping they would at least get their credit cards and id back. But, I was just so afraid of dying out here that I became someone I wasn't. I'm still smoking though but…wow….I've never told anyone this stuff." He says pushing his hair back. "A doctor, well, I wish you luck in that. I am just hoping I can finish High School."

"I was really bad at stealing from people… I tried it a couple times, but got beat up. I mostly got stolen from. Which sucks, since I didn't really have anything to steal except for the necessities. Stealing from stores was easier, and I knew they could take the blow… I did other things, though… stuff I'm really not proud of. It's scary being out and alone on the street, but I still think it almost would have been scarier facing my dad," says Robin, brushing some of her hair aside.

"I don't know what I'd do if I ever saw my parents again." Jeremy says quietly with a bit of a shudder. "I didn't do good at stealing from stores, the whole touching thing and I looked like I belonged on the streets. And I did too, stuff I'm not proud of." He doesn't want to get into that but he needed money for more than just food. "I went to a runaway shelter at first but that didn't work out too well."

"I tried, but they didn't let Blank in, and when they realized that Blank and me're the same… They didn't let me in, either…" says Robin, frowning at that. "I don't get why mutants are so marginalized, anyways. I mean, I was already a street person! Way to trod me while I'm down!" She gives a small disgruntled sound at that. "I'm sorry it didn't work for you either…"

"Well I'm at Barnes now, I'm eighteen and about to finish up my Sophomore year of high school." Jeremy says with a chuckle. "Who knew, National Honours Society to eighteen year old Sophomore." He brushes some of his hair back as him and Robin are strolling the park together and chatting. It's the most social he's been in a while. "I don't know. My parents were so religious growing up, we grew up Christian but to realize that love each other was a crock, that they were members of Friends of Humanity…" He shakes his head. "I'm glad you're at Xavier's now too Robin. At least we have a place to belong."

As the two mutant youngsters stroll the park, they may feel a strong blast of cold air and wind and if they look up, they will see a Texan cowboy literally riding the winds as he makes his way to Bryant Park. Drew Daniels flies overhead and then lands behind the library which is next to Bryant Park. Landing he adjusts his hat and he has denim jacket and jeans. He walks along still not having seen Jeremy or Robin yet.

Robin puts her hand on her head when the gust of air occurs, to keep her hair from flying all over the place, and she looks up to try and spot if anything caused it. Hey, when one of the X-men at your school control the weather, you get used to checking. To Jeremy she says, "I'm behind what I should be too. I take some summer classes to try and catch up, but… I'm pretty much behind for good. But that's okay, I guess. Maybe the college selection committees will eat that stuff up…"

"Barnes has talked to me about going onto become a SHIELD agent, with my powers and all. I don't know though, I'm not really cut out for that kind of life." Jeremy says as he's almost afraid to move forward. Life kind of scares him. He shivers again and pulls his jacket tighter as the gust of cold hair hits. "Cold out here." He comments. "I restarted a lot of school to catch up. I didn't do many summer courses, just did a lot of running to try to get back in shape but smoking kind of counters that."

Drew Daniels walks coincidently the way the two mutant teens are walking. He looks about as he flew over to grab some grub, but that changes when he spots Jeremy and Robin and quirks an eyebrow and thinks to himself, <Well the boy moves quick.> He smiles and chuckles as he makes his way over, "Howdy."

"I don't think I could do the agent thing, myself, it seems kind've like a high stress job, with little personal payoff…" says Robin, frowning slightly and rearranging her hair. "And yeah, it's pretty-" She stops when she hears Drew's voice and turns towards him. "Umm, hello?"

"Well, they suggest it cause of my powers." Jeremy says and before he can elaborate Drew shows up. "Hello Mr. Daniels. How are you doing this evening." He looks to Robin and motions towards Drew. "This is one of my teachers. Mr. Daniels. Mr. Daniels, this is my friend Robin. We're on the dance committee together and get together to talk about stuff with the committee."

Tex nods and tips his hat. "We've met before, young miss. How's your, what was it? Blank I believe he was called." Drew smiles and nods to Jeremy, "So I hear this dance is turning out to be something of a major event. I like the idea of the 1920s theme." He grins, "If I am around when the dance happens, I may chaperone."

Robin gestures to her puppet, not particularly far off and following along. "She's fine." She puts some emphasis on the first pronoun, "I'm pretty excited for the dance. I have to find a dress that'll, um, suit me well, though." She rubs her arm idly at that, glancing up to Tex. "Mostly, it's fund raising right now. But we're sure to get a pretty good budget, I think."

"We're talking about doing a craft fair up in Salem Center. So we're figuring out what we can do for it." Jeremy says as he nods to confirm about the 1920's theme. "I have to figure out 1920's fashion and maybe research some music. I think it's going to go well though. My first school dance."

Tex listens to the students, "Well, between both schools, I am sure money won't be an issue, but it is good to hear that you are all fundraising. A crafts fair. Not a bad idea. One thing we did when I was in school was have a fair that included one of those dunk machines that teachers got dunked in and a pie toss." He grins and he imagines various staff members from Barnes and different X-Men getting pies tossed in their faces. He laughs loudly.

"Well, it's going to be by students, for students, so we're not going to be accepting straight donations from either school…" says Robin, adjusting her glasses slightly. "We're going to take care of everything." To Jeremy, she smiles, "It's going to be my first school dance, too. So I've kind of resolved to look /good/."

"Ms. Frost, from Xavier's, well saying how she wants us to do everything, kind of make it our accomplishment. I think Rashmi and I are going to get students to volunteer their time to make stuff for the faire. And I think it's going to be more of a craft faire? We've just had one meeting." Jeremy says as he looks over at Robin. "I'm sure you'll look pretty."

Tex cannot help, but smile as he hears what he just heard. "Well, then it should be a great time for all involved. Makes me wish I was a student again." He thinks what it would be like for him and then he loses his smiles, "Maybe not." He shakes his head, "So no help at all from teachers?"

Robin smiles at Jeremy, and says, "I appreciate your confidence in my look. I've just gotta find something that fits right over my bony hips." To Drew, she continues, "Well, there'll be some volunteer help, and you can feel free to make purchases at the craft fair to support us financially," replies Robin.

"I have to find a suit that's made for someone might height and about thirty pounds under weight." Jeremy says as he's quite possibly over thirty pounds under weight for a guy his height. "I think the teachers are going to be chaperoning but as for planning and a budget and funding, I think that's on us. I want to make phone calls to certain places to tour them this week so we can decide on where and when."

"Alright then. I guess it will make things easier for me and the others." Drew smiles and looks over Jeremy, "You could always speak to the SHIELD tailor. May be able to make something nifty for ya. Drive all the girls crazy." He smiles to Robin, "And you'll drive all the boys crazy too."

Robin chuckles and says, "Well, hopefully! I'll probably get my hair done or something. Like I said, pretty excited." She rubs her obscured eye for a moment, reaching under the painted lens of her glasses. "The 1920s theme should actually be pretty cool. I can imagine some dresses I googled looking pretty good on me…"

Jeremy tries hard not to roll his eyes about him driving all the girls crazy. "I'm sorry sir but I've never driven one girl crazy my whole life. I'm not that kind of guy." He says as he doesn't have much self esteem. He looks at Robin for a second and the painted lens and hesitates before asking. "Why is one of your lenses painted over?"

"You'll make a lovely little flapper, Robin." Drew then sighs a bit as Jeremy's low self-esteem and looks at the painted lenses and is wondering himself why she has one painted over.

"Ohh, umm. That eye's destroyed, and there's lots of scarring around it. It's really gross, but it gets itchy sometimes so I… well, I can't scratch it, that will make the scarring worse, so I have to just rub out the itch," explains Robin, frowning slightly when she finishes the explanation. "So since I wear glasses anyways, I kind of wanted to cover it up in a kind of… original way."

Jeremy gives Robin a bit of a smile. "Well it is original, and that cat picture is kind of cute. It makes you seem, artsy. Sorry to hear about your eye though." He doesn't ask how it got destroyed, as the phrasing doesn't make it sound pleasant.

Tex grimaces a bit about the eye, but nods at Jeremy's comment, "yes it is cute." Drew offers a smile and then feels the chill in the air, "Goodness another snow storm is a comin'."

"Eh, Blank gives me an extra set of eyes, so I'm not really worried about it. I mean, I'll never be a model, but I think I can get over that," says Robin, grinning slightly at that. She pushes the glasses up again, a bit self-consciously, though, while Blank makes the same action. "And I'd say I'm probably at least a little artsy…"

"Well you can at least still be a doctor." Jeremy says to her returning the grin. "What kind of doctor do you think you want to be?" He asks her as it can be a broad term. "And did you paint the kitten yourself? Cause honestly, I don't think I could even draw a cat without it looking like a weird alien."

Tex nods as the two students keep chatting, "Well, I'll let you two be." The wind seems to pick up a bit as it circles Drew. "I have to head back." With that he is lifted off the ground and out of sight.

"Seeya," says Robin, as Tex leaves. "And yeah, that's a painting of my kitty I had back home. Well, he wasn't really /mine/, but… I liked to think so." She smiles and says, "I could probably teach you to draw an Earth cat, though, if you wanted. And I'd kind of like to specialize in mutant related medicine, just because there are a lot of problems specific to mutants that aren't being addressed. I don't want to pigeonhole myself 'cause of my genetics, but people die because of ignorance of mutants in medicine."

"Wow." Jeremy says sounding impressed. "That's amazing Robin. I didn't even know that since I haven't really done much in mutant studies but, I like that. Someone needs to do that research that others aren't." He goes to take out another cigarette and glances at his watch while doing so. "Oh man Robin, I'm sorry, but I gotta head back to Barnes before the curfew. Thanks, for coming out to meet me tonight. I'll see you again soon? If not for the dance meeting maybe grab a bite to eat?"

Robin smiles at the last question asked and nods once, "Sure, that would be cool. Give me a call whenever you're available and we can meet up." She waves her hand at Jeremy, Blank synching with her, and says, "I'll see you again soon."

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