2009-02-05: Walk In The Park


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Summary: Eddie tries to take a walk in the park after buying some books only to end up the victim of some cruel pranksters.

Date: February 5, 2009

Walk in the Park

Rating: PG

Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's nice and sunny, a perfect day for being out walking one's dog. Technically Kevin isn't a dog, but he's doing the part of pretending to be one: A dalmation to be exact. Trotting forward on the end of his leash, he's keeping an eye peeled for the proper victim today. But until one is found he's just going to wander and sniff the trees. Ever sniffed a freshly mowed lawn? It's quite fragrant.

Perhaps even as fragrant as Hilary's cigarette. Because you know if he's outside, he's smoking. He seems in a good mood, smiling as he walks along behind the dog, holding the leash loosely.

"Man…" Eddie Parker-Mayfair mutters to himself. Dressed in jeans and a 'Captain America and the Invaders' t-shirt, he's out and about today. Backpack on and bandages on his arms and peeking out of the collar of his shirt, he seems to be thinking something over as he walks through the park. He's a bag from a local bookstore in hand, "Maybe I should've brought Nova along…" he mutters, not watching where he's going. He's likely to walk right into someone at this rate!

Kevin slows his wandering as he sees Eddie coming in his direction. He's not being very attentive, and he has a bag in hand. Perrrfect. The Dalmation looks back at Hilary and waggles his brows, then the leash snaps in two as he takes off for the young man. With only an excited bark for warning, he dives forward to snatch the bag from Eddie's grip and take off running with it. Or at least get his mouth around part of it and start tugging.

Hilary just smiles, but then looks surprised as the leash breaks. "Oh, no," he says, although he doesn't exactly hurry after the canine.

Eddie looks up at the bark and looks around. He squeaks when he sees the Kevin-Dalmation but isn't quite quick enough to move out of the way. He gets a nice grip on the bag and goes down with it when its tugged. THUD. There's a slight flash of blue from Eddie's scars and eyes as he hits the ground but it goes away quickly and he manages to keep hold on that bag. "Ow…" he whimpers. "Nice doggy…please let go of my bag…"

Kevin's tail wags and he seems to smile through the grip he has on the bag. He gives it one sharp tug, then sets into a series of them, trying to rip the bag or take it from Eddie. Playful and annoying dog here!

"Son, that dog hasn't had his rabies shot yet, so don't make it angry," Hilary advises.

Eddie frowns as he looks up at Hilary. "H-have we met before, sir?" he asks slowly. The bag, one of those ones from a pretentious store, starts to rip. Inside, there's a trio of books. One's a rather advanced journal on genetic mutants, another is a book on Japan, and the last is a book on famous drummers. Eddie seems a bit nervous as he looks towards Kevin but reaches for his pocket. "Please let go, puppy," he says, not wanting to have to defend himself against a dog.

Oh he won't have to defend himself. The books, on the other hand… Kevin jerks his head sideways, tossing the ripped bag away, then reaches down and latches onto the book about drummers. Oh, this will make a /marvelous/ chew toy! He's already got his big, sloppy tongue lolling over it as he bounces around Eddie, taunting him with the fact that one of his possessions is in the mouth of a random dog.

Hilary shrugs. "I don't know," he says. "Aren't you the boy with the two daddies?" He laughs at the dog's antics. "Oh, Albee. You're so playful!"

Eddie frowns as the book is picked up, the annoyance growing a bit more. "And you're, Mr. St. Thomas. My friend Dai works for you…and…Albee…has the book I was going to give to him…" he trails off. "Could I get a little help getting the book back?"

Kevin slobbers all over the book. He seems to be enjoying the texture of the backing the most. But he shouldn't keep this treat all to himself. The Dalmation moves closer to Eddie, as if to offer the book back to him. If he does reach out for it, though, the dog'll move back quickly so it can't be taken.

"Oh, look," Hilary says. "Albee's a good boy. He's bringing you the book." He smiles proudly at his adorable pooch.

Eddie frowns, a heavy sense of disbelief flaring to the forefront of his mind. He reaches out for the book but falls forward as Kevin moves it away. The teen gets a bit angry and lets out a whimper.

Kevin lets off heavy pants that sound full of amusement at Eddie's predicament. He shakes the book in his mouth now and runs around both the young man and his 'owner.'

Hilary chuckles. "Aw. He's playing with you. Albee, you're such a good, friendly boy." He quietly starts to draw on Eddie's negative emotions.

Eddie frowns deeply. "I'm sorry sir but I'm not much in the mood to play and I'd rather my friend's gift not be damaged so…" he trails off, hand in his pocket closing around something as he debates using it.

Kevin shakes the book even harder than before. Now he trots a few yards away from the two and settles on the grass, book between two paws while he licks the backing. Omnomnom. Deliiiicouuuuus.

Hilary shrugs at Eddie. "Well, don't tell me," he says. "You'll have to explain it to Albee if you really want it back that badly."

Eddie sighs, taking a small red ball out of his pocket. There's a sense of regret as he looks towards it. Picking up the two remaining books, he stuffs them into his backpack and then approaches Albee-Kevin with a frown. "Albee. Please give me back that book. It's a gift for a very important friend of mine…"

The Dalmation pauses mid-lick, looking up at Eddie as he approaches. His eyes flick a quick glance to Hilary as if looking for some sort of signal. Full yet, man?

Hilary laughs softly. "Well, Albee does always appreciate politeness." He nods to Kevin.

Eddie frowns as he glances at Hilary. "I'll ask one more time, Albee. Please give me the book back," he says, a bit more anger coming up in him and he really doesn't like it.

"Albee" seems to finally respond. He stands up on all fours and grips the book more gently in his mouth. Then he presents the book to Eddie, sitting up with his paws held in the air like a good dog.

Hilary goes over to the pair and kneels by Kevin, ruffling his ears and grinning. "What a good dog, giving the boy his book back." He draws on the anger energy, too, as he smiles up at Eddie. "There you are."

Eddie frowns as he takes the book, looking it over. "Yeah…thanks…" he says, disappointed. There's a bit of relief, the red ball going back into his pocket.

It's just a fleshwound! Or some slobber and teeth marks. Albee seems quite proud of his work, though. Soon as he's close to Hilary, that leash of his is whole and long enough to be taken in hand again. He makes a bark of urgency and looks in the direction of the path they came from. Time to go!

Hilary picks up the leash and walks briskly behind the dog. "Goodbye, kid. Tell your father I said hi. Er. The one that cuts hair."

Eddie glances up at 'Albee' at the bark and frowns. Eyes narrow when he sees the leash but he says nothing. "I will…have a nice day," he says. Putting the book into his backpack, Eddie stands and stretches. Watching Hilary and 'Albee' go, Eddie's scars flicker blue again. "I'm not Spidey but…fanboy senses tingling," he murmurms. Turning, he starts to walk away in a much worse mood than he was when he left the book store.

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