Walkabout Pt 3

Players: Vinny


Summary: The adventure continues, with Rednecks and beer!

Date: July 17, 2012

Log Title: Walkabout pt. 3

Rating: PG

OOC Note: The times in this do not match the dates in which it's been posted. Exact dates will be given in the log itself when they are important. All tribal names and other information is FICTIONAL, and meant to be taken so.

-Somewhere in the Australian Outback

It had been days since his encounter with the two men that had been tracking him and with no further incidents Vinny figured it was safe to continue on. Heading deeper into the wilds of the outback. It didn't take too long before he'd spotted what he was looking for, the subtle markings on the trees and rocks that denoted aboriginal territory. Serving both as a signpost and a warning for trespassers Vinny knew he'd best get word out of his presence before he gets a spear in the ribs, and a rocky outcropping on a nearby hill was just the place. Standing at the edge he pulls the bullroarer from his belt and unloops the rope, thinking back to his earlier lessons with the tool he begins spinning it rapidly over his head. The eye-shaped wooden piece at the end of the rope twisted and vibrated in the air emitting a droning sound, it's tone and speed controlled by how fast it was spun. Vinny stood whirling the rope for several minutes sending the same message over and over, 'I am here, I am a friend, I seek safe passage'. Letting the rope got slack and catching the wooden piece he begins to wrap it up and stow it away while listening for a reply, and after a few minutes he heard it. A distant thrumming of another man using the same tool, the message simple and clear, 'enter'.

Vinny took some time to secure his weapons, blades strapped tight in their sheaths, guns firmly holstered. He wanted to do nothing that would make him seem a threat to these people. His parents had brought him to the lands of this tribe before, it was here where his mutant powers emerged and his body fully changed. They knew OF him, but it had been years since he was here last and wanted to make sure there were no misunderstandings. Starting into the trees again he began following the trail signs once more, it was only a minute or two before he felt presences on his electrolocation sense. Two human-sized signals, one on each side of him moving paralell to his own motions. He glanced from side to side only catching the barest glimpse of dark skin in the trees, village hunters. He knew they'd be keeping an eye on him and simply relaxed as he kept moving towards the village.

About a half hour of walking brought him to his destination, the simple huts of sticks and clay coming into view as he reached the village outskirts. The Miligri tribe was one of the more 'modern' tribes in the region, some of it's members having been educated by missionaries and a few even having a proper city education before coming back to the village. The people wore a Hodge-podge of modern and traditional garb. Blue-jeans just as common as loincloths and ponchos. A few people were startled by his appearance, small children being ushered inside huts in some places but he was allowed to proceed unchallenged. Upon reaching the center of the village he was met by the elder, a aging man leaning on a walking stick and wearing garments displaying his station. He was flanked on either side by two of the villages warriors, spears in their hands and large blades strapped to their hips. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence before the elder smiled and waved his men off. "The water-walker has returned. Welcome young Vincent, sit and tell me what brings you back to these lands."

The next hour was spent in quiet conversation, Vinny told the elder of his plans for a walkabout and told him of the man Emma Frost had given him the name of, a man he only knew as Gateway. The Elder nods "I know of this man yes, you have a long way to go and much to do before you will be ready to see him. We will see to some lodging for you and I will explain more after you have rested." This raised more questions than answers but Vinny knew the information would be revealed in good time and simply nodded. He was given a place to sleep in one of the huts and made a point to leave his weapons there, he wasn't going to need them here. That night the tribe gathered to eat and welcome their guest, warriors danced about a bonfire while drums and the droning of Diggeridoos echoed through the forest. For the first time in a long time the outside world didn't matter, Vinny was calm and relaxed. It wasn't going to last unfortunately.

The next day found him sitting across from the elder in a darkened hut, the air thick with smoke from a small fire in which various herbs and wood were burned. The haze relaxing but making his mind a little hazy at the same time. The elder droned with a Diggeridoo for what seemed like an hour before setting it aside. "Before your journey ends you will be tested, you will face an enemy that is old yet new at the same time. You will face all that you have sought to be, and you will face what you might become. Only then will you be ready to see the one known as Gateway." Vinny took and breath and simple nodded, he knew he wasn't going to get a straight answer from the old man, but any progress was still progress. A commotion from outside caught thier attention and the Elder left the hut to see to it, he could hear a conversation in the tribes dialect but didn't know the language enough to understand it. After a moment the Elder returned. "It seems the tribe has need of you, outsiders hunt in our lands. Men with guns and trucks that seem to care little for what they hunt, or even what they shoot. The spirits have brought you to us at an opportune time, drive these men away." Vinny took a breath and nods, he really didn't want to call attention to himself after find the men that were hunting him but he knew refusing the Elder's request would be more trouble than it's worth. "Fair enough, lemme get my things and I'll see what I can do." As he stands the Elder takes him by the arm and shakes his head. "Your guns and knives will stay here, you will use the gifts the spirits have given you and nothing else." Vinny winced and nodded, so much for keeping a low profile.

The sun had set by the time he reached the hunters, he could smell the engine exhaust and hear the hooting and gunfire before he ever saw them. Their camp sitting on the shore of a bilabong; meaning a small deep pond left when the nearby river changed it's course. Staying hidden behind some brush he looked out into their camp. There were 15 men, tourists from the look of them with 4 large trucks, and enough beer and guns to make them as dangerous to themselves as they were to anything else. The men laughed and gambled, some of them playing cards while others shot at empty beer cans. At least a dozen dead animals were piled into the trucks, trophies of the daily shooting spree. He'd brought a diggeridoo from the village with him, figuring he was going to need it. Not wanting to reveal his location to the men he pulled a pair of black goggles down over his eyes to prevent the glow from giving his hiding spot away when he used his Hydrokenesis. A few of the men perked up as he began playing, grabbing thier guns. "What the hell is that?" One of them said looking to the man that was obviously their guide in the outback. The Aussie shrugged and took a few swallows from his beer. "Ah just the locals, no worries they won't cause trouble for us. Even the tribals aren't dumb enough to mess with all these guns, they'll run off in a fe- Jesus Christ!" The man was interrupted by the sight of a fallen log being fired from the nearby pond like a javelin only to come smashing down onto one of the trucks. Men grabbed their guns and fired blindly into the brush in a panic. Vinny nearly fell back on his tail as a bullet whipped through his cover and figured they needed somthing else to shoot at. So that's what they got…

A dull glow in the middle of the pond heralded the rise of a large humanoid figure made of water, the Hydrokenetic construct plodding from the water with one tendril wrapped around another fallen log. Bullets passed harmlessly through the liquid form as the men shouted and began to back away, the Aussie guide turning pale and nearly dropping his rifle. "A Bunyip(1).. it's a bloody Bunyip!" The construct slammed the log down onto the already damaged truck again and again, crushing the hood and smashing the windshield and roll-bars. When it became clear that their guns would do nothing against the watery fiend the men piled into the remaining trucks and sped off as fast as they could manage into the night. When Vinny was sure the men were gone and not coming back he stopped playing and the construct simply splashed down to the ground. "And don't come back ya Wankers!" He grinned a bit from his little show and grinned even more when he saw a few of the discarded coolers. Loading one of them with all the beer it could carry he cracked a cold brew and chugged it, tossing the can into the bed of the crushed truck. "Not a bad night's work, and a few cold ones to top it off." Carrying the cooler he headed back into the Bush towards the village.

3 Weeks later - Project Chimera Headquarters

Dr. Benjamin Mercer sighed to himself as he headed to Killgrave's office with the new report. He'd hoped that after the scouts had lost Mr. Wilks that he'd simply disappear into the outback and would be forgotten when the next issue came up. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Opening the door to the office he coughed lightly to get the commander's attention. "Sir we've had a sighting on Vincent Wilks, or at least a possible sighting given the details." He set the report in front of Killgrave and waited. Killgrave took up the report reading it "This is almost 3 weeks old, why the hell weren't we notified of this earlier?" Mercer adjusts his glasses a moment. "When the men made the report to the sherrif at the small town they went to after the attack they wreaked of beer and frankly telling a story of a giant 'water monster' simply made the sheriff believe the men had gotten drunk and wrecked a vehicle into a lake so no report was found. He only officially filed the report after the truck was retrieved and the damage was seen firsthand."

Killgrave nods and takes a breath "Send out a search and recover team to this location. If he's still in the area I want him found and brought in." Dr Mercer nods and leaves the office, having a feeling that this was only the begining.

(1) The bunyip, or kianpraty, is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.

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