Walkabout Pt 5

Players: Vinny


Summary: Project Chimera on the Hunt, or is Vinny hunting them?

Date: September 7, 2012

Log Title: Walkabout pt 5

Rating: R

OOC Note: The times in this do not match the dates in which it's been posted. Exact dates will be given in the log itself when they are important.

-Somewhere in the Australian Outback

The water rippled in the darkness, parting to reveal a furred head and eyes peering out at the lone man stumbling through the brush in the dark of night. Vinny watched the man point his rifle this way and that in what was a rising panic, he had good reason to be afraid. Vinny had been alerted to a dozen men entering the territory of the Aboriginal Tribe he was staying with and had been hunting them down one by one over the course of the night, this man had listened to his companions go silent on thier radios one at a time. Rising from the water Vinny's eyes began to glow with that clear blue light and when the man turned to face him a tendril of water whipped from the pond the Hybrid mutant had been lurking in to wrench his rifle from his hands, another wrapping around his waist and jerking him towards the water. With an almost silent 'pop' a spur of bone emerged from behind vinny's wrist and he gave the struggling man a single poke in the ribs, watching him contort in pain then fall unconscious as his venom takes affect. Lifting the man onto one shoulder he walks off into the woods to return him to the rest of his unit.

Pain.. a brief but intense moment of pain and then nothing. The man jerked awake suddenly to find himself laying on his side on the ground, attempting to sit up revealed that he was bound by the wrists and ankles. The smell of smoke and the radiating heat of a campfire was the next thing that caught his attention as he tried to gauge his surroundings. "Well now.. one'a you wankers finally woke up." The words came with a jerk as he was hauled into a sitting position and watched as the large Anthromorphic platypus walked into his line of sight. From his new position he saw the rest of his men laying bound, gagged, and tied in a similar manner to himself. Their rifles lay in a pile nearby along with their sidearms and other equipment, though he noted they'd all been unloaded and the ammunition piled on the other side of the clearing. "Come on mate, I'm talkin' ta you.." His attention was again turned to the mutant looking down at him. He coughed and grimaced, spitting out a dry-throated "I got nothing to say to you mutant."

Vinny sighed and got a canteen, walking over and giving the man a drink. While most of it dumped down his shirt he did swallow a bit despite himself. "Suit yourself, I'll do tha talkin'. Now you boys sure ain't no tourists, and yer not out here huntin' Roos or Dingo. Least not with weapons like these. Now you boys were lookin' fer me. Well ya found me mate, or should I say I found you. What I wanna know is why."

The man sneered again "Roger Barts, Sergeant, 922341" He tested his bonds slowly, finding them tight enough to hold him fast without cutting off circulation. Vinny just shook his head. "Military.. I figured as much. Not sure what I did ta piss off the Aussy Army. You boys are good I'll give ya that, too bad I was taught by the best."

"Roger Barts, Sergeant, 922341" The man simply replied again. Vinny rolls his eyes. "Yeah I got that the first time, so Mr. Barts according ta tha fancy little maps you boys got I figure this is your pickup point in the morning. So yer gonna stay here till yer buddies come and pick you up and yer gonna deliver a message to yer boss. I ain't a threat to the country, I'm out here on walkabout and will be leavin' Australia when it's over. So whatever wild hair he's got up his ass about me can be plucked. This doesn't have to go any further than it already has." He stands and tosses a few more branches on the fire. "Oh and don't worry.. yer in good hands." Vinny turns and walks out of the clearing, leaving Sergeant Barts to glance around the clearing. He can see a few dark shapes moving just outside of the light cast by the campfire but nothing ever enters the clearing again. As the sun rises and the fire dies down he can hear the sound of an approaching helicopter. The commander is really not going to like this.

-Somewhere in Australia, Chimera Headquarters.

Dr. Mercer winced as the coffee mug shattered against the far wall. The commander was not taking the news very well. Killgrave fumed and pounded his fist on the desk "Doctor are you telling me that a single damn mutant managed to take out an entire search and capture team and not one of them ever managed to even get a shot off!?" Mercer nods and adjusts his glasses "Well not exactly taken out sir, all the men were alive though some are being treated for minor injuries and the lingering aftereffects of being injected with Platypus Venom. He could have just as easily sent these men home in body-bags, but that doesn't fit the behavioral profile we've put together. Sir I really don't think we should pursue this one any further. He's stated his intention to leave the country once his.. 'walkabout' is over and in the outback he's not a threat to the country or the general population. Basically.. he's out on a nature hike."

Killgrave had long since turned red and the Doctor's words will doing little to calm him down. "Doctor the fact that he didn't kill those men is irrelevant. He's a mutant roaming loose in this country and it is the job of this department to make sure he is either neutralized or turned into an asset. Now assemble a full team and equipment, gather your little toys and get out there and bring
me that mutant!" Mercer frowns "Me? Sir I'm not a field operative." Killgrave glares and points to the door "Get out there Doctor! If you know as much about this mutant as you claim to I'm sure you can think of some way to bring him in, now bring him back here or don't bother coming back yourself!" Mercer took a breath and gave an exasperated sigh. "Yes Sir." He turns and leaves without another word.

-Somewhere in the Australian Outback

Vinny watched through his rifle scope as the men set up camp. The helicopters came in the night dropping off a dozen metal containers and the men arrived soon afterwards. The containers baring the same symbols as the men he'd dealt with several days before. Wisely they made their camp far from any source of standing water, apparently his request to be left alone was being ignored. That evening would see the hunt begin again.

There was no moon in the sky this night, though the lack of illumination does little to hamper the mutant as his electrolocation sense painted a mental picture of his surroundings. He stuck to the waters of a shallow river waiting for one of them to get close enough, eventually his patience paid off as one of the hunters got too close to the water's edge. Once again a tendril of water ripped away the man's gun and the poke of a bone spur dropped him to the ground. He was just going to leave the man there for his companions to find when his radio crackled to life.

"Mr. Wilks? Yes I know you can hear this Mr. Wilks, I see you've found one of my men. Pick up the radio please and we can talk this out man to man."

Vinny hesitated and pulled the radio from the man's belt "I'm listenin', say what ya gotta say mate."

The radio crackles again "Very good, well before this gets any further out of hand I'm going to give you a chance to simply come to the camp and end this now. My employer is very determined to meet you and I'm afraid he's not going to take no for an answer."

Vinny frowns, "Who tha hell are you people? Why are ya after me?" The reply comes soon after "All will be revealed when you come in Mr. Wilks. I've seen your file, you're an aspiring ecologist. A man of science trying to follow in your parents footsteps, not some mutant soldier. You're not the type to drag this out into an extended conflict." Vinny is really not liking this, though he speaks again after a moment. "Piss off mate, I got my own plans and they don't involve becoming some government experiment." There's a long pause and the voice comes again. "I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Wilks, I had hoped to end this without having to
resort to violence." A second later the world exploded into pain.

Vinny grits his teeth and clutches at his head as a sharp pain stabs through it. His brain feels like it's on fire as the radio crackles again. "You see Mr. Wilks I know about your particular mutations. Each of my men is wearing a localized electrostatic transmitter, which I assume right now is wreaking havoc on your natural electrolocation ability. Though that isn't all." As Vinny staggered trying to clear his head he turns in time to get catch a punch from the previously fallen soldier. "You see the device also detects when one of my men is incapacitated by your venom, and automatically administers the appropriate antitoxin. Though I did have this one wait until our conversation was over. See you soon Mr. Wilks."

His head was on fire, with his electrolocation sense jammed he was almost blind in the darkness and was sent staggering again from another blow by the soldier. He couldn't even focus enough to use his hydrokenesis. He can hear voices, other soldiers are coming to his location. Out of options he reaches for his belt and draws his bush knife, slashing at the soldier as he comes close and feeling the blade bite into flesh and draw a pained cry. The soldier retrieving his radio and calling into it as he falls back. "Mutant is armed! I repeat mutant is armed! Live fire live fire!!" Vinny had just enough time to throw himself to the ground as he hears the crack of gunshots. Crawling towards the water as he can make out the first voice on the radio calling in a panic "Cancel that order! We want him alive! Cease live fire dammit!" Bullets tear through the air around him and he turns, drawing one of his revolvers and firing a shot into the darkness to try and give himself enough time to get to the river. Getting to his feet he makes a dash for the water, sheathing and holstering his weapons. Pain rockets through his arm as a bullet rips through his shirt and he dives into the river.

The water eased the pain of the static generators, clearing his head a moment. He begins to swim off though his progress is slowed by his injured arm. As he tries to put on some speed a metal object drops into the water in front of him.. a grenade. In desperation he lashes out with his hydrokenesis to try and force the object away from him when the muffled 'whump' of the explosion rips through the water and everything went black.

Dr. Mercer reached the river at a dead run, his men had finally stopped shooting and were searching the river for the mutant. He was met at the riverside by two soldiers, one of them holding up a soaked outbacker hat, the other with a bloodstained shirt. "No body sir, there's some blood on the shoreline and we found these in the water but nothing else. He's likely crock bait by now." Mercer frowns and grits his teeth. "Keep searching, I don't care if you have to search every pile of crocodile shit in the outback, bring me a body or find him! If there's no corpse, then he's not dead!" The soldiers grumble and head back down the shoreline, leaving the doctor to stare into the river.

"Where are you Mr. Wilks?"

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