2011-01-29: Walking In The Door

Players: Connor & Lucas

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Summary: There are some people in this world you'll drop everything for when they're in trouble.

Date: January 29, 2011

Log Title: Walking in the Door

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Hallway

//The hallway is decorated in the same fashion as the Lobby with a wooden bench on each side of the room that blends in to the walls. There is a plaque on the wall indicating students who helped defend the school. Four doorways lead off this room and an Elevator designed to blend with the decor of the room can be seen a the far end of the hallway. //

Lucas is quietly making his way down the hall. He is carrying his guitar in its bag over his shoulder, and has a large duffel over the other. He's wearing a pair of khaki dress slacks, with a white button up shirt tucked in and a dark blue sweater over that. His hair has been cut to a length that, for him, is downright short. He looks healthy and good, but he's clearly trying to take his things and get out while it's still so late at night.

It's sheer luck that brought Connor to the kitchen here to grab a quick bite between whatever he's been up to, but when the form steps out into the hallway upon hearing footsteps, and almost intercepting Lucas bodily, it's not any face Lucas might immediately recognize. Nothing physically has permanently changed… but there's a messy haggardness about him, a suspiciously shaped bruise on his jawline, and a black and grey combat suit that looks much more function than form as compared to most training uniforms. Seeing the packed supplies, the other young man looks Lucas up and down for a long moment, and then says, "If you don't mind my saying, this is hardly the best time for you to be pulling a Logan, dude… I've been looking for you from kentucky and back."

Lucas swallows, freezing. He doesn't move for a long moment, clearly, he didn't expect to run into anyone, let alone someone he liked. He inhales slowly, then says, "You doin' somethin' different with your hair?" He offers a little smirk. "Lookin' for me?" He purses his lips, nodding a little, "Sorry. Ah was… Ah was in San Francisco." His eyes dart across Connor's combat outfit, then back to his bruised face. "My maw died. Ah needed to sort things." He pauses a moment, as if there's something else he wants to say, but instead, offers, "Why were y'all lookin' for me?"

Connor pauses for a moment as he replies softly, "I'm sorry… I wish you'd told us. We'd have come out and helped you best we could… but…" He then gives a tired, and slightly sardonic smirk, "You've got this annoying habit of preferring to do shit on your own." Pushing out into the hallway, he walks up next to Lucas, and then reaches over to touch his shoulder, "I need your help, Lucas… a group of us went down to Nigeria at Hosea's request to help a village that had helped him a while back. Rashmi and a couple people from Barnes signed up too… it was a goodwill thing. But we didn't know that a warlord had moved into town… and he attacked them. Rashmi, Hosea, and I tried to rescue the people who got taken… and Rashmi got caught." Meeting Lucas' eyes, the other young man's voice goes soft, "I'm pulling in who I can… but I need you. So does she." After that his hand drops away, "You're the most powerful person on the offensive I know, and the one I can trust to be where I can't."

Lucas' brow furrows a little, and he looks off over Connor's shoulder. "Rash…" he repeats, then looks down, and back at Connor. He swallows again, and he stands up just a hair taller. He asks, with a confident tone, "Is she okay?"

The young man in the black suit shakes his head and turns to look up and down the hall for a moment, "I don't know… they mobbed her… there was no clear like for me to 'port a rescue. I… I blame myself for her getting caught. I left her to watch the exterior, and I then got caught and the alarm sounded. They were beating on her. But it's worse…" There's another pause as he takes a breath through his nose, "Someone there named the Sugar Man. He's been doing something to the mutants that Nero has been taking from locally, and our group. I don't know if he's gotten to Rashmi yet, but with everything I've seen inferred so far? This guy is serious bad news." Connor gulps once, and his voice goes a bit hollow, "Look, I can't stay long. We have a village to protect and a plan to make. I don't mean to press, but are you in, or out?"

Lucas exhales, "Ah'm sorry Ah wasn't here." He then slowly nods. "She went to hell to save me. Twice." He chews the inside of his cheek a moment and he smirks, "Yeah. Ah reckon Ah'm in. What do Ah need to gather? Gear-wise, Ah mean?"

Connor gets a much broader grin on his face, "They've locked my code out of the uniform fabricator… but I'm guessing your permissions haven't been revoked. Suit you up, drop your shi-… stuff back off, and we're off to the wilds of Africa." A slap comes along Lucas' shoulder before he says a bit more softly, "I know you and Hosea had some bad blood… but… this is bigger than him, or whatever it is. So thanks. I promised her I'd get her out, and bring her back." Then he puts his hand out for the other young man, "Been a while since you rode the crazy train… you ready for it?"

Lucas nods, "My key card still works." He chuckles, "Crazy train, huh? Ah'll do alright." With a little shrug, he adds, "We'll get her out, or we won't come back." He smiles, and before he goes, he says, "Ah been thinkin' about a cape." He grins, "Too much?" Then he shakes his head, "Don't answer that." He turns to go, "Ah'll be back down in half an hour, brother. Don't fizzlefart there without me."

Connor eyerolls and then chuckles, but there's an edge of tiredness to it as he replies, "Call my cell, pic the spot, and I'll meet you there… now… if you'll excuse me…" And he's suddenly gone, in time for the tell-tale sign of a more invasive security telepath probe going past the area, and detecting you, passing by when it's obvious you're not the one they're looking for at the moment. It's then that your phone rings, with a number from Connor's original phone, and not his X-phone.

Lucas smirks, "Right. Good to see you too." His grin grows to a full smile, and he breaks into a run.

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