Wanted Characters

This page is for players to post characters they'd want to see app that relate to their OCs. If you play a FC and have a character that directly relates to your FC (ie If you're playing Dagger and you would like to see a Cloak apped). If you have a character in your background you'd love someone to play, post it here.

This page is not to ask for FC's to be played from a specific faction, it's only for characters that directly related to your character and it's mainly for OC's. (Where as you might love to see a Ms. Marvel on grid, this isn't where you advertise that.)

Player Character Character(s) Wanted Descriptions Contact (other alts) Date Posted
Quetzal Ripper and Shon Ripper and Shon - Queztal's fellow Nightwolves. The only people who really have seen Queztal's rowdy side. They've been there with him through good and bad and vice versa. They're like brothers to him and they share the bond of being captives together. Ripper is loud and always cracking a joke while Shon is more quiet and reserved. They are both good at recon and stealth. Ripper is more of the quiet killer, excellent marksmanship while Shon may or may not have powers. Hes a highly skilled hacker. Quetzal or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Bruce Lil In case anyone was wondering, the NPC Lil will be available for application shortly after the "Corrupt Cops" TP is over with. I made a skeleton page for the character on the Wiki with the information that was created for her, everything else is free for whoever wants her. Lil Bruce September 22, 2011
Aiden Lauren Lauren Halloway is a mutant who is able to communicate and influence animals. She developed some animalist qualities herself having cat like eyes, pointed ears, retractable claws, enhanced agility and a prehensile tail. She is Aiden's true love and the two have an incredible bond. She introduced Aiden to the goth lifestyle he lives and dresses while he helped her to develop self confidence. Aiden still believes she is alive even though he hasn't seen her for two years and her whereabouts are unknown. She is the same age as Aiden, 26.Lil Aiden or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Aiden Jing and Jun Hsu Jing and Jun Hsu are twins who share a telepathic bond. Jing has black skin, hair and white eyes and could see the future, which made her almost playful. She loves to dance and read tarot cards for people. She was always very optimistic and affectionate though there was a bit of a mysterious side to her due to her powers. Jun is a telepath with white hair, black eyes and white skin, he used his telepathy to get out of various death traps. He is bit more grounded then his sister and was quicker to anger but she was always there to calm him. They are like siblings to Aiden. They are 30 years old now. Aiden or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Aiden Kande Kande Wallace is a fish like mutant who had gills on her neck, scales and could breath, and talk, under water. She did her whole act underwater, which involved her singing and doing escape tricks in the water. She was a big sister to Aiden and she always treated him like a younger brother. Even when he was in his early twenties she still sometimes dotted on him like the twelve year old that she first met. He would come to her whenever he needed advice on things. She is 32 years old now. Aiden or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Aiden Alejandro Alejandro Ramos is a mutant whose entire body is made up of organic steel. This allows him to have super strength and super durability. Since his teeth were made of steel he did a lot of nail chewing stunts along with showing great feats of strength. Alejandro was an older brother to Aiden, gave him his first beer, his first cigarette and constantly teased him. Alejandro was always playing jokes and pranks on the others to keep spirits up. Him and Jing seemed to share romantic feelings. He is thirty years old now Aiden or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Aiden Kieran Elwood Kieran Elwood would be twenty eight years old now. He is someone Aiden misses on occasion but doesn't feel a brotherly bond with anymore. Hefd like to see his brother someday but hefs almost afraid to. Knowing how much he's changed in fourteen years, he doesn't know how much his brother has. He may or may not be a mutant as well Aiden or MadHatter September 22, 2011
Kai Siblings Recently my most resent alt Kai joined the game and has been working on a mission given to him by HYDRA, Kai has twelve siblings who will be joining him on his mission as it continues. Just wondered if anyone fancied apping any of them, send me a page or @mail if interested and i'll answer any questions about the siblings. Kai September 22, 2011
Maxwell Nemesis Wanted Daredevil had the Kingpin. Wolverine has Sabertooth. Spider man has the Green Goblin. All good (and not so good) heroes have a nemesis. Someone who is a constant pain in the butt, or the other way around. So I'm looking for one for the Hooligan. The what, who, and why are all up in the air. But whatever the driving goal and level of antagonism it's intended as a long-term rivalry. Give me a holler if interested and we can pitch ideas. Maxwell September 22, 2011
Mason Courtney Mason, the teenage pop star, didn't get to his status by himself. His mother Courtney Heather Collier is responsible for much of his opportunity. She is a mentalist with significant skill, and uses it to get what she wants, and has a generally shady sense of ethics. Imagine if Emma Frost was a bit more subtle and less snotty. Mason September 22, 2011
Hosea Evil Brother! Hosea has two brothers who still live, and were in the service of Nero, an evil Nigerian warlord when Hosea escaped. Ruthless and cold-hearted is the way they both were when Hosea last saw them (Much like Hosea himself at the time) and since that time Nero has engaged with several experiments to give his army super powers through the talents of Sugar Man. Whether they have powers or not, it is up to you! They are, however, extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as small arms. Hosea September 22, 2011
Skyler Quirky Sister! The only family Skyler has left is his older sister, who may or may not actually be a mutant. She's bright, energetic, and way, way, way too much into unicorns and all things pink. Baccus May 17, 2012
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