2009-03-09: War Room


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Summary: Cyclops summons Mr. Faith down to the War Room for a little chat.

Date: March 9, 2009

Log Title: War Room

Rating: PG

War Room, Xavier Mansion Subbasement

As Scott's been without a room, sharing the same space as some of the other professors and students who have been displaced. He's not too extremely keen on that idea, so he finds time to occupy his time. Wearing his X-Men uniform for an impromptu DR session, the headmaster had called for Eddie to come down, letting him come down into the sub-basement for once. The door to the war room is opened for Eddie to see the way in the nondescript hallway.

Eddie was rather suprised to get the call to come down to the war room. He'd been finishing up his report on the intel gathered from Other-Leo and Other-Kenta when it came so it saved time. Quickly rushing down, he's in his usual uniform…with a slight change. Instead of Black and Gold, it's Blue and White now. Report in hand, he seems to be in a much better mood as he looks around the room with that 'fanboy!' expression. "Mr. Summers-sir? You wanted to see me?" he asks before getting too far into the room.

Cyclops' gold visor looks to Eddie as he comes in. "I'm planning on giving the call to Forge tomorrow. But I need to know your whole theory on the situation." The X-Men leader types into the computer, the table in the room starts displaying in a hologram. of the US, sans Tennessee and California. "From what information I've gathered from the Avengers, these creatures have been here before, in Minnesota. And that energies coming from Tennessee are being sent here, seems to be mutant energy signatures."

Eddie jumps slightly and moves to look at the hologram. "Wow, so cool…" he whispers. Blushing faintly, he quickly clears his throt and nods. "Yessir. Well, Mr. Falk said that technology created by a name called The Maker is what's being used to send the invaderds here. I could only think of two or three people that'd be able to build something like that but Forge was the only one who used to be called 'The Maker' once before so I'm guessing their version of Forge is the one sending invaders over," he explains. "So our Forge should be able to help stop them."

Scott gives a nod. "Hopefully the other-earth's people haven't gotten to him before us." Some more holograms move and then dissapear. "You just get out of the Danger Room?" He asks, now making his thoughts on the new suit voiced.

Eddie nods. "I'm sure he had defenses and escape plans and stuff for anyone trying to break into his place," he says, shifting a bit. When asked about the Danger Room, Eddie shakes his head. "No sir. I was in there a lot earlier with Mr. Falk and found out I have some bew powers than that Alternate Leo showed up here and we know where Dai is and I wrote up a report on it and a plan to go rescue him and I just haven't gotten changed yet," he explains, holding up the folder with the information on where Dai is in the city, who's likely guarding him, and a battle plan on how to get in, get Dai, and leave.

Scott picks up the folder and opens it, thumbing through the pages. "If you were in my position, who would you put in the attack squad?" He probes Eddies brain for a moment, if Eddie does want to lead, he's got to think of these kind of things.

Eddie takes a deep breath, pausing at the mental image of himself in Scott's position. Shaking it off, he thinks. "I'd bring along myself obviously. And that'd mean one of my Dads would insist on coming along…I'd likely pick Shine for that job. Grey King's knowlege of the invaders would be useful as fell as his powers. Hellion could be helpful too, he's very powerful and experienced. And one more member, one of the X-men…preferably someone with tracking or infiltration experience like Wolverine or Nightcrawler if possible."

Scott nods. "But when one of these stealthy types are not available?" He'd much rather have all X-Men on his, but most are spread out. "You've also got to think about the personalities of these members. Hellion may be powerful, but he's boastful and not shy about showing off."

Eddie nods. "I know he can be…loud but that can also be useful. If we don't have more experienced stealthy types…I'm atleast confident enough in my own sneaking skills to be able to get around without too much trouble…especially if the enemy is focusing on the guy causing a lot of telekinetic chaos. Especially if I apply a boost to him…he'll be strong enough to draw and withstand their attention while the rest of the team takes the enemy down one by one," he says. He seems to trust Julian a lot. "We should also have the element of surprise on a few fronts. I don't think they know their Leo and Kenta betrayed them and will be helping us, I don't think they'd expect an attack team consisiting of so many non-X-men, and it may not be much but my new power might be helpful," he pauses. "And if the other X-men aren't available…anyone who is. Shadowcat would be another great choice."

The X-Man maintains a stone face, looking to Eddie. "Committed to Hellion being on the team aren't you? I like that, it builds a cohesive team." He points out, himself and Logan hardly ever get along all the time, but they still manage to get the job done at the end of the day. "New power?"

Eddie seems nervous at the stone face and almost winces when Scott speaks but lets out a slight breath of relief when he's not condemed. At the questions of a new power, Eddie smiles and nods. "Yessir! Mr. Falk helped me figure it out earlier…not really new cause I could apparently do it already but never knew how and," he pauses. "It'd be easier to just show you, sir…" he trails off. Taking a step back, he takes a deep breath and his scars light up. As he boosts Scott up to three times his maximum levels, Eddie smiles. "And now…" he trails off. Rather suddenly, his eyes light up with a red glow that should be -very- familiar to Scott. Suddenly the teen's uniform morphs into a blue and white version of the one Scott wears minus the visor. And then…BAM! Eddie squeaks as an optic blast punches a hole in one of the chairs in the room. A rather large hole in the chair. Eddie quickly closes his eyes and covers them with both hands. "Sorrysorrysorry!" he squeaks again.

Scott's seen the blue scars before, but as the young teens eyes start glowing red, Scott knows what's going to come next. "Clo!" He doesn't get it out in time before Eddie sends out an optic blast to the chair. He gives a bit of a sigh. "Let me guess, it's mimicry, with the faults too." The headmaster looks at the chair, seems more like a stool now. "Is that only temporary? Or do I need to find an old visor or glasses?" He's pretty sure he's got a pair that would fit Eddie's head, somewhere in all of the old uniforms that managed to not get torn to shreds.

Eddie nods slowly, letting out a little eep. The scars fade back to non-glowing and Eddie's uniform changes back to what it was when he came it. Slowly he cracks an eye open. When no more beams of concussive destruction fire out, he lets out a breath. "Sorry, sir…got a little carried away there and forgot about that part…" he trails off, embarassed. "It only lasts as long as I'm boosting someone."

Scott gives a nod to the teen. "It's alright, just next time if you do that with me, make sure you've got one of these." He says, tapping the golden visor on his head. It's an older model, but sometimes you feel nostalgic. "Or else you won't be able to see. You know, if anyone else has something like this cause it's needed. Isolation suits, visors, gloves. Before you do it, make sure you're prepared too."

Eddie swallows and nods. "Yessir," he says. He'll be digging through the files later to see what he might need to ask about getting in his size. Never know who he might end up working with. He smiles sheepishly when he glances at the now-stool and then cringes. "Oh boy…atleast I didn't hit something important."

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