“Hey I'm Lock and I guess I gotta introduce myself, unless I can just take my seat?… ok i'll take that as a no. Well I was born in Montreal so I guess i'm technically Canadian, but a couple of months after i was born we moved Salem Massachusetts where my dad is from. According to a school project I did back in Grade School my family can be traced back to about the sixteen hundreds, which while it may seem dull is actually kinda interesting cos that means that my ansestors were around during the Salem Witch Trials. My dad told me about it when I was a kid which is why my mom blaims him for me being so interested in supernateral stories and movies, she only noticed because I scared a bunch of kids at my year three halloween party with a scary story about a witch. As some of you who saw me arrive at school this morning might know I like skateboarding, my brother got me into it when he gave me his old skateboard when I was twelve, he gave me this jacket too when we moved here for good luck, he's pretty cool, oh, and you see this scar here above my eyebrow that's from when I first stared skateboarding, I hit the curb and cracked my head on the pavement, it took two years before my mom stopped putting a helmet on me herself before I left the house. Errm… well my old school required that you choose a sport so I've been swimming since I was fourteen, I'm actually pretty good at it, well I think I am I've got a few medals. As for other hobbies I'm still into supernatural movies and stories, I know it's kind of lame but I like 'em. I currently live with my grandmother and have been doing so for the last five years. A couple of months ago the whole mutant thing happened which brought me here. So yeah… thats it, can I sit down now? Thanks”

Warlock "Lock" Corvus
Portrayed By Lincoln Younes
Gender Male
Date of Birth 23/08
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases TK
Place of Birth Montreal, Canada
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives See below
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Tactile Telekinisis
First Appearance ???


Warlock "Lock" Corvus was born the second and youngest child of musician Liam Corvus and Lorelai Corvus a partner at large corporate Real Estate agency. He was born shortly after the release of Liam's first album, which ties into the boys name, Liam had a bet with his manager that if his first single from the album hit number one in the US charts he'd name his son an original 'Rock Star' name, so when it hit number one their new baby boy was named Warlock.

The first couple of months of his life were spent in Montreal where him, his mother and brother were born before the family moved to Liam's home-town of Salem, the next two years of his life Lock and his older brother Tai lived in Salem with their father on tour and mother working on getting her Business degree from home. By the time he'd reached the age of three his mother had gotten her degree and the family moved back to Montreal and Lorelai began working for a well known Real Estate agency and Liam became increasingly popular changing their life style somewhat, the boys and their mother were often photographed for articles in music magazines at their father's gigs and (if you ever mention this to him Lock will kick your ass, well not quite but he'll seeth for a while) the boys even appeared in several adverts for a brand of children's music players which Lock still can't watch without cringing.

When Lock started Grade school his class did a project about their family trees and having his grandmother (who herself is a pagan witch) help him with it he learned that his family dated back to the Salem Witch Trials, asking more about it his father (who was taking a break between touring) told him about it, this is which sparked his interest in supernatural stories (and later movies) which would last him up until the present day. His father also started working with the boys to give them an interest in music, teaching them guitar and helping the boys become decent singers. Lock does now have a genuine love of music but back during the days when his dad was teaching him he just feigned interest to spend more time with his dad, while the boy had got to the point where he understood his dad was away because of work he always missed him when he left again.

It was during year seven that Lock really began to understand the drawbacks of being the son of a rock star, people weren't interested in being his friend because they liked him, they were trying to be his friend just because of who his dad was, then there were expectations, his dad was a musican and his brother was begining to step into the industry, people seemed to think he'd be next, did it matter what he wanted to do? finally at the age of eleven he asked his mother if he could change from his private school to a public one where he could keep who his dad was quiet, seeing that her son was unhappy with his current school his mother agreed and he moved away from his family back to Salem to live with his grandmother on a (other than holidays) permanent basis. For a while after moving to his new school Lock was very withdrawn and did his best to avoid drawing any attention to himself.

Throughout Junior High school really came into his own and gained a group of close friends, it's during this period that his took up skateboarding and began swimming as part of his P.E requirement. It started off as just a way to earn P.E credit but he found that he was pretty darn good at it and started to push himself further into the sport even managing to win a couple of medals for it (not to mention it's a good way to keep fit without some random gym trainer coming over to try a motivate you). It was also during these next five years that his original interest in the supernatural began to increase, firstly as just him adopting some of his grandmother's beliefs though living with her, learning more about the town and becoming friends with kids in school with similar interests. While he's not as particular as his grandmother is with their beliefs but he does follow them and has high interest and knowledge of the supernatural. While he doesn't seem to have any actual power Lock has been a practising Wiccan for several years now.

Shortly after he turned sixteen Lock had what he describes as the most realistic dream he's ever had, the dream began with him walking down a street which he doesn't recognise, the houses look old and everyone was dressed sort of like pilgrems at Thanksgiving. After walking around for a while he realised no one could see him, a few people actually walked though him, which Lock counted as a good thing as he sleeps in his underwear and his dream didn't seem to furnish him with more clothing. Seeing a large crowd ahead Lock made his way forward to see what the attraction was, the scene ahead of him was almost exactly like one of the scenes he'd read about while researching the history of witches in Salem. A man was tied to a stake while others stood nearby waiting to start the fire as the charges against the man were read out, calling out to the judge Lock finally curses the fact that he can't be seen, still he continues yelling waving his arms around trying to get someones attention until he's interupted by a hand on his shoulder. Turning he sees the same man that is tied to the stake a few meters away, the man leads him back to the crowd before turning to watch his own trial. After a couple of minutes he told Lock that his name was Ezekial Corvus and that he knew who Lock was and that he was pleased that at his time of death he able to meet one of his decendants and to know his bloodline will continue so much further down the line. He then delivers warning, "While you are no more a witch than i am, the witch hunt never ends for those like us", with that the bonfire was lit and Ezekial vanished, Lock calls out and then theres suddenly silence from the crowd. Turning to look at the crowd he finds all eyes on him, before he even fully registers that he is now rather visible now there are the shouts of "Witch!", seems thats these people's first thought when a half-naked teenager suddenly materialises in front of them. Turning to run Lock found himself being grabbed from all sides, calling out for them to let him go theres a sudden force as the crowd is knocked away from him and he awakens.

A couple of weeks after the dream his brother Tai visited and while they were playing catch in his room he accentually threw the baseball though the wall and smashed into a car outside. After his grandmother worked on paying for the damages to the car they went to his parents to talk about what it probably meant given the situation with his father at his age. Not much time past before they were contacted by the Xavier Institute whom his father told him had once offered him a place at the school (which he turned down). They offered Lock a place at the Institute and after saying his goodbyes he packed up and headed to the school.

Self Bio

Hi, My names Lock… well Warlock but most people call me Lock, so… I guess this is the part where i tell you about my life right?​

The whole thing starts sixteen years ago in Montreal…

Actually we should back up a little while i talk a little about two important characters in this story, you know beyond boy meets girl, boy likes girl, then bang!, we have me. Hey everyone likes a back story, …no?, find hows about we call it a prequel then?, you know what, my story and I'll tell it how i want.

Depending on which of my parents i talk to the version of this story is a little different, my dad tells it with him being a little cooler and well my mum has him just trying to be cool but coming off a little dorky, i'm gonna tell you the version that seems to make the most sense.

Lets fast-forward though the beginning shall we? My dad is originally from Salem Massachusetts but moved to Montreal for his Sophomore year when his parents divorced. My mum lived her whole life in Montreal and was also a Sophomore when my dad was. As i'm sure you've guessed by now the high school my dad join was the one my mum went to. Their school was big enough that they never really interacted until their Junior year at a party she was attending…

Ok this is the part of the story that threw me a little, my mum at a high school party having fun?, inever would've believed that was possible, have you guys ever seen the 2003 remake of the film Freaky Friday?… Hey!, don't look at me like that, as messed up as Lindsey Lohan is now that was a good movie. Look either way, there is a term used "Fun sucker" meaning someone "sucks the fun out of everything", right this was made for my mother, she does literally suck the fun out of everything. Even with skateboarding she tried to ruin it by making me where a helmet every time i went skateboarding, just because i once, one time cracked my head open by falling off and hitting my head on the kerb. Errr… better get back to the story.

My mum was at a party my dad's band was playing at, well during a break the band took my dad started talking to my mum trying to act cool and thinking it was working while my mum thought he was cute in a dorky way, he may have been the one in the band but they've both agreed, she was a lot cooler than him. Well after that night they started dating and a few months later they were the source of a lot of gossip at school, my mum was pregnant.

You might think THIS is the point where my story begins but what i didn't mention at the beginning is that i have an older bother.

Before the end of their Junior year my older brother Tai was born and pretty much as soon as they were both 18 they got married…

I know what you're thinking, married with a kid at 18 and with a kid?, this isn't gonna end well. Actually my parents are still together now and neither of them have any intention of changing the situation.

So time went on, seasons changed, other cliché things happened, calender pages falling ect. My dad graduated high school, my mum got her GED and of course my brother grew and after about a year and a half my mum fell pregnant again.

Yes, this time it's me.

Now i've probably gotta explain that my dad didn't just play music as a hobby, he played throughout high school and as a career when he left…

Have you heard of him?, nah, probably not. Lets continues shall we.

When my mum was coming close to having, well me, my dad made a bet with his manager that if his first single from his first album went to number 1 in the US charts he'd give his me a original 'Rock Star' name, and yeah thats why i'm called Warlock.

Ok!…ok fine i'll level with you, but this doesn't leave this… whatever this is. My dad is LiamCorvus. Yeah yeah woooo, can we just continue please.

So yeah when i was born i got given the name Warlock, thanks a lot dad would it have killed you to find out what it meant before making it my name, calling me Oathbreaker, bloody hell. Well ilived with my family in Montreal for a couple of months but with my dad getting ready to go on tour and mum wanting to get her business degree we moved to my dad's home-town of Salem near my grandmother so she could babysit. By the time i was three…

Ok i'm fast forwarding a little now cos for one i was to young to remember anything from this point and partly because other than me and my brother growing, mum getting her degree and dad getting more popular not much happened.

Yeah so by the time i was three mum had got her degree and dad was working with a new record producer which lead to us saying goodbye to our grandmother and moving to England where dad began working with the record label and mum started working for a large corporatereal estate agency.

And this brings us to my earliest memory, which i think in some part is connected to my now somewhat bad relationship with my dad. It can't have been too long after we moved to our new home in England because i remember there still being boxes scattered here and there, we're standing at the door waving at my dad walking down to a car, he waves back from the car and then it drives off, we go inside and i ask mum when 'daddy' is coming back, i remember being told he won't be back for another week and then i just remember crying saying 'i want my daddy', it's probably a little messed up that that the first thing i remember but i was little and my dad was my favourite person in the world then.

My mum has a collection of music magazines from when i was little and there are a bunch when i was what between the ages of 4 and 6 where there are pictures of me, dad, mum and Tai, it does make me smile a little looking at them i'll admit but then IT happened, me and Tai were signed up for a series of adverts for children's music players, gah!, it makes me cringe just thinking about it, you have no idea how pissed off i got when found out some years later that it was on youtube.

I remember starting primary school and though i loved playing with my brother i liked having lots of other children to play with. When i reached year 4 we did a project that has shaped my interests up to this day, we did a project on our family trees and i learnt that my family dated all the way back to the Salem witch trials, i didn't properly understand what the trials were but from that point on i loved supernatural stories and movies and even managed to freak out a few of my friends, The only bad thing i can really think of during this time in my life is that my dad still kept leaving for weeks and months at a time on tour, i know understood why but it didn't mean i liked it.

Fast forward to year seven when i started at that rich kid secondary school, i was happy at first because i thought i had made lots of friends very quickly, everyone seemed to like me even the older kids, but it didn't take me to long to realise the truth, all they spoke to me about was my dad or to ask for tickets to his shows or to meet him, they weren't interested in being my friend they just wanted my dad. So i started acting out, i wanted to get kicked out ofthat school, i hated it, i broke things, got in fights, swore at teachers, when i got suspended me and mum spoke about what was wrong…

Ok while i may call my mum a fun-sucker, it's things like what i'm about to tell you that makes her a brilliant mum.

I asked if i could go to a different school where i could keep the secret of who my dad was, i mean i was already keeping one secret about him…

Oh, right, yeah my dads a mutant. Oh if you don't like it fuck off!, ok the rest of you happy to continue? Good.

There was only one way that we could really avoid people knowing, so we contacted my grandmother and talked about me returning to Salem to live and go to school, she agreed. I knew i'd see even less of my father and how much i'd miss my mum and brother but this was something i needed to do, my parents could see that, i had always been a happy, outgoing and slightly cheeky kid but i'd become sullen, quiet and withdrawn.

So i became the new kid at school and a few people got very confused when i told them i wasn't British i was Canadian, apparently if your from Canada you should have a Canadian accent even though i lived in England for 9 years. Luckily these were only a few people and i quickly found some less stupid people, though it did take a while for me to make any real friends, i was so worried about someone finding out that i was quiet and kept to myself mostly.

Now for this next part i should explain that my grandmother is a Pagan Witch or Wiccan and she takes all the beliefs and ritual very seriously.

Living with my grandmother i couldn't help but pick up some of her beliefs and she ended up getting me a pentacle/pentagram chain for my birthday. I'm not really sure why i started identifying with these beliefs, but i think i liked feeling connected to something and it did help me, due to the history of Salem there are practising Wiccans about and there were a few at my school. One of a group of them spotted me wearing the gift my grandmother gave me and asked if i knew what it meant, i said i did and told her, she then asked me if i wanted to sit with her and her friends and next thing i knew i had friends too.

This gave me confidence and i began speaking up in class, signing up for things like swim teamand slowly going back to my old self, with a few improvements, i had friends and i was liked, i was the happiest i'd been in years.

I should've known it wouldn't last.

Not long after i turned 16 my brother dropped in for a visit while on tour…

Yes my brother is a musician too, i know he isn't mainstream and mostly has toured with as an opening act for bands like Paramore but he's got an album out and you must've guessed that my brother is Tai Corvus by now.

Anyway, we were messing round in my bedroom throwing a baseball back and forth when something fucking weird happened, i threw the ball and luckily my brother missed the catch because it smashed though the wall into a car outside. I was panicking and freaking out for hours while my brother and grandmother dealt with the issue of covering up what happened to the car, when i calmed myself down i guessed what had happened.

A couple of days later my parents showed up and i wouldn't talk to my dad, he is a mutant so he must've past this down to me, again he was screwing up my life. Still they stayed for a couple of weeks and just as i was going to tell my dad to leave because i didn't want him there a man knocked at the door. He said he worked for a place called the Xavier Institute, i remember dad saying he should've known they would call. Apparently my dad had been visited by someone working for the Xavier Institute when he got his powers too, but unlike my dad i needed to get away, so when the offer to join the school was made, i quickly excepted.

So know i'm leaving the life i spent the last five years building up to start again somewhere new, is there gonna be any point making friends when i might have to move on again sometime? i don't know but either way i'm now a freakishly strong mutant, so by friends, by life, lets see what happens.

Once you get to know Lock you'll come to learn that there are two distinct sides to his personality; The biggest most honest part of his personality is the more insecure and quiet side. This part of him doesn't have an extreme lust for his life now and doesn't take everything in with a bright outlook. The side brought on by having to keep parts of his life secret and the troublesome relationship with his dad. While he has been a shy kid though over the past couple of years this side of him is less often seen but is brought on again with the threat of one of his secrets getting out.

This part of him does lack in in confidence his dad and brother are both well liked and are good at what they want to do, while he is a good musician he doesn't think thats what he wants to do, one of the things that does grant him confidence is his skateboarding skill, thats something he is very good at and makes him feel good, he knows he probably wont make a living out of it but for now, it's enough. He can be a little obsessive with his skateboard's upkeep.

Then you have the other side of his personality, the part thats much rarer to see but he kind of wishes he was honestly more like: this side is outgoing and confident, the side where he can be short-tempered, aggressive, and stand his ground, he can be arrogant, confident, and cocky, the side that when blinded with anger, lets go of all reason and focuses on venting that anger, the side who's words have bite, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. When pushed to a point of anger and/or aggression under normal circumstances he will lash out verbally rather than physically and when pushed truly to the edge he will vent his anger on things (e.g. punching a wall) rather than on a person. He has too be pushed very hard to let this aspect of him out, but he'd like to be able to show this stronger side more.

Regardless of his insecurities if it's important and he need it he can at times be completely reckless and isn't the type to just let things happen, to twiddle his thumbs and wait when there's something about himself he doesn't comprehend, the type that constantly rebels against what he's told is his "place" and is a strongly independent individual. The type that has little patience for people who seem to be bending his will or trying to confuse him and isn't easily fooled and is more likely to think his actions through unless angered. This is who Lock should be, but he's a teen aged boy so his insecurities drown out this part of him alot.

Lock will rarely resort to violence having picked up several of his grandmother's wiccan beliefs, the would aim to restrain someone if the situation called for it but it would have to be a very serious situation for him to aim to harm someone or something.

His name has had an interesting effect on Lock's personality as when he was ten years old he learned the meaning behind the word "Warlock", while he has the name "Oathbreaker" if Lock makes a promise he will do everything in his power to keep that promise.

Among his friends Lock is known for his individual way of dressing he likes boots and shirts that you don't often see, cool hats, badges, wristbands ect. He's a big fan of steam-punk style clothing and Gothic rings and gloves.


Lock's powers can mostly be described as tactile telekinesis, a telekinetic force field that surrounds his body as a protective shield and allows him to simulate superhuman strength, flight and invulnerability. As far as Lock currently understands it he has superstrength that sometimes works sometimes doesn't, but he's sort of knows how to get it to work.


Image Name Relationship Details
Dad2.jpg Liam Corvus* Father Dad (Liam Riley, Aged 34): Dad (Liam Riley, Aged 34): Born back in Salem in 1976 Liam Chase was always the joker of his class all the way though Elementary School to High School where he was also in a pretty popular band at the school. He went to high school in Montreal following the divorce of his parents. It was during a gig at a party that Liam spoke to Lorelai for the first time, the band never finished their set that night as their lead singer went missing and was soon dating Lorelai. The young couple were soon a big topic of conversation when it got out that Lorelai was pregnant. Nine months later after a quick marriage the two had their first son. Not long after the end of high school the couple had their second son Warlock. For most of Lock's life Liam has been very well known for his punk-rock style. In terms of personality Liam doesn't seem to have matured much since high school, he's still the joking, grinning musician he's always been, while rare you do see his serious side if a member of his family is in any sort of trouble, it's times like this that you learn just how much you can count on him. While sometimes difficult to tell Liam is Lock's father even if the two seem more like friends. When Lock was younger he tried to push his love of music on the boy resulting in him becoming a pretty decent musician. Since his teens Liam has had the mutant ability of life-force manipulation, he was offered a place at Xavier's in his teens but he declined.
Mom2.jpg Lorelai Corvus* Mother Mom (Lorelai Riley Aged 34): Mom (Lorelai Corvus Aged 34): Born back in 76 in Montreal Lorelai went by the nickname Rory for most of her youth being something of a tomboy up until high school. When she reached high school she became something of a "wild child" being the rock chick of her year which lead to her beginning a relationship with the class joker at a party where his band was playing. Before the end of her Junior year she gave birth to the couple's first son, having their second in the summer after getting her GED. She then went on to continue her education where she eventually got her business degree, she has since made her living working for a large corporate Real Estate agency. Unlike her husband Lorelai has matured a lot over the years becoming a clear headed sensible business woman and the key disciplinarian of the household, she does however show her fun side, she still has a love for rock music, likes driving fast and always throws a party whenever theres an occasion for it. While Lock may have gotten his looks and a big part of his personality from his dad, his reasoning skills and logic are all from his mom, it's her voice in the back of his head reminding him to do his homework before going out and that while fun he probably shouldn't drive that fast. While she'll never admit it she really worries about her youngest son sometimes. His mother has some latent telepathic/hypnotic ability that she is currently unaware of.
Ty.jpg Tai Corvus* Brother Brother (Tai Riley Aged 18): Lock was close to his brother and looked up to him a lot as they were growing up, but since he hit his teens the two have grown apart somewhat. Unlike Lock Tai has followed in his father's footsteps and has recently been making a name for himself in the music business.
4763.jpg Eve Riley* Grandmother Grandmother (Eve Riley Aged 54): Eve is Lock's grandmother on his father's side, he's been living with her for a few years now to avoid being known for his father's fame.



  • "I keep my promises."


  • Lock has a small X shaped scar above his left eyebrow from a skateboarding accident.
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