2009-02-19: Warning


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Summary: While in the park for various reasons, four teenagers receive a warning about the future…

Date: February 19, 2009


Rating: G

Central Park

Late in the evening, Ricky has brought Eddie for a fly into the city. Landing in Central Park he chuckles, placing Eddie on the ground. He's getting close to another shift in his powers, as Eddie would know. So, he's taking advantage of the flight while he can. Currently, he has white hair and eyes, and he now has (if one looks closely) scaley skin. It's almost been a year since he and Eddie met. Wow.

Clinging tightly to Ricky while in the air, Eddie's still dressed in jeans and an 'X-factor' t-shirt but has added a Capain America jacket. When set down Eddie stumbles slightly but stays close. "That was fun," he remarks, looking around.
Late evening is in general a good time to be out in New York city, Not dark enough for the serious criminals to be out yet but still late enough to hear interesting things going on. Which might explain the blind teenager wandering Central Park with a backpack tossed over one shoulder and a long white cane in his right hand.

Ricky laughs as he reaches out to make sure he has his boyfriend's hand in his. "Good. I hoped you'd enjoy it." He says, placing a quick kiss on the boy's cheek. "Love you." He whispers as he begins to walk in the direction of the lake, casually. "

Eddie squeezes Ricky's hand and blushes after the kiss. "Love you too," he says. "What's the next zodiac sign again?" he asks casually. He lets his eyes wander a bit, pausing and wondering if he's seen the blind young man before after spotting him.
Terry is not using any of his powers at the moment, planning to do some patroling later tonight, but he can hear the sounds of another guy in love. Not far form where Ricky and Eddie landed he can only grin and keep walking in the direction of the lake, the gentle lapping sound of the waves being something he finds oddly soothing. Without any provocation Terry suddenly finds himself whistling the tune to 'Strangers in the Night' managing to miss hearing Eddie talk because of it so that he does ot know it is two guys yet.

Ricky points in the direction of the whistling blind guy with a chuckle. "Have you seen him before? You had a funny look on your face, babe." Ricky says, squeezing Eddie's hand lightly. For all intents and purposes, the night is very calm and clear. Perhaps… too calm and clear.

Eddie pauses as he recognizes the tune and blushes. "I'm not sure. I think I might have seen him before but…I've seen a lot of people before," he shrugs, squeezing back. "It's…pretty quiet tonight," he remarks, edging closer to Ricky as they get closer to the lake.

Terry can't help himself, after the first part od 'Strangers in the Night' he switches to whistling 'Beautiful Lady' from Robin Hood Men in Tights. Sure there is only a fifty fifty chance anyone will get it but it ammuses him, and to Terry that is the important thing. After a few seconds the blind teen moves so that he can swing his back pack around long enough to hunt inside of it for his bottle of home made carrot juice. He has no reason to go introduce himself to the couple, although if he knew the way Ricky looked right now he might change his mind and ask to draw the two of them.

James meanwhile is walking along the lake path enjoying the evening. Recently most of his walks or errands have been done in the evening or night so he has become used to the cold.

"Pisces. That's why I'm getting the scales on the skin." Ricky says, holding his hand up to the street light to let Eddie get a better look. Since everything has gone down lately, he's not been so worried about hiding what he is. But then, Ricky's not a mutant. He's something a little different.

Suddenly, with a strange blink of light, a pair of figures appear right in front of the path to the lake. One, a man in his late fifties, wearing a very dirty, tattered lab coat and a set of long metal arms coming from his back. Beside him, a fallen comrade… bald, slender. The man in the lab coat reaches up to touch his extremely dark glasses. "Telford? Are we there? Are we out of their grip?"
The other man doesn't answer, but nods slightly.

Eddie pushes up onto his toes to get a better look at the scales. "Wow…more water powers," he shivers. Eddie is not a water-friendly mutant…atleast he doesn't multiply in it though. And you can feed him after midnight without fear. "That's really cool, Ricky. Think…we could stay up to watch you change completely?" he asks, starting the puppydog eyes. When the figures appear, Eddie jumps and squeaks. Staring, he frowns. "Ricky…this might be bad," he says, trying to figure out why things were so off. He looks up at the mystic teen and then starts to approach the two men slowly.

The sudden appearance of the people unfortunetly goes unnoticed by the blind teen, with no real sound to accompany the appearance he only hears new people talking and given the things a person can overhear in New York they could be anything from LARPers to a random crazy guy that will start talking about the Mellinium and hands of shrimp. That is until he hears Eddie Squeek, that…is an odd thing to hear. Letting curiosity get hte better of him he reaches out with his powers to get a quick look around and seeing the men in ratty lab coats he starts to fold up his cane so he can stuff it in his back pack.

James notes two people or rather objects that weigh something close to people suddenly appearing on his gravity sense and hurries in that direction to see what the hell is happening.

"Good think I'm double-powered right now." Ricky says simply, as his body goes transparent, becoming nothing more than air. He sees the running teenager nearby and looks towards him for a second. "Who are they?" He asks his boyfriend as he stares, water starting to flow around his incorporeal hand.

The scientist… well, he looks like Doc Ock, only much thinner. He pulls his glasses off and his eyes are pure white, as though blind. "Telford? Are you there?"

The other man rises slowly to his knees. "People." He says, trying to push his voice out heavily. "You must warn your heroes. They are coming to take vengeance. But they don't realize that it's not your fault." It's confusing, yes. But considering who the two look like, who knows if they'll even be believed. Telford's eyes move to the nearest people. Terry and Eddie. "Believe us. They are coming."

"Doctor Octopus and The Vanisher which makes no sense right off the bat," Eddie replies to Ricky. "But something's off…like they're in the wrong costumes," he murmurs. He glances towards James and shoots him a 'stop please!' look. "You're…the Vanisher? And Doctor Octavious?" he asks, voice shaking a bit. "Who's coming and vengeance for what?" he asks couching down to look Vanisher in the eyes.

James stops at the look from Eddie though he obviously wishes not to. He instead stands still wanting to know exactly what is happening.

With everyone distracted by The Vanisher and Doc Oc Terry takes the moment to slip into some near by trees so that he can not be seen. After a few seconds, making sure he is invisable, Terry flys up and out of his hiding place dressed in his costume as Wave so that he can land behind the two people that appeared on the path before fading into view. "And what is not our fault?"
"Is that who they are?" Ricky asks, softly as he remains insubstantial, in his air body. He watches the two, running a hand through his hair before moving upo and looking to Wave.

"Yes. Yes we are." Octavius says, unable to realize who the child speaking to him is. "Our world. They're coming to take over. Many of them are mind-controlled by the shadows." His arms move tightly against his body.

Telford Porter simply stares at Eddie. "You… No. You're not him. I would almost have sworn you were their Enhancer." He states. "Please, forgive the innocent among them. They know not what they do." But that's about as much as he can get out before he passes out from the strain of teleporting himself and another.

James in the meantime has gone pale though there is a hint of anger in his eyes, the mention of conquest of worlds while he is in a park has brought back reminders of his mother's death.

Eddie seems surprised by these two villains. "The shadows? Like DarkForce? Or Space phantoms? Dire Wraiths?" he's grasping at whatever comes to mind, eyes darting back and forth between them. When Wave appears, Eddie jumps and holds up a hand. "Wave, please stand back a bit," he says. "Dr. Octavious…Vanisher just passed out," he says, sounding very nervous now. "Shadows…are controlling people from your world and they're coming here to take over for revenge for something we didn't do?" he recaps mostly for himself. "So you're from an alternate universe…oh so not good, not good at all…"

Wave glows for a moment as he holds out his right hand and surrounds the Vanisher with glowing light that catches him, and gently lowers him to the ground as he passes out. "Shadows, well that sounds nice and ominouse…any chance they have a particular weakness to light is there? Just asking. Ok, so why are these shadows making them come to take over our world?" Wave listens to Eddie and can't help but grin. "An alternate universe, that is so trippy, I wonder which version of M theory they use to figure the math behind thier travel here…."

"Not Shadows… Shadow. Singular. Capital S." Octavius hisses as he moves to grab Porter and carry him in his arms. The other two extend, lifting him in the air. "I need to get him safely away until we can get back to our own world. They forced us here and we wanted nothing to do with it." Octavius sighs softly. "If you'll pardon us, I need to get him to somewhere quiet where we can hold out for a bit. I'm sorry. PLEASE alert your heroes to be ready. I think they're almost ready. We escaped from Memphis or so ago, when the field was weakened."

Telford remains unconscious.

Ricky looks at Eddie. "You'd better let your dads know." He says, a worried look on his face.

James goes paler. "It looks like my hopes of getting everything I can do and how well figured out before being thrown into the deep end are dead."

Eddie takes a deep breath. "Alright, Doctor. I'll tell them. Please, if there's trouble…contact me?" he offers, rattling off a phone number quickly. "Be careful," he says, playing along for now even if he's not entirely sure it's time to trust right now. He needs research before he's sure of that. "You're in Central Park right now…" he pauses again, giving quick directions to the entrance to the 'Hole in the Ground'. "There are some tunnels down there that no one should find you in…nice and quiet," he adds. Nodding to Ricky, Eddie swallows. "Not just my Dads…everyone. Wave-sir? Can you please get into contact with anyone you know?" he requests. Looking to James, Eddie frowns deeper. He has no idea who that is…which is expected really. "This is bad…"

Wave nods and lets the glow holding the teleporter up fade when the Doc reaches to take him. "Ok, Shadow, Singular, still asking if there is anythign else you can tell us about whats up? Powers this shadow has, its real name, weaknesses? Something we can use to fight it?" Wave could have a few things to say about cryptic warnings, but he is trying to be nice and not use wrods that can not be said on TV. "Wait, you said you got ourt of Memphis? God love the X people and that chick with the force field for weakening the dome enough to get some warning." Wave pulls a card wth a number for a throw away cell phone he bought with cash out of nowhere to hand to Doc Oc. "Same goes for me, sure thing kid, I think I can contact that hot Wiccan guy and through him the rest of the Avengers, both young and old."

The doctor thanks the two teenagers. "I'll take your advice. Be careful. Be very careful. Just remember, beware the kings and queens of the Shadow. They're extremely powerful." He states before taking off quickly with the injured teleporter in his arms.

Ricky looks to James, Eddie, and Wave. "Well, this isn't good. And I'm probably the only one who really doesn't know anyone."
Eddie nods quickly. He gives Ricky a 'please hug me' look and whips out his cellphone. "Don't worry, Ricky…" he trails off. "Man…Dad's gonna tease me about attracting trouble again…"

Wave shrugs as once more, no information that will be of any real help is given. "Truth be told I only know Doctor Octavius because I have read everything he has ever published…well everything our worlds version of him has published." Wave shakes his head a moment before saying, "Absolute genius, nuttier than squirl heaven, but an absolute genius." Wave shakes his head again and pulls out his most recent throw away phone and starts dialing numbers. "And to think I was going to have to spend a lot of time in New York before I got to help fight off an invasion…."

James shakes his head "I've lived here my entire life, this is just the first one since my abilities woke up. I was hoping to learn how to use them better first but oh well."

"Sorry about that, man. It takes time to learn really. Try having a power that changes every month, or every day like this one kid I know." Ricky says, rising into the air. "Eddie, want a ride back home?"

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