2010-11-18: Incoming Fangirl


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Summary: Mason arrives at the mansion. Heather and David find him at the stables looking for the dorms.

Date: Friday, November 18, 2010. 4:49pm

Log Title: Incoming Fangirl

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Stables

The smell of horse and hay immediately hit the sense for anyone who step in here. There are empty stalls for students with horses, and school owned horses for those who wish to ride. Tackle, saddles (English and Western), helmets, and grooming supplies are found neatly tucked away in a supply closet.

It's almost five in the evening. The newest student at the school has arrived. Truth be known, Mason was registered at the beginning of the semester, but then he had to go on tour around the country, so he's been taking classes through a private tutor.
Light blond hair drifts down his forehead, skirting a pair of red lens sunglasses. Those sunglasses cover a pair of true blue eyes on his lightly tanned skin. A white oxford shirt is on his athletic torso, the collar turned up on one side and untucked. A black tie is around his neck, but only loosely, along with a pair of stonewashed bluejeans with a tear on one side.
He's rather weighted down at the moment. A duffel bag slung across his back, and a keyboard under his right arm. In his left hand, a campus map has his full attention. He turns it sideways, and then looks back at the mansion from whence he came. "Which way is north?" he asks himself. He turns the map, trying to make the image match his surroundings like a mysterious puzzle.

Making his way to the stables, David has been searching around the Institute for the newest student at Xavier's Institute. David sports his Prodigy costume, white trench coat with a white and yellow bodysuit. He too is also sporting red cybershades. Sensing the new mutant through the new set skills David adapts and enters into the stable singing one of Mason's song, in the same style, tone. It could be a recording of Mason, but instead it is David Alleyne demonstrating his ability.

Her homework complete for the day and it being too early to give Skyler a call, Robin enters the stable to look at all the pretty horses, wearing a knit sweater and jeans. She always wished she had a horse. Even though many of her neighbors owned them, she never had a horse of her own. But when she enters the stable, she finds something even better. The tall stick-thin brunette claps her hands together when she spots the pop star and says, "Oh my god, is this real? Are you a shapeshifter or something?"

Mason adjusts the duffel on his back. It's overloaded, but he still seems to be handling the weight with only moderate strain. He hears his song being sung, and lets out a grin. He turns around, spotting the white trenchcoat. He's about to say something when Robin arrives. He laughs with his pearly whites showing, "Hi, I'm Mason," he introduces himself casually, though he suspects that it's not necessary. He moves the keyboard under his left arm so that his right is free to shake, and extends it to Robin.

Smiling, "Hello, Mason. I'm David Alleyne. One of the staffers at the Institute. Here to help you and orientate you to the mansion." David extends his hand, "Welcome to Xavier's." He holds out a black sweatshirt with Xavier's written in white across the chest. Spotting Robin, he waves, "Oh Robin. I wanted to speak to you too when you have some time. Just checking on everyone since we returned."

Robin smiles brightly and says, "Oh my god, you really are here. Um, I'm Robin! Robin Keen." Her voice is androgynous, and her weight doesn't really contribute to a gendered appearance either, but she seems goshdarn excited to see Mason. She takes his hand and shakes it excitedly, before she hears David's voice. "Wait, he's a student?" She looks to Mason and says with surprise in her voice, "You're a student?"

Mason glances at the sweatshirt, and then back at his load. "Cool, thanks," he answers, taking the sweatshirt and tucking it behind him, pinning it between his back and the duffle bag. "Well it's great to meet you, Robin, and Mr. Alleyne," he answers them."Uh, yeah, I just got here," he responds to Robin's question a little sheepishly.. Of course, the world hasn't known him as a mutant, and with David and Robin now knowing, they just doubled the population of people who are aware of the fact.
"My mom's talking with the principals," he says. "I was going to put my stuff in my dorm, but I think I'm failing at reading the map." Mason takes the map into his now free right hand, and flaps it once, uselessly.

Noting the excitement from Robin, "Well I think you will have many of the girls." He thinks a moment, "And many of the boys gushing." David smiles a bit and looks around the stables, "Goodness I haven't been in her since I was a student." He laughs remembering an incident, "I had to clean it." Hje shrugs, "Well, being a mutant you are in the right place!"

"I can come with and help tour you around, if you want!" offers Robin, excitedly. She claps her hands together again and glances back to David, "Can I come with?" After a few moments, her puppet teleports right next to her, and she blinks a few times at it. The floating blue humanoid seems just as excited as Robin is, if not more so, even if it's expressed silently.

Mason doesn't blush at David's suggestion that he'll have the girls gushing, but he does smile rather confidently. "That'd be great," he says. "Are we close to the dorms? It'd be nice if I could drop this stuff off there first." As the puppet appears, Mason jumps back, startled, "Whoa! What's that?" he says. It's not every day that you see something like that happen. Well, not outside of Xavier's, at least. He studies it carefully, and looks between Robin and the puppet, noting the similar expressions.

Spotting Blank, "Well, I don't think Mason will mind the help. So sure, Robin. If you want, you can be Mason's buddy for his first few weeks here." David smirks, "So Mason. What are you powers?" A hologram of Mason appears coming from David's shades, "I need to input your powers for the files."

Robin looks at Blank for a few moments and then smiles and introduces, "This is Blank. Blank's not really a person, just a puppet and kind've an extension of myself." The girl nods and says, "Yeah, the dorms aren't too terribly far away. We can get rid of those! Or Blank can carry them, if you want."

Mason studies the puppet for another moment. "Wow, that is the coolest thing I've ever seen. You made that appear?" he asks. "You're amazing!" His response to Robin's power would make one think that he was the one meeting a celebrity now. The teen shakes his head briefly to fix the way that his hair rests. "Um," as he pauses, with David's question, and a smile creeps back on his face. "I don't really know. It's something to do with the ground, but I've never really tried to use them. Oh, and don't tell anybody that I'm a mutant, the tabloids would eat me for breakfast. I don't want to end up like Alison Blaire." He unshoulders the duffle bag, and then takes the sweatshirt and ties it in a knot around the strap for safe keeping. He tenderly picks it up and starts to put it on the puppet, as if he might break it if he wasn't careful.

"Well don't worry about the tabloids. We have a special squad for security of which I am on, X-Force. As for your powers, that's why you're here to learn and control them. You'll be placed on a squad with some students and a specific member of the X-Men or former student here." David then looks out of the stable. "Terra-based power." David starts typing on a holographic keyboard inputting information.

Robin raises her hands in the air, and a dead expression crosses her face as she transfers control to Blank, who straps the bag on quite happily. After this, Robin takes back control, adjusting her glasses slightly and then rubbing underneath the painted out lens, which is currently painted with a black background and white swirl. "Well, Blank's always around somewhere, but she can teleport and has super strength and can fly and stuff. So much cooler than me."

Mason chooses to hold onto the large keyboard himself, and sounds relieved to hear that the tabloids were kept away by a special security detail. "That's good. I think you two are the first people I've ever actually said I was a mutant to out loud," he admits. "It's rather liberating!" He laughs, and gestures to Robin. "Well, since she's part of you, then that just makes you that much cooler," he counters her argument of the puppet being cooler. "Lead the way, my super awesome guide!"

David keeps typing things into his holographic keyboard, "Robin, have Blank lead the way, I want to finish inputting this stuff , but I can do it as we walk." Looking to Mason for a moment, "It is very liberating. I remember my first time I admitted to myself I was a mutant and the trouble it caused. But in the long run, I am glad I did." He smiles.

"I'm kind've an obvious mutant, since Blank's always around. She used to be much closer. So I never had to really 'come out' as a mutant or anything," says Robin, raising her eyebrow at the thought of that. Blank does move forward, but following Robin who takes the lead. She gestures for the others to follow her.

"Well, when you're in the public view like me, it's a really bad thing if people find out that you're a mutant," Mason points out. "I'd start getting death threats instead of fan mail. I think I like fan mail better." He follows Robin, glancing back down at the map briefly, and then he folds it up and puts it in his back pocket.

Following behind and typing on his keyboard, "Don't worry, Mason. You're safe here." David then think a moment about the recent kidnapping of students and staff of which he and Robin were a part of, "For the most part." He grins, "Just kidding."

Robin adjusts her glasses slightly again and looks backwards as Blank looks ahead for her, so she has a semi-conscious idea of what's ahead. "I don't imagine death threats would be great. I've written you fan mail before. Do you ever read it?"

"Yeah!" Mason's answer comes as he tucks his chin down. "I try to read them all. I'm sure I read it." Not that he would remember it, but he won't mention that. "So have you been here long, Robin?" he asks. "Do your parents live around here? Do they have any special classes in this school? Or is it just like regular classes?"

"Actually, we will most likely have whatever class you want and if we don't, we can create one for you." David offers, "Oh and you will love the Danger Room." He pauses, "Maybe we shouldn't call iit that." He grins, "But it is fun. It can create anything."

"The Danger Room's fun, but I'm not super good at it. Even with Blank around, I've gotta stay stationary to control her completely, which kind've screws us up. And I'm from Kansas," says Robin, before biting her bottom lip lightly between her canines. She says a bit quietly, "I don't really talk to my parents much," and then adds a bit more cheerily, "but I'm sure they'll come around sooner or later!"

"I'm from California, but I was born in Colorado," Mason offers. "My dad still lives there, but I don't really talk to him, either." He looks up at the side of the mansion. "Sounds interesting. Make anything? Like a 2011 Dodge Viper?" he asks. "It sounds like some sort of video game."

Inputting what Mason says, "Yes. But you can only used it under supervision." David continues walking along behind the group, "So, Robin. How've you been since we returned from Tegu-Haaz?"

"Ugh, I'm glad to be back. It wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened to me, but it really sucked," says Robin, frowning slightly at that question. "It was scary and gross and I never want to go back." She shrugs and then answers Mason, "Lots of cool stuff can be done in the Danger Room. I dunno why they call it that, since it's actually not that dangerous."

Mason follows along steadily, checking out all the things that are seen around the mansion as they walk. "Maybe we can check that out first once we get my stuff dropped off," he suggests.

"Well, Robin, why don't you and Blank take Mason to the dorms. I'm going to head to the computer room to make sure this stuff is actually going into the database." David nods to Mason, "Welcome to Xavier's." With that he heads towards the mansion.

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