2010-08-17: Watch Out For That Balloon


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Summary: Jono is hit by a water ballon, Tara places bets and the Maxes meet…find out what happens in this episode of Xavier's - The Young and the Restless.

Date: August 17, 2010

Log Title: Watch Out For That Balloon!

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Left Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The sun is lowering into the west, and Jonothon isn't doing anything of note. Kind of sprawled on a bench, the Brit has his phone out and is texting on it. So holding it over him, he works at it where he lays on that seat at the side of the path. Only thing that might earn attention is the psy-fire. It's not all that wide spread either. Just hovering over his chest a little, curling around his arms and the phone. And yeah, as per normal he's wearing all black, and a leather jacket, in this summer weather. Isn't bothered by the mosquitos either. Lucky bastard.

Hidden in one of the bushes along the path is the every spikey Quil. Spotting Jono in the psifire and on the phone it's almost too perfect. He pops out of the bush and hurls a water balloon over Jono's head. "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!" He shouts as he fires a few quills from his arm aiming to hid the water balloon as soon as it's above Jono's head, exploding water down on him. If anyone asks the porcupine kid, he'll claim it's 'accuracy training'.

Totally having asked for that by lounging here out in the open, there's a startled «ACK!» for the four! and the water that soon hits him. This is followed by an angry, «HEY!» That was his phone! The psy-fire blossoms, spreading, as the Brit quickly sits up and pulls the water from the device before it can do any harm. Not worried about himself. «Little wanker.» So asking for detention, isn't he? Instead Jono aims the water he pulls off himself and sends a water bomb right back at Quill. Or the bush he's in if he hid again.

The noise from Quill's water balloon attack attracts the attention of Tara, who's in the Japanese gardens relaxing and just enjoying being outside. Her foot is still in a cast, although it looks like her skin has finally cleared up except for a deep tan. She picks herself up with her TK and floats on over to where she heard the noises come from, only to watch Jono's reaction with a grin.

The giggling from Quill is cut short as the water is sent flying back at him. "AAAAHHHH!" He exclaims as he dives forward, out of the bush to try to avoid the water but he's too late and gets a splash right in the chest. "Lesson learned, telekinetics cheat." He says standing up and taking his shirt off to squeeze it out. Everywhere there should be skin is brown fur and everywhere there should be hair is quills. "Actually I should have learned that a while back from Julian."

Jonothon's frown doesn't much change for all he's a bit surprised at Quill's appearance. Another student he doesn't know! Huh. «Maybe you should learn not to play pranks on mutants.» A bit grumpy, but only about his phone, the Brit glances to Tara before he inspects the device. Doesn't bother being polite now. Maybe he should mention he's one of the staff here? Naw, no point in that. People already know. «What's your name, mate?» Asked of Quill. Tara he already knows.

Tara floats on closer to the pair, hovering a good three inches or so off the ground. "Hey guys!" she says cheerily, raising a hand in greeting. "Having fun playing with water?"

"Phhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbt." Quill says with a roll of his eyes. "Even mutants need to have a little fun and loose up. Think about the stuff you could do to someone like Goofy Goggles." Though he'll admit that he has no desire to test his luck with Headmaster Summers. "And I'm Max, but I also go by Quill. Corsair and admirer of Gambit!" He states as he sees Tara come across. "Hey, you're that weird chick from the kitchen from the other day! And yus, it's a warm summer day out so I'm help my fellow students cool down. It's my charity towards my fellow classmates."

«You ruin my phone and I'm taking it out of your hide.» Jonothon warns Quill quite seriously. «And considering I train every morning with Cyclops, I'm not interested in pulling pranks on him. That's not bright.» After that he lifts a hand in way of greeting to Tara. She wouldn't have 'seen' any such gestures from a distance anyway. «Hey, gel. What'd you do to your foot?» Not that people arean't always getting hurt around here. Going to let the fellow students comment slide. He does look student age after all.

"Got it hurt saving the world," Tara answers Jono's question with no small amount of pride. She snorts at Quill. "Weird chick. Look who's talking spine-head."

Quill puts his shirt back on and shoves his hands in the pockets of his shorts. The short student just looks at Jono and nods. "I train with Goofy Goggles too, he's my squad leader. I'm sure he's used to hearing about what I've done. Get Gambit to give me detention." He says grinning as detention with Remy is a fun time. "Spine head, these aren't spines they're quills. There's a difference. And saving the world, ya get a trophy for that?

Having just returned from his normal summer vacation, Max was kinda…hyper. Deciding to take a walk outside and around the mansion, hopefully to see old faces for the first time in months, Max is in his usual get up. Khaki cargo shorts, skate shoes and his latest shirt, announcing; 'Dear Santa, All I want for christmas is the phone numbers of the girls on your naughty list.' A gift from a former classmate of his. He's got his usual grin on as he sees a couple of new folks, and Jono. "Heya!" He calls out from afar, running up to join the others. Soon, as they are in range, the cold of Max's body can be felt by all here. Even if it is hot outside, the walking, talking air conditioner is here to cool peeps off!

Jonothon takes Tara at face value too. For all he knows she did! He's been really busy, and hasn't seen the kids here in weeks. «Well done. What happened?» And he's curious now! Then to Quill the Brit pulls his jacket to one side, showing the X-comm he wears. «X-man like Gambit and Cyclops, and I'm a squad leader. Feel glad I'm generous tonight and don't give you some detention of my own.» There's a bit of a grin, and he's looking back to Tara for her answer. More curious about how she saved the world. And then Max is there. «Hey, mate.» A friendlier greeting since Max didn't drop water on him. «How was your vacation?»

Tara holds out her injured foot at Quill. "Yeah. Here it is." She, then just shrugs. "This guy from the future,,, Ahab… showed up to kidnap Rashmi, only he just missed her. Instead he got me and Connor and this other guy. We totally whupped his butt and brought him back here so that Future Bondage Heather could send him back to where he belongs after Addison went in and unbrainwashed all the people that Ahab brainwashed." She gives Max a little wave as he shows up in the middle of her explanation.

"Most of that went right over my head, I know who Connor is cause I met him today." Quill says with a nod. "I was away for a bit so I missed all that stuff." Quill looks at Jono as he shows the X-Comm and nods. "Cool man." He does mean it but he's not afraid of a detention with the number of them that he's got over time here at Xavier's, he didn't get voted class clown for nothing. "That's a pretty nifty shirt you got there dude." He says to Max. "And holy crap you're cold." He says feeling the air change as he approaches.

Max shrugs as he's asked about his vacation, it wasn't much different than the rest. "I dunno, I may just visit for a couple weeks next time, not most of it. All my friends are here, you know?" The chilly kid looks to the quilled one and nods. "Yeah, it's kinda my thing." He holds out a hand to Quill. "Max Farlane, Commander Cool. You want something or" He gets in really close to Quill's ear. "someone" then back to regular distance. "then I am your guy." Giving a wide smile.

«Good.» Jonothon says firmly of that they kicked Ahab's arse. He approves. Especially since it means a safe Rashmi. «Everyone back home who needs to be then?» Knowing some students were missing. Doesn't really care that Max is whispering Quill. Instead he folds up his phone and tucks it into a pocket. Thinks he got all the water off it, so it should be okay.

Tara shrugs again. "As far as I know, yah," she says. To max she offers another shrug. "I dunno. I stayed here all summer long and I was going stir crazy. The only real highlight was my fight with Ahab." She sighs as if she already misses being in the fray, "Had to struggle to find stuff to do."

Quill looks at Max, looks him up and down, the circles around him nodding his head in a contemplative way. "Max eh….well I'm Max Jordan, Quill. Nice to meet you." There's a small smile on his face before his attention turns to Tara. "What do you mean nothing to do here, there's plenty to do. You just gotta make your own fun and find stuff. If you can't figure out a way to have fun then you gotta get creative."

"Dude! Nicetameetcha!!" Max exclaims, kinda stoked to have met another Max here. It was only a matter of time. The two are actually quite similar in height, of course, Max is a year older, but whatever. "Exactly, you just gotta make your own fun, I mean, there's a fricken /lake/ out there. The comedy almost writes itself." It seems like Max is a fan of having fun almost as much as Quill is.

Jonothon nods about everyone being back. He'll have to ask an adult about it. «You two are going to be dangerous.» Said with amusement at the Max2. «Don't make too much trouble.» Said as he hauls himself to his feet. «I've got to get in and finish my homework. Summer college classes are bollocks.» Rolls eyes at himself, and he lifts a hand to wave good bye at everyone. «Cheers.»

Tara folds her arms and scowls at Quill, hovering just a bit higher. "Yeah. Putting garter snakes in the girls toilet is only fun for so long," she says pointedly. She gives Jono a friendly wave before he goes. "Geez," she says when she's sure he's out of earshot. "He's such a downer."

Quill gives Jono an over enthusiastic wave. "Take care Sir! And thanks for being a good sport. Other Max here will give you a door prize later." He says shoving the hand back in his pocket and rocking on his feet. "Oh, I won't be causing tooooo much trouble. Trust me on that." He says with a chuckle as he hopes Jono's out of earshot. "Hey, I haven't put any garter snakes in the girls bathroom, I couldn't find a snake."

"Other Max? I'm a junior, been here since eighth grade. You're Other Max, dude." He's playing around, but if it comes down to it, he was here first. The frozen kid waves to Jono. "Just enough trouble for it to be fun." Then, ice blue eyes listen in on what Prickly Max says, "Oh, I think that was me last year." He says, looking to Quill and Tara. "The floor would have been iced over."

Tara cocks her head as she listens to the two quibble over who gets to be Max. "Ooooh," she says, and rubs her hands together. "Now, see, THIS is the kind of entertainment I've been lacking." She folds her legs up underneath her indian sytle (while still floating in midair) and gets on her referee voice. "Okay boys. I want a good clean fight. No hitting beneath the belt while I'm looking, and stop when somebody has to go to the infirmary…"

Looking at Max, then Tara, then Max, then Tara again. Quill gives Commander Cool a -look-. A look that says, Tara doesn't not amuse him. So what he does is reaches down a hand, slaps Tara in the shoulder and grins. "Okay I nominate you as my…whats it called…you're that person who fights in my stead!" He sits down and stares at her raising his fuzzy eyebrows. "What are you doing just sitting around, you wanted to not be bored! Now you get to participate in your own said duel!"

Max is totally the non-violent type, slapstick, yes, but not assault. Max returns the look to Quill. "Naa, I don't do that fighting stuff, only in the DR and if I have to." So it seems that the duel is over way before it even starts. "And I really don't want everyone calling me Maximillian. That's just lame. Who names their kids that, seriously?"

Tara waves a hand in dismissal at Quill. "Pssh. That'd hardly be fair. After all, I /am/ Awesome Girl." She seems to think about something for a moment before announcing, "So since I don't really have anything invested in this fight, I declare Freezy-Max the winner." She leans over to the loser and gives him an apologetic look. "Sorry, Quill. Better luck next time."

"Obviously your parents." Quill responds to Max as he really can't help that, the answer is just there and he has to take it. "Ah so we're just both Max, my full name is Maxwell but anyone calls me that and they get a quill to the butt." He then looks at Tara and sighs. "I'm sorry then, if you lost the fight then I officially have to renounce your name as Awesome Girl. Your worthiness had not been proved by your withdrawal from the competition. The title is now passed down to Max, from this day fourth you are now Awesome Girl!"

Max gets down on his knees, arms held up high Platoon-style. "NOOO! I worked so hard on my name." Then he gets back up. "So, I gotta go find Kael before he kicks my butt for not seeing him first off." He waves to both of the students. "I'll catch you guys later!" And with that, he starts heading towards the mansion, he has an idea of where Kael is.

"Hey Quill?" asks Tara. "I know that I'm the blind one here, but last I checked Max was a guy." Then Max suddenly ups and goes. "All right, catch you later!"

"Aaaand the joke is lost." Quill says throwing up his hands. He stands up and stretches. "Well I gotta go paint my room pink with bright orange pokadots so when James gets back he can come back to a nicely decorated dorm room. See ya later Max!" Quill says with a big of a grin as he looks back at Tara. "Take care world saver!" he says as he heads off, gathering the last of his water balloons from the bush. Once he rounds the corner a scream can be heard from a few girls following a splashing noise.

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