2009-03-13: Water and Fire Change Each Other


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Summary: Drew and Kaden cuddle and talk about GED's and the future.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title Water and Fire Change Each Other

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

After a small breakfast of yogurt and fruit, Kaden's now at the kitchen table looking through fairly large book, his face tightened into a deep concentration. He has some time so he figures he'll try to study some of that GED stuff and why he grabbed a book from Jon on science, he doesn't know. The look of concentration grows into frustration as he's having trouble understanding.

Coming in from the bedroom, Drew yawns softly as he moves to get something for himself to drink. Just juice for now. Grapefruit. Coming out of the kitchen, he looks to see which book Kaden's studying and nods slightly. He doesn't say anything yet, instead waiting for Kaden to talk to him about it.

Kaden as Drew walks in Kaden looks up with a sigh. "Hey Drew." He says sounding frustrated. "I thought I'd start on this GED shit, but I have no fucking clue what they're talking about. It's all this atoms and molecules and perfect elements and shit. How the fuck is anyone supposed to remember all this crap."

"Start lower, then. You did start with one of the more advanced ones, love." Drew says with a half-smile. "And before trying to move forward, if you need to, research something you don't understand online. We'll help." He says, reaching a hand out to brush through Kaden's hair.

Kaden looks confused. "Huh?" He says flipping the cover over and looking a the book which does have the word 'Advanced' on it. "Oh, I didn't see that. I just wish this all wasn't so hard." He says sounding frustrated still. "It's makes no sense that we need to learn this. Why is knowing about this shit even important?"

"Because they want the basics of things known by anyone. Certain things DO come into every day life. You can't build a house without knowing geometry, algebra, and even a little calculus. You can't bake a good REAL cake… not from a box… without knowing basic chemical properties. Like why these two things work together." Drew says with a grin. "And because they say it's important for you to at least have the equivalent of a high school diploma before going into most real jobs."

Kaden goes to lean against Drew and sighs. "Yeah, I'll proably be in my twenties before I learn all this crap. Though I did help Keith build the air hockey table, he cheats." He says with a chuckle as he should have known not to play /air/ hockey against the /air/ spirit. "I know I can't stay here forever and even if I did, I'd be bored out of my mind."

"One day, we'll both pass our GEDs and get jobs in the real world like Xane. And then, we can get our own apartment down below. Somewhere that Dmitri can visit, too. I mean, they're all more than welcome to visit, but we don't want to always leech off of Keith." Drew says with a nod.

Kaden can't help but smile as Drew talks about moving out, and not just moving out alone but with him. "I did like your suggestion that someday I could be a fire fighter.." Kaden says as that suggestion actually gave him something he wants to be when he grows up. "Speaking of Dmitri, we should pay him a visit, I haven't seen him lately and I feel back that he can't really hang out with all of us up here."

"And you'd be good at it, too. Once you learn to control the flames, you'll be able to hold them in place and keep them from hurting people, I bet." Drew says happily as he nuzzles against Kaden's ear. "We should. Though I warn you… he can be as big of a flirt and a perv as Keith." He snickers.

Kaden tenses as Drew nuzzles against his ear, he likes that. "I know Keith can be a perv and I swear between the two of you, you're going to turn me into one too." He says with a fake mutter as he grins. "Dmitri, I think I'd have to see it to believe it he seems so…stiff." He says, but then he knows he was nothing but an angry jerk not to long ago.

"Oh believe me. He is stiff. Hard as a rock." Drew nods sagely. But he can only hold it for a moment before giggling. "Oh, no. I'm not turning you into a perv, I'm just broadening your mind into something more than it was." He says with a chuckle. "And you know we change each other when we've been around each other for a bit."

"Yeah well, I've been enjoying it." Kaden says with a chuckle as Drew's comment about Dmitri goes a bit over his head at first. "I guess that's just the effect that fire and water have on eachother, and maybe it's all that oposites attract bullshit." Then it dawns on him about the prior comment about Dmitri and Kaden coughs. "Hard as a rock? You are a perv." He says laughing.

"It's not perverted if it feels good." Drew says with a short, quick nod as he moves to straddle Kaden's lap, pushing the book out of the way. "And you love every minute of it. Go ahead. Deny it." He says, rollinng his fingers in the air.

Kaden wraps his arms around Drew and leans in to kiss him. "I can't, not even for a second." He says grining. "Every second of it is wonderful." He says chuckling as he stares up at Drew with that happy grin. It's an expression one would have never found on his face a month ago but now, he's changed and learned to love and trust.

"Good. And it makes you much warmer in the bed, now." Drew giggles softly at Kaden. "I don't mind cold, but I DO like warm bodies." He nuzzles in again with a chuckle.

"I like warmth." Kaden says as that's just because he's fire. Once the summer hits, he'll be happy to just lay in the sun for hours to enjoy the warmth. "Do we even need to seperate rooms anymore, it seems that we just keep asking whose bed, we should just make it easier."

"True, we could do that. But I have my big fountain and my real shower." Drew snickers. "You have your other shower. But I don't mind. We should just move out here onto the couch." He laughs

"That's true." Kaden says with a nose wrinkle as he's not a big fan of getting wet though the few times in the shower with Drew weren't bad, if not extremly steamy. He picks Drew up and grins. "The couch it is." He says as he carries Drew over to the couch, and puts him down so that he's lying on top of him. "How's that?"

Drew squeaks as he's picked up, giggling lightly until he's placed down on the couch again. Drew lifts his legs to wrap them around Kaden's lower back. Of course, they're clothed so it may not mean anything to his partner. "I'd be fine with it. And I'm sure Keith's cameras would be too."

Kaden can't help but chuckle as he looks down at Drew, brushing his hair back. "Keith and his cameras." He says shaking his head but he has a smile on his face that says he doesn't care. "So anything you want to do today……love?" And it's the first time Kaden's returned the nickname and it seems a bit awkward on his tounge but he's smiling.

"Well, yes, but not yet." Drew laughs, winking. "We could get some studying in. Go to the parks and wash out some of the others…" He lists a few things he's thinking of, smiling all the while.

"Well how about we go take a shower, either is fine, then go out for a walk in the parks." Kaden says leaning down to give Drew a kiss. "Maybe see what we can do about these idiots invading our world." He says before nuzzling Drew's neck.

"Well, while we're in this position…" Drew teases before hs slides a hand down Kaden's stomach. "Maybe we should wait a bit before we go out. See if we can make your mood even better for a bit." He wrinkles his nose before sliding out from under the fire spirit.

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