2009-02-23: We Dont Need The Adults


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Summary: While the Young Avengers are on patrol because of the recent attacks, they run into some very familiar faces… as well as their own lost member.

Date: February 23, 2009

We Don't NEED the Adults

Rating: PG (for comic violence)

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

It's been known for a few hours. Fighting has been going on occasionally nationwide. Everywhere people go, there seems to be something happening. Fortunately, at the moment, it's nice and quiet in the lake area of Central Park. Who knows how long the peace will last, though?

Just like that e-mail from that X-kid said, what looked like alternate version of heroes have been attacking and The Young Avengers…or atleast the current line up…has been out dealing with what they can. Currently, the team's out a patrol and coming to the Central Park area. "Looks like here is clear for now," Hulkling, all big and green, comments to the others.

Dante has finally gotten a better costume since last time and he's even gotten contacts now so he doesn't have to worry about something happening with his glasses. The mute illusionist has heard about the attacks and knows that as a Young Avenger he should be out there seeing what's going on. He looks over at Tedde and shakes his head, speaking telepathically to him and Vision. « Figures, we pick the one area of Central Park that isn't under attack to patrol. » There's a bit of an amused grin on his face though to show he's being silly rather than complaining.

Just a day since Vision returned, and the domes he mentioned have taken the states of California and Tennessee. "We can always move to a more active section of the city if you wish, Silent Image." The android says to Dante, he's still getting acquainted with the new members who have joined since his leaving. "There's plenty of activity Manhattan Island. Perhaps we can use the calmness of the park to our advantage."

Unfortunately, calmness does not always last long. A large circle of light opens in the center of a pathway. It starts slowly, before lowering itself to displaying six people. A voice comes from it. The voice, to some near by, may sound familiar. But the ring of light is too strong to make out faces yet. "Time to show the adults that we don't need them to babysit us." And with that, the light vanishes, revealing the six people. William Kaplan. Thomas Kaplan. Cassie Lang. Molly Hayes. Nico Minoru. Illyana Rasputin. There's a fire burning in their eyes as they begin to take in their surroundings. They begin to spread out, Nico being the first to act. With a single word, her staff is held out towards Starbucks. "Decay." She states, the mortar holding the brick together failing as the brick starts to fall.

Teddy shakes his head. "We can take a few moments to rest here. Can you see if you can contact Speed? He rushed off this morning…" the shapeshifter requests of either of his teammates. And then there's flashes of light and that familiar voice. "…Billy?" Hulking whispers. It doesn't take him long to realize it's not his lover, just an alternate. Gritting his teeth, Hulkling bulks up a bit and nods to the others. He'll let someone else make the battle-cry, moving forward to try and yank that staff out of 'Nico's' hand and fling it towards the lake while shoving the girl in the other direction.

Dante looks at Teddy and shakes his head. « I can't contact Speed, he's too far and I don't have the range on my telepathy that I did with the gem. » He says trying to let it be known that where he's a good telepath, he's not a great one. He looks at the group and sees Teddy start to bulk up, in response he reaches out to collect the surface thoughts of the group to see if he can tell what's really going on.

Vision looks to the group coming in, using facial recognition he tries to pull up any information his database has on these heroes, of course he recognizes Cassie, Billy, and Tommy, but not the new arrivals off of the bat. He calls out, moving towards Molly Hayes. "If you have any desire to cause this park harm, we will stop you." An ultimatum since Nico is the only one who tried anything right when they got here.

The staff does move, but it doesn't fully come out of Nico's hands as she's lifted and thrown towards the lake. There's a thin metal chain linked from her wrist to the staff itself, tightly fastened to the top inside a bevel. She screams, yelling profanity as she goes flying, only to shout, "Featherlight." to slow herself.

Hearing the scream, William turns to see Nico go flying. A scowl crosses his face as a sword appears in his hand, his body armoring suddenly in a mystic armor. Along with that, a pair of horns form on his head. "You shouldn't have done that, ass." He glares, taking a run at Teddy, sword held high.

Molly looks up at Vision. "And just who are YOU?" She asks, moving to uproot a tree and slam it at Vision.

Cassie begins to grow, and join Molly in her destruction, though not against Vision yet.

The speedster laughs as he sees the costumed telepath. He doesn't know the guy at all, but figures that would be the best target for him.

The teleporter just yawns boredly. "Come on, Get on with it." She says, leaning against a tree and watching.

Hulkling glances at the sound of a tree getting uprooted, flashing back to his own first accidental tree destruction for an instant. Then there's that voice again. "Billy, I mean…Wait!" he fumbles with his words, scale-armor on his arms getting thicker as he prepares to block or evade.

Dante opens up a mental link with both Hulking and Vision. « Hulking don't get confused, it's not your Billy. Him and that blond girl just want to destroy things, I can't read the others. » He says as he notices the speedster laughing. In response a large Dragon seems to walk up behind Dante and just stand their protectivly, fire coming out of it's nostrils as Dante forms an illusion that looks extremely convincing.

As the tree comes crashing down, The Vision becomes intangible, the tree simply passing through him and hitting the ground. "I am The Vision." He says to Molly, becoming tangible again after moving out of the tree. The android holds out an open palm to Molly, sending out a shock of plasma energy to incapacitate her.

Billy doesn't slow down, as he jumps, brandishing the sword and pointing it down as he flies straight at Teddy.

From a few feet away, a voice intones, "BETWEEN". Without warning, our own world's Billy Kaplan appears between the other universe's version of him and his boyfriend. With the remaining second, he mutters, repeatedly, "barrierbarrierbarrier". A shield forms between them, but it's not enough. The sword that Billy carries goes straight through the shield and into Billy's chest. He stands there, with a shocked look, not moving.

The fire breathing dragon, that's not going to do anything. The speedster reaches out to try to punch at it, laughing all the while.

The teleporter remains where she was, seemingly bored. "Don't tell me I'm gonna have to get the adults involved." She says, sighing.

Molly squeals as she's thrown by the plasma energy. She's not the toughest physically, just really strong.

Cassie sees Molly go flying and shrinks herself suddenly to attempt a sneakup on Vision

Hulkling's rather shocked, standing there and staring at Billy stabbing Billy. "What…Billy?" he pauses, expression turning to anger. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" he yells, moving to shove the sword weilding Billy away and catch his own.

Even though it feels like the Dragon is their to Tommy it doesn't do anything since, it's not real, Tommy would just believe it's real. Then as Billy shows up and takes a sword through the chest, Dante's eyes widen. If he could speak this would be a time that he would yell, instead, the Dragon takes a deep breath and breaths a fake firey blast right down at the Billy with the sword and anyone else the flame can hit.

Vision does see Cassie shrink down, but does not see her as she makes her attempt to sneak up on him. He does become distracted at the sudden appearance of Billy, and the subsequent wound to the chest that he suffers from now. If Cassie does plan on harming him, her intent goes unnoticed.

The sword hangs in Wiccan's chest as he stands there. However, he's not bleeding. Not at all. Slowly, deliberately, he reaches a hand around to pull the sword out of his chest, inch by inch. The sword moves easily. After it comes out, there's no mark on him. Nothing.

When the sword is gripped, the other Billy's armor and horns vanish suddenly. "What the hell?" He asks, looking down at himself. "Give it back!" He calls, angrily as electricity begins to crackle around his eyes.

The speedster gets hit by the flame meant for his brother, falling for a second before he notes that nothing around him is burning, causing a moment of disbelief.

The teleporter laughs at the response going on around her. "Stupid people." She winks in and out of existence through a light-disc, bringing the fallen and wet Sister Grimm back to the party, as well as keeping the fallen Molly safe.

The shrunken Cassie makes her way over, slowly, to Vision, trying to get above him and grow instantly to put as much weight as
she can on his body.

Teddy stares in disbelief as Billy's unharmed, stepping closer to examine his chest. "Billy…" he whispers. Attention snaps back to the other Billy and Hulkling growls. "SHUT UP!" he roars. "Why are you even here, attacking us!?" he demands, bulking up a little bit bigger than he already was.

Dante lets Teddy do the talking because, well, he can't but he does realize the fire 'hit' the speedster and smiles. The Dragon and fire disappear at the same moment Dante reaches out with his mind to send a telepathic push attack right to Tommy's mind. He's a mentalist, the mind is where he's the strong physcially, he's just lucky noones attacked him yet.

Vision looks at Wiccan as he pulls out the sword, and then the alternate Billy loses his horns and armor. He doesn't notice the Cassie moving to his head. He does however begin to look for Cassie with a magnified view of the ground. Failing to find the grower/shrinker.

"Lost your sword, huh? I was never that sloppy when I had one." The teleporter says, haughtily as she snaps Grimm into wakefulness. Molly seems to be fairly down for the moment.
The other-Billy stares at Teddy. "For what you did to us. Why else would we be here?" He glares. "For what you TOOK from us. Our freedom. The things we loved." He glares, as he begins to mutter under his breath, his power not quite as strong, thanks to the loss of the sword.Lightning lances in Teddy's direction from his fingertips.

The telepathic push has the speedster reeling. Sure his thoughts are almost too fast to read, but the interuptions in his thought processes are keeping him from being able to do anything but stumble.

The stature-changing manipulator grins as she puts the growth on as much as she can from above the mechanical Young Avenger with a laugh, thinking she's got him. Of course, she doesn't realize that she's probably not heavy enough to really do anything.

The waterlogged mystic glares up at the ot
hers as she begins to form something in her mind, holding the staff high.

Our-Wiccan holds the sword in his hand as he looks back at the other Young Avengers. "Perhaps you should think more about what you're planning to make sure your goal is appropriate." He says, looking out. "The sword seems to like it here."

Hulkling keeps his eyes on the other-Billy. "We didn't do anything! This is the first we've ever seen of you!" he yells back. When the lightning comes, the shapeshifter dives to the side and rolls out of the way.

Dante still has the mind link up and looks over to Jonas. « Vision, above you, phase or something! » He calls out mentally in warning. « Hulkling, I'm going to mentally blast their Tommy again, when I do, you try to take him down. » Dante says over the link just trying to bring some leadership into the group. He sends out another mental push attack towards Tommy in hopes that Hulking will follow through. Maybe once they start picking off the teamates and there's one left they'll be able to get some answers from the one whose standing.

Vision was about to blast the Staff of One with his gem, but a growing Cassie Lang starts to form on his head. The android simply lets Cassie phase through himself as she grows, stepping back and manipulating his weight and density high. "The flaw in your attack was that you underestimated how fast I can become intangible. And how fast my teammates noticed your growing." He attempts to land a punch to Stature to incapacitate her as well.

Other-Billy laughs. "Please. You came into our dimension and controlled us. Took us over. Killed those you didn't want there." He glares as he begins to power up another blast of lightning. He's too annoyed to cast properly.

Tommy stumbles again at the next attack to his mind. The poor speedster simply can't get his head wrapped around things properly.

Molly is down for the count, apparently.

"SpiritBind." The word rips from Grimm's lips as she tries to bind the Vision from being able to shift back and forth between tangibility.

The large Other-Cassie falls back from the punch, but IS able to get back up from it, growling as she swings a fist, at Hulkling instead of at Vision, switching targets to confuse.

Our-Wiccan nods softly as he holds the sword. He begins to chant softly, speaking a different way than normally. Speaking a binding spell on his other self. He's not repeating quickly, just making his chant like most other spell-casters.

Hulkling sends a quick telepathic 'nod' to Dante. "I've never left this dimension in my life! And the Young Avengers don't kill!" he calls back. Just as it looks like he's going to turn an attack at other-Wiccan, Hulking turns and runs for Other-Speed with intent ro grab and squeeze. Ofcourse, then he gets a big punch from behind and goes flying at That-Tommy like some kind of big, green wrecking ball. Not the original plan but it'll do.

Dante looks at Cassie and in her head she can hear a resounding "NO!" As Dante concentrates really hard. He's trying to implant a mental suggestion into her mind that she's really tired and tha she wants to go to sleep. Trying to make her believe it, it's taking a lot of effort on the young Telepath's part and his telepathic link drops from Teddy and Vision leaving him without a voice between his team, but he wants to put her down. Leave one standing for questioning is all he's focused on right now.

After the punch lands, the android focuses on Other-Nico again. Though before he can zap The Staff of One with a solar energy shot, the spell does hit The Vision. Good thing he was stuck at a higher density already. The energy hits the android and he sends out the blast he wanted to shoot at the Staff. Five hundred degrees of heat directed at the Staff, again, only to incapacitate her magic.

Other-Billy's blast goes wild, hitting no one. "Disc! Get us outta here before they cream us. We need to see the enhancer!" Hey, at least he admits that there's something more going on here than he can handle. "They've got Soulsword, and it won't come back to me."

The Tommy-clone is squashed beneath the green wrecking ball. He's alive and breathing, but not awake at all.

Grimm growls. "I almost had them, Darkchilde." She says, turning her face to… Billy? Not the Darkchilde our world knew.

Cassie begins to fall asleep at the mental suggestion. They all seem to be a little weak to the suggestion for some reason. She begins to fall forward, in the direction of Grimm.

Illyana simply laughs. "Fine, if that's what you want." She says, spreading her arms out as discs of light begin to form beneath each of her teammates. "We're outta here!" But the discs are slow for the moment…

Wiccan watches. "Let them." He says, softly as he holds the sword in one hand and his now totemic-carved staff in
in the other. "They'll be back."

Hulkling groans, head hurting a bit but healing. For a moment he thinks he landed on his Tommy but it passes quickly. He starts to get up, picking up the speedster with him. "Speed…" he mutters, wondering where theirs is. When the disc appears, Hulkling jumps and moves away from it quickly, dropping the speedster and stumbling back.

Dante is pushing himself pretty far but he wants to see what they're talking about. Since Cassie is sleeping he figures her mind is vunerable and tries to quickly dive in their to see what information he can find on what they were talking about, who they are and why they're attack. Any information at all before they teleport out. His eyes are shut tight and his hands are on his temples as he pushing himself to try to find anything he can.

Vision's first instinct is to stop Illyana. But decides differently, if these guys go down, there would almost likely be reinforcements. He lets the other-teens go as he walks back to his team.

The light discs rise over the bodies, vanishing completely from sight.

"So, have I missed much?" Billy asks, looking between them. He gives a half-smile as he sees Vision amongst them. "You're back?" He asks, moving to offer a hand to Teddy. He places the sword in a newly made scabbard at his side beforehand. His staff is slung over his shoulder.

Once their gone and he's no longer digging through Cassie's mind he just starts breathing hard, falling to his knees. « Welcome back Billy. » He says to him as he reaches up to feel his nose bleeding. « I found out somethings about them. » Even mentally though his voice sounds weak and tired.

Hulking stares for a few moments at where the enemy was. Then there's Billy offering him a hand and the shapeshifter decides that the bad guys can wait till later. He gets up and quickly gathers the spellcaster into a hug, picking him right up off the ground. "Billy."

Vision gives a nod. "Yes, I have returned. Only yesterday to be exact." He remarks to Billy. "Welcome back."

The bone-crushing hug is laughed off as Billy returns it as best he can. "Careful, love." He whispers, coughing. "I'm getting back to myself. I've been walking for a week." He says with a laugh. He turns to Dante, "What did you get?" He asks.

Teddy lets up on the hug just enough to not crush Billy but still holds on. He's not going to let go for awhile. Looking to Dante, the shapeshifter blinks then frowns at the nosebleed. "Yeah, what did you get?"

Dante is happy that it's only a light nose bleed but it happens when he over extends his powers. He opens his mind to for a mental link with Billy, Teddy and Vision and concentrates on showing them exactly what he found. It's their world, being taken over by aliens of somesort but they look like humans, kind of similar to skrulls. There's a huge battle between a lot of heroes and the aliens which seems to have brought them to this dimension. « Then it goes blank, like two years of nothing. » He says as he stays sitting on the ground, obviously mentally exhaused.

The view of the world that these people come from get a through analysis from Vision. "And they blame us for their torment." He continues to analyze the footage from Dante even after the vision stops. "I will continue to analyze the footage when we return to base."

"Interesting." Billy says,murmuring as he walks over to Dante and waves a hand over his face. "Ordered mind. Ordered body." He says, the energies flowing from his hand to Dante's nose, stopping the bleed without his normal chanting. "Let's get some rest and figure all of this out later." He offers, glancing between them. "I… need to spend some time in a shower and a bed." He says with a half-grin. His totem-covered staff taps the ground as he opens a teleportation disc. "Anyone else want to come?" He offers.

Teddy follows with Billy, fully intent on not leaving his side. "Let's get going," he says, stepping on with Billy. "Vision, can you send word to the Avengers and that X-kid that sent us the first e-mail when we get back?" he requests.

Dante walks over and joins them on the disc. « I could use some sleep too. » But probably not in the same way that Billy needs a bed. He'll ask Billy what's up with his powers and what everything's about later. Right now, he could use a Star Wars movie and some sleep.

Vision gives a stout nod. "Yes, Hulkling." He says to the tall teen.

With that, Billy completes the teleportation, taking them all home. He, himself heads for his bedroom for a date with a nice, long bath.

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