2011-08-03: We Have Debris


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Summary: Jono runs a simulation for Tyler in the Danger Room.

Date: August 3, 2011

Log Title: We have debris!

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Since Tyler came to Jonothon for help with powers, the Brit brought the teen down to the danger room. Doing so at night means there are fewer people vying for the use, so you two have the place all to yourselves. Only, the program is kind of weird. Enter the room and you will find it filled with a wealth of delicate, highly breakable things. Shelves and shelves, all open for easy access of course, of glass and china, and everything under the sun. There are even tv sets and monitors laying around. The room is packed with them. All it needs is the bull to go on a rampage. « Haven't used this one in a while. » Jono sounds amused. « You've said you are having control troubles, right? This might be a good start. Mainly because it doesn't matter if you destroy everything here. In fact if you want go ahead /and/ destroy everything here. Just with your powers. It's rather satisfying if I do say so myself. »

It's been a long uneventful, boring as watching paint chip off walls, summer day. After having been gone for a time back home Tyler's returned to the Xavier campus to meet up with Jono in the Danger Room first thing. Where better to have a dangerous fifteen year old boy than in the Danger room? Entering the room the crystal blue eyed student flips his blonde hair out of his eyes to try and make out what in the world is going on in front and all around him. Breakables? Noticing Jono he waves a hand though his expression is clearly confused. "I don't know whether to feel relieved about this or to panic to tell the truth. At least it's not real right? Also, thanks for wanting to come over here and help me out. I've been kinda flailing for a few weeks now, months, you know how it is." The teen is not in his assigned squad uniform though he is wearing UM clothing provided to him by the school.

« Why panic? » Asked with a smile. Jonothon reaches out and casually pushes something from a shelf to have it crash to the floor. Pieces fly everywhere. « I originally made this sim to vent, but it would do well in your case. » Moving around the shelf he joins the teen and even rests a hand on his shoulder. If briefly. « It's always hard at first. Especially when you can hurt someone casually with your powers. Once had a girl startle me and I destroyed the wall of a building. » Rueful that. « Here you can experiment without concern. We can also change the environment if you want to try something else.. but I'm rambling. » Motions a hand. « What aspect did you want to work on? »

Tyler puffs out a breath of air, "Oh, I dunno. Buncha not broken stuff and well me." Shrugs as he skirts around attempting to make his way towards the older man when Jono pushes something from the shelf to the floor causing him to startle and nearly knock over a table loaded down with glass vases. A girl startles the Brit and a wall gets destroyed? That sounds like something similar to what's happened with him though he utters a rather pointless, "Really?" Taking a look about there's a sad shake of his head, "I feel like I'm in that room at the Ministry of Magic where they have all that stuff stored. You know what I'm talking about right? Then all the shelves started toppling over and no more room full of stuff. That's kinda pointless to bring up but I have so there's that. Erm." Nervously he casts a gaze about then stuffs his hands into his pockets. "I'm not sure what I want to work on. I keep running into people who want to use their powers to pew pew things or run off and try and save people and I'm just not that guy." Pokes a finger at a vase watching it bobble though not tip off the table.

« Really. Mate, you really can't do any harm here. Watch. » Amused by the Potter reference Jonothon none the less gives a shelf a mighty shove and there's a heart wrenching cascade of destruction as one shelf hits other and so forth. Things rain down and shatter. Crashings and chimes and a cacophony of sound. Jono stands calm until things get quite, and he's grinning a bit. "Computer, reset simulation." The voice sounds like him, but comes from the comm at his collarbone and not his mouth. The whole room fades out, leaving the blank walls, then fades back in, whole and new. The Brit smiles at you. « Tyler, you don't have to be that guy. » The pew pew one. « I know people get gun ho about their powers, but that isn't the point of the school. »
« You're here to learn not to hurt people, to control this, and that's why I brought you down here. We need to experiment some to see better how your powers work. That's why I've no firm game plan right now. Let's goof off and have you do things. Once I see how things fair we can start focusing. I know it seems over whelming and impossible at first, but it does get better. I promise. ..So, why not try blasting some of the vases you've been poking? »

The chaos around him has Tyler backing up a step as he watches things break in waves through the room like an expensive dominoes test. The room is then reset to the way it was before the cascade left untold amounts of broken glass and gems littering the floor. "What is the point exactly?" Tyler's not certain what the school is about anymore. "I dunno. Some see using their powers as a way to protect others or themselves and I just can't see that with mine. I can't really see myself helping them I guess." Since there's no real game plan and a suggestion has been made the teen shakes his head walking out a bit to where he's standing amongst tables of glass figurines and properly balanced tea sets. A bright flash of light accompanies the sounds of shattering items. It took a mere moment yet in a two foot radius around the humanoid figure there's nothing left. Debris had blown outward striking nearby tables of nick knacks that have been impaled by fragments or are broken as well.

What is the point? « Apparently getting into trouble and having people attack. » Sarcasm there from Jonothon. « But while you're here maybe we can help you learn about your powers a little, eh? » The man moves some, lifting a hand as there's a bright flash of light. Okay, didn't expect that. It brings the man to flare with fire, and bits of glass and ceramic melt into nothing as it impacts those flames. He can protect himself from the shrapnel. « Then why not help yourself? » Asked as he lowers that hand to look at the destruction. « Not everyone is meant to be a super hero. I'm not one of them, for all I have been. Wasn't right for me. There's nothing wrong with wanting to live a normal life. The problem comes in that living part. Now, did you mean to make the light show? To destroy things as you changed? »

Tyler snickers that the point of being at the school is to get into trouble and be attacked as it sadly seems true given what others have told him as well as what he's seen. "I don't know how," Tyler admits as he stands there amongst the ruin though the area immediately near him is void of objects. "That's sorta what I feel. I don't want to get involved and I'd want to help someone if they were in trouble I just don't think I can. See?" Gestures to the space around him as he gazes across the tables towards where Jono ripples with flame. "No, I didn't intentionally do anything it just happens this way. I don't have to be like this but it protects me from being hurt." Tyler walks towards tables that are further away from Jono and as he approaches them things begin to tremble, frost and crack.

Jonothon looks intrigued, not worried, and he approaches. Can stand the cold where as a normal human couldn't. Doesn't try to touch however, and doesn't try to get too close. « Then focus on trying to do your best for yourself, and don't stress what others want. » Easy advice there. He's still in fire, but doesn't give off any heat. « Why don't you try and work on staying in this form, but diminishing the aura of cold. Try and think about it, how it feels, and pick up things. If they get ruined, so what. It's okay. »

"Erm," Tyler turns around to face Jono which spares any further items from breaking due to the boys aura. "I'm fifteen, I attend a school like this and bwah? At least my roomie is a pacifist. We might be the only two that aren't all RAWR WE GOT THIS." Still the boy manages a weak laugh as he regards the man nearby. Could he focus on how he feels to diminish the aura? He's never thought about that nor does he really know how to go about doing that either. "Uhh…that's a brilliant idea and all but what am I looking for? Stupid question?" Tips his head to the side though his glowing blue eyes remain on Jono.

The Brit smiles over that. « How many times do I have to repeat this? It's okay not to be gung ho. Really. » As for power stuff Jonothon can only shrug, « How could I know? » Looks amused though. « You're the one who knows how it feels. » Fire snakes out of his chest to coil around a cracked and frozen vase, lifting it from where it lays. The man cups his hands beneath it, not touching it, and the glass repairs itself, caressed by fire. « It doesn't matter if you don't get it at first, but you have to think about it. Maybe there isn't a feeling to it, but you never know until you try. If turning it down is too hard, trying increasing it. Try and spread that aura outwards, making it bigger. You learn that feeling and you can start to learn how not to do it, maybe even change how it works. »

Waving a hand flippantly, "Lots? I'm a teenager with wacky piers. It's gonna keep coming up dude." Tyler then crosses his arms across his chest managing to look displeased even though he's not got much to work with expression wise. "Maybe I know how it feels but how does that help me figure out what you want to have happen? Is this some mental thing like when I wanna switch back and forth? It was a bitch to figure out but when you don't want to end up naked in fronta people you tend to work harder ya know?" Turning the aura up and down reminds Tyler of a gas burner on a stove. How the blue flames lick upward or turn into a muted glow depending on how the dial is turned. "What do I feel, what do I feel…" the boy murmurs not really looking past the vase that Jono's mended. "I know what I feel like though I can kinda feel the same thing with stuff that's nearby. I don't know how to explain it. There's me, there's nothing then there's what's past that."

« Don't make me smack you. » Jonothon puts that vase down, sighing to himself over what Tyler is saying. « You just turned on that form by thinking about it. Doesn't that suggest there's a mental trigger? » That fire tendril of his seeks to give the teen a push. Certainly feels solid for fire. « See, there's something you don't seem to grasp here. /I/ can't make your powers do anything. Only you can. You don't want to try, you aren't going to improve. You have to practice. You have to push things and learn what limits are. Unfortunately it takes time. » Points at Tyler from where he stands some feet away. « That empty spot is what you want to focus on. That's the aura. »

"A mental trigger?" What did that mean exactly? Tyler stands confused a moment before coming back towards the cleared area so the tables nearby stop vibrating providing a distraction he doesn't need. The tendril of fire pokes a solid form though Tyler deliberately moves away from it. The particles within the teens chest swirl about unhappily for the touch. "I just don't understand how you're suppose to figure stuff out. Up until like two minutes ago I didn't even bother figuring out what anything felt like and this mental trigger deal I can kinda get."
Bright glowing eyes turn to slits as he peers about near himself then gazes down at his feet. "There is nothing there which doesn't feel right at all. It's so very different than everything else. You're fire thing sucks by the way. I don't mean that the way it sounded but I don't deal very well with stuff like that." Thinking hard on the void about him he can't seem to make it expand or contract as it seems unyielding. What he can do is form energy at his hand that he waves in the space around him showing that he's not affected by the aura at all.

How to explain this? Fire swirls around him like a living thing. He looks thoughtful and the fire coils lazily. « A mental trigger is pretty much everything you do. You changed from human to this.. that was a mental trigger. When sitting down you want to stand? That's a mental trigger that makes you rise to your feet. It's a fancy way of saying that you think about the things you normally don't think about. You radiate cold without thinking about it, but what happens if you think about it? Can you learn to turn the extreme cold off? To tone it down.. » Jonothon shrugs, but he smiles for that his fire sucks. « Why does it suck? To be honest it's not fire. » Lifts a hand and fire coils around it. « It looks like fire, but is really how my telekinesis manifests. Julian glows green and I look like I'm on fire. It's a visual effect only. »

Tyler appears thoughtful by the tilt of his head and the way his shoulders sag a fraction. The stiff posture is giving way as he considers what Jono tells him and attempts to think the aura off like one would flip a light switch and gets no reaction. "I can't seem to do anything with it though I've tried. Maybe I don't have the will power or something. Got to be something or it just can't be screwed with. As for the other thing I'm a bit paranoid around certain things and your poking was just annoying thankfully." The glowing at his hand dims as particles seem to move along his arm to rejoin the collection of swirling particles moving through his torso. "I have a hard time with heat, a really hard time, and other forms of energy are difficult to deal with. I suppose you could say that what you see of me is a visual effect more or less. I make myself look like a human because I don't want to be all over the place. It's scary as hell, Jono. That's why I wanted to come here. I don't want to break apart and not be able to pull it back in. Like this…" The hand that was holding the energy simply vanishes as whatever material may have been there has been relocated elsewhere.

There's a flippant wave of the hand. « You've barely tried, let's be honest. You're new at this and scared. That's why you can't do anything. Take it from someone who made being scared of their powers a years long obsession. » Jonothon is the poster child for not trying. « You have to /want/ to learn. Do you want to learn, or do you want to keep giving me excuses? » There's a curious tilt of the head for that. « And don't give me the scary bullocks shit. I've blown myself up and reformed three times now. You aren't the only one. In fact you probably reform every bloody time you change forms. Still leaves the question.. do you want to learn? Or whine at me about how shitty it is, because I've spent years whining about how shitty it is and I can tell you it gets you nothing and no where. »

"You're weird," Tyler states. This is coming from a kid who's made up of cosmic material and has no clue what to do with it. "It is shitty, and scary and I want to learn but I'm not really great at learning which is yet another excuse. I'm sorry about that." The teen is truly sorry that he keeps flailing about when he called the Brit to come help him figure a few things out. Sure through talking he feels a bit better than he had before but more questions have come up that confuse him even further. "I don't want to blow up that's for sure. Sorry you had to go through that, A LOT. Can I agree to try?"

There's a strange feeling that comes on the end of being called weird. Jonothon is laughing. He shakes with it, hand to stomach, and he's smiling. « Got that right. » He's really weird. « We're a lot alike in ways, mate. I don't want to see you throwing away years you don't have to, like I did. And you totally can agree to try. So long as you try. Well, since you don't want to work on anything hard, why not blast some stuff. Pick a shelf and see if you can not hit a certain object on it. You want to smash everything else though. Uh.. how about that dumb ass unicorn there. The pink one. Try not hitting that. »

With Jono laughing nearby Tyler relaxes which he's not prone to doing when in this form. There is too much to control and be aware of near him to let go and yet he does so rarely easily as he can not harm anything in this room. "I know I can be a pain in the ass but I really appreciate that you'll help me out. I don't focus very well at all save for when I'm painting so fair warning about that." There's a shelf nearby that has quite a lot of expensive looking junk on it then he notices the pink unicorn sitting on said shelf. "Oy, you would want to save that."

As Tyler thinks about the shelf of objects the missing hand reappears as does a certain white glow that begins pulling a swirl of color about. That hand is raised as a moderately sized beam fires forward towards the shelf striking a tea pot though the force is too much. The tea pot ceases to exist, the shelf breaks from the impact and everything remaining including the unicorn slides along the broken shelf to crash into a pile on the ground. "Well, I didn't hit /it!"/

Jonothon grins as that shelf goes crashing to the ground. « You hit it with too much force is all. There, try not to hit the flowery vase there. The blue and green one. Narrow that beam and see if you can hit the stuff around it. Don't stress it if you are having trouble. Keep trying. The room is filled with crap to destroy, so.. destroy it. » The Brit keeps himself wrapped in fire just in case. « I had the same problem when I first started. Everything is set on max and it's a real chore to tune things down. »

Tyler is feeling sheepish as items plink to the ground one after another. "Well, you saw my max the last time we were in here. I'm not too keen on unleashing something like that again." Searching about to find the vase in question he hisses for how hideous it looks. Why do people buy things like that in the first place when they could have something far more stylish? "I haven't really fired upon many things. I blew up a toaster on accident though when reaching for some toast." Mimics how his hand went out towards an object and a pulse is unleashed from his hand breaking a tables worth of glasses. "Not that bad but that was fun!"

« That's exactly why you practice. » Jonothon points out. « So you don't unleash full force when you don't mean to. The more you shoot things, the more you understand how it feels. Think about how it feels when you shoot something. The better you know that the more you control it. Think. Think about what you are doing, and be aware of what your body.. or lack there of.. tells you. It could mean life or death for someone later on. You are learning to gain better control, yes? You learn through doing.. so do. Not like there's anything in here we have to worry about. Or clean up. »

"So pew pew in a controlled situation so that I don't bring down destruction elsewhere? That sounds like a plan I could be down with. Think about what I'm doing and how it affects me? I can try that." Tyler takes a few shots at things around him. The beams sometimes large, sometimes pencil thin and other times the blast looks more like a ball than a beam. There is laughter on occasion when something clearly goes wrong and there is growling when frustration sets in. It's been about a half hour or more of blowing up things in the Danger Room when he turns towards Jono and there is a familiar bright flash of light then the return of the blonde haired teen. "I could twinkle awhile more but I can't keep that up for much longer. Blowing up cutesy figurines turns out to be fun and helpful at the same time. Thanks for that."

« Yep. » Learning in controlled environments helps for when things get.. not so controlled. Like they always do around here. Jonothon moves with as Tyler shifts around blasting things, and encourages where he can. Totally doesn't get in the way though. Once Tyler shifts back there's a nod. « You did great tonight. I know it seems like you were doing something stupid, but you made progress. And you're welcome. Feel free to text me when you want to do this again. We can get together several times a week if you want. » A glance up and there's that audible voice again, "Sim end." The room shifts back to barren silver. « Get something to eat before you head to your dorm. You'll probably need it after all that. »

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