2010-11-03: We'll Be Home Soon

Players: David and Star

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Summary: Star and David talk hopefully of changing her back to normal and getting back home.

Date: November 3, 2010

Log Title: We'll Be Home Soon

Rating: PG]

Tegu-Haaz - Salem (Old Farm House)

Over grown grass covers the landscape of the old farm. An old water pump stands in front of a stone trough with a metal pail hanging from the spout. The farmhouse is one story and in pretty good condition. Beds are made, the carpet is cleaned and there is surprisingly no dust in the house. There is a long porch with a rocking chair and a few other chairs and tables on it. The rocking chair never seems to stop rocking though. On one of the tables is a chess board where the pieces never seem to be in the same position the next time one looks at it. There is a root cellar off to the side of the house with large wooden doors that close shut. The barn off to the side is home to old horse pulled plows and tillers and many tools for farming. The stalls and pens for the animals lay empty.

The late morning sun shines down on the remnants of the farm house that searved the displaced mutants so well. The air is chilly and a light breaze catches debris and tosses it around. Dressed, still, in feminine period clothing, an undead teenager shambles along, pausing every once in a while to poke at something under the rubble. Star seems even more lost and confused than normal, her lank hair ruffling in the breeze as she kneels near the edge of the ruins and lifts a portion of the roof that she would have never been able to have shifted before she died.

Searching for a bit, David stops in his tracks when he spots Star and smiles. He is holding a spear that looks as if it is burnt at the tip. He dressed in the tattered remnants of the clothes he wore when he was taken and is even sporting he cybershades, though they are off at the moment. "What ho, young Star?" He smiles. He is slowly reaching into his pocket.

The sound of a voice calling out to her has Star dropping the portion of the farm house she'd been lifting with a crash that sends up a small cloud of dust and debris to settle around her and add to the dirt that she's collected since dying. She looks over her shoulder at David, her expression as blank as ever, "Oh… Hello, sir." She looks back at the mound of wreckage and dusts herself off as she stands and turns to face the older mutant, "There's no one here anymore. The monster knocked it all down." As though he weren't there to see the aftermath of the werewolf and… whatever that was… fighting to decide who was going to get to eat them all.

"I'm sorry to disturb your work, Miss." The cloud of dust and debris covers a small area that he walks into and David holds a small bag of salt and pinches some and is ready to throw it at the undead zombie girl, but stops a moment, "Do you remember who I am?" He smiles as he puts the salt back and tries to hide it as he walks back and looks over the wreckage, "Yes, I had heard what occurred here."

Star blinks slowly and smooths her skirt over her hips, "'Tis nothing. I was just looking to see if there's anything salvigable left under everything." Hence the reason she was poking around under the fallen roof. She cocks her head slightly when questioned, a small line forming between her brows as she thinks, "You're…" She trails off thoughtfully, "You're Mr. Alleyne." Her face is still void of expression and she, too, looks at the remnants of the base the strangers to this land had been using. Her eyes shift back over to him and fall on the bag he's trying to hide, "What's that?"

Smiling when she remembers his last name, David grins widely, "Oh…it's nothing. Just a bag of salt. I recently found out that this place has been affecting people and I recently found out how to help those affected." He smiles, "A friend of mine suggested that salt might help change one person in particular." He looks around the wreckage, "I believe we have salvaged as much as we can from this place, but I feel we won't be here for too long."

"Of course it's affecting people." Star sounds like she feels that observation is obvious. Just look at what this strange world has done to her, after all. She pauses for a moment, "How can salt help anyone? And who do you think it might help?" She looks at the piles of wood and debris, nodding almost sadly and sighing, "You're probably right. I just wish I knew where my brother was. I want to make sure he remains safe and doesn't find himself changed as I have been." She wrinkles her nose, "One of us has to be able to return home alive." Even if she makes it home, she's dead.

"Well, it was suggested that salt can help with zombies. I don't really figure it out, but it was a solid suggestion, considering it was suggested by a robot like person who himself was transformed by the place and I happened to change back to normal." David smiles and then offers, "At last account, your brother was fine and actually helped in the rescue of someone who has been most helpful and explained alot about this place to me…And you will return home alive and normal. We all will." He speaks with certainty and confidence.

There's another slow blink at the thought of salt helping to 'cure' her and hope blooms in Star's eyes, the first emotion she's shown in longer than most people can probably remember, "So salt will help me? I'll be alive again?" She runs her fingers through her hair and looks toward the road for a moment before focusing once more on the man before her, her voice small and meek when she speaks again, "Will it hurt?" News that her brother helped to rescue someone brings a faint smile to her face and she nods, though she withholds her praise until she can offer it to him directly. Something like doubt flickers in her eyes at the promise that everyone will return home alive and normal, "You're sure?"

Grinning widely, "Yes, I am sure of it all." David smiles and then pauses, "Well, with the salt, not one hundred percent, basically, it was a suggestion by Mike who is back to normal." He notes the emotion in her voice and smiles even more, "If the salt itself doesn't work then we just need to use your fear against you…but apparently, salt works against zombies. And yes, it will hurt. Mike described the feeling as horrible, but necessary." He pauses, "If the salt doesn't work, then we will find out what will." He moves closer and gently places his hand on Star's shoulder, "And we are going home soon. We just need to find the silver waters."

"Mike?" She remembers no Mike. Star shakes her head, grimacing, "How is pain necessary?" She's always been a bit of a pansy when it comes to pain. There's the slightest of shudders as he puts his hand on her shoulder, "I really don't like the sound of that… Isn't being dead enough? Do I have to get scared back to life?" She looks up at him a little uncertainly, "And what are these 'silver waters'? I've never heard of such a thing.

Noticing the shudder, David removes his hands, "Well, unfortunately pain lets us know we are alive…so to speak…so yeah..I guess it is necessary. We are born into this world screaming and crying, so I guess your rebirth will be similar." He then thinks, "Yes, we need to find the silver waters…though I hope that wasn't some kind of metaphor or riddle or symbolic search. I've searched this place pretty extensively as has just about everyone else." He hmmmns, "I wonder if Kenta ever got around to making a map." He shakes his head, "Yes, the mage who was responsible for bringing us here has been found. Your brother was among the students who rescued him and now he has given us some valuable information. I am sure that Scott and Emma and the rest of the staff are figuring things out now."

Star just grimaces and shakes her head, falling silent on the subject of pain. Another thoughtful frown draws her brows together and she shakes her head, "I haven't seen any 'silver waters'… I've wandered all over, too." She hasn't exactly done any searching, though. All she's done is wander around in a haze when everyone else is either sleeping or busy. She just blinks blankly at the mention of Kenta, the music teacher being another of the many people she doesn't remember. She nods, pride in her brother shining in her eyes and tugging up the corners of her mouth, "I just hope that everyone can go back home soon. I want to see Mother and Father again." Beat, "I miss all of my friends back in London."

"London, huh?" David shrugs, "Well, there may be a stopover in New York, first. But I can guarantee you will see your parents again and we will leave here. If we haven't found the silver waters yet. But we will. We have too." He exhales a bit and then looks about, "I am glad to leave here soon." He ponders for a second, "Tegu-Haaz?"

The girl nods, wrinkling her nose slightly at the thought of not being able to return to the home she thinks she remembers right away, "I've never been to New York… I hear that it's an unsophisticated city of criminals and murderers." She almost sounds like she believes that. She sighs and nods again in agreement, "I can't wait to see my parents again." That last has her looking at him curiously, her expression again blank at the unfamiliar term, "What's that? It's not something I'm familiar with."

Looking about and not directly at her when David responds, "Yes, it is a filthy city, but one full of culture…but I meant upstate. Salem Center to be specific. And yeah, your parents will love to see you." He turns his head back and forth and stares off into the woods, "I wanted to see what would happen when I said that." He sighs a form of relief, "It's a demon responsible for all this."

Star wraps her arms around herself and nods, looking off down the road for a few minutes, falling silent and thoughtful for a long time. Finally her attention turns back to him and she frowns, "Why would you risk calling a demon down upon our heads? Demons are nothing to play around with." She pauses for a moment and shrugs, "That's what I've always heard anyway."

"It was a test. But nothing happened. And to be honest, I am not afraid. And neither should you. Fear is what caused all this…in a way." David ponders that for a second and a small smile forms on his face, "We can't be afraid anymore. We are going home. I have to believe that. I have to know that." He reaches for the pouch with salt and pauses. "Maybe Cloud should be the one to do it…if it even works."

"I- um…" Star wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, "I think I might could stand it if it were my brother." At least it would be someone that she actually remembers, sort of, that would be the one causing her pain and fixing the whole zombie thing, anyway. She wanders off a couple of steps, her eyes unfocused, though it's hard to tell with the film of death that shrouds them, in the direction of the forest, "I've always believed that my brother would return home." Though she isn't too sure about herself…

"That is alot of faith you have for Cloud. You should have that much for yourself." David grins, "We are all going home." He ponders, "I should take count of who still needs to be changed. You and Robyn. Kenta and Mike have been returned to normal. And I have only recently heard about Connor." He stares off in the direction of the asylum, "I wonder how we will change him back. And still there is nothing to do about Kisha."

Star just gives him a blank look at all of these names she doesn't know and shrugs, "My brother is still alive. He can go home." And she's not, so she can't. She pauses for a long moment before looking over at the confidant man, "Who're Robyn, Kenta, Mike, Connor, and Kisha? You mention them as though I should know them, but I don't." And that bothers her. Like he expects her to be someone other than who she is.

David hmmmmns, "That's right. I can't want for your change back. All the people I mentioned are affiliated with a school that I work at. Kenta is a teacher. The rest are students and they were all people who were affected by this place. They were afraid and so they were changed. Now we have the means to change them back to normal and then we will go home."

"Oh…" She shakes her head, "I don't blame them for being afraid." Star looks around for a moment, "It's a scary place…" And she was just as afraid as anyone else. She still is afraid. The girl shuffles off a few steps toward the road, her voice dropping to a wistful whisper, "It would be nice to be alive again…" To feel her own heartbeat once more.

"It is scary, but you will be alive again and we well get home." He exhales and ponders, "You don't eat, do you?" David pats his stomach, "I wonder if I should go back to the tavern. Alaric might be awake and we can more information. More specific."

Star shakes her head again, "No. I haven't eaten or slept since I woke up dead." And there's the oddly emotionless tone back in her voice as she admits that. She looks over at him and grimaces, "Well… I think I tried to take a bite out of that monster that tore down the house here… He clawed my back open." As though that justifies her trying to eat something still living. There's about as much emotion in her voice when she makes that admission as there is when she mentioned not eating and sleeping.

David shrugs, "Well, it was justifiable. He was attacking a friend. I'm sure James or Kenta whichever one you tried to bite would understand. Hell, I had to throw a flaming spear at Mike. Had to kill him to bring him back. We all do things we don't want to do when we are forced." He offers a half-smile, "So don't worry about it."

"I didn't know the other people there. He attacked me." And Star's first instinct was to try to take a bite out of him to repair her injury. She shuffles off a few more steps before looking back at him, "I… I'll be around." She just feels the need to move on at the moment. Those words see her shambling off down the road, once again wandering like a lost spirit.

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