2010-11-03: We're Going Home?

Players: David and Hosea

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Summary: David and Hosea discuss how to get home.

Date: November 3, 2010

Log Title: We're Going Home?

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Abandoned Train Station

The windows and doors are all boarded up on the dilapidated old train station. The roof has caved in on the small building and there is broken glass from the windows littering the ground. The wooden platform extends about thirty feet and bends as it's walked upon. The single track has been over grown and it doesn't seem like a train has been down the rusted metal tracks in a long time. Inside the station house the floor is filled with holes, old train schedules and prices still hang on the walls and there are a few broken benches. On the other side of the ticket booth blank tickets fill the little cubbyholes.

The Train Station has been remodeled, thanks to Julian and Hosea's actions. Hosea wanted to be certain that if there was another disaster, there was someplace to fall back to already prepared. Now that the Station is mostly livable, the Nigerian has taken some time with the book he found earlier. He sits at one of the benches with a quill that he found in the station, the ink next to him. He's filling in Genesis 1 by hand, rewriting what he can to give the pages life once more.

Making his way towards the Train Station, David nods impressed by the changes to the station. Making his way towards the Nigerian, "Hosea, what are you doing out here? Writing about our adventures in this dimension?" He is wearing the tattered remnants of the clothes he wore when he was taken and is even wearing his cybershades, though they are not on.

Hosea still wears the period clothes, and looks up as David enters. "Hello, David!" he says with a broad smile. "I have decided dat I would write God's truth back into dese pages as I can." He holds open the first page of the book, about 3/4 full. "I am afraid dat I can only go through Genesis 2 by memory. But better to have some of da Revelation den none. You are wearing your clothes from home again," he observes, pointing with the quill's feather.

David nods as he looks at his clothes, "Yeah, we should be going home soon. So I thought I would psych myself up for it" He takes a seat next to Hosea, "Wow…is that the Bible we found in the abandoned church we saw. The one with no words in it?" He asks as he looks at the Train Station, "Who fixed this up?"

"Yes," Hosea answers, "I have chosen to do what I can to restore truth to dis place." He looks around, "Ah, I thought dat if dere was another fire, it would be good to have a place prepared," he says factually. "But what is it dat you say, we shall go home? How will we go home? Has God given you a vision?" he asks.

"Another fire?" He asks, "Wow…I have missed alot of stuff. I had been out on a few missions that I must have missed the fire." David shrugs, "Well, we shouldn't be here too long. I questioned Alaric Blackmoore, the man responsible for bringing us here and now we have information. On how to get home, where we are, and how to change back those affected. Kenta and Mike have already been 'cured'." He makes apostrophe marks when he says "cured."

"What shall we do to get back?" Hosea asks. "How were dey cured from da darkness dat covered dem?" He stands to his feet, placing the Bible to the side. "Tell me, dis is good news, yes!"

David grins, "There are alot of things that have to be done. First we have to find the silver waters. I noticed in all of our exploring no one explored that lake….or went swimming. Alaric said that is the way home." He ponders a second, "Alaric is shady, but one thing he said was true. I was able to return Mike to normal and from what I have heard Kenta is normal again."

"I am a strong swimmer," he says, "I shall go swim in dem now. Let us go!" Hosea seems eager not to waste a moment. "What was it dat you did to bring dem back to normal?" He walks to the coat rack on the wall, and takes the jacket there, which is a little too small for him.

David shakes his head in the negative and holds his hand out to Hosea, "No…not yet. We will speak with the staff first. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but first let's turn everyone back to normal. Alaric said we have to have the transformed face their fears and kill them to bring them back. Mike in his clockwork form was afraid of fire. So I killed him with fire and smashed his clockwork. It was risky, but it worked." He shrugs, "So the others have to be killed by their fears. Kenta was shot and is no longer a wolf. Mike had a theory about how to change Star back, but I don't know about the others yet."

The tall Nigerian arches his brow. "Hm. Dat is strange, but has good symbolism from da Bible, yes?" he offers. "We should speak to da teachers, you are right, dey like to know about dese things. I do not know Star well enough to understand her fears."

David nods, "Well, Mike suggested that we throw salt at her. Not sure why, but I guess that works against undead zombies." He stops and thinks about for a moment, "I guess there is Bible symbolism, but this place is far from the Bible. It is actually a dimension belonging to a demon named Tegu-Haaz. Alaric tried summoning him to control him, but lost control and now we are here. And those who were changed were changed because they were afraid. That's why their fear has to be used to restore them."

The African gives David a strange look. "Salt? Salt is used to preserve food," he says. "What you are saying sounds like voodoo lies." He laughs at the concept of a demon owning the dimension. "Demons do not own anything, do not worry. Dere only power is dat which God allows dem to have. Any demon in control heah, still has to be subject to God."

David shrugs, "Well I respect your belief in God and even while we are here. I am glad you have not lost your faith. Unfortunately demons exist even hell exists. Well, different hells actually. We come from a world where Asgardian and Greek gods walk the earth, and magic exists. It will be with God's help that we get through this." He smiles, "As for salt, I guess it is the opposite. Salt helps preserve food, it may have an opposite effect on a zombie…kinda makes sense."

Hosea nods. "I know both demons and hell exist, more den you know. I do not wish to see anyone go to dat punishment reserved for God's enemies." He takes a deep breath, studying David. "You can try da salt if it makes you feel bettah, but it still sounds like demon voodoo to me," he says. "Were dere any more clues about what will take us home?"

David hmmmns, "Just the silver waters. Though we may have to confront Tegu-Haaz. Alaric warned that the longer we are here the more we will become trapped here. We can't let our fear take the better of us." He ponders, "I'll try the salt and any other thing that needs to be done. I am more worried about the others. not sure how to change back Robyn, Connor, James, and Jinx."

"Do not worry. I told people dat God would deliver us, yes? And he seems to be doing dat." Hosea smiles. "See, even in dis place, we are not outside his reach." The African looks out the window. "Silver waters…"

David sighs, "Well, what about Kisha….There's no help for her." He shakes his head, "Yes, silver waters is what Alaric said. I wish he wa more specific."

"I do not know. But Kisha's body was not dere, remember?" He seems to doubt his own assessment. "Perhaps she is still heah somewhere. I do not pretend to understand all of his actions," he admits. "And I know more people who are dead den alive, so I do not fail to realize dat people die." He looks back at David. "I wish I could give bettah answers den dat for you. But I am experiencing da same things. Da best I think we could do now is to ask for Mr. Alaric to explain himself bettah."

David nods, "Go ahead and question Alaric if you want. He should be at the tavern." He sighs, "I am going to the Moors to look at that lake and try to think up ways to save the others."

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