2009-05-20: We're Gonna Make It After All


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Summary: The morning after, but before they discover their kids are gone.

Date: May 20, 2009

We're Gonna Make It After All

Rating: R

After losing his powers last night, Christopher has felt a bit disjointed. He's kind of glad that Eddie and Jared spendt the night at the school giving him some time to himself. With just him and Jeri he doesn't have to worry about getting out of bed and making breakfast anytime soon or any of that stuff. He's also happy that today's his day off of work. With a mumble in his half awake sleep, Christopher turns so that he's snuggled closer to Jeri.

Snuggling is always good for the sleeping Jeri. His arms wrap around Christopher lightly, sliding down to rest on the other man's bottom lightly. "Morning." He whispers. The power loss isn't as hard on him. He's been without his powers for a large part of his life. His hands slide softly. "Are you alright?"

"I will be." Christopher answers with a bit of a sigh. "I'll manage, it's just weird right now. I can't feel the colours." Which is odd thing to describe but with his power he was just connected in a sense. He presses against Jeri and takes a deep breath. "Gotta look on the positive side, we're all okay and I still have you and our family."

"Yes." Jeri says with a firm nod. "And that's not going anywhere. We'll get through this. We always do. I've been without my powers before. I can at least help those without." He says, moving in closer and pulling himself tightly against his husband. "The hard part is going to be using chemicals at your shop again." He gives a wrinklednosed smile.

Christopher wrinkles his nose at the mention of chemicals. "I always hated the smell of those chemicals too and it was nice having the one salon that didn't reek of them." But he's not going to let not having his powers stop him from running his business. He leans up to kiss Jeri and smiles. "I just have to get used to being depowered. It's an odd feeling."

"Well, there IS an upside." Jericho says softly. "I don't have to worry about accidentally hurting you. And… it means you can do some other things from time to time. Things we haven't been able to due to strength issues." He chuckles. Sure, Jeri's still a stronger guy than Christopher, but nowit's more reasonable.

Christopher kisses Jeri again with an amused sort of smile. "I love the way you think." He says leaning in for another kiss as his hands trail up and down Jericho's back lightly. "So is there something in particular you have in mind?"

"Not in particular." Jeri says shaking his head and winking. "I just thought I'd point out the bright side." He laughs, spreading his hand out and cupping slightly. "You know that I love you, no matter what you are. Mutant or human."

"I know that Jeri and you know that I love you no matter what too." Christopher says as he's head over heels in love with his husband. One hand continues to lightly rub Jeri's back while the other reaches down to grab his backside. "I am going to miss the other yous though." Christopher says with a chuckle.

"It's still us though. And that's the important part." Jeri says with a nod as he grins. "You just miss them going down on you while I'm distracting you and you don't expect it." He winks, nuzzling. "No worries. We're still here."

Christopher gives a innocent kind of smile and then chuckles. His husband knows him well. "I still have the real deal right infront of me." Christopher says pressing against Jeri and kissing his chest lightly. Sure he's a bit upset about losing his powers but it really hasn't hit him yet and he's still being Mr. Positive.

"Exactly." Jeri says, with a grin. "And I'm not going anywhere. Unless I HAVE to." He chuckles softly, running a hand through Christopher's hair with a grin.

Christopher lets out a content 'hmm' as his Jeri runs a hand through his hair and places a few more kisses on Jeri's chest. "And you know that I'd chase you down and kick your ass love." Christopher says with a chuckle, teasing Jeri a bit. "I don't want to make breakfast, lets just lay here all day."

"I don't think you COULD kick my ass, baby. Kiss it, maybe." Jeri laughs, teasing. "That's fine with me. But I have classes today, and things to do at the school. Just because I'm non-mutant again doesn't mean that I'm going to let them suffer."

"Today's my day off, no classes and no work." Christopher says with a smile as it's one of the few days he actually does get off. "And I can do more than kiss it love." Christopher says with a brow waggle.

"This is true. If we only had time to explore everything." Jeri laughs, shaking his head. "That, and I need to check on the kids. See if any others lost their powers. I'm mainly worried about Jared and Eddie. Wesley… he'll be fine without his."

"I didn't see them around last night, I wonder how Eddie will react to the two of us losing our powers." Christopher says knowing that Eddie might not take it as easy as him and Jeri. His hand's continue to rub against Jeri lightly and he looks up and smiles. "Well maybe tonight we can put aside a little time for…us."

Rolling around, Jeri pins Christopher to the bed with a chuckle, straddling him. "We can. I'm sure." He says with a soft laugh. "But, it's definitely quiet when they stay there."

Christopher doesn't resit getting pinned to the bed and just moves his legs so that they're wrapped around Jeri's waist. "And we don't have to worry about one of them walking in." Christopher says with a smile as he leans up to nip at Jeri lightly.

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