2009-03-01: We're Just Kids


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Summary: James confesses to sneaking out, Daisuke's a bit moody, Eddie gets frustrated over James's judgement

Date: March 1, 2009

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Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard is Daisuke, and he is just sort of staring at the school intently while jotting a few things down. He's wearing a warm jacket over a pair of jeans and gloves since it's seems to have gotten chilly out again. After a while he closes the note book and looks up at the Jean Grey memorial and just shakes his head. "Man, if she were alive now…" He says his voice trailing off as he talks to noone in particular.

Coming out of the school in jeans and an X-factor t-shirt, Eddie's got the Goblin Glider with him and has the Gauntlets on. He's also wearing those goggles on his head. "Hey Dai…" he trails off, shuffling towards his friend to sit down next to him.

James walks out of the school slowly muttering something about two weeks of this being overkill and the stupidity of keeping all your eggs in one basket when the enemy probably knows exactly where the basket is.

Daisuke looks at Eddie and gives him a smile, tucking the notebook away. "Hey Eddie, how's it going? I was just out here relaxing for a bit. Making sure everythings okay, haven't spotted anything unusal yet, ya know." Daisuke says as he runs a hand through his hair. He raises his eyebrows as he spots James and scratches his head before whispering to Eddie. "What's the new kids name, I can't remember it."

Eddie sits down, setting the Goblin Glider down and leaning against Dai. He frowns and nods. "I wish it were going better…" he mutters. Looking up, he blinks, "Hello, James," he says, answering Dai's question and greeting the other student.

James turns to his friends and similes slightly "Hello Dai, Hello Eddie. I suppose I should be glad that day one of my punishment is done. How have things been going for you guys?"

Daisuke nods to Eddie's words and it seems like he tenses for a split second as Eddie leans against him. "Yeah, I do too but what are ya gonna do, it's happening. Let's just hope that things work out for the best." He says as he looks at James and raises his eyebrows. "Punishment? What the hell did you do? And what kind of hell are they making you go through?"

Eddie blinks at Dai tensing, sitting up and giving him a confused look. Sighing, he sits up and slumps forward. Looking up at James, Eddie shrugs. "You snuck out didn't you?" he guesses.

James nods to Eddie "I wanted to do something besides sitting here. I don't remember if I told either of you but my mother was killed during an alien invasion about a year and a half ago so this time I wanted to do something, make a difference." laughs bitterly "I knew I would be in trouble but I thought that if I could do something to help it would be worth it. I was part of a group that found a way through the sewers under the barrier but the enemy cut the route off after we left so I've got two weeks detention and dishwashing, and one week grounding once the lockdown ends and did basically nothing to help."

Daisuke nods at James and runs a hand through his hair. "Yeah well I was injured in that last invasion knew a few people that were abducted during it and oh, I don't have a cool story about my mother dying in an invasion but yeah, anyway, Summer's is a hard ass, he puts a rule up you better follow. They can see all here, os best just sit back, relax and let the X-Men take care of it cause we're just kids. We'll help when we're older. For now, we're on lock down."

Eddie reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose. "Why doesn't -everyone- insist on charging in all gung-ho without back up or any kind of plan?" he wonders. Dai gets another strange look from Eddie, the scarred teen just staring at him. "Dai…"

The front door to the mansion is carefully opened with just enough of a gap for a rather small sized person to slip through. There's a soft click as the door is shut back closed, Sophie standing on the outside with an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth. She's wearing her usual worn black hoodie, her hands held inside the pockets for what little warmth they'll provide. She pauses after noticing the little congregation of students. "Hey there."

James shakes his head "I never said I went alone. I was part of a group of three. Also we had a plan find a way around the barrier and fall back once we were sure we could get through."

Daisuke just shrugs at Eddie and sighs. "YOu know it's true, we train and train and train in the danger room but we're just kids to people like Summer's. I know they're just 'trying to protect us', that's why I'm just accepting it and not moping about like some people we know." He just nods at James and then a smile comes to his face as he sees Sophie walk out. "Hey!"

Eddie looks up and waves to Sophie before looking to James. "Who were these three? I meant back up as in us. Ya know…your friends?" he shrugs and sighs. "Dai…what's wrong?" he asks, getting the sense that something isn't right at all. "Then maybe we need to do something to prove we're not just kids…"

A lighter is produced from one of Sophie's pockets, and once flame meets paper the cigarette is lit. She takes one long drag, exhaling little streams of smoke through her nostrils before stopping at the group of three. "Hey Dai, Eddie! What's going on?" She asks, hand with the cigarette held off to the side in hopes detracting the fumes away from the others.

James shrugs "One of them was a woman I met during the Statue of Liberty incident, the other a shapeshifter, and since we were in lockdown I didn't want to grag you two into breaking it with me."

"Nothing's wrong I think this whole thing is just getting to me, I dunno. Maybe I'm just stressed and this who thing is getting to me. They're alternate heroes and an alternate you, I guess I just wonder about the other me and if…well yeah." He says with a sigh before smiling up at Sophie. "Not much, just kind talking about the only thing that's on anyone's mind lately. The invasion." Daisuke just shrugs at James. "Well I'm eighteen to technically I'm not breaking any rules but with my bad luck I'm not going out there."

Eddie pauses. "…woman from the Statue of Liberty?" he asks. "James. You do know the only women there were a demon out to steal souls, a murderous psychopath, and a supervillainess, right?" he asks, facepalming.

Sophie nods, "Ah, yeah, the invasion. Quite a strange thing happening, in all honesty." She takes another drag off the cigarette while her free hand readjusts her glasses afterwards. "Kind of curious to go check it out. I mean, I am 18 but still sort of student. You think the lockdown applies to me also?" se questions, giving the others a quizzical look.

James shrugs "I remember one supervillianess and everyone else being on our side. This was the woman with claws."

Daisuke face palms as well at what Eddie says and bites his lower lip. "Oh man James. Well let's just be happy you came back okay right? And I don't think so Sophie since at eighteen you're legal and such, but I wouldn't recommend going out there, not much you can do to take down that force field. That's why Eddie and I are just waiting here until something happens where the kiddies can have fun."

Eddie stares at James. "You're kidding me, right? You were hanging around with the psycho Obsidian-chick?" he asks. He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose again. He glances up at Sophie and nods. "What Dai said. You're not under lockdown but you're 'strongly advised'," he makes the air-quotes. "to remain here in the school grounds," he says.

Sophie shrugs, gazing through her glasses with a squint. "Ah, well, I suppose that's true, but still can't help being curious. I mean, I somehow always miss the crazy happenings, right?" A smile begins to creep across her lips as she turns towards Eddie, "Oh, it's only strongly advised that I shouldn't head out there? Guess I'll just have to keep that into consideration then, right?"

James shrugs "She didn't seem like a psycho when I met her. She was even trying to have an aopolgy relayed because she had attacked someone she thought was hostile who wasn't. I actually ran into her twice, once when we were searching for a way around the barrier, and once in an ice cream parlor in town with one of our fellow students. Then a professor showed up and I was busted."

Daisuke nods slowly and leans back. "Strongly advised meaning, even if you go out Summer's will probably give you the lecture of a lifetime, but then, I know my sonics won't do shit against that barrier. At least I have a legitimate excuse not to bother with that Hilary guy for a bit." HE shakes his head at the mention of his boss. "So, how about we do something that's not holy crap depressing or something like…I dunno."

Eddie just shakes his head. Going quiet for several moments, he looks down. Leaning back, he falls right off the bench. THUD. Been awhile since that's happened. Eddie just lays there on the ground, blinking a few times then just bursts out laughing.

James also bursts out laughing though he struggles to restrain it.

Daisuke raises his eyebrows at the two and seems confused and like he's ready to knock their head together. "Seriously, I don't get you two." He's not really sure why they're laughing but a smile does eventually show on his face.

Eddie eventually manages to stop and looks up at Dai. "I don't know…that…that just seemed funny. We're in the middle of this big, serious thing…and then all of a sudden I fall over?" he laughs again. There's a pause and he grabs something from nearby. "Frisbee!" he declares, holding up a frisbee someone must have left outside.

James shrugs "Why not?"

Daisuke shakes his head and stands up. "You guys are dorks, I guess we can play frisbee." He's not really sure how to play as he never actually has before. "You two will just have to teach me how since me and sports, I always sucked at them."

Eddie pouts at Dai. "I'm not a dork," he says. "And there's no rules to frisbee other than no powers," he says, getting up. "Just run, throw, catch, repeat," he says with a nod.

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