2010-08-02: We've All Got Issues


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Summary: Robyn and Connor chat about things now that Robyn isn't avoiding his roommate.

Date: August 2, 2010

Log Title: We've All Got Issues

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Connor and Robyn's Room

Robyn's side of the room is cluttered but not messy and has a bit of a creepy feel to it. His bed has black sheets with a Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and comforter. On the wall is a Nightmare Before Christmas poster and a poster showing the art of Edward Gorey. On his end table is a collection of little figures that seem to have a deamonish quality to him. On his desk are more little figures like a tree that instead of leaves has hands and a snake eating someone holding a 'help me' sign. He's got a few art books on his desk along with his regular schoolbooks. A cased cello sits in the corner of his side of the room.

It's not a secret that Robyn's been avoiding the room, well more, he hasn't been sleeping in there. He usually comes in to get dressed and usually spends the day else where trying to hide from most people. So it might be a bit of a surprise that he's lying on his bed hugging a pillow to his chest curled up at the moment looking at the wall. He's not asleep but he's just kind of zoning out. He's just in a pair of pants and there's a t-shirt that's been thrown over the back of his chair but he never got around to putting it on.

Life with a teleporter means never hearing the door open and close when they come and go… because Connor just doesn't. He appears and lands with a tap on the floor facing his bed, dressed down into workout clothes, but smelling like he's been through a shower recently. Slowly he starts to disassemble his pack, and everything begins to be put back in place in his typical and methodical fashion. He does not seem to have noticed your presence.

Hearing Connor in the room, Robyn turns and looks at his roommate. He won't deny it, he's been avoiding Connor a bit more because he didn't know how to handle him 'being back'. "Hey Connor." Robyn says softly as he pushes to sit up a bit, sitting cross legged with the pillow being hugged in his lap. His vampire teddy bear is on the bed with him.

Connor keeps his back to Robyn, hiding the sudden tightness around his expression as he replies, "Hey." As his laptop is slipped into it's drawer and then locked away as usual. Moving to his closet, he can see with one eye, but is not really looking, more taking in Robyn from his periperhal as he grabs some clothes to change into, "Just visiting?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No..more…hiding I guess." He answers honestly as he doesn't really want to deal with anyone. He runs a hand through his hair and it's kind of obvious he never bothered to shower this morning. He's not gross or anything just his hair is a bit on the greasy side. "So…you're really back?"

Connor stops and lowers his head a moment, "Okay… I am really not feeling up to conjugating that answer properly. It's me. Don't know what else to tell you." Pulling on hooded top, he turns and closes the door, finally settling down on the bed. Reaching under, he pulls out a twelve-pack of Dr. Pepper, and cracks a fresh can, "No offense, Robyn? But you look a bit on the well-done side of screwed up."

Robyn nods at the answer and then lies back down on his bed and sighs. "I dunno, I keep trying to feel better but, I'm not. Sometimes it's okay but when I'm by myself I just feel crappy. When I'm with others it's a little better but then I don't really want to be around people." So it's a double edged sword. "I'm glad your back Connor, really." He does mean it to as he's missed his friend. "Just…sorry that I've been avoiding you."

Connor shrugs and then tilts his head almost strangely, "The only person who checked in on me was James… and even then? I'm not even sure why he came. I had plenty of alone time to recover." Drinking down almost half the can in one go, he then adds, "Look… I don't have expectations from friends. I might talk like it, but people do what they want. You don't have to apologize to me. Maybe though… whatever this is… you need to apologize for yourself."

Robyn doesn't respond about James though Robyn is pretty sure he knows why James went to visit him. He just chews on his lower lip and doesn't look at Connor, he can't explain it to his friend. Not really. "Whatever what is Connor?" He asks as he's not really sure what Connor is talking about there. "And you know, maybe I do need to apologize to you, I'm blaming you for something you didn't do." He's blaming him for something the future Connor did.

Connor stands up and walks around to the other side of his bed, downing the rest of the can and then tossing it to the bin with ease. Reaching under, he pulls out one of his sealed carton-crates and puts it on the bed, "No… you don't. If what I had explained to me was true, then I'd avoid me too." Taking out a book, he looks at it a moment, and then puts it back, before searching for another one, "What I meant before is, you can be angry, but be angry or be scared, or be whatever for the right reasons in the right directions. Anything else is just lashing out. Just another nugget from those years of therapy I was in. That's all."

"Maybe I should go see Dr. Parker-Mayfair again." Robyn says as he doesn't really know how to sort through his emotions at the moment though it's probably not a theripist he needs. "I'm not angry at you just…I didn't know how I'd feel when I saw you then I became scared of seeing you cause I didn't know what would happen. Just…too much is going on and, if running away would help, I probably would."

Connor stops what he's doing and then looks up to meet Robyn's eyes, "Running away doesn't help. All the cleaning, all the behavior-stuff from my OCD? All that's running away… because it's ultimately not facing the world. It's making an excuse. This is." And he tosses the crate, sending books flying everywhere! Then coming back around he sits back down right in the middle of the mess, hands twitching to pick things up, "Ever told you how I envy you for being sloppy?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No, but my whole family is messy. I mean, you saw where I live. It's just stuff everywhere." Which comes from the fact that his family has a small apartment with a lot of stuff. "Yeah well, why do you think I'm not, cause I know it doesn't help and I don't really want Jono chasing after me again and hearing 'I told you so' for the umpteenth time."

Connor shrugs once, holding his hands wide, and then claps them together hard, before pressing them between his legs and beginning to rock slightly from fighting the urge to get things in order again, "Because you think of others first, Robyn. We're all selfish to a degree, but you seem to want yourself second to others. You hate it when the attention's on you. It makes you uncomfortable because you don't think you're special. But it's partly that modesty that does you so well…" His voice strained through the whole thing as he looks like someone who has to go to the bathroom, or is in physical pain.

If it's to prove Connor right or if it's just the way Robyn is, he gets up and starts picking up the books that are around the room, placing them in the crate. He knows his friend can't stand the mess. "I don't do well Connor, this whole thing..it sucks. And I don't want the attention on me cause it's always -bad- attention. Living here, attention isn't a good thing it just gets you hurt…or worse."

Connor stands up and moves to stop Robyn, "No… leave them there… -I- have to be the one to do that." His hands trembling and tight, "If you put it all back in, what happens… I'll just have to reorder it later. Just… let this happen, Robyn. Please." And with that he tries to sit back down, but ends up shifting slightly to one side, looking down at the scattered book, "I know what you mean though… but on the other side? How many people would be accidentally hurt if you didn't understand your powers? How would you be right now with no one guiding you and telling you that it's allright? Don't just forget the good with the bad."

Robyn stops picking up the books and sits back down on the bed and grabs the pillow again. "You're just telling me everything I know Connor. I know there's no easy way through things here and I could have left but I didn't." He says lying down so he can look at the ceiling. "I could have left with Jordan, but I didn't. I knew I couldn't as much as I wanted to follow him."

"So I was right, " Connor then says softly as he finally gets up and begins arranging the books on the bed, taking his time, "You're mad because you didn't go with him. Look Robyn…" Stopping himself as he gets another drink and cracks it open, this time coming over and offering it to the other young man, "I'm just plumbing all those sessions on the couch I had… but a lot of is comes down to the fact that you cannot be accountable for others. Jordan was Jordan… and he had his problems. Especially with whatever that sinister stuff was. It could be he's scared he'll hurt someone else, or it could be he feels like his life is out of control, and he needs to find direction on his own… but that's not YOUR fault. None of what's happened IS."

"I'm not mad I didn't go with Jordan, I'm just…I just wish he didn't go. I wish it didn't happen -now-. I wish that some guy from the future wasn't looking to kill Rashmi or myself, I wish that James was okay, I wish I could feel better." He's mad at the situation but not any anyone or himself. If he blames himself or anything, it's not being able to deal with it. "I'm not mad at Jordan either. I should…probably go take a shower."

Connor replies softly as the offer of a drink is rebuffed, "You can do something about the last one. You CAN feel bette Robyn… you just have to find it in yourself to let go of the things that you can't do anything about, and start working on the things you can. What I heard? the Avengers are hunting the guy who was after Rashmi. James… is James. Or however much we really know about James, and he's still your friend, I'll bet. And as for the rest… well?" He then motions towards the art lining every nook and cranny, "Why not make something that represents how you feel right now? Not for anyone else? Just… yourself." Connor mumbles, "Just… start sculpting… and don't stop until you're done. Kinda like Forrest Gump and running. Just… go to it."

"I've tried Connor, believe me, I have. It just becomes a lump of clay I have no clue what to do with. I spent hours in the art room and just end up destroying whatever I start cause I don't like it and aren't feeling it. It's not that easy." When Robyn's feeling down, the inspiration's not there. "I dunno, Connor. Anyway…what happened to you when…you weren't around? Were you…stuck somewhere?" Like ten years in the future or something.

Leaving the can near Robyn, Connor goes and sits down not on his bed, but on the floor, looking a little bit lost for a moment, as if something in that question haunts him, "I was… kept. This HUGE mansion… like sprawling, rich decor… I was in a body that looked kinda like me but older. I was shaved bald… and had this tattoo on my neck. Two, Zero, One, Eight. I think it was a year. Oh… and I was in pain. Or the body was. I couldn't do much walking or anything, but there was this lady there who cared for me, nice as can be. Except… I didn't know where I was. I knew sorta WHEN I was… I heard some dates on the radio. I spent most of the time in a library, reading old books. Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson… even a first edition of the Silmarillon. The only message I had was a recording of myself telling me to not leave, not go outside. And that whatever happened… if people came for me… to run."

Robyn eventually grabs the can of soda and sips on it. "Sounds…like you were lucky, in some ways." Robyn says as he listens. "You missed all the shit that happened here. Lucas blew up the medbay fighting Selene and Selene almost killed Jinx..by using me. She's out of James' head now but..things are still a bit shaky. And if you don't know, Rashmi and Lucas broke up. Just…a lot has happened since you were…him." He tries to hid the bitterness in his voice at the word 'him' but some of it comes out. "Oh and all the teams have been switched around. Just, I dunno."

Connor looks down at his hands, "Before Christmas time… I didn't know I had the X-gene. I was just the weird kid with OCD who liked to write freaky stories. Before April… I didn't know there was a school where you could learn how to control this stuff, and meet people who were going through the same thing you are. Before two weeks ago? Time travel was something you read about in book. Life is change. Sometimes it's slower than others." Standing up once more he takes a breath and walks over to sit down next to Robyn, "Change sucks. But once it's done, you can either try to change things back… even if they're futile… or you can push ahead, and try to make the best out of what's there. I heard my team change. I get Heather. and Max. It's like all of us with mental problems got lumped in a single group."

"I get Star, whose cool, and Cloud, Jaidee and Kisha whose not bad but she's mad scientist type. I can't tell if I like her or if she scares the crap outta me." Robyn says and there's a small smile. "I'm not upset about the team change I mean, we're losing Annalisa and Mikhail and Star and I are the only ones staying. Lucas though…James is taking the fact that he got moved out of the room pretty hard. And yeah, I knew about time travel. Jordan ended up getting caught up in it. If it seems impossible, it will happen here."

Connor snorts a bit, and begins to fidget on the messy side of the room, but contains himself for the most part, "Kisha's fine… just keep like a busted cellphone or an old MP3 player around… ask her what she can do with it. Should be good for an afternoon's entertainment." Giving a small smile himself as he reaches up and ruffles Robyn's hair, "Dude… I gotta say… you shirtless, smellin day old, and with worry lines? Not good. You've hit rock bottom… only one thing to cure that. Be Riiiiiiight back…" And going to his spot he grabs his wallet, checks his phone… and he's GONE!

"Jinx already made me ea…." But he doesn't finish his sentence as Connor vanishes. From his words, Robyn can't help but grab his deodorant and apply it before slipping on his t-shirt, there he doesn't smell and he isn't shirtless anymore. He takes a few sips on the can of soda and sits back down on the bed. He knows he needs a shower but it's summer and being allowed is lazy in the summer.

After about a five minute wait… the air pops and ripples as he drops back in, smirking as Connor holds up a bag of Mrs. Field's cookies, "One dozen oatmeal raisin cookies… fresh-baked. Weekly bribe as promised." Settling them on the bed next to Robyn, he flops back on his bed and chuckles, "There. One normal thing has happened. Now we just need to get you back to spending nights up late working on art until all hours. I think for that… we need some Coraline."

Robyn takes a cookie out of the bag and takes a bite. "Thanks, but…you really thing teleporting to get my cookies is normal?" There's a smile that does form on his face though as he's amused by it. "I dunno about Coraline but maybe Big Fish." That's his feel good movie. "James and I did a Terminator night. That was fun, he just…James needs this camping trip I think. He's not good at dealing with things that are going on." Not like anyone else in the room. Pot, Kettle anyone?

Connor shrugs once and then chuckles, "About as normal as it gets. And Big Fish… allright. I was just trying to think of one you enjoyed." When the subject of James is brought up though, for some reason he just remains quiet on it, turning around and finishing reorganizing his book collection before sealing it up and pushing it back under the bed.

"Big Fish, I dunno, it usually makes me feel better. Coraline is fun too. But I forgot you don't like Tim Burton like I do so if you really don't want to watch it, we can find something else?" Robyn says as he pushes his hair out of his face. He notices Connor gets quiet but doesn't say anything else. "Though one good thing about all this…Richard finally admitted we're twins. So I think we're gonna try to get to know each other."

Connor flicks his eyes up from finishing up, "Cool… it was weird being on a team with him. It was kinda like an opposite you. Not really an evil twin kind of vibe either… you'll get along, promise. It'll just take some time. That's all." Shrugging a bit more as he then looks around at the room, "Feel different, doesn't it."

Robyn looks around and nods. "Yeah it does." But what about it feels different, Robyn doesn't exactly say. "I'm the one with the tattoos." He jokes around as he goes to look through his DVD's on his desk. "So, movie? Maybe I'll take a shower and when I get back, you can I can watch a movie or two. Maybe they'll still have some food in the cafe." He says as he starts to get his shower stuff together.

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