2009-05-09: Weathered the Storm


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Summary: Ororo starts off Kael's one on one power training, Logan and a group of students come into the Danger Room; thus starting a fight simulation and then the Headmaster pays a visit. Then things get scary.

Date: 5-9-2009

Log Title Weathered the Storm

Achievment Unlocked! [Weathered the Storm]!

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Ororo had sent word to Kael for him to join her in the Danger Room. She stands in the center of the cold metal room, wearing her full uniform. The cape attaching itself to her arms and the headress keeps her hair from those cool blue eyes.

The door to the Danger Room slides open, allowing Kael to enter with a slight run. He comes to a slow stop as he enters the room and starts to just walk to Storm. The aerokinetic is wearing his team uniform. A white T-shirt that has a yellow X within a circle on the back and a smaller version right over his heart. And then there's the white shorts. Summer wear. He smiles brightly when he looks up at Storm when he gets close enough to her. "Sorry if I was late… I had to finish eating."

Ororo smiles as she turns and sees Kael, "There is no need to apologize. I've called you here to begin your training with the forces of wind." Saying with that noble soft accent. "One of the most destructive forces on this earth, it does start small, as a breeze within us. Because of it's nature it is tied to our emotions. The angrier we become…the stronger it can be. You will learn to harness that anger." She smiles, "Your first lesson begins now. Imagine the wind surrounding you like the eye of a tornado. A bubble of wind encasing your body."

Kael smiles, and nods softly. He gulps softly, closing his eyes slightly as his hair starts to bleed white; the winds around him slowly starting to pick up speed. It is circular, but in a very wide radius. His hair seems to bleed more white as the radius shrinks around him, but it wavers and widens back out to what Kael had before.

Ororo watches and nods her head, "Yes, this is very good. Use your hands, Kael, if you have a visual guide it will help your mind reign in the winds tighter and keep the circle from widening." Storm was in full uniform and watching Kael carefully. "Let nothing break your concentration, Kael…not me or anyone. You must master this thing first."

Kael cracks an eye open, watching the wind around him swirl and he slowly extends his hands out. His fingers spreading as he drags it through the air in front of him; like how one would run a hand through water to cause it to move in a direction. The aerokinetic is in his team uniform, the T-shirt flapping from the wind as his hair is being blown about wildly. He grunts slightly as the winds blast out towards the door; though the downtime is short as Kael sets back to reforming that swirl.

Smiling softly, Ororo's eyes slowly begin to glow white. "I will guide you and let you feel that control." A second layer of wind causing white strands of her hair to whip around her. Looking to Kael with those strange gaze as her own winds form around his and force them to remain in a tight bubble around the boy. "You will learn this control, Kael, I have no doubts of such things. It is a matter of practice. Wind can also be your greatest weapon!" The Danger Room light is spinning red, warning all that it is in use as Storm form the circle of wind around them. Her hands raise up as the wind grows in intensity. Encircling them and swirling faster. The tornado focused with the two of them within the 'eye' Her hair flying wildly as she smiles and looks upwards. "It is yours to master." Just as fast as it appears, it is gone. "But it starts with a breeze. Do you understand this lesson, child?" The breeze flowing over Kael as the weather witch smiles softly.

Kael's eyes open, watching the wind as his hair whip around him; his own wind dying down slightly before he speeds them back up. Letting the wind that Storm wrap around him act as a mold, and he extended his arms out; using his hands as two points of a circle for his winds to wrap around. He looks up through the wind as the tornado vanishes and he nods absently, his mind still centered on keeping those winds within his control. Careful to not try and wrest Storm's winds from her control, only his own.

Yet some do not heed the red light.

~Authorization Accepted, Welcome Wolverine~

The metallic doors give a distinct thrumming sound as the various locking mechanisms sounding before the doors themselves heave backward to reveal the assemblage. Two games of pool insults and jokes passed over the course of a few hours July asked again about Danger Room sessions. Whereas before Logan had been willing to let the decision rest upon the headmasters his willful disregard for authority found them all in the elevator, behind the bookcase, descending beneath the mansion.

Now the doors are opening..

The roar of a freight-train is audible as soon as the doors begin to open, "Brace—." Is all he manages before the current of air, released beyond the danger room, impacts them all the gust increasing as the door part. Logan drops to his knees, claws erupting from his fist, and rupturing the floor with one hand as he reaches to grab the nearest student his cries of, "Close the doors. Close the doors." Unheard by the computer as the gale seeps outside.

Though within warning klaxons sound and were it a manifest of the danger room the simulation would end but as it is generated by an independent source all it can do is sound alarm.

The smile that forms on her face is proud, "Very good, Kael. Now…I will try to teach you one of my favorite past times… Wind can be manipulated to incredible nuance, it is with this that you can use that same bubble to tighten around your body like a second skin. This is difficult to master, but once you do…" She turns as the doors open and the glow of her eyes fade as she forces the winds of the room to die away. "What is the mean-" She pauses and looks at the hirsute man crouching. "Logan?" Close to disbelief in her voice, she's not seen the man since…since Jean passed.

Jared has switched into his Alpha Squadron uniform. As an accent Jared has added a simple red cross, identical to the symbol used by the organization of that name, to the white sleeves on his shoulders. He has lost the gauntlet like gloves and replaced them with smaller blue gloves that barely go past his wrists, and in place of the boots he is wearing a pair of small blue almost sock like booties almost identical to the ones he wore in competitions as a gymnast. The dark haired teen seems almost in home in his uniform, especially since he has worn far more gaudy and tasteless costumes in the past. Jared is still slightly star struck, thanks to all the Wolverine did this stories he has heard, as he follows the much shorter man down to the Danger room with July and Vlad. Being a fairly agile teen he follows Logan's warnings right away diving to the side by the time the doors are half way open. Already reaching to hit the manual controls on the doors by the time the winds die.

July was just behind Logan, smiling as she's about to get some more danger room session. When Logan begins to warn the group to brace themselves, she's literally call unprepared and off-guard, the sudden strong gust of wind picking the poor girl up and tossing her against the back wall, literally making a messy 'splat' on the wall as the girl loses her form with the sudden impact against the wall, becoming a fleshy-spot on the wall.

Vladimir had grown but finally put on his Yellow and white uniform from Corsairs squad. He hated the damn thing and in fact first time he where the thing. He has also gotten some equipment he bought for the danger room mostly a black backpack filled with something and a black baseball bat. He now stands in the door way and blinks at the wind almost being blown back then he is a few feet he curse but the wind blocks it out.

Kael's hair bleeds back to brown as fast as the wind is stopped and he blinks softly. He looks up at Storm, and then back behind him as he spots Logan and the others. July gets the attention from the wind controller first and he yells, "July!" He starts over for her, aiming to help her peel off of the wall. "Are you okay?" After she's helped with, he looked over at Jared and then Logan; laughing softly as he says, "Heh… sorry. Uh… practice?" Though, Logan gets a slightly longer look as he's a new person to Kael, and also his height.

Logan's eyes lock with Ororo's his face becoming familiar, friendly, as the winds die casting relief upon his face. His lips part, claws still embedded within the floor, as if speak but the heavy doors sound and begin to close either from his command or Jared's manipulation eliciting simply that his eyes widen as the doors slide closed.

"Open the damn doors."

~Authorization Accepted. Welcome Wolverine.~

The doors open again and now he is standing form concealed beneath unstable molecules colored dark yellow and blue his hood resting against his back as the claws slide back into his hands.

"Practice.." He repeats still staring at Storm, "Heh." He looks to the stain upon the wall, "Someone scrape her off and come on.." His strides are a steady lope one step rolling to the next as if he were a tracked vehicle in constant contact with the ground, "Mind if we join you.." A pause, "Storm?"

There's a soft wince as the winds have already done some damage. Torn between wanting to hug Logan and wanting to berate the man for opening the Danger Room when it's in session. She nods to Kael as he goes running for July, her strides much more controlled. She blinks and chuckles as the doors close too late, "Is anyone harmed?" Looking from Logan to the students to assess the damage. "You know damn well better to open those doors when a session is running, Wolverine." Said with that withering tone that few can withstand, unfortunately he happens to be one of the few.

She considers, "Some of the students have not been trained in simple combat, from what Scott has told me. This may be an ideal situation to correct that." Nodding her head, "But not at your setting." Chiding him softly before she smiles, "It is good to see you back home, Logan." Said softly to her friend before she looks to the students and thinks. "Perhaps something a bit more one on one?" Asking Logan as she watches the students.

Jared stops his messing with the buttons to slam the doors shut since the wind has died, and is about to reopen them when Wolverine speaks. That much taken care of he turns to go help Kael and July. Splatted or not, at least any pain July may be feeling should vanish shortly after Jared touches her to help her peel off the wall not entirely sure what to say. He does give Kael a small smile and a nod, "Practice sure, sounds like you had a tornado going in there Kael. Having fun training with Miss Monroe?" As he hears Ororo Jared can't keep his tongue, "Hey, some of us do know how to fight, even if it is just what we learned having to beat the snot out of the varsity football team."

July melts and wobbles from the wall to the floor, "Oohh…" the girl groans softly, holding her head as she reforms herself slowly, dazed. "Did anyone get the plaque of the truck?" Despite being dazed, she doesn't look hurt. She fully reforms, and then she shakes her head, "Whoa… that was weird… I'm ok, though."

Vladimir frowns and rubs his head, "man some need to put a lock on that door someone could get hurt. He checks him self and his equipment quickly all is fine. He blinks and looks over at July, "July oh god" He hurries over to her but does not touch her mostly over the fact he not sure where to, "Can you pull your self together?" Looks back and nods at Jared's comment, "or while on the streets or in a rough half way house." He looks back and July, "Yah I did" he kneels down by her and smiles, "we will sue the driver." He then smiles, "already knocked out and not even in the danger room your hopeless" He offers a hand to her, "can you stand?"

Kael looks over at Jared with a chuckle. "Yeah, sorry for that blast of wind though. Though I think that was majorly Storm's doing." He looks over at July with a soft laugh, and says, "Sorry about that, July." He looks over at Logan, tilting his head a bit as he looks between the short man and Storm and he looks back at Jared. "Who's he?" he asks in a hushed tone, gesturing with a hand over towards Wolverine. He looks back over at the new teacher, so Kael thinks, and looks a good bit confused.

"You know damn well better than ta use yer powers ta train someone instead of use makin' the wind with the danger room." He counters, with an almost dismissive calm, spreading the fault between them, "Wind woulda' stopped." He reiterates watching the others rush to July's aid and as she reforms he barely nods and steps into the Danger Room itself approaching Ororo and Kael.

"As to combat trainin'.." His face hardens, "Scott's got a decent right hook. Pacifism never stopped Charles from teachin' students how ta survive." His voice is derogatory enough but edged with enough sarcasm that its more of a dig than an insult. He stands before Storm, standing just slightly beyond her chest, his gaze fixated upon her, "We'll talk later. Whatcha' got until then?"

Ororo explains with a cool voice, "The doors do lock during any running session but all teachers have an override in the computer in case something goes wrong. Most teachers know better…" She chuckles softly, relieved to see no one is harmed aside from a bit of splattering which seems to be the mutation of the girl. "The combat lessons you will learn here are different than what you will find amongst humans." She looks to Logan and reaches out to give him a hug, she missed him. "As for me using my powers to teach, Kael is able to control the winds and I am better at controlling my powers than controlling the Danger Room…and you know it." She lets him go before nodding.

Nods her head and walks to the control panel. "Our old training program should do it. We will train two at a time. Everyone inside." Said as she plugs in the program and the room shifts. Offering a dojo with kneeling mats as well as impact mats. "This will not be a use of powers but skill. You must learn to master yourself before your powers will do any good and this is as good a start as any." The room brought back memories of getting her ass handed to her by Logan and Remy both. Chuckling as she reaches back and undoes the cape to set it aside. Leaving only the leather body suit. Her hair pulled back as the head piece is removed as well.

Jared blinks and laughs as he hears Vladimir speak, "Vlad, thats why there is a voice imprint lock on the door so only teachers and adult X-Men can open it." Jared shrugs at Kael, "Not your fault, the red warning lights were on. Dude, that is Mister Logan, you know the one that all the older students have various horror stories about punishment details with. He just got back to the mansion tonight." Jared gives Vlad a sideways look, but does not comment on the rough halfeay house comment. "No powers, works for me since mine are not exactly made for use in a fight. Before and after sure, but not great for during."

July rubs her own shoulder softly, just out of reflex, as she hears the rules, "Wait… no powers?" she blinks softly, and she looks inside the room, "Isn't the purpose…" she begins, but just trails off, shrugging again, slowly, figuring they might know something she doesn't. "Alright. What are we about to do, then?" She asks, curious, apparently not hurt at all by her earlier intimate encounter with the back wall.

Vladimir looks over at Kael and smiles, "good I glad I not the only one who didn't guess who he was right away. He is Logan he one of the MIA X-Men guessing he not so MIA any more." nods, "well the hell good lock did us" sighs, "master one self sounds like something from a bad marshal arts movie." He frowns, "no powers well I glad I brought this" He taps the bat on the palm of his other hand. He then readjust the over stuffed back pack on his back.

Kael perks up at what Storm mentions, and he watches the dojo appear and he mutters under his breath. He looks over at Jared and blinks, "That's him?! I— Nevermind." He laughs softly. Stopping himself before he says anything stupid as he starts to head towards the Dojo. The young teen wondering out loud, "I don't even know how to throw a punch…" though his voice is quieted down to mainly be heard around himself. Or to those with enhanced hearing. He gnaws at his lip slightly before he looks back at July as she speaks and all he can offer is a shrug before he takes steps into the dojo. He looks over at Vlad with a quirk of an eyebrow. "I… think she also means no weapons. But… I dunno."

Logan relaxes just slightly as Ororo's arms fold about him his own arms wrapping beyond her ribs as gloved hands slide up her back and though their embrace is brief he releases with a certain peace about his being.

As she moves to the control panel and their vista shifts he regards the woman with a look. She would understand it. His powers are passive. Unless cast into the Savage Land or Collared he cannot be taught to fight beyond what he is; an animal. This look is brief though, just enough to imply that not all can be trained as she was.

"Computer.." He speaks aloud, "Put a pool cue or two on the wall." He looks at Vlad with the same smug expression he offered so many hours ago, "You can use weapons but only what ya can make from yer environment."

"Whose first?"

Ororo smiles to July, "There are many situations where using your powers may be impossible or at least ill advised. Being able to defend yourself without your powers is a powerful tool within our arsenal. Adding your powers to it makes you a formidable force to be dealt with, but if the skill is not there to start then flaw will be found. You must be able to stand before you can run." Actually Remy's words. "This session will have Logan and myself in one on one with each student. At first to gauge skill and then to hone it." Walking back to stand on the mat with Logan. "You will learn, Kael." Chuckling softly. Storm stands tall, taller since she's standing beside Logan, "Any of you with qualms of throwing a punch at a female will set that aside for this, I expect your fullest abilities aside your powers to be used." Glancing to Logan and chuckling. "Those who feel they can stand without initial training will join Logan, those who need to learn the basics will join me."

Jared would facepalm if he were the type to do so. "Vlad, it is a line from a really good matial arts movie, that and look at the new layout of the place. A dojo like this, even money we are going hand to hand." Jared stops as he walks to the enterenace of the Danger room and gives Kael an inscurtibale look before muttering, "Am I the only one that did not expect him to be taller?" Jared takes a good look around the room to see what all is there in case it is important while he actaully bows before entering. He may have had a whole 2 lessons in karate before he switched to Gymnastics but he knows how to act in a dojo. "Ok, I have wanted to learn how to fight from Logan himself since I started hearing the stories about him…" Jared steps not far from Logan facing him, waiting for more directions or an order to start.

July steps inside the Danger Room as the options are given to the group by Ororo. "Ah, Ms. Munroe?" July asks, raising one hand, "I will need to know the basics. Heh. I wasn't able to get any sports or outdoors visits ever since my powers manifested." She says, smiling a bit embarrassed, "As much as I wanted to learn martial arts, I couldn't. And, um, I can't really 'turn off' my powers, as you saw when I hit that wall…"

Vladimir blinks and frowns, "meaning all my equipment is no good?" He frowns, "you know how long it took me to get this stuff together?" He pulls off his pack and opens it showing red white and blue balloons. Frowns and sighs, "great no I got to try to hit a woman" He looks down at his gloves will I still be able to wear these" He makes a fist and shows the silver studs on the knuckles. He follows July leaving his bat and backpack out side, "well my powers are useless in a fist fight anyway."

Kael bites his lower lip as he listens to Storm, and he moves a bit to stand on the side that Ororo would be on and he looks over at her. "Oh… great." He really isn't that up for learning how to fight, but if it's going to help control his powers more. He's all up for it. The wind controller rubs at an arm, a foot shuffling against the ground.

As Ororo gives initial direction Logan back pedals a bit to put some working-distance between himself, her, and anyone who doesn't want to be involved with him. Jared approach gains the youth a look his eyes narrowing just slightly as the young man faces him, seeking direction, the Wolverine barely giving a smug smile, "Ya want direction?"

He takes two steps backwards and his knees bend arms extending above his waist with hands tilted slightly upward strong foot slightly farther forward than his weak, "I'm an old man." One hand pivots two fingers curling to bring the other forward, "Hurt me."

The Headmaster had been alerted to a Danger Room session about to be started. While he's usually busy, the amount of tasks needed to get done were finished for the day, he decided to suit up and observe the session. The Danger Room alerts those inside already with a computerized voice 'Incoming subject. Codename: Cyclops.' Since the session is just starting. Cyclops equipped in his X-Men uniform, the standard midnight blue with gold accents, and dark grey visor. He automatically moves towards Ororo, his usually dead-pan facial expression has turned to a slight smile. Seems things are going better since the last week. "Storm." He says in acknowledgement. He is looking around, seeing who is inside this session, and notes some members of his training squad.

Storm smiles to July and waves her over, "Of course, July. Stand beside me. Kael, you as well since you spoke up before. Vladimir…you will have to set aside your dislike for trying to hit a woman here. Not all of our enemies are male, after all." She chuckles softly and leads the three towards the punching bag. Taking time with each to demonstrate the most effective way to form a proper fist. "There are several different types of punch, however, your goal is to aim several inches behind your target. That is very key." She stands in front of the punching bag. "You have a jab. *thump!* Hook. *thump!* Uppercut. *thump!* And a few variations inbetween those, but those are the basics. You will each work on left and right jabs, for now. Alternating between the two. Aim past your targets." She also covers how to place feet, ect. Shaking her head at Logan's normal cockiness and hopes Jared is up for it. She looks up as the doors open and smiles to Scott, "Scott, good to see you. Good, you can help me teach the basics since…well…" She turns and looks to Wolverine. "We could, afterwards, show the students just why it is important to be in teams and give them a demonstration?" Looking to the headmaster curiously. "I don't think they've been able to see the possible fruits of their labors."

Jared watches as everyone else lines up to spar with Storm leaving him the only one brave, or stupid, enough to choose fighting Wolverine. There is a brief moment of unease that Jared quashes quick by closing his eyes and taking a deep breath the way he does before preforming. He has been stabbed, shot, and even hit by a bus…why not add mauled by a Wolverine to the list. Its not like he is won't heal in a few seconds anything that Logan will throw at him. As Logan gives direction, Jared watches a moment and says, "Bull." His foot slides back a little to catch the edge of a mat on the ground near him so he can kick it twords Logan. As the mat flys Jared rushes behind it at Logan, as he closes he tosses his hands forwards and bends turning his rush into what he intends to be a flip over the shorter teacher so he can try a kick to the back of his head…of he is not stopped in some mildly humiliating way first.

July walks with Ororo toward the bags, "I see…" She says, watching as the teacher demonstrates. She closes her fists and looks down at them. 'Let's see how long I can keep up solid…' Is the thought crossing her mind when Ororo gives her students the 'go' to start going at the bags. July then looks up and takes a soft breath before unleashing the first punch toward the punching bag, an awkward, obviously rookie punch.

Vladimir looks at Logan and then storm and he thinks maybe he should go over there and try his luck but then again he normally gets his butt kicked by normal humans and what he has heard about him does show that vlad has a chance. He blinks when the healer goes over there and frowns some. He does not say anything knowing the mutant will be safe with his powers but wonders if he thinks he got a chance. He blinks when he hears the door open and the announcement and sighs how can he argue changing the colors of the outfit if shades sees him wearing it. smiles and nods at storm, "yah that's why we have July she can kick any other girls butt I have seen her in action. In truth I know how to fight sort of I know how to fight dirty. It's how to use my powers I need help with." He folds his arms at July and watches her before asking storm, "so you want use to just use jabs for now?"

Kael's gaze flicks over to Jared and Logan for a moment before he looks back at Storm, watching what she does and listening to what she says. He looks over at the other two for a moment before he balls his own hands into a first; looking at the punching bag he walked to after Storm gave them the go. He throws what looks like a mix between a jab and a hook; a rookie mistake of course as the fist connects odd and makes the boy pull his hand away, shaking it. He looks over at Scott as he comes into the Danger Room, and then he looks back at the punching bag; trying once more at that jab.

The Wolverine's teeth clench as Jared moves lips curling backward to mimic a feral smile. The mat sails forward and Logan sweeps backward centering his movements and thrusting a palm forward the energy of his thrust transferring into the mat which tremors and stops as if it had struck unseen surface.

This as the world slows, Jared hurtling through the air over his head, Logan pivots weight transferred through his form as the student lands the kick connecting not to the back of his head but to the front of his skull Logan's face almost joyful as the impact shatters the cartilage in his nose, blood vessels rupturing, and then settles across his unbreakable skull.

Logan steps forward, blood pouring from his nose, gloved hand reaching to reset the joint with a sickening crack. Healing factor kicks in. Pain fades. Bleeding slows.

"Good.." Logan says, "Feint and attack." He spits a bloody mess onto the mat, gesturing the student forward, "Again." His features crawl as the bridge of his nose begins to straighten, "You just entered the siege perilous. Your powers are gone. I am going to -kill- you if you can't stop me."

Cyclops' ruby lensed visor looks to Storm as she says that the kids need to learn the basics. "The basics, alright." He notes though that he will also have to cover this in the next Danger Room session plans for the Corsairs. The offer of a demonstration for the students seems to spurn a positive reaction from Scott. "That may be a good idea." He looks towards his Corsair team member Vlad and suggests, "Jabs, crosses, and hooks. Get a feel for them all." The Headmaster also gets a look at the punch from July onto the bag, not so good, but he lets Ororo continue her instruction. The sparring match between the two healers is overlooked for now, though a glance is thrown every now and again.

She nods to Vladimir, "Each to their own punching bag, please." Gesturing Vladimir to one of the spares. "Left and Right jabs only, for now." She steps to July and smiles. Using her hands to center the girl's stance a bit more and takes the girl's wrist softly. "Like this." Slow motion guiding the girl into the jab. Letting her practise that before doing similar with Kael. "You want to punch straight ahead of you." Throwing a slow moving jab to demonstrate for Kael again before smiling. A glance spared at that crack as she watches Jared and Logan and hopes for the best. Logan was a brutal teacher at times. Old aches here and there reminding her.

July frowns a bit at her first attempt. Even she knows it sucked. So she goes again, trying for another one. Better, but not by much. Again and again, she goes, like she watches those movies of people hitting the punching bags, but, as time goes on, her grasp on her powers start to wane a bit at the constant hits on her fists, and her fists start getting softer, deforming a bit when hitting the bag.

Vladimir He listens to shades comment about going over this next time and he ask, "when is the next time the squad is getting together to train." looks at the bag and does not touch it just looks at the bag. He is unmoving as if he expect something to happen. His hands make fist the silver studs on his knuckles shin in the light. He close his eyes and takes a deep breath. He stands like this for a moment. his breath starts to become quicker and harder as if he did a work out then he opens his eyes and lets out a cry as he brings up his fist first in a wide hook and then a few quick jabs one after another. He keeps this up for a few moments and then stops. He has started to sweat and he breathing hard. It seems he let all his energy out in the bust of fist.

Kael looks over at Storm as she helps July, and he repositions himself due to Storm's help and he takes another jab at the punching bag. Left. Right. Left. He winces a bit as he pulls his hands back, rolling it at the wrist before he gets a thought into his head. It's noticeable as he looks at his hand and then at the bag before he shakes his head; dismissing it, then he goes back to punching at the bag. Aiming for the same spot each time. Vlad's little show? It gets a inquisitive glance before he just blinks and goes back to his own little training.

The Headmaster moves over to Vlad. "Regular squad sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays following the New Mutants squad." He says, looking to Kael as well. "I forgot to inform you both. But starting this week, I expect you two to be there." Then the full on barrage of punches from Vlad beating the punching bag happens. "What was that?" Cyclops asks Vladimir. Wondering if that was just a show, or if it was something else. Kael gets a look as well, his improvement is noted, practice makes better. And Kael seems to be one of the Corsairs most eager trainees.

Nodding to July, Storm smiles. "July, take a moment to gain a bit of control over your powers a bit." She looks to Vladimir and frowns a bit, though she relents and lets Scott take over since Vlad is on Scott's squad. "Very good, July. Your punches are straight and your stance is good. Put a bit more of your shoulder into the next bout when you're ready." Storm was known for a bit softer teaching tactic. She could be as hard as any of the staff, however. Nodding to Kael. "Well done, Kael. What are your thoughts, though?" Curious to his train of thoughts she was able to spot. "There will be strain on your wrists, from now on I'll bring med tape with me to do proper wraps. Try throwing a few hooks." She moves back to July and smiles, "You seem to have the idea…try hooks as well. I'll expect both of you to be practising all three strikes on your own time as well."

July lets out a tired sigh and lets her arms go limp as she's told to take some time to regain control of her powers, "It's hard to." she says, smiling a bit, "It feels like my body /wants/ to be soft. It's tough to focus 24/7 to remain solid as a normal person." She says, rubbing the back of her hands a bit, before looking again to the punching bags as she's explained about hooks. "Ok." The brunette says, starting to try some hooks now, too, mixed with her jabs.

Kael looks up at Storm, rubbing at a wrist, and he says, "Just wondering… how strong a punch would be if I put a blast of wind in front of it… But, then I remembered that… I couldn't do that." He lets out a sigh for a second before he looks over at the bag. he balls a fist together, and takes a step back; putting his right foot forward as he swings a hand up in an uppercut at the bag. Mostly in frustration with himself.

Vladimir pants some and looks at the head master, "I notice in a fight if you go silent and make not harsh movements it confuses your opponent and then you just let loose like that catches them off guard. But most times it better to tackle them then just throw punch. In truth unless you know you can knock the person out a punch is pointless all it does is piss off the person more.

"But, if your opponent gets angered enough, they will lose their focus on your every move, and then they start messing up." Scott says, in counter with Vlad's statement. Scott's been doing this since he was Vlad's age. "But for now, focus on the fundamentals. We're going for muscle memory, not sparring simulations. Engagement tactics will come a little later, and that is where that will be useful." Cyclops looks to Kael, moving over to the other Corsair. "Put your whole body into the punch. Unless it's a jab. You'll achieve more power using less energy that way." He says, offering to demonstrate to Kael. Cyclops stands in front of the bag, his right foot in front of his body. The headmaster balls up his right hand into a fist. Then moving with his upper body and his hips, uses that motion to extend his arm into the punching bag. "Like that, use your whole body, all the muscles in your core assisting you."

She smiles to July, "Your body likely does, you may benefit most from meditation? I'm not sure the nuances of your powers to say for certain, however. If you're most comfortable and this is only to get your body to remember how the punch is thrown, you can relax a bit of your control on your powers, for now." Nodding as she looks to Kael and chuckles, "It is quite effective, but not the point of this drill. This is to give your body a memory of the punch so that it becomes reflex." She lofts a brow at Vlad's little speech and chuckles softly, yes…she would let Scott handle him. Smiling as Scott demonstrates again for Kael and she nods her head. Storm had been lacking her own workout and programs another punching bag. Eyes closing as she focuses and does similar as the student's were to not make them so left out. Only Ro uses all three punches in her succession. Left jar, right hook, left hook, right uppercut, and so on. Strong enough she moves the bag quite a bit with each blow.Jared's fight with Wolverine can easily be described with a few words; Fast, Brutal, humbling, and of course instructive. Jared learned a few things before Logan switched from defensive to offensive, mainly that for a guy with bones made of metal Logan is faster than most people. The main lesson he learned from him going offensive, don't screw with Wolverine, ever. Jared can't help but thank the divine he has a healing factor, and that uniforms made of unstable molicules do not show sweat rings or stain from blood. Limping slightly thanks to a kick that did connect with Logan's unbreakable skull and may have given him a hairline fracture that should heal soon he limps over to watch the others waiting to actually heal before doing anything else. Almost to himself he says, "I'm gonna hope that 'passable' counts as fair praise."

July wasn't really being able to pay much attention to JAred's fight against Wolverine, being busy with her own instructions. She looks again at her fists, then back to the bag as she nods to what Ororo tells her. "Alright." She says, remaining still for a bit, in position, before going at the bag again, punching it with jabs and some hooks, not being so tight in contorlling her power here, letting her fist deform a bit when hitting the bag.

Vladimir sighs and looks at the bag, "should of gone with Logan and Jared." He takes a fighting stance and starts to throw slow right and left jabs at the bag and sighs. He already finding this boarding. he sighs and keeps throwing jabs with no effort behind them. He looks over at the others and stops just watching the two fight. He cracks his neck and starts to feel as if this training is an insult. Finally he steps away from his bag, "this is pointless we are mutants! We should be learning to use our powers not throwing punches! July can smoother someone with her body or strangle someone for yards away! Kael has the power of wind he can blow away anyone before they can get into hand to hand combat! He I'm a technopath okay not so good in battle but as July told me me before I can short out peoples equipment I can take down one of those huge mutant hatting robots that were in the news a while back! This whole thing is dumb train us or don't but don't jerk us around!"

Kael takes a step back as Scott steps forward, and he nods a bit. He brings up his hands, rolling the heel of his hand over his knuckles; causing a few pops before he steps forward once more; rolling his entire body with the punch before he sends the uppercut at the bag. Though he clips the edge of it, he didn't step far enough forward to actually hit it. Vlad's outburst makes him bring his hand down slowly before he looks over at the technopath. His voice quiet as he says, "You really think that I can control the wind easily enough to blow someone away? Anyone can walk through the wind as it's blowing at them. That is the extent of what I can do." He looks at the punching bag, and then back at Vlad. "It might not apply to you, Vladimir. But I actually believe in what Storm says. You have to master yourself before your powers…" His voice trails off in that last sentence as he bites at his lower lip slightly.

"Good, Kael. Now, when performing an uppercut, you may also want to bring your upper body up before you make contact. Adding that motion will also use your muscles effectively. After the punch has been thrown, Cyclops moves over towards Vlad. "This school does not teach mutants to kill, Vlad. And if you think that is what it's for, you are mistaken." Scott knows for a fact that most of the students /can/ kill with their powers, but even the most powerful mutants here, and on the X-Men choose not to kill people during missions. "There are also more factors that you are not taking into consideration." He says, though he moves on to stand next to Storm. "The X-Men exist for one thing, one thing we believe in. Mutant-human co-existance, not mutant domination. Powers training will come. In fact, I know you have been using your powers on the school computers, and I heard about your encounter the other day. I'm going to talk with you about that later." He says, looking to Vlad. That last part sounds stern, and is meant to be. He is not happy at the way Vlad handled the situation with the book.

Ro looks to Jared and chuckles softly, "I had to normally wait weeks between Logan training me. He has more experience than any of us, though. Whatever you can learn from him? Do. Just…don't make any short jokes around him and do not strike at his groin. Logan is…unique amongst us. He has a rage in him that can come out in extreme pain. So just don't." Smiling a bit as she nods to July, watching the girl and nodding. "Much better, July, much better. Scott is right, this is muscle memory so the force behind the punch doesn't have to be great, but it is better that you learn how to move your body to gain the most momentum and strength. The faster you learn the natural movements plus the most force. Understand your opponents will not be standing still, so you will likely be moving quite a deal more." She stops and looks to Vladimir and straightens a bit. Not used to being told that her trying to help is pointless. "Your powers are an extension of yourself, if you are weak then your powers are weak." Said with a stern voice. "July has difficulty keeping her form solid, but the longer she tries to keep her fists solid while punching a bag, the easier she'll find it coming to her. Kael's control is also lacking it's full potential, but the mastery over his body will give him the confidence and control to master his own control of the wind. There is rhyme to this reason, Vladimir. Your lack of effort reflects poorly on you, Vladimir. Do you not wish to show that you have the ability to at least show effort into the things you do? Even if you think it trivial?" She nods to Scott as he speaks, "I think…perhaps, he has a point. I think Vladimir will best benefit from Logan. Perhaps Wolverine will take Vladimir along his survival training? Allow Logan to take him under wing." Scott and Ororo both know that if Vlad thinks Scott is unrelenting, then he won't last a week with Logan who will expect nothing but absolute focus and dedication…with swift punishments if it's not given.

Jared uses his right hand to feel his left shoulder as he raises his left arm and rolls it till there is an audible pop. "Ok, an immune system that burns through pain meds so fast that they don't work really sucks. It was a bad idea to tell Mister Logan I had a healing factor like his. Trust me Vlad, you took the smarter choice." Vlad's outburst just makes Jared shake his head. There are teachers present, smart ones that can point out the flaws in Vlad's logic better than he could. Keeping quiet Jared does watch, and for an instant wonder if maybe July might be better off learning Tai Chi or Judo given thier more fluid movements given her maliability, and the way Judo relies more on throws than punches and kicks. Jared does give Ororo a small grin, "Guy code, you never strike the crotch when sparing…and I chose to fight him for that reason Miss Monroe."

July nods softly to Ororo's compliments, smiling a bit, still focusing on hitting the bags, until she hears Vladimir's outbursts, making her sigh softly and lean against the bag, before looking at him, "Vlad, your powers are awesome, but what if you're fighting someone in the woods in the middle of nowhere? No technology for you. What if the other person is using a knife, a bat, or a simple gun?" She asks, shaking her head softly before readjusting her stance, and returning to hitting the punching bag with her hooks and jabs, and tries to add some waist movement like she saw in the movies, tilting her torso left and right every now and then.

Vladimir frowns, "how do you know what you can do instead of training you to use your abilities your punching a bag!" Nods, "well then maybe that's good training for July but not be I am firm all the time!" He looks at Scott and blinks, "First who talking about killing not me I am a hacker not a killer. Next I know you know I use my powers in the school computers I told you that! the other day you mean when I stop another student from being ran over by a evil technopath! You know what shades, "go to hell!" He turns and starts to walk out of the danger room.

Kael blushes slightly as his lack of control is lay bare on the table, a finger coming up to scratch lightly at his cheek before he brings his hands back down. He balls his fists up, taking a soft breath of air before in a semi fluid motion; he takes a step forward, bringing his fist up along with his body and thrusts his fist up into the punching bag. Not a bad punch for a rookie. He takes a step back, and waits a second before the bag stops moving and he goes at it with alternating hooks and jabs.

"STOP!" Ororo has a powerful voice that can even halt Wolverine's steps when she really uses it. "Vladimir, you believe this to be a pointless exercise, that is fine. You would prefer learning from Logan, then? If such is the case than I will advise Scott to let Logan take you on his survival course. IF you are able to pass that…then you will be given the ability to walk away from training when you feel it is is so pointless, and you would have proven the ability to tell the difference."

"That wasn't a slight on you, Vladimir. I never said you could not use your powers on the computers." Scott's brown eye brows lift up. "That's Professor Summers, or Cyclops." He says, his tone stern, but not angered, not enjoying the demeaning nickname coming from the Corsair. Scott does agree with the notion of Logan's Survival Training. "If you feel like you aren't being challenged enough. I will sign off to let you train with Wolverine." He says, honestly. Knowing full well what Logan's training course is, and what happens to the students going on it. Cyclops gives off a nasal sigh, Vlad is certainly a handful, but it's a process.

Jared blinks and stares at Vladimir as he goes off. Remembering the stories, make them horor stories, about wilderness training with Logan Jared is almost sorry for Vlad that the idea has been brought up till he tells Scott to go to hell. Hearing Ororo call a halt to Vlad Jared whinces and moves so he is over close to Kael instead of next to her while she lays down the law. "Not bad Kael, here try something. Start with your fist at waist level, palm up, as you throw your punch straight out twist your fist till it is palm down and shoulder height when you connect. That and the snap kick are what I remember form the couple of Karate lessons I had at one point." While the teachers are dealing with Vlad Jared figures he can try and help Kael and July a little.

July jumps a bit as Ororo calls for a halt on Vladimir, the brunette widening her eyes a bit, surprised and totally not expecting Ororo to raise her voice like that, so suddenly. "Whoa…" She mutters. 'Mental note: do NOT anger Ms. Munroe…' July makes sure to remember that mental note at all times after that, before looking back to toward Vlad. She has mixed feelings about the guy's acting. Actually, no. She just doesn't approve of that, but he was one of the first friends she made here. She lets out a long sigh. Boys will forever be boys. Always with the 'blowing shit up' mentality.

Vladimir stops dead in his tracks in truth only people who seems to order him about are women that's why July is able to stop a few times in the past. He turnand looks Ororo knowing this is a trick that this will be way past his leave of skills, "Tell more about this survival course? I want details not just a over view of it. What is this going in tell. For the record I don't this training is pointless I came her for the training but I was told I would learn to use my powers not my fist. The other day I had to face an technopath in a computer of a bike and I was out matched He was more skilled with his powers." He takes a step to storm and continues, "My body left lifeless on the sidewalk while his still can move and think. I was a sitting target. tell me in that state how would me knowing how to throw a jab save me?" He takes another step and taps his head with his pointer, "My power comes from here" He raise a fist, "not here. My mind needs training not my fist" He looks at Scott, "If I sighed off on training then
Vladimir He looks at Scott, "If I sighed off on training then I'll just leave there nothing here that I can't get at a public school." Sighs, "you both think I want out of training that's not true I want the right training."

Kael actually winces at the command that Storm brings, the wind controller slips a bit but he catches himself with a hand before he stands back up. He looks between Storm and Cyclops before he looks over at Jared when he comes over and he blinks a bit. He puts his fist to his side; palm up like Jared said, and he shifts it a bit before it just feels comfortable. He looks at the bag in front of him and he steps forward; putting his body into it as he throws the punch. Twisting his wrist so his palm is facedown with the punch connects and his eyes widen slightly. "That… felt kinda comfortable to punch like that…" He speaks as he pulls his hand back and flexes his hand a bit. He does the same with the left arm, that one is a bit off target. Non-dominant arm.

There was a rumble of thunder that was seriously muffled in the Danger Room, but surprisingly audible. It was the only sign that Storm was angry at the words. "You will not speak to me in such a manner, child. Ever. If you think your body and mind do not coincide then you will seek out Hellion. His powers rely solely on his mind." A hand is raised to stop Scott from doing or saying anything. "But you will never stand in front of me or Scott with such an attitude again. I have not gone through the things I have to be treated like some street filth beneath your boot!" Oh, Storm was very angry…and outside? It was showing… "I am here to help the students within these walls, but I will only help those who are willing to learn. Until you are willing to learn, you will stay out of my way." Storm spent most of her life on the streets and wouldn't let herself be insulted by a kid. She turns and moves for the doors which open quickly for the angry weather witch.

Scott continues to look at Vlad through his visor. He's heard something to this extent before, most likely so has Ororo. But Storm is in her lecture mode, something Scott lets happen in it's own. The rumble in the Danger Room was something Scott almost could have predicted, since Ororo's powers are linked to her emotions. The remains calm and stalwart as Ororo speaks to Vladimir. A grimace appears on his face, his friend and teammate of many years has been insulted, and he's not happy about that.

Jared nods at Kael, "That, and you end up putting more strength into the hit than otherwise." The crack of thunder causes even Jared to jump a little. Suddenly he has the desire to go hide under Eddie's bed. "I get the feeling the training session is just about over. When they officially call an end to things before you leave make sure you get me to heal any strain on your wrists."

July feels and hears the rumble the thunders cause in the Danger Room, and she jumps again, stopping her punches on the bag as the air in the room has become… awkward, to say the least, at least to the rubbery brunette. She stops, holding her bag so it stops swinging, just watching Vlad get chewed by Ororo, and wincing a bit as Storm gets really angry. 'When will you learn to think before acting, Vlad…?' July thinks, sighing and shaking her head softly.

Kael jumps nearly at the same time as Jared and he lets out a weak laugh. "Oh that brings back bad memories," breaths the wind controller before he looks over at Kael. "I have that feeling as well." He definitely wants to be curled up in a bed right now, hugging someone dear to him close. You can tell by the look on the aerokinetic's face that's frightened.

Vladimir frowns and shakes his head, "i think I was right before I should leave the school before I am kicked out" He looks at Storm as she walks out and then Scott, "I'll be out by tonight." He then turns and walks out of the danger room.

Scott looks to the students left in the Danger Room. "Danger Room, end simulation." Looking to the students left in there he speaks. "I'll tell your squad leaders on how you two handled the situation. Thanks for not interjecting." The situation was definitely awkward and more than a little hostile. Scott's thanks is true, their maturity in the whole ordeal reflects greatly upon themselves. "Go and hit the showers. I've got to talk to Vlad." He starts to lead the students out of the Danger Room.

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