2011-08-08: Web Comics Kipling And Salinger


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Summary: It's a quite night in the Xavier's Rec Room.

Date: August 8, 2011

Log Title: Web Comics Kipling And Salinger

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's a rare thing to see Sage sitting in front of the television as he usually tries to find other things to do, but he's found that there is a channel that plays old episodes of Benny Hill. Sage is sitting on the couch dressed in his usual hippy style with a crochet stuffed pig in his arms as he watches Benny Hill dressed as a woman, smoking a cigarette and acting like he's the mother of a house hold. He laughs at the antics in the comedy show.

Nigel wanders into the rec room with his laptop under one arm. Looking around he gives a wave to Sage as he makes his way to a couch and takes a seat. Opening the laptop and switching it on. "Benny Hill eh? Classic. Though given the choice would go Monty Python."

Connor's replacement avoids this room for a very important reasons… technology and magic don't always get along, with some rare exceptions. His brand is some of the former as the cable signal goes fuzzy for several moments, Benny turning into pixellated madness for a moment, the TV then suddenly turning into the image of a demonic insectiod being reaching down the viewer, a rod set close to it's throat glowing an intense blue green. But then it's back to normal, just in time for the punch line to be delivered as the neatly dressed young man is sitting on the couch furthest away, a rather old book in his hands, the pages crinkling as he turns them.

"Good evening mate." Sage says to Nigel as he walks in. "Monty Python is pretty good but it wasn't on the telly, this was. I thing Benny Hill is quite amusing." He says watching the television but as Benny Hill turns into a demon quickly he looks around startled. "What the bloody hell was that?!"

Nigel blinks and looks up as the TV goes wild "Ok.. that wasn't me I swear. I'm not transformed. Mabye the signal got crossed with an anime channel." He boots up his laptop and watchs the screen for a moment in case the demon bugs are spreading, then loads a program.

Connor puts a hand up, the posh accent coming out as he replies, "Sorry, Gentleman… that seems to happen when I've come around. I usually stay to the living room, but there seems to be some sort of business-related gathering there. And the kitchen… well… let's just say my last visit ended up with the blender going a bit off. Hopefully, this whole business will cease to bother once I'm gone." The page is turned, and he sighs, "Ah Kipling. A far wiser man than the world deserved."

Lucas wanders into the rec room. He's wearing a pair of flannel sleep pants slung low around his thin waist and a wife beater. In one hand is a copy of Franny and Zoe by Salinger and an eyeglass case. In the other is one of those popcorn packages that looks like a pan that you cook on the stove until the foil inflates as the popcorn pops. It's not popped. He pauses when he sees it's occupied. "Oh…" He smirks, "Sorry. Ah reckon Ah thought there weren't nobody in here." He glances at the door, back to everyone else. "Private?"

Sage looks over at Connor as he speaks and nods. "What, demonic looking creatures showing up on the telly?" He says in his Northern British accent. "And what is an anime channel?" He asks Nigel never having heard the word anime before. He looks up at Lucas as he walks in. "Is what private? This is a common room correct, so it shouldn't be private." He's not really use to privacy having lived in a household with seventeen other people.

Nigel looks to Sage and considers explaining it for a moment.. but figures if he explained Anime to Sage the poor man's head might explode. "Eh it's not important.. but whatever that was it looks like it's over." He looks back to his laptop and smiles as what looks like a web comic pops up. He begins typing.

Connor stands up politely as Lucas enters, and says to him, "Oh no, chap… you're fine to come in and do what you like. Don't mind us." He looks like this world's Connor, but he's dressed a little too neatly, and a little bit more old-school than most, seeming a bit more adult than his otherself. Sitting back down he says, "I've no clue what this… anime…" Pronouncing it annie-may, "business is myself. But we don't have telly, just Radio… and even then… sometimes the channels don't come in clear. There's a smashing radio broadcast that comes every Saturday evening. Sam Blackpaw, Werewolf detective."

Lucas glances Connor's way, "What's with the lame accent, bro?" he asks, having apparently no idea why Connor's different this time. He looks at Nigel, then answers Sage, "Anime is a kind of Oriental cartoon an' shit." He shrugs, "Big eyes. Small mouths. Boys look like girls, girls look like girls, too." He makes his way to a spot along the wall, giving Connor a friendly slap on the shoulder as he passes, and then flops onto the floor.

Having a similar accent to Connor, Sage looks at Lucas with a bit of confusion. "What is wrong with his accent? And are you two brothers?" Since Lucas did call him 'bro'. "Oh you have one of those magic picture record player boxes too." Sage says in regards to Nigel's laptop. "I have one upstairs, the school gave it to me but I'm not quite sure how to use it yet. I haven't done much with it since I don't have any records here to play in it."

Nigel looks over to Sage "Ah well this is mine from home.. I need to upgrade this piece of junk. Trying to update my Web Comic, seems my traffic is up and a got a few new donations. Gotta keep the comic updated."

Connor oohs softly, and then winces a moment, "Oh… oh dear no. I'm terribly sorry. But… oh my… I've had to explain this so many times in the last few weeks, it becomes so terribly boring." Looking at Lucas, he gives an apologetic smile, "I'm not your Connor… I'm his… how was it that one man put? Oh yes… his transdimensional stunt-double." And as if that was that, he replies to Nigels comment, "Comics… are you an artist by chance? I've always envied artists… to create beauty and humor in equal measure."

Lucas looks up at Connor. "That's… what?" He furrows his brow. "So, is Connor coming back? Where is he?"

Sage looks at Nigel for a bit and turns to face him, sitting cross legged on the couch. "A Web comics? Is that like a comic book that features a spider or something like that? And how does a comic book have traffic? Isn't traffic something you face on the motorway?" He's trying his hardest to figure out what Nigel said but the truth is not much made sense to him. "I don't think this is quite my night. I feel like a bit of a git here asking so many questions but, what is a stunt-double?"

Nigel looks over to Connor and nods. "Yeah I started this a few years ago when my powers first started to show up. I didn't go into a full transformation for nearly 3 years, just ended up having "episodes" where somthing weird would happen. Like I'd have a dream where I'm flying and wake up on the roof of my house. Since no one would beleive me when I talked about what happened I just started using it all as inspiration for the comic." If somone looks at the screen and has seen Nigel change before, the main character and his transformed state look almost completely identical. He looks to Sage "A Web comic is an ongoig comic strip on the internet." He's met some rural folks in his life, but he's begining to think Sage is Amish.

Connor adds politely, "And a stunt double is someone who apparently performs more dangerous acts for an actor for the cinema." But then he looks to address Lucas, "Yes, he will be returning soon. The accident which Upgrade caused is beginning to wane, and it should be sometime in the next few days we can swap back and put your Earth back into it's proper order. Until then… it's myself and old man Kipling for the evening." Holding up and tapping the classic leatherbound edition of 'The Collected Works of Rudyard Kipling', "While the Jungle Book is sometimes more properly remembered, I've always been more inclined to Rikki Tikki Tavi, myself."

Lucas lifts his brow a bit at Connor. "…I…see." He sits the popcorn container in his palm, and then his hand sparks into flames. They undulate and glow, an eerie hum emanating from the ball of energy where his hand was, and then the glow becomes dimmer as it adjusts to less heat to cook over. "You read Salinger?" he asks, with a smirk. The popcorn begins to pop.

"Internet? I've heard that a mentioned a few times but what does the net catch and inter…is connecting with something? I'm sorry, maybe I should just accept that I'm quite clueless when it comes to this sort of thing." Sage says as he glances back over to the television to see the next antics of Benny Hilly. "You mean the actors aren't really doing it? Do they get twins or something, one to act and the other to do the dangerous acts?" Otherwise how would it look like the person? "I've never heard of either of those writers, Kipling or Salinger." He comments as he watches Lucas intently. "What is it you are doing? Is that the power the Dunlalaps blessed you with?"

Nigel chuckles "Oy.. I'm gonna get a bunch of history channel technology DVDs and glue your butt to a chair until you get caught up." He finishes typing and finishes upoading the latest comic, a parody of the last danger room session with the airship and the dragons. Though thinking about it for a moment he closes the laptop before somone can see it, shutting it down.

"Salinger… Salinger… ahhh… no, I am afraid I do not recognize the name, however… much is different on my Earth. The divergent point seems to be what your history books would call the… Civil War." The current Connor replies, and then looks over ant Sage. Standing up, he makes a wide circle of the room to avoid causing problems with the television, but the proximity to the laptop causes a virus alert to go up immediately, then go away again, which causes Nigel's browser to crash. The book is settled in Sage's lap, "Kipling is a classic… rousing stories. This is the institution's copy… so it will not leave with me when I go. Enjoy."

Lucas smirks, "You should check out the Catcher in the Rye before you leave." He smiles at Sage as the popcorn begins to slow it's popping. "DunlalalapoWhat?" He smirks, his hand returning to normal, and he sits the popcorn on the floor. "I dunnow. If that's British or whatever for like, supernormal fire powers an' shit, then sure. Dunlalalopohands."

Sage opens his mouth in response to Nigel but before he can ask yet another question the book is dropped into his lap. "What is this book about?" He asks looking up at Connor. "I don't read terribly often but there are a few books I quite enjoy." He admits before looking at Lucas. "The Dunlalaps." Sage says like it's an everyday word. "They're the creatures that bless us with super powers. I'm not sure if Connor there got his powers the same way because I don't know how things work where he is from. Just that they use a lot of magic." Which sits okay with him.

Nigel was already shutting down the laptop when it went weird but grimaces a moment all the same. He looks to Sage and then to the book, not really having anything to add he sets the laptop aside.

Connor arches a brow at the Dunlaplap thing again, but makes no comment about it, "Kipling writes stories for children… takes of growth and adventure, of enlightenment of a world that was still wild and mysterious to all. Enjoy… please." And with that he turns and begins walking towards the door, "No rest for the wicked I'm afraid. If you gentlemen will excuse me for a time… I must deal with the topic of my presence."

Lucas tears open the foil, "Popcorn?" he offers. He nods at the departing Connorganger, and then shoves a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

"Cheers mate, thanks for the book. I'll be sure to read it." Sage says as he starts flipping through a few of the pages. "No thank you." He says to Lucas. "I'm Sage by the way, Sage Windsong Chipmonk Holbrook the Fourth." He says offering a hand. "Sorry I freaked out again in that Danger Room Nigel. I think I'll just stay clear of it as much as I can."

Nigel nods "Eh it's not for everyone.. I guess Wildcard is a bit better suited for that sorta thing. Given that I've yet to encounter anything that can really hurt him."

Lucas nods, "Sage Windsong Chipmonk Holbrook the Fourth?" He smirks, "Really? That's all?" He laughs, "Ah reckon that's prolly enough, huh." He shoves another handful of popcorn into his mouth. "Ah'm Lucush," he says as he chews.

Connor waves a hand out, and a handful's worth of popcorn sort of streams out of the bag, forming into a ball by the other young man's side before both vanish in a puff of blue-green smoke. And the lights by the Rec Room door popping and sparking badly before finally giving out with a sizzle.

"That's all." Sage replies to Lucas quite seriously. "And yes really, that is my name. I'm quite fond of it. Nice to meet Lucush." Then looking over at Nigel he nods slowly. "I've seen this Wildcard twice…it's hard to fully understand it. The whole dual personality business. I just, I am trying to figure out the purpose behind the Danger Room."

Nigel nods "Well it's not really dual personality.. I'm trying to think how best to explain it. I refer to wildcard as another person simply becasue it's easier. The Danger room is there to give us a safe place to use our powers and learn to control them. I suppose they've been focusing on combat since there are alot of folks out there that don't like mutants and they figure we're going to have to fight sooner or later. I guess they could come up with somthing else for you."

Lucas just keeps eating, watching the two students.

"Maybe they can…" Sage says sounding a bit skeptic. "I don't know. I it is just so confusing to me Nigel. I've talked to quite a few students here and they all go on about protecting ourselves and all that kind of thing in regards to learning how to fight. Back home my Mum and Dad always taught me that you don't raise a fight to anyone no matter what and if you are angry or mad at someone you talk it out. Resolve it. Here, it's very different and I find myself quite confused on the matter. I just, I completely detest violence. It frightens me."

Nigel nods "Well mabye well you are that kinda thing works. But it's alot different here. People are afraid of us because we can do things they can't.. or they want to use us.. or they hate us becasue they think God tells them to, or any other number of completely ridiculas petty or just plain stupid reasons. They don't want to talk, they either want us locked up or dead and while they're a minority it doesn't make them any less dangerous." He sighs a bit "I've already had one run-in with lunatics like that, it didn't end well."

Lucas opens his book, and slips his reading glasses on, settling in.

"That's just silly. We're all children of Gaia if we were blessed by the Dunlalaps or not. Noone tells anyone to hate anyone, well not Gaia anyway." She's the 'god' in Sage's eyes as that's what he was raised to believe and have faith in, Mother Earth. "I'm sorry it did not end well for your Nigel. Honestly I don't believe I could hate anyone."

Nigel shakes his head "Didn't say it didn't end well for me. They found out what happens when Wildcard gets mad.. I think the cops found one of them hanging by his underwear from a flagpole on top of a twenty story building. It's a little fuzzy.."

Lucas looks up from the book for a moment. "Who is Wildcard?" he asks, slipping the glasses off.

"I'm going to let Nigel explain that one." Sage says as he stands up. "I should be heading back to my dorm now. I'm glad I do not have to see Wildcard get mad after hearing that story." He says giving a small hint of a smile. "You both have a wonderful evening. Cheers."

Nigel nods to Sage "Have a good night." He looks back to Lucas "I suppose the easiest way to explain it he's my alter-ego. My powers only work when I transform into Wildcard, but when transformed I'm not completely in control. He's indestructable as far as I can tell, pull weapons and tool out of thin air.. and I'm not even sure what else he can do or what his limits are yet."

Lucas nods, "That's weird. Is he okay? Ah reckon so long as he's a good guy, it's not as bad as it could be." He shrugs, "Y'all at least aware of what he's doin' when he's you?"

Nigel nods "Yeah I'm fully aware of what happens most of the time. It's like trying to drive a car while sitting in the passenger seat. I have one hand on the wheel and somone else is using the gas and brakes. I just kinda point him in the right direction and tell he what needs to be done, and then just hold on."

Lucas nods, "Ah get it." He holds out the popcorn, "Want some?" He smiles, "Ah used to not really have control of my powers, either. Ah mean, there weren't some other guy what did have control, but Ah mean, just, Ah kinda understand."

Nigel shakes his head "No thanks man, I appreciate the offer though. You have to see it to really understand it, mabye we'll end up in the danger room together or somthing." He stands and picks up his laptop "Better head out myself, gotta check and make sure my laptop didn't get messed up when that Connor guy got too close. See you around?"

Lucas nods, "Sure thing." He puts his glasses back on, and returns to his book, with a little wave.

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