2010-09-11: Weighing Personal Matters


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Summary: As Kaji deals with his personal issues Tony deals with his own. The pair of friends come to an understanding, and face going to Japan to handle some business.

Date: September 11, 2010

Log Title: Weighing Personal Matters

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Stark Towers (Personal Residence)

This residence encompasses the entirety of the 93rd floor. To gain access one must enter via the elevator having called up to be verified and place their hand upon the palm scanner. The walls, and carpeting of the apartment are done in Earth tones, with the expansive living room housing several pieces of black leather furniture, a long glass coffee table, and a trio of flat screen televisions. Near the large windows in the living space resides a black grand piano that occasionally dubs as a catch all for things. There is a spacious modern kitchen that houses a fully stocked bar, and a guest bedroom and bath down the right hallway. Down the left hall there is a set of double doors that lead into the master bedroom.

Saturday happened to be a busy day for most people in New York. It was a day when one could get done all of the things that the work week kept them from doing or even leisure pursuits could end up dragging a person all about the city like a chicken with its head cut off. Kaji's Saturdays as of late had him off training with Taskmaster for several hours at a time, and following that was a good hour or two spent decompressing over at the Avengers Mansion. That was what Kaji was up to on a typical Saturday. Tony normally spent several hours on Saturday to organize what he would need to be responsible for early in the week in regards to his various positions of power. Following actual work he would tinker in the lab then end up going out to Central Park to round out the day.

On this Saturday Tony had been sitting in the center of the long leather couch in his apartment watching three different television channels at once on the screens on the wall across from him. Athena was curled up beside him half asleep as Starks fingers ran over the top of her head. There had been radical changes put into effect in the last week for the billionaire Avenger, and he still had a piece of business that required Kaji to be present. Nursing a scotch in one hand he sipped at it from time to time, and kept an ear out for the alert from the building that Kaji was on the property.

Down in the garage, the roar of a motorcycle echoed in the wide room as the mutant made his way home. Kaji hummed to himself, checking his phone for messages as he made his way to the elevator. Nothing for the past few hours, and the mutant was semi healing still from the training that he was getting put through. Progress was being made, and he was getting hurt less. By a bit. He stepped into the elevator, and tapped in his personal code in. Putting his phone to sleep as he slipped it back into his jacket and he punched in the top floor. He rolled his shoulders, as he mutters to himself, "I really need a break from this." A shake of his head as he continues to talk to himself, "At least a week or so. Something somewhere I can meditate." There's a silence before he laughs. "And you need to stop with the comments."

Tony turns his head towards the elevator knowing that Kaji would be stepping off in the next minute or so. Apparently the wolf was still conversing with the feral running loose in his head but instead of rolling his eyes as he normally would Tony let it go. Finishing the scotch off the glass is set down on the coffee table in front of him. Athena grumbled her displeasure as the head scratches had stopped for only a moment, and being that Tony is clearly not the master in the relationship he dutifully returns to scratching behind the German Shepherds ears.

The elevator doors open up in that next minute or two, revealing Kaji as he steps out; stretching his arms over his head before he looks over at Tony. "Hey, Tony." His eyes glance down at the scotch as he tosses his jacket onto the back of a chair. A soft quirk of a brow before he steps closer to the man and his dog. "Been a long day?" The question is asked as he leans forward onto the back of the recliner in front of him.
"Always," comes the simple reply from the man who is dressed in sneakers, black jeans, and a light blue t-shirt that is covering up a necklace. Tony waves Kaji towards the chair that he's leaning up against as he's going to have to spend some time speaking with his friend and would rather they both be as comfortable as possible. "Some things have changed, and I have not been able to get a hold of you during the week due to needing to act quickly. Do you want to know the short term issue or the long term issue first? Oh, and I don't mean to hit you with this after you've been at the dojo but I'm afraid if I don't snag you now I won't be able to get a hold of you for some time."

A soft sigh escapes the mutant before he steps around the chair, falling back down into it before he crosses his leg over the other. Might as well get comfortable. Kaji looks over at Tony and says, "Why don' you hit me with the most important issue, and then go from there." He smirks a bit before waving his hand, "It's alright. Any other day, and you'd've probably gotten me after training anyway."

"The most important issue is all a matter of perspective I'm afraid." This statement is true to a point even though Tony has to consider which issue is actually the most pressing of the two. "There is no easy way to go about bringing up either situation so I will just begin with asking you a question and we'll go from there." Tony points towards the bottle of Scotch on the coffee table and towards the unused glass sitting next to his, clearly offering the man a drink. "Would you be opposed to putting your training on hold with Masters to accompany me to Japan?"

Kaji leans himself forward, nudging the glass towards him with the butt of the bottle before he pours himself a drink. A quirk of a brow before he looks up at the man on the couch. "I wouldn't be against it. As long as you take care of the issue of it, he doesn't listen to me well." He leans back with the drink in hand before he says, "Parents always told me about it, guess I've some relatives there." That explains his name really. "Think my… uncle moved over there."

"I would say that this is a personal matter but it is also a business related issue. I will get into the details more in a moment as what I need to talk to you about before that is a bit more pressing," Tony sounds very calm and collected as he leans back into the couch continuing to stroke the top of Athena's head. "I need your opinion, and you may refuse if you wish without putting me out, but I need to know if you would like to return to acting as my personal guard." A hand is held up to stall Kaji from immediately replying as Tony feels the need to add something in addition to the request. "We have been circling each other since /that/ night and I am aware that we still need to settle things between us but I am in a position where I need to know if you still would be willing to take the job back or I need to quickly find someone else."

Kaji nods softly, quirking a brow before he lets out a soft chuckle. He takes a sip of his scotch, putting a hand onto the side of his face as he leans on that elbow. He goes to speak, but Tony cuts him off for the moment. A slightly darker look passes over his face at the mention of that night before he says with a slight laugh. "I've always taken myself to be your bodyguard even if we did get to the point of being a bit more than friends." He takes in a breath before he says, "But, I do think that I can bring myself to be more serious around you. Even if we're both like two bulls in a china shop."

Tony half smiles, "Sometimes. At least we tend to break each other and not the landscape." Leaning towards the coffee table Tony reaches out for the bottle of scotch and pours till his glass is half full. "I needed to ask as you have been busy as of late with your training on various fronts, and I wouldn't have blamed you for wanting to pass on the job as I haven't been particularly myself for about a month now," he says while leaning back into the couch drinking slowly from his glass. "This /situation/ in Japan is quite personal and if you had declined I would have more than likely ended up going on my own."
Kaji's grin gets slightly wider. "And there's also the fact that we can heal ourselves." He sinks back against his chair, taking another drink of his glass before he says, "If anything. I'll be a better body guard now. I've learned a few things from Task, and I'm more confident in what I can do." That's him trying to be modest. He hopes its working. He then laughs slightly, "And you know I would've followed anyway. It's hard to let you out of my sight, even when I'm not here." He downs the rest of his drink before he leans forward, resting his arms on his knees before he looks over at Tony. "But, just what are we dealing with over in Japan."

Tony adopts a distant look as he is lost in thought. The glass in his hand slowly settles down to rest atop his knee as the other hand stroking the top of Athena's head slows to a stop. "Are you familiar with the Fujikawa's at all?"

Kaji closes his eyes, thinking a bit before he lets out a sigh and shakes his head. "I can't say that I am. I've heard little to none about them." He looks back up at Tony, taking a breath before he gulps it down.

Tony begins by explaining who the Fujikawa's are. "The Fujikawa's are a powerful family in Japan that run one of the largest companies out of Tokyo. The short story, the most important part, is that I was a hairs breath away from proposing to Rumiko Fujikawka at one point. Had things gone the way they should have…" At this he finds that he has to close his eyes to clear his thoughts and get back on track, onto the reason behind this trip. "Let's just say that she met a fate that seems to happen quite frequently for the women in my life, and up until now I've merely kept in touch with her family. That is until her father called me this morning requesting my help."

Kaji nods softly, just listening in as he leans in to pour himself more scotch. He takes a sip as he leans back in the seat before he speaks. He doesn't touch on Rumiko at the moment, as it still seems it's affecting him. "And just what did her father request your help for?"

The glass in Tony's hand is turned about between thumb and forefinger as the man seems to be lost in thought. Eventually Stark lifts his gaze towards Kaji, "Apparently the level of crime in the city has escalated to a point that the local law enforcement is incapable of acting upon every situation that is popping up. As such, several individuals have gotten out of hand, and think that they can blackmail several of the more prominent business men, businesses, in Tokyo. This is not going to be one of those trips where I am off to sell something, or turn a terrorist cell into dust. We are going to have to figure out just what is going on, and who is attempting to run the crime in the city. I am honor bound to help the Fujikawa's and I intend to stay in Japan until the situation is under control and they can live peacefully again."

Kaji nods, but he can't help but smile a bit as he says, "Then by all means, sir." He leans back against the back of the chair, "When do we leave?" He knows some of the details about how to go about this, he's been reading things on the Avenger's database about things of this caliber. But, he just hasn't been part of it.

Normally in any other situation Tony would have smiled and enjoyed Kaji's enthusiasm but he reacts the same to this as he has been acting since Kaji's arrival. The glass of Scotch is emptied again, the glass sat back down atop the coffee table, and Stark leans back into the couch. "All of the documents you need to travel internationally are on the bar with mine. As for a departure time I was assuming that we would leave later tonight. Pepper has been made aware that I am leaving the country so I have nothing holding me here." The television screens along the wall near where the two men are sitting flick off and return to a standard Stark Logo much like one would see on any of the computers throughout the building. Tony reaches up to rub a hand across his chin then drops his hand away from his face to return to his side. "We're good? I really need to know that we're on the mend. I can't afford to lose another friend to my chaotic lifestyle."

Kaji stands up, setting his glass down as he walks over towards the man. He claps his hand down on his shoulder with a grin, "Tony. I don't think you could ever get rid of me." He chuckles softly before he adds on, "And we're on the mend. We have been." There's just been some rocky parts. Along with some pointy ones too." He starts to head over towards the bar to get a look at the paperwork. "Just how long is the flight to Japan from here? I'd imagine at /least/ a day."

"About nine give or take. You forget that you are not flying on some commercial airliner," Tony says with a shake of his head. With a last pat to Athena's head he rises up from the couch slowly while picking up the glasses in one hand, the scotch in the other. "I have the team over at the hangar ready to leave here in a few hours." Tony passes by Kaji to put the glasses into the dishwasher, and the scotch back into its place at the bar. "I figured that if you were going to come along your packing wouldn't take that long to get together."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh at that. "I should've guessed. Forgot how fast your plane went." He looks over the papers once more, and smirks. "So, what do you think. Shall I gear myself up? Or shall I try and go low key." He's putting his signature on any of the papers that he needs to do so. He looks back at Tony as he crosses his arms over the papers.

Tony reaches into a cabinet to pull out the dog food to feed Athena before he heads off to his room to put together his luggage. "For appearances sake we are not arriving in grand style. We're going to in essence be undercover for a bit to gather intel. I would suggest your body armor and leave it at that. If the situation escalates to a point where you will need more fire power we can pick it up from one of my facilities there."

Kaji hms a bit, tapping a finger to his cheek before he says, "Do you think we could have my swords shipped to one of your facilities there? If we do need to get some firepower, I think those are the best I can get my hands on." He heads to his room to get his own luggage as well. "Since I don't want to be detained for bringing in weapons into a foreign country." Even if Tony's a walking weapon.

Tony parts Kaji's company mentioning that they can be packed amongst Tony's things to get around any issues that may come up. It was unlikely that the security at the airport would cause much of a problem and worst case the swords would just get sent back to rest on the jet. Now in the master bedroom with an open suitcase on the bed Tony begins packing enough clothing to function upon arriving in Japan. The briefcase was sitting locked beside the suitcase until Tony felt that he had everything he needed for the trip and sealed the suitcase shut. When Kaji was done with his packing he would find Tony standing about the living room connecting Athena's leash to her collar and gathering up a toy or two as Pepper would arrive soon to take Athena for the duration of Tony's absence.

Kaji finishes up his packing, tossing his clothes into one of this suitcases as he hms a bit. He tosses his art supplies in there as well; he'll need something on the plane to do. He walks back out into the living room, arching a brow before he shoulders the package he put the swords in. "I'm ready."

The elevator ride down to the parking structure went silently until the doors parted allowing them to see Pepper talking with Happy near her car. "Second," Tony says to Kaji before walking over toward his friends. With the baggage sat down he hands the toys over to Happy and the leash over to Pepper. Kaji might be out of ear shot but Tony is simply telling Pepper various things she needs to know about babysitting the puppy before Stark kneels down to hug the dog. Back to his full height he leans across to kiss Pepper's cheek and thanks her for looking after Athena. With a fist bump to Happy's extended fist Tony grabs his bags then jerks his head towards the car that he will be taking to the airport. Pepper and Happy wave goodbye to Kaji and pile into her car where the sounds of Athena talking to Socrates can be heard as the car leaves just as Tony unlocks the Charger.

Kaji picks up Tony's luggage with his own as he makes his way over towards the Charger. He makes a point as to not listen in on this one as he waits by the car, he fiddles with his phone for a moment before he starts to make a text to his parents. Telling them that he's going to be out of contact for a bit. To not worry. All the things that kids tell their parents when they're going to be away. When Tony unlocks the car, he starts to put the stuff into the back and then moves around towards the front of it as he says softly, "I do hope that it doesn't escalate. But, stories I've heard." He hops into the passenger seat, "They don't leave me optimistic."

"The dogs or the situation we're heading into?" Tony isn't sure which Kaji means as he opens the drivers side door resting his forearms along the top of the car. "Pepper's had Athena over at her place before and things seemed to go well. Not sure Soc is going to be pleased that Thena has gotten larger and more rambunctious." He decided to tell Kaji this just in case his friend was meaning the dogs after all, and he didn't want to get into the other matter out in the open even if there wasn't a soul around for over a mile. Slipping into the car Tony fires up the computerized systems and the engine roars to life.

Kaji chuckles. "The situation that we're heading into." He leans against the door, glancing over at Tony. "I've noticed Thena getting bigger. I think she's nearly two thirds my size as a wolf." Course, he won't tell Tony that he's actually played with Thena as a wolf once or twice. He slips into the car, buckling himself in as he leans back into the seat.

"She's growing into her ears," Tony comments as he checks over a few details before pulling the car out of the parking spot then heading out into the city towards JFK. "I would bet on an escalation given that the local law enforcement is stretched thin by various crimes. Whether or not the organized crime is involved will be one of the questions we need to figure out sooner rather than later." The drive to JFK is mercifully short, and the Charger is allowed through to park at the Stark Industries building where the jet is prepped and waiting to go.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, agreeing with that comment before he looks ahead. "How much information can you get on what they've been having to deal with since this started. Organized crime might use smaller crimes as a distraction for bigger ones." Long shot, but anything is possible.

Tony says nothing until he's out of the car and the trunk is open allowing the crew to take the bags onto the jet. "I have a few files that you need to look over and familiarize yourself with. I figured with nine hours in the air you might get bored." A wave is given to one of the grounds crew that rushes over for Tony to toss the keys to the car over. "Parking it in the same spot as usual, Mr. Stark." Tony nods, "Thanks Reggie. See you when I get back." With that Tony leads the way over to the stairs and up into the jet.

Kaji nods softly as he gets out of the car, grabbing his carry on in a quick snap of a reach before he heads over towards the jet as well. "Just what I love. More reading." Course it's said sarcastically, but he's getting over that aversion to it. Rather well lately, since the leap into looking through the Avenger's database.
For the short term Tony slips into one of the comfortable white leather chairs and buckles himself in. As Kaji is free to sit where he wants Tony mentions that he will add a few things to the reading as Kaji mentioned earlier that he was unfamiliar with the Fujikawa's business. Particularly how once upon a time there was Stark-Fujikawa before Tony regained complete control over Stark Industries. "Better to be prepared that under prepared, especially when you might run into the Yakuza." Tony greets those employees that pass through to say hello and to check to see if either man would like anything right away. "I hope you don't mind but after the jet is cruising I need to vanish for a bit to handle a few personal matters."

Kaji nods. "I understand, Tony." He sits down in a chair nearby, getting comfortable as he looks out of the window. "I've dealt with the New York form of that, that's how I got my swords." He looks back at the man, and says with a smile, "Take as long as you need to handle those matters. We've nine hours."

True to form Tony waited for the message to be delivered by the crew that the jet had reached its maximum cruising altitude so everyone was free to walk about before he unfastened his seat belt. "If I do not resurface I am not avoiding you. I need to make a call before we get tangled up in this situation, and the likelihood that I will be able to phone a friend will be slim to none once we're in the thick of things."

Kaji nods as he looks up from his reading material. "Understood." He smiles softly before he gets up out of his seat and gathers up some snacks and drinks before he plops back down in his seat. Propping his feet up on the seat Tony was occupying as he dives back into the reading. Aiming to memorize and learn everything he can. Go go College skills!

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