2010-12-29: Weight Room Chat


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Summary: Hosea and Cloud chat while working out.

Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2010. 6:45pm

Log Title: Weight Room Chat

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.

Cloud has just got back from visiting Star and the rest of his family back home in Boston, his brothers made sure he spent a limited time sober, not that he's complaining but he's decided that he should start catching up on his workout scedual, he's wearing a pair of black shorts, red sneakers and also his brothers convinced him to bleach his hair again, he also cut it and some cheerleader dyed the tips pale blue, he's been covering his hair with a hood like last time, but as no one seems to be around he's left his hoodie in the locker room.

It isn't long before the gentle giant, Hosea, follows into the workout room. He wears a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, both Xavier's issued. He carries a school water bottle with him as well, and sets it on one of the benches. "Hello!" he greets Cloud as he spots the other teen. "I hope dat your Christmas was well, yes?" he asks the boy. "Not many students are at dah school still. So many are visiting deir families." He pulls off the sweat shirt, revealing the A-frame simple T-shirt beneath. His large muscles are rittled with scars, signs of his unpleasant history before coming to America.

Cloud looks round from deciding where to start, "Oh hey Hosea, what brings you down at this time of evening," he's never seen Hosea's scars before, he probably shouldn't mention them should he?, he has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth and bring up things people don't want to think about, "I just got back from visiting family, do you go home at all?"

The Nigerian smiles, "My mother has moved to New York," he says. "But I do not know when I will be able to return to Africa. It is vedy expensive." He doesn't mind questions about his scars, not normally at least. "I was able to spend time with my mother and my church family during Christmas, it was a blessed time. It is good dat you were able to spend time with your family.! I forget, you have a sistah dat comes heah, do you not?" He can't remember very specifically.

Cloud nods, "Yeah Star goes here, but she's spending more time at home for now, just to give her time to get over what happened to her in Tegu-Haaz, she should be back before classes start up again," actually she already wants to come back, but their parents are putting their foot down on this one, "You got any siblings?"

Hosea gives a slight smirk. "I had seventy-eight brothers and sisters at one time," he says. "I am not certain anymore, though. I know that two of my brothers still live, last I had seen them." It's a sad memory, but he tries to divert his mind. "My tribe did not count siblings in the day dat America does, though. All of da children in our village were counted as my brothers and sisters."

Nice one Cloud, bring up a nice depressing subject, "Oh sorry to hear that Hosea, but it must've been a nice community," he's gotta start remembering that most of the kids here didn't have the same upbringing he had.

"Ah, such is life in Africa," Hosea answers. "It was a vedy nice village, yes. But God is good, he has given me great blessings, and I cannot complain about what he has taken away, for all things are his." Still, it hurts to remember what was lost.

Cloud is slightly uncomfortable with the religion talk, his family are not religious people and he doesn't want to offend Hosea by saying the wrong thing, ok change of subject, change of subject…, "So did you see the Patriots game last weekend?"

Hosea arches his brow. "Ahhh," he answers, looking rather lost. "Dey are a sports team, yes?" he asks. He sits down at a set of hydraulic weights, and gets ready for his back workout. He starts lift, "I must admit, I do not know much about American sports teams, still. Da game you call football is not da same one dat we play in Africa, but it looks vedy interesting."

Cloud nods, "Yeah they're the football team my family supports, my dad is sometimes able to get really good tickets, but i haven't been for a while", back at his old school it was his dream to play for them, "I used to play at my old high school, do you mean soccer?"

"Hah! Yes," Hosea says, releasing the weights and pointing. "It is called soccer heah. "We play 'soccer' vedy much in Nigeria. But we call it football dere. We do not have your football. It has many rules, I cannot evah remember dem all." He gives out a chuckle. "But I do not know why dey call it football when you carry da ball around. Dey should call it Carryball."

Cloud shrugs, "I'm not sure why they call it football i just play it, though i did play soccer for a couple of years when i was a kid", he walks over and gets onto a treadmill, "Looking forward to classes starting up again?"

The Nigerian lifts his brow, pulling up with another rep on the back workout. "Ah, I am looking forward to it. I am not a vedy good student, though. So many things dat Americans learn in school. I never learned dem, it is hard to catch up." He pulls again, "What of yourself?" he asks Cloud. "Are you prepared to join your classes again?

Cloud smiles as he starts running, "Hey, if i can graduate anyone can, the teachers will help you catch up," and Cloud is pretty sure he's gonna graduate now, before that it was kinda 50/50.

"Dey work vedy hard to help me," Hosea agrees. "My mother also has helped me study hard, she is vedy smart. She even went to college!" That, in his mind, is an epitome of education. Such things are rare where he lived. Even elementary schooling was out of place before she had come to his village. "What shall you do when you graduate?" he asks. "Shall you go to college as well?"

Cloud nods, "It's cool that your mom's been helping you out", hmmm, life beyond high school?, "I don't really know what I'm gonna do after high school, before the whole mutant thing i was hoping to get a sports scholarship to a college, but i don't see that happening anymore, you got any plans?"

Once again to the subject of religion, Hosea nods. "I wish to help people who have lives dat are broken." Though his own build could make him a fantastic running back, he prefers a peaceful life. "My life has been vedy hard," he says, "but God has been good to me, and I wish to share dat with others who are hurting, so dat dey may know dere is hope. Even in dis place, many people are hurting. Da teachahs, da students. I wish to give dem hope."

Again Cloud is feeling uncomfortable, so he turns up the treadmill so he can focus on running, "That sounds nice Hosea", man that sounded lame, he should say something else right?

Hosea senses Cloud's discomfort, but isn't sure what he should do in response. So he doesn't answer, simply moving to the next part of his workout schedule. Like many times, he feeld that he doesn't really understand how to connect with Americans.

Cloud is still not sure about what to say, does this qualify as an uncomfortable silence?, hey it's a gym, no one talks inn a gym anyways, best to just keep running.

And so, they work out in silence. Before long, Hosea gets back to his feet, taking in some more water. "Cloud," he says with a broad smile and raising his water bottle toward his direction. "It was good to have talked with you. I am glad dat dis Christmas was well for you." He closes the bottle again, and puts the sweatshirt back over his head. It looks like he's ready to head out for the evening.

Cloud turns off the treadmill and jumps off, "Yeah, nice talking to you Hosea and good luck with your schoolwork." He's gonna be staying here for another hour before hitting the showers, "I'll see you around," he heads over to the weights.

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