2011-07-03: Weight Room Rap Session

Players: David and Kieran

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Summary: David and Kieran talk and work out.

Date: July 3, 2011

Log Title: Weight Room Rap Session

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.

Breathing heavily, David wearing black mesh gym shorts, runs on the treadmill. Having been running straight for an hour or so. David seems the worse for wear, “Damn.” He says to himself as he wears headphones of loud electronic music. He pushes some buttons to decrease the speed as he continues to run, but takes a moment to catch his breath.

Dressed in his blue work out clothing, Kieran's got his ear buds in as he goes to do some lifting. It's been a little while since he worked out and exercise always makes him feel better. Just something about it that is pretty good at changing his mood.

Noticing Kieran come into the room, David lowers the music and stops the treadmill, hopping off and grabbing a towel. David exhales a few times as he waves at Kieran, “Hey, Kieran. How’re you doing?” He wipes off the sweat with the towel and goes to reach for a shirt. A black Xavier’s T-Shirt.

“Not too much. I was going to use the quiet time this summer to get in some physical shape. Since my powers aren’t so outwardly defensive. I thought I would get some definition and tone.” David points to the modest six-pack as he puts the shirt on, “As you can tell, I need to get into shape. But with the influx of new students, who knows if that will happen, right.”

"Don't see why not. Physical exercise is important. I've gotten Ty to run with me, but he doesn't last nearly as long as I do." Kieran says laughing a bit. He is more athletic than his boyfriend. "I keep hoping a kid I met in NYC will call. Got to be hard being from another country, and on their own. Throw in being a mutant and sounds like a nightmare."

“True, it’s important. Sometimes as much as we teach you guys that stuff here. We have to remember it ourselves.” David ponders a thought, “Maybe I’ll see if I can get X-Force together to run some exercises too.” He shrugs as he has not seen many of his teammates except for one and despite a momentary truce David and Julian are not known as being friendly with each other. He shrugs, “Who’s the kid that you want to call?”

"His name's Christian. The amount of leg power he possesses allowed him to apparently kick a soccer ball hard enough to bend a metal pole." Kieran says laughing a bit,"He's a footie fan like me, so we can chat about it. He needs to develop control before I'd /ever/ play opposite him in it." He says with even more laughter,"He does seem a little out of sorts though. I don't want to introduce him to the concept of this being a school for mutants. However, he's not in denial about his powers at least."

“Well, maybe you should mention him to Ms. Frost or Mr. Summers. Then someone can recruit him for the school.” David questions, “That is of course if they don’t know about him already.” He shrugs as he continues, “So he has a powerful kick, huh. That’s a new mutation. Or at least not one I have heard of. Leg strength. Maybe something akin to Beast or Toad… But either way keep an eye on him and see how it goes. We can’t actually force anyone to be a student here.” David puts on his cybershades as they seem to sync up and come to life, “Oh how is your other friend? The guy with tattoos and wings. Um, Aiden I think his name was.”

"Aiden's good last I heard." Kieran says grinning a bit,"Kevin, Tyler, Brian and I went down to Coney Island a couple weeks ago and saw his show. It's pretty good." He says casually,"And I am going to see how he is a little more and try and become his friend a bit more before I do anything. If he seems like he could benefit from the school, I'll let the headmistress know. Sides. She probably knows about it. I mean he's /got/ to be a better student than people like Jem." He almost growls at the name.

“Yeah, well I hope he is doing well. I remember he said he needed help with something and I am offering to. It might be a good side project for the summer but only if he calls.” David shrugs and remembers that he still needs to meet Kevin and Tyler. So many new students have appeared since he returned. He has heard about them all and makes note to meet them and Brian, in particular, being that they are teammates. “Jem, huh? You guys not getting along.” David keeps his thoughts to himself about the students, but his two encounters with Jem have literally lead to stories of people’s hair on fire.

"She's a hazard. She burned the CRAP out of Tyler because she wasn't paying attention to where he was at the /start/ of a fucking exercise." Kieran says sounding angry,"She wanted to also drag me to Frederick's of Hollywood. That place is like sleazy skany woman gear. She dresses like a slut. She's selfish, lazy, immature and reckless." He says seriously, a light crackle of electricity from his finger tips as he gets worked up.

Blinking rapidly at Kieran’s angry rant about Jem, “Woah.” David is shocked at Kieran, “A couple of things. I understand you are upset, but come on. Language.” David purses his lips, “Well, I can understand why you would be upset with everything you have listed. But calm down. And if she continues to act in that way it may be best to avoid her.” David thinks about Match a moment, “When I was a student here. There was a kid named Ben, we called him Match because his head was literally on fire.” The cybershades generate a hologram of a student whose entire head is on fire, “He was abit abrasive at first and we theorized it may have had to do with his powers. Pyromaniacs tend to be…well maniacs at time. But if you tell her what the issue is, hopefully she is mature enough to take it and change.” He smiles before asking, “Is Tyler alright? Should I speak with him?”

"I avoid her. Sorry. I tend to have a bit of a temper. Try and keep it in check most of the time." Kieran says sighing deeply and looking down for a moment. He really is the type that tries to control themselves to a high degree,"It's not just being aggressive. I mean come on, if you are going to radiate major flames you don't do it right next to /anyone/. That's plan common sense. If I'd been standing there, I'd have gotten hurt too. I know the person running it had words with her, but still. It's disgusting. And Tyler's ok now. This was a bit ago, but he had to do the infirmary thing. I think if you expect Jem to be /mature/, you're in for a disappointment." He says casually.

“Well, true. But she is a student too and learning to control her powers. I’d say go a little easy on her. And the most important thing is that Tyler is ok.” David offers a smile, “Give it time and I am sure you will be surprised how Jem changes. I bet you are her will become great friends.” David makes a mental note to check with Jem’s squad advisor periodically. “How’re you and Tyler doing? Things going well with you two? If you don’t mind my asking.”

"Not going to happen." Kieran says shaking his head a bit,"Our values and judgment are too different. I try to think with a clear head and she doesn't think. She just acts and doesn't think about what will happen to others." He points out shrugging a bit,"And Ty and I are doing great. The last day of classes we went on a date into NYC and caught Wicked and had a nice dinner." He says smiling cheerfully,"It's nice having someone though. He doesn't get all about my family and everything, but he's still supportive."

“That’s great. Good to see you guys are going well. Not all school romances work. But it sounds like you guys are off to a great start.” David offers a supportive smile. “So with all the new students here this summer, I wonder if I’ll be getting break. We even got two new students this past week. Nigel and Sage. Have you met them yet?”

"Not yet." Kieran says shaking his head,"Although Sage is Tyler's roommate I think." He says shrugging a little bit,"I'll meet them soon enough I think. I think you could take a break if you wanted to do so."

“Well, that’ll be good for Tyler to have a roommate. I heard you all had to switch and whatnot.” David smiles at the idea of a vacation, “Well, I would take one, but I had a. *pause* sabbatical in the middle of the semester, so I’ll be here all summer. Maybe see if I can actually teach a class or two. I’ve decided to use the summer to reacquaint myself with the students who are here and acquaint myself
with the new ones.”

"Yeah. We had to change so to avoid the temptation of things between significant others." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"And getting to know people's a good idea. I wonder what Cloud and Star are doing. I sort of wonder whether Cloud went ahead with his plan to reveal his status of being a mutant."

“Well, I don’t know I haven’t seen Cloud since graduation. But I think if done properly it is a good idea.” David ponders how Star is doing too as he needs to speak to her. “And temptation between significant others.” David laughs a bit too, “Well, you wouldn’t be the first couple or the last couple. I’m sure.”

"Well he was going to tell his entire home town that he was a mutant. They knew he and Star went to this school because of something. Star doesn't want to come out." Kieran says seriously,"And not to mention it might reveal what this school is."

“Well, like I said. If done carefully, it should be ok. Hopefully not the way it happened with me. I wasn’t even sure I was a mutant when I was outted.” David sighs a bit, “But thankfully my family was accepting and Purity hasn’t hurt them yet, though now it is public knowledge. I believe Cloud is going to go to Mutant Town and settle there, so he should be ok. And I’ll talk with him and Star. We all got pretty close after a few…adventures.”

"Well the problem is that he doesn't think it will reflect on Star. I mean come on. Twins, one is a mutant. Both sent to the same school suddenly and he doesn't think people are going to figure it out?" Kieran says rolling his eyes a little bit.

“Well, I don’t think he was going to go on national television and come out at a news conference. He isn’t going to just offer it up randomly. He just won’t deny if asked. And I am sure the people who know him already, either already know or if they have known him this long and not asked, then as long as he doesn’t foolishly give them a reason, they probably won’t ask now.” David shrugs, “Plus the Rosens are very resilient. I trust this will all work out for everyone involved.”

"Well he was planning to tell everyone they knew back home. Possibly the whole city." Kieran says seriously,"I forget which honestly, but he thought Star was overreacting by not wanting him to do so." He says shrugging a little bit.

“I think Cloud has rethought that course of action. But I’ll talk to him to make sure and maybe speak to Xorn. They were pretty close as advisor and student.” David hmmmmns, “How’re things going with the Paragons?”

"Well Tyler, Kevin and I bonded pretty well. The rest are doing ok I think." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"The rest aren't that close I don't think." He says absently,"Mr Gilpatrick's pretty cool still. He's still letting me practice in the music room when I want to play piano."

Nodding as he listens to Kieran, “What a coincidence you and your boyfriend are on the same squad.” David smirks, “Then again my girlfriend when I was a student was on my squad too.” His cybershades flash a list of the current Paragons, “Interesting group powers-wise. And a friendly bunch, though I have yet to meet some of the members of the group.” He shakes his head, “So many students.”

"Not really since we started as roommates and around the same time." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"I think a lot of folks are really awesome here. I don't really know my current roommate very well." He says shrugging a little bit.

“Oh really?” David’s shades show the roster of roommates and show that Kieran rooms with Ashley, “Oh, another pyrokinetic?” David smirks, “Hopefully he is not as…abrasive as Jem is.” David smiles, “Well, I think any roommate will pale in comparison to Tyler for you.”

"Well I can deal with having roomies. Just Tyler was awesome. Even before I found a romantic attachment, I thought he was awesome." Kieran says laughing a bit,"I don't think I've actually talked to him yet." He says seriously.

“I met Ashley briefly before a rather painful and unexpected guest arrive at the Institute.” David frowns a bit, “He seemed to be bonding with Jem when I left him. Similar powers and whatnot.” He shrugs, “You’ll have plenty of time to get to him.”

Shivering a little bit at the end of Jem and Ashley bonding, Kieran says,"Oh great. Just what I'd need. Someone who becomes a sycophant for that woman." He gives a wince at the very idea.

“Not too worry. I’m sure things will be fine. You just need to have a little faith is all. Just because they were talking doesn’t mean he is a sycophant for her. Maybe you should seek out Dr. Mayfair-Parker or talk to Mr. Gilpatrick about your issues with Jem.” David advises.

"I don't know. A lot of guys become kind of sycophantic around her. I think it's the fact she's very… affectionate with male students that seem to want to be affectionate." Kieran says shrugging a little bit.

“Well, who knows . But again, until you really get to know her…” David shrugs, “How have your Danger Room sessions gone? Those can be quite taxing and a bit overwhelming for students sometimes.”
"I think I'm doing fairly well. Although still working on trying to finetune control over my magnetic aspects." Kieran says sighing deeply and shaking his head,"And I know her well enough for my tastes."

“Well that is good to hear. I am confident by the time you graduate, your ability to over the electromagnetic spectrum will be finetuned. And if you get the chance, Magneto is around from time to time. Maybe he can be a mentor to you. Or see if Ms. Frost can arrange for you to meet Polaris, if Magneto is scary.” David smirks, “He can seem that way sometimes.”

"Tyler got to meet Magneto. I wish I could. I mean he's kind of scary because he's so powerful and has done so many things both good and ill, that you have to be impressed with him." Kieran says seriously,"And I would love to train with anyone who knows more."

“Well, again any of the X-Men or staff are qualified, but both Magneto and Polaris work on the electromagnetic spectrum.” David nods, “And yes, they are both rather impressive with what they have done. Both good and ill.”

"Well the staff give me ideas but actually fine tuning the control is hard for them because they don't have the experience that Polaris and Magneto have." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Should be interesting to see if they could teach more how to do stuff."

“Well, you have time. Though I suggest, maybe next time you are in Mutant Town, head to the Genoshan Embassy. Magneto tends to be there when he is not here or off on some mission. Plus maybe you can get an internship there. I know Rashmi did. She was a student who graduated from here. She might be another one to maybe talk to.” David offers.

"Not sure I can do that until I'm sixteen." Kieran says seriously,"But it would be interesting to see if I could do that." He adds with a bit of a smile,"I'll try and do so soon enough." He says shrugging a little bit.

“Good.” David exhales a bit as he looks at the treadmill and then pats his stomach, “Well, I think I am done for tonight. I’ll work out again tomorrow.” He smiles to Kieran, “Well, it was nice catching up with you. Have a good workout.”

"Have a nice day and catch you later." Kieran says as he keeps extending his legs trying to work the muscles in his legs.

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