2010-08-16: Weight Training


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Summary: Heather happens upon Hildegarde in the weight room.

Log Title: Weight Training

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.


There is loud and strange music coming from the weight room this evening. Most people will recognise the song as "Ride of the Valkyries", though usually when it is played in movies they leave out the operatic singing. As one approaches the room they will notice that one of the voices sounds different from the others, less professional. That voice belongs to Hildegarde. She decided to stop in and do a quick workout before heading out to meet with a publishing representative.

Hildegarde is currently wearing a pink tank-top with white shorts. Her hair is pulled back and tucked under a sweatband, though the woman is hardly sweating. She is currently lifting the bench press weight with one hand. The bar is fully loaded up, but she seems almost bored.

Boredom is the enemy in Heather's everyday experience. Not many people willingly choose to interact with her at the school, mostly because of her odd nature. There's a quick tapping outside coming from the halls, that's Heather's feet as she runs towards the exercise room to get her daily exercise period in her second sleep cycle. As she stops on the weight room, she slides across the floor after stopping, though she doesn't really seem to acknowledge that she's still in motion. She just picks up the tape recorder from around her neck and plays to Hildegarde, "Hello."

She drops the machine and adjusts her workout clothes, a pair of bright orange sweatpants and a faded purple t-shirt, both of which look like she picked them up at a thrift shop, before walking over to one of the weight machines.

Hildegarde seems a bit surprised to see someone in the weight room this late. "Oh my! Hello there. Excuse me a moment." She sits down the weight and turns to the radio she brought with her, turning down the volume quite significantly. Turning back, the woman smiles, "I see I am not the only one who does late workouts." Honestly, Hilde tended to do late workouts even when she didn't have random late-night appointments. She found it less awkward to use the weights when no one was around to stare at her. In this place she felt a bit safer though, not as afraid to display her powers. "My name is Hilde." She offers a quick wave. Her accent sounds British, but it seems slightly off.

Heather blinks a few times quickly as Hilde begins talking and then places her tape recorder on her lap as she sits and readies the leg press machine. She does not seem to be paying very much attention until the moment Hilde is finished, at which time she grabs the tape recorder and seems to fast-forward through it. Once she finishes loading her machine with weight (which she does in pretty short order, as is her speedsterly way) she plays, "My schedule shifts by one hour every day. Sometimes I will have my workout time early in the morning, sometimes late at night. I do it at cycle two mostly, and then a bit on cycle four. Your name is Hilde? It is nice to meet you." She rewinds to another moment on her recorder, "Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip." She is equally restless during her own message, and starts actually working on the weight machine as the words play out.

Hilde seems to find the girl's way of responding to her to be a bit odd. She quirks a brow and almost refrains from asking the girl about the tape-recorder. She assumes the girl has some way of communicating through the machine with some power. When she hears the code-name "Timeslip" she suspects perhaps it is more complicated than that. The woman smiles, "You workout at different times every day? I do not think I would be able to maintain such a schedule."

"Well, I have twenty five hour five part sleep system. I am awake for four hours then I sleep for an hour, and cycle one through five all hold different schedules before restarting," explains Heather after doing approximately the same amount of fiddling with her recorder. She tries to move the leg press slowly, which just looks like normal speed for most people. It is more strengthening that way, after all. The voice on the recorder continues playing, "This is cycle two. In cycle two, I spend sixty minutes exercising, same with cycle four. But I revise my schedules every couple days."

Hildegarde nods. "I see, I suppose that makes sense." None of what this girl is saying makes any sense to the woman. She walks over to her weight and picks it up again, lifting it without effort. Hilde doubts that lifting such a light item as this 500 pound weight will do much for her, but she finds the act of working out to be relaxing. She continues with idle chatter. "How long have you been revising your schedule? Perhaps since you came here? Do you change cycles to make it easier or are you trying to find the most efficient way?"

"Before I came here, my schedule was invariant," plays Heather, nodding quickly at that. She continues pressing with her legs, "Breakfast at seven in the morning. Lunch at noon. Dinner at five. Lights out from nine to six. Very dull. And before that, it made no sense at all." The message seems to stop and Heather quickly grabs it and fiddles with it, turning the tape over in a single quick motion, "Now, I always revise my schedule in order to kill time the best. I do not attend classes in the classrooms because I don't have the attention span."

Hildegarde listens as the girl speaks. "Ah, you do not attend normal classes? Then are you privately tutored here?" She shakes her head, "Well I will begin teaching History, German & Mythology once the school year starts up. I suppose I will not be seeing you in any of my classes then." She does a few more repatitions of the weight and sits it down. She begins removing the weights from the bar, not wanting the next person who steps in to have to go through such a task.

"Well, I will sometimes go to office hours, and I will be part of some of the classes, but I complete them at a different pace," plays Heather, shrugging at that. She does a couple more of the slow reps on the machine before starting doing faster ones. "I think I'm required to take History, so I will be under your instruction for a little while at least."

Hilde smiles at this, "Ah. Well it is good to hear that I will at least be able to work with you to some extent, Heather." She finishes placing the weights back on the weight rack and picks up her radio. "I'm afraid I need to be going though. Need to meet with someone about a book. Unfortunately this is the only time I can see him before he catches a plane." She sighs slightly, not really wanting to ride the subway this time of night. "But anyway, it was nice to meet you. And hopefully I'll see you for classes of some sort later this year."

Heather nods her head quickly and offers Hilde a quick wave as she heads out, playing on her tape recorder, "Okay. I am interested in learning what you have to say on the subject of history. It was nice meeting you." She hangs the device back around her neck now that she knows she will be alone again.

~ Fin ~

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