2011-06-15: Welcome Back Connor


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Summary: Connor appears it the middle of a gym workout…but something isn't the same about him.

Date: June 15, 2011

Log Title: Welcome Back Connor

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

From the outside of the gym, it sounds like there is some kinda party going on. Or at least there is music playing pretty loudly. Actually, it sounds like a women's gymnastics competition with a floor event in progress. The music isn't too bad, the lighter side of the pop circuit, nothing too heavy, kinda mainstream, but not overly. A song by the group known as the Ting Tings. Past the doors, in an almost centralized corner of the room is Jem, with quite a few mats placed along the ground, her sound system off to the side on the bleachers which is the source of the music, wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a cut off top with no shoes and her hair pulled back out of her face. She makes a quick little run, and then goes into a set of tumbles switching from power to grace and finally ending with a strong aerial maneuver, sticking the landing firmly. All without the use of her blazing powers that is. But who knows with Jem. Flames could start flying at any moment.

Making his way through the Mansion, David, dressed in his uniform, white and gold bodysuit sans overcoat but wearing his yellow cybershades, had been outside the gym, but upon hearing the boisterous music coming from there. He opts to enter and watches the acrobatic and gymnastic display from Jem. After a moment, he remembers this is the girl who attempted to prank him when they first met. He chuckles a bit and then nods as he is impressed by her skill as a gymnast. He approaches carefully and slowly as he claps loudly, "Excellent!"

For Robyn, the music is bad. It's poppy and horrible to his ears and it almost prevents him from walking into the gym, but he needs to get some frustrations out. He walks into the gym shoving his ear buds in his ears to drown out the pop as he walks behind Jem and DAvid. He's dressed in a pair of black sweatpants over his Alpha Squadron uniform since it's the most comfortable thing he owns to workout in. They get a small wave and Jem's act seems pretty much unacknowleged by the teen. He heads right to the gym closet to pull out some equipment to start working out.

"I'm off on the launch.." Jem mutters to herself. "By a fucking fraction.. damnit.." A little self scolding with words that betray the grace that she just displayed. She brings a hand to her head, rolling her eyes and contemplating the next step when David pops up, applauding, "Uhg.. are you kidding that was terrible." she protests to his compliment, wandering over to go shut off the music. On her way, she notices that other people are filtering into the gym, which brings a blond brow to arch. Well, good thing she's done with warmups for now.. "I gotta get it right or I won't be any use to Valentin. But, that's what practicing is for." she sighs, standing up from a light stretch, placing one hand on her hip. "So, what's up? You're not looking for me here are you? Because if it's about that girl? Her hair caught on fire by accident. I can't really be held responsible if people are standing too close when I go blazing." Jem shakes her head.

Her green eyes shift over the other two for a second. Robyn she knows, though Ashley is new, or at least someone she hasn't seen. "Hm. Seems we almost have a party going on. Or enough for a decent game of something."

As Robyn makes his way through the gym, David offers a smile and wave. Noting the boy's demeanor, David ponders checking on Robyn to see if he is alright, but since his return to the mansion, David is somewhat hesitant in dealing with the students. He sighs as no other staffers are around and as such. His overall concern for the general well-being of the students comes first, even above his own feelings. As he goes to approach Robyn, Ashley enters. David gives the student the once over as his cybershades seem to come alive with activity and flash text across the lenses as David identifies the new student and some general information about him. He is then deciding which student to talk to first when Jem catches him off guard and he gives one of those goofy 'whaaaaat looks' like Chris Griffin on Family Guy, "Wait What? A girl's hair was on fire?" He hopes this is another prank.

Robyn comes out of the gym closet with a medicine ball in his hands. "Yes, casuse I'm really in the mood to party after what happened a few nights back." He almost snaps at Jem but then it could be because he hasn't slept much in the last week. "And honestly you are responsible for what happens with your powers. I'm responsible when I drain something if I mean to or not. They're my powers so I am responsible for the consequences they cause." He takes a deep breath and rubs his forhead with one hand. "Sorry just..it's been a rough few days."

Everyone else starts discussing responsible power use, and Ashley continues on. Even if that's a topic he could lend his input on (of course, that'd be dependant on whether he wanted to, and from how little he's interacted with the rest of the stupent body, that's unlikely.). but the other teen has given no indication that he's even noticed any of the other students filling the gym. At a glance, one could guess that the reason might have something to do with the twin white cables peeking out from under the pulled-forward hood, the leads for his earphones disappearing back under the open jacket.
As Ash cuts across the outside edges of the gym, he must have caught movement out of the corner of his eye, as his steps slow, sneakers squeaking on the hardwood as he peers out around the corner of the hood, out towards the gathering of students.

"Oh, you didn't— Ah. Nevermind." Jem waves a hand at David, dismissing the subject, getting a little knowing smirk on her face as she wanders over to where her things are set up, a large bottle of water sitting at the ready. "Not important." Hey, she didn't know the girl had prehensile hair. When your hair pretty much doesn't say in one place, wiggles around, and then Jem goes up like a bonfire.. it is bound to get burnt, yanno? As Jem bends forward to pick up her water bottle, she mutters as low as she can, "Least I put her out.." It really was an accident. Just a series of unfortunate circumstances. She apologized.
She picks up her water and a brow goes up as Robyn pretty much gives her the business about powers. She is twisting off the cap to her water while she mulls over what he just said, "Okay.. it sounds to me like you might be taking this way more out of proportion than it actually is. I wasn't being careless, I wasn't negligent. She didn't know my ability, I didn't know hers. It was just an accident, chillow dude. I know you've had a rough couple of days but.. nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Not jumping your shit or anything, just saying, don't bust my chops and we're cool. Everything worked out.. Her boyfriend wasn't too happy, but we worked it out." Jem takes a large swig of her water, trying to look as inoffensive at Robyn as she can. Not really wanting to come off harsh. She's just a little blunt.
She watches Ashley out of the corner of her eye for a moment, and people who know Jem would know that his 'outsideness' won't be lasting long, because the blond girl turns to him with a smirk on her lips, "You know, you're allowed to say hello. Maybe introduce yourself? We don't bite.." Jem hesitates for a second, looking to David and then Robyn, considering that she doesn't really know their abilities fully, "Well.. I don't. I dunno bout them.."

Listening to the account Jem gives of her interaction with the girl with the prehensile hair, David just shakes his head and thinks of how outrageous Jem is. Truly outrageous. "Well, at least you apologized, but I will have to follow up. And I'll alert Mr. Guthrie that this is an aspect of your powers that should be addressed in training. We don't anymore flaming students." Turning to Robyn he approaches the student. He would typically greet the new student, but one of the benefits of having Jem around is her genuinely outgoing nature and perhaps she may do a better job with the introductions. "Hey Robyn. I… I know it's gotta be tough with what happened with Connor." He won't ask if Robyn is ok as the answer is obvious, "If you want to talk or anything. I'm around." Making Robyn speak aloud on his feelings now in a public gym may not be the best option, so simply offering is the best David will do know if Robyn chooses to take him up on said offer.

Robyn closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "I've been talking to Rashmi." Is all he syas to David as he looks down. He doesn't really know David that well to talk to him about his feelings and such. "I don't bite, Ms. Frost has been teaching me not to." He says smiling very faintly at his joke. "Sorry, just I'm a psychic vampire, I don't really bite but I need psychic energy from an external source in order to function. I'm Robyn." He says to the new student. "Sorry I'm not really myself right now so don't let this be your first and only impression."

He's out along one of the outer walls, where that particular set of bleachers has been retracted back off of the gym floor, so Ashley just sees Jem's mouth moving as she calls him out. So he totally misses the conversation on Jem going up like a bonfire and other flaming students; that he might actually find interesting, considering the nature of his powers. But still, the hoodie-wearing student looks like something akin to a deer in the headlights as attentions turn onto him. Ash does have the grace, however, to reach a hand up under the hook, pulling the earbud from its spot, lodged into his ear carnal.
"Sorry, what?" he calls out, voice ringing a bit in the large gym, as Ashley's blue eyes glance over the other people. Alright, maybe not the deer in the headlights. But the strange creature caught on the edges of a glowing campfire's light; you aren't exactly sure what it's going to do next.

On the trail of Robyn's words, right in the center of the gym, a dust storm suddenly begins, a gathering of motes off the ground and around that swirl upwards in a reverse funnel, including a wind that pulls on everyone's clothes and hair, drawing things towards it. Within the strange reverse vortex is a soft thunderclap, and then it dissipates, leaving a form in a navy-blue robe with yellow lining around the hood, the wrists, and the hem-lines. The figure stands up, balancing with a carved staff of some kind of white wood, and then pulls it back to reveal… Connor?! The familiar but slightly off face looks around for a moment, and in a crisp British accent, he says, "Well… that was certinaly inconvenient… nasty little barrier your people have in place. Compliments to whomever set it. Now…" He stops and then looks around, suddenly chuckling, "Oh right… this is a touch embarrassing…"
"Okay, look. I can't exactly choke them back much." An area of control that Jem needs to work on, regarding her powers, "I try, but I can't reduce the intensity very much. They start out hot, period always the same temp, like a pilot light. Then I can push them forward or pull them back as I need to. But the initial ignition is always kinda the same." She is far enough away from David and the others that when the flaming plasma quickly bursts around her body with a bright *whoosh*(after she downs the rest of her water), that all they could feel is the puff of hot air that comes from the sudden combustion. "See?" The girl standing there, on fire, orange flames licking harmlessly over her skin. With a bit of focus, she first intensifies the blaze to grow a bit higher, and then she starts to pull it back, dimming them down until they go out with a *hiss*, offering he explanation to David and Robyn.
She then notices that Ashley had headphones in, and the blond girl shakes her head, chuckling, "Ah. That makes a little better sense. You were looking a little lost there for a second, dude. I'm the resident helper when it comes to getting people to the right path. May not be the most desired, or even the most safe, but my intentions are good." she looks to David and winks with a grin. "Anyway, I'm Jem. Are you new? Or have you just sorta been hiding out. I haven't met everyone here yet, so I could have missed a few people."

And then things are starting to get a little strange. Which doesn't draw too much surprise from Jem initially, because people have all kinds of abilities here. So she just watches as the anomaly occurs, awaiting the result. However, when the result is Conner, Jem arches a brow, looking a little shocked at that. "No shit, you're kiddin me. Totally thought you were wormfood, dude."

Nodding as Robyn responds, David thinks that Rashmi is more qualified to help Robyn with this. He simply accepts it. Turning to Ashley as he pulls off his earbuds, "Hello. Mr. Moriarti. I'm David Alleyne. Welcome to the Xavier Institute…" Before he can finish the sentence, there is the sudden and dramatic arrival of someone into the gymnasium. As the wind draws him closer, "Everyone, back and behind me!" David shouts. Responding on instinct and not certain if it is Connor just yet. David rushes forward in a surprisingly graceful acrobatic display, mimicking almost exactly what Jem had done earlier and upon taking a defensive stance and placing himself between the students and the new arrival. His cybershades seem to flicker to life and a flash a series of colors to recording what is going on, locating the nearest X-Man, and scanning the energy trail. When Connor reveals himself, David lets out a sigh of relief as the energy matches that of Connor's and he states with an expression of shock, "You're alive." David loosens his stance and smiles and given the track record of students here, "I should have known. Welcome back, Connor."

Robyn raises an eyebrow to Jem. "Resident helper? You've been at this school for two weeks. I've been here over two years and I'm not even the resident helper." He can't help but roll his eyes a bit before the tug to his clothes causes him to look around. There's a slight pale to his face for a second before Connor appears and there's a huge grin that breaks on the teen's face. "Connor! You're..You're…" But the smile fades slightly as he notices differences. "You're not this Connor are you…" He says before Jem's words strike a cord in him. "Screw you Jem. My best friend might have -died- and I still don't know but you do -not- have the right to call Connor wormfood, not so soon." He says as he looks like he's out right pissed as his fists clentch beside him and there's a slight flicker of a purpleish energy that comes from one of his hands for a few seconds.

Alright, now they've gotten his attention. Between Jem doing the bonfire routine, and the dust storm coalescing into a guy in a dress, a little bit of intrigue and surprise crossing over Ashley's features. Connor's apparent reappearing trick interrupting the youth before he can even manage an answer. As David goes into defensive mode, Ash's response is probably not one he was expecting; a rather nasty look crosses over the youth's features at the 'protector,' even if Ashley draws back slightly from the column of twisting dust, angling his body slightly; behind him, the wall starts to glow from the light of the fireball he just willed into existence in his palm, the motion hidden behind his body. Better to be safe than sorry must be one of Ash's creeds.
As the dust storm turns out to be friendly, the other apparent firebug scoffs slightly. Looks like Ashley won't be needing the fireball, so he closes his hands around it, smothering the flame into a cloud of black smoke that drifts up from between his fingers.

A soft frown comes to the young man's face, as he says, "Master Larkin has the right of it I'm afraid. I'm merely one of the multitude of us… and the rule is one per Earth. Unfortunately, the buggery that lead to him being trapped inside the Nexus meant one of us needs to step in here and fix the damage before some tosser of a demon or otherworld nasty decides to kick the proverbial door down." Brushing a bit more of the dust from his robe, Connor then turns and looks around, "But yes… your Mister Blake is still alive, very put out, and will be back as soon as what was done has worn off. But please.. forgive me… whom do I have the pleasure of addressing besides my counterpart's dear friend here?"

With her attention initially on Conner, it is grabbed by Robyn's lash out in anger. She turns her head to look at him, looking a bit neutral about the expression. Surprisingly calm for someone who has such an explosive and fiery ability, studying Robyn with an uncertain look to her eyes. Her lips purse together, and she moves her jaw a little, "Okay, firstly? I was kidding a bit about the resident helper thing? It is a little thing called flirting? I do it a lot." The girl explains, meaning simply that she has a bit of an easy-breezy way of interacting with people. "And secondly? What is your deal with blowing things out of proportion? That's twice, dude. Within the past two minutes." Her green eyes drop down to his clenched and glowing fists for a moment, then back up to Robyn's face, "I'm not on this big drama kick you have going on. You're pretty much wasting your attitude on someone who isn't gonna get riled up. So not the drama. Don't need it."
Jem's eyes go back to the newly arrived Connor, but she still speaks to Robyn, "I didn't call him wormfood. The way people were carrying on…" she turns her eyes to look at Robyn again, "..You especially.." then watching Connor again, "Kinda led people to think the worst. Now, I'm not a pessimist, but if people are crying and mourning around, what am I suppose to think?" Anyway, that is her arguement and defense on the matter. As Connor explains and mentions that the other Connor is alive, Jem turns to Robyn, "Ah! See there? He's not dead. So yeah.. buck up and lose the 'tude or something. You're cranking people out." Cranking being another Jemism, meaning 'making people cranky'.
The girl smirks to Connor, "Well, I'm Jem, kinda new here actually, but adjusting pretty well. And him?" she turns to point at Ashley, "I dunno who he is, but we should totally talk." the girl grins, having caught the little display of his fire.

Shaking his head as this Connor speaks, David just sighs and while the energy signature may be the same, once he synchs with this Connor a whole new set of skills appears, different from this reality's Connor. Lifting his hands up to gesture to the students to still maintain some distance. "My name is David Alleyne. I am one of the staff here at the Xavier Institute where our Mr. Blake is a student." He shakes his head a moment at the mention of demons. David is not a fan of theirs. While he personally has not dealt with his own dimensional counterparts and alternate reality versions, the stories he has heard from the X-Men and even some staffers in the past have been counterparts of others. "Well, I am glad that he is alive. When you say put out, what do you mean and is there by chance anything that we can do to expedite his return to our Earth."

Robyn just stands there for a bit before dropping to his knees with a exhale of breath. "Oh thank god." He says as his fear has been erased that Connor is dead. "At least your not Volk." He finally manages to get out with a slight chuckle. He gives Jem a very dirty look but doesn't say anything as he takes a few breaths to calm himself. He then looks up at Ashley. "Sorry, just..things aren't usually this weird around here but you arrived at one of times when everything starts to go to hell at Xavier's. I'm Robyn." He says introducing himself. "We gotta talk to Ms. Frost. And…is there something we can do to help to put things right to get you home and him home?" Not that he finds anything wrong with this Connor cause..well..there's the accent.

Connor sniffs once, and then gives a slightly amused grin at Robyn, "That iteration is not so popular amongst those of us who are prescient of the problems between differing realities… he is something of… ah… blunt instrument." Moving a few steps from his initial position he faces the group, "The issue at hand is not one of ability, but of skill. Insofar as I am aware, there is only a Sorcerer Supreme for this reality, as well as only a miniscule handful of active practitioners and paranaturals… and I'm afraid I've not a clue on how these… mutations… function. I was chosen by those who could come as the only one who could fix the damage done once your Mister Blake returns. I'm terribly sorry… magic is merely another tool, and not the instant solution everyone desires it to be." And a genuinely sad look comes across his face, "I know this must be horribly awkward given the circumstances, and I will stay for any kinds of security or other necesseties to ensure I am not a danger to you all."

"Huh?" Jem sounds a little lost. Which isn't surprising. She is still pretty new, so she doesn't quite understand what is going on, or the workings of magic. Nor does she pretend to. To her, it is like she joined in the middle of the movie. Some things she gets because of common sense, but the exact plot is a little lacking to her. Which is probably why she isn't as emotionally invested in Connor's disappearance as most others are. Weird stuff happens, and bad things happen to people. If she were closer, or knew him better, she might react differently.

Robyn's look toward her gets the acknowledgement of Jem looking back at him. Still neutral in expression, but then her attention returns to Connor. "So you're Connor, but not Connor? You're some kind of a second.. or even 50'th self of Connor? I mean, I see what you're saying, I actually believe it, I just don't really understand all of it to be honest. Magic? Like wizard kinda stuff? As far as I know, I don't use magic. Kinda seems like it, but.." the blond girl shrugs her shoulders.

Muttering to himself, "Magic. Great." David shakes his head, "Mr. Blake. Please forgive us, but some of our experiences with mages and magic have not been the most pleasant. And while you bear the countenance of our our student and friend and you have not attacked us in anyway. We must still be…" David pauses a moment looking for the right word, "… careful… how to proceed. Especially if our reality's Connor's safety is in jeopardy. Mr. Larkin is correct and I believe it to be the best avenue that you speak with Ms. Frost and Mr. Summers, the headmistress and master of the Institute, at once."

"You went through Connor's portal right?" Robyn tries to explain to Jem. "All those flashes you saw, were actually you. Real yous in different dimensions. Those are all different outcomes of your life. This is just another Connor but…" Robyn finally pushes himself up and smiles at the dapper and polite Connor. "YOu're from a world where you're not a mutant but a magician? And yeah, I think there's just one..Dr. Strange I think." He doesn't know too much about the man. He looks at David and smiles. "David..this isn't the first time we've had another Connor here. He can take Connor's old room if…he doesn't mind." He says. "So…do you know us all from your world?"

From the grimace on Ashley's features, he probably didn't wake up this morning with the intent to use his powers. No, he instead just hangs back near the bleachers, brushing the black soot from the fireball off on the thighs of his jeans. And he still hasn't introduced himself, either.
But then again, the teen is probably way out of his depth here. He is the new guy, and while he doesn't look lost, that would just be a good show; once people start talking magic and different dimensions and demons, his eyes take on kind of a glazed look for a moment, before it is blinked away. Yeah, way out of his depth. He's just going to lurk over here…

Connor begins to chuckle, "Actually… Sir… David, was it? I am already in mental conference with the Barone-… I mean… Mistress Frost. It is nice to see some things never change from world to world." Then he puts his hands up in a halting gesture, "Firstly… I've obviously interrupted your daily physical activities… and secondly… it's not polite to speak of yourselves. Leads to too much speculation. Sufficed to say at our… version… of this institution, most if not all of you are in attendance, except for our friend here." Motioning to David, "When Atlantis was banished, the Council of Babylon took offense to the European magus community, and sealed their borders. You and your kin are not often seen beyond save the occasional refugee. I do hope your country does not have the same issues."

"Wait.. so.. That little movie I saw in the Wonka tunnel was another me?" Jem takes a second for that to sink all in, "Huh. Well that just gets weird. I wonder if other me is as awesome as the original." Because face it, why wouldn't she believe she was the original her? "Well, I'm pretty sure everything will work itself out. At least we know he is alive, so that much is at least lifted off of our conscious." Satisfied with the state of affairs, Jem stuffs her hands into her back pockets, starting to meander, taking herself in the direction of Ashley until she can stand right beside him, while watching everything else going on. "Haha! It's gettin to that point." she answers to Connor's question about the state of the country on her way over..

"So.. you like to play with fire, huh?" she talks to Ashley, "Is that what you do then? Fiddle with the hot stuff?" she peers over at him for a second, contemplating, her mind going back to the whole fire figure skating thing as usual. And she provides her usual question in situations like this. "I have one question. Are you fireproof?"

Blinking and shaking his head about his kin sealing their borders, David frowns, "Well, if you are in contact with Ms. Frost and she gives the ok, then." He smiles, "Welcome to or Earth. Should you need a tour or any type of assistance, I'll be of service. You may get some odd reactions from the students and staff here. But I am confident in saying that all of us will be most appreciative of any assistance you will provide for bringing back our Connor and if you have time I would love to hear more about your Earth. A world of magic sounds fascinating." David gestures for a moment as the cybershades flicker for a moment and then David bows to Connor in a welcoming gesture and then finally properly greets Ashley, "Well, I would say this was an unusual event, but then again this Xavier's. Welcome, Mr. Moriarti."

Robyn looks at David and gives him a questioning look. "Really? First you sound like you're horrified about the problems we had with magic now you're interested." He says with a chuckel. "Though I hope Connor's okay. Our world's Connor. Do you think he's taken you're place?" He then looks at Jem and raises his eyebrows. "Yeah, I bet what happened to him is a real weight on your chest. Now we just have to find Heather and hope her parents aren't torturing the hell out of her still." He says with a frown before looking over at Ashley. "You okay? I'm sorry if we're a bit intimidating. Just…lots has happened in the last few days."

Well, if there's one thing that could take the cheer out of the possibility of multiple realities, multiple version of Ashley out there, it's that he's at Xavier's in those realities, too. He didn't follow much, but the youth picked up on that. His poker face is good enough that it doesn't show across his features, but that realization is there. The same course of events plays out to bring him to Xavier's.
Of course, he could be at Xavier's for a completely different reason, but Ashley sees things from the 'glass is half empty' point of view; when it's not "to hell with the glass all together!" anyway.
Then Jem is meandering his way and sliping into his personal space. Ash's attention turns towards the blonde, probably out of some attempt to distract himself from where his mind is going with this whole 'alternate reality' thing. "Wait, what?" comes as a wonderful first impression, the words tumbling from Ashley's lips in resopnse to Jem's question. A blink at her, and then his head bobs
…his head bobs under the hood, shocks of black hair visible under the grey material, "Yeah. I guess I can burn stuff.." drunken rednecks "…with my mind." Then his wonderful conversational skills bring him to repeat Jem's second (third?) question. "..yeah." he responds, although it's with an unspoken hint of "..isn't every pyro?" to it. Obviously this kid's exposure to mutant abilities is rather stunted.

The look that the young mage and scholar has is one that seems pensive for a moment, closing his eyes and then they begin to blaze with a familiar blue-green light. His tone of voice changes back to the more familiar, but it comes with a curious echo, "Hey Robyn… it's me. It's complicated but right now… I can feel everything. I'm everywhere and nowhere. I can see things you wouldn't believe. Dude… when I get back, I'm giving you so many cool drawings for you to sculpt from. There's this thing that's got like… nevermind, I'm running out of time here. I can also see you… all of you. But I can't really leave yet. Whatever she did to me's got it all screwed up in here. I-…" Then it cuts off as the present Connor collapses to his knees, panting some, and wiping some blood from his nose, "S-sorry… communicating with beings of power in other places is taxing… I can try again later if you need."

"Actually, Robyn. I am concerned with Connor's well being. Maybe not as concerned as you are, seeing as how I met him one time. But he was cool, so yeah, I do think about it. But I don't mope. I've never moped. It's just not me." Jem shakes her head, explaining to Robyn, "I don't mope, I don't brood, I handle things a bit differently than most people. And that comes off as a problem for others in many cases. You won't catch me being all emo, that's for sure." Jem finally brings herself to plop down upon the bleachers, leaning back into them and stretching her arms out to the side on the next level just below her shoulders, crossing her legs. "And what's this about Heather? I think I missed something there. See, I don't know these people. I would like to be really concerned for situations in their lives, but they're all too new to me. People just need to give me some time before they started jumping my shit."
Jem just sighs, relaxing where she sits. A brow arching upward a bit as Connor channels Connor, "Well that's pretty handy." and then she winces as he starts bleeding, sucking in air through her teeth, "Sssss.. but it has side effects. Yeowch.." she purses her lips. As not to further take a hammer to people's feelings, Jem peers back over to Ashley, "Actually, I think you'd be surprised." she responds to his question, "I know I am at least. So.. my next question is, exactly how fireproof are you?" She doesn't meet too many people that are, so it's a fascinating thing for her.

"Actually, Robyn, I know what you mean. Weird. But if I am going to get over dealing with magic users. It's better to learn from someone like Connor. A friend. Plus his world does sound interesting from the little that we know." When Mage Connor speaks like Mutant Connor, David seems astonished and then suddenly seems to freeze. His eyes go blank and he seems to teeter about losing his balance and then he lets out a loud ear piercing grunt of pain and then falls to the ground hard. Curled up on the floor for a moment, his eyes tear up as David's power seem to go into overdrive and overwhelm him. Multiple skills and talents, all sorts of knowledge and information come together and stun and shock the mutant. Like receiving several lifetime's worth of details in milliseconds. The besieged young man lets out short quick exhales and remains on the ground in silence.

Robyn's eyes start to water a bit as he hear's his friend talk. He shakes his head. "Nono..that's good for now. He's okay. That's what matters." He says as he wants to hug this Connor but he resists the urge. "Umm…I gotta call Rashmi and she's gotta see you. I mean really..she's gonna…" He shakes his head. Before looking at Jem and taking a deep breath. "Okay, here's the deal. Heather's parents are evil. Like really evil. Supervillains evil. They broke out of jail and now they're trying to find her to get her back. She's come a long way since she came here and she's a really good friend of mine. She helped me back when I forgot who I was because I was really becoming a ghost in this weird dimension we were in. And sorry, I've just dealt with so much stuff since I've been here that I expect the worst. My boyfriend left the school because he thought it was too dangerous and he wanted me to go with him but..I didn't. Also I was in the medbay for breaking almost every bone in my body at the time. So sorry if

"So sorry if I jump to the worst but I was here when Coyote died so…I don't believe that we're invincible because we have powers."

Connor? Heather? The tooth fairy? All these names have exactly the same meaning to Ash. Didley squat. It's not quite a vacant stare that he gives David, Robyn, and Connor as they little exchange continues, but close to it. And Ash thinks, every now and again, that he's being a little too over emotional. At least Jem isn't wigging out completely.
His answer to Jem's question on "just how fireproof are you" gives Ash pause. "Dunno…" he admits. Granted, his mutant power isn't exactly something that he gives much thought to. "I mean, I didn't turn myself into charcoal, so I guess as fireproof as I need to be? I dunno…" he replies, somewhat rambling about, before tossing a thumb towards the trio. "…is it always like this around here?" he asks the girl.

And then Jem gets it, "Oh wait!" she blinks, "Those were her— Ahhhh. Okay! Oh wow, that's kinda fucked up." Things kinda start to make a bit more sense to the fire girl at this point. Like why Heather was so conflicted and things got all crazy. When all of that went down, All Jem knew was that those two were badguys, all of the other details and things going on rather confused her. But there is a more noticeable shift of her demeanor now that she gets part of the puzzle into place. Like someone tossing a log on the campfire. She crackles to life a bit more. "So like.. did she go with them or something? Which.. sounds like it is pretty complicated because.. even though they're evil, they still have parental rights to her, right? The legal system is totally funny about that stuff. My dad watches those Lifetime shows all the time, and stuff like that happens a lot." Valid observation, really.
"But there is usually always a way around that somehow. Especially if they're unfit. Do we know where they are? I mean.. she's accessible right? Is it gonna be a problem getting her back? Because.. I'm not opposed to kicking the door in and laying siege to their whole lively hood just to get her back. No love loss for those two." After all, they're the ones that caused this problem, right?
"Yep." Jem replies to Ashley, "One of the guys I've gotten to know around here apparently likes to get kidnapped, jumping into portals and having alternate selves come through or something. I think those are the rumors." the blond shrugs, while idly holding her hand infront of her, palm up. Her hand bursts into a flare of flame, focusing to pull it all into a little sphere of plasma and flame just above her palm, looking to Ashley, "Can you handle this?" she offers with a smirk. The intensity ranging about her average temp.
Swearing? Does she swear? Jem actually doesn't notice how much she lets a harsh word or two fly from her mouth. It never occurs to her in all honesty. She can't help by chuckle at Connor's remark on his way out. "Lady is a term I've only heard when I'm on the ice. Other than that.. I'm a bit of a wildfire." the girl grins, tossing him a wave on his exit out into the vortex.

Immediately, using his staff for support, the new Connor moves over and passes his hand over David, mumbling something under his breath. Motes of green light like rain drop down onto David and where they touch the pain and discomfort pass. Moving to help David back up, "There you go… sorry about that. Must have been some odd kind of feedback." And helping David to a place to sit, he then turns to Robyn and the others, "If you all will pardon me, I must be going. I have work to be about, which may require a bit of time and effort. Robyn… I will be at Salem Center Mall until the evening time, where the incident occurred. I want your friend back as much as you do, I promise." And with that he mumbles almost to himself, "I hope I do not swear as much as the young lady there… most improper for a gentleman." The staff is slammed to the floor as he came, he leaves, in a vortex of dust and wind.

"Thank you." David exhales and tries to regain his composure as he looks between the students and blinks shaking his head and just sighing. He remains seated as he ponders a thought in silence.

Robyn nods to Connor. "I should get going too…I got a friend I gotta call." He looks at Jem. "No, she didn't go with them. She wouldn't. They were in her head. If you run into them again..run. Run as fast as you can and as far and contact the school. My mental defense was nothing to them. Her father's an illusionist and can make you think you're in a different world and you will believe it. They're strong and powerful and noone knows where they are. It's not easy as kicking a door down. Believe me, I'm a black belt when it comes to dealing with horrors at Xaviers." He says completely dead pan. "Nice meeting you?" He says to Ashley before he heads out of the room, dialing Rashmi's number before he even gets out.

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