2009-12-07: Welcome Back Nathaniel


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Summary: Nathaniel returns. It's less than the joyous event it should have been.

Date: December 7, 2009

Welcome Back, Nathaniel?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's been a while since Nathan's actually been in this room, but he's not here for the foos ball. Windblown and carting a battered hiker's backpack over one shoulder, the tall teen peers around the corner with his usual overly cautious, borderline anti-social attitude. He's looking for someone, though that's a rather simplified way of looking at things; he's sent out feelers since he got back to the school. His room is waiting, but he hasn't bothered to actually stop there yet, as the duffel bag in his other hand indicates. He steps into the room after a few seconds, dropping the bag on a chair and ruffling his fingers through his hair, thrusting it forcefully out of his eyes.

He's home. Just recently, and now all clean and still wet from the shower. After all, Leo just let loose a LOT of his energy. He had his explosion in one form. Rubbing a towel into his hair, he steps into the Rec room, shirtless but wearing his sleep pants. It's been a long, tiring day. But it's not quite his sleep time yet.

Owen's dressed pretty similarly to Leo right now, just sleep pants and a towel around his shoulders. He's on the couch, not quite asleep but not quite away. In his human form, he jumps when he hears the bag drop. "Huh? Where, what?" he asks. Been a long day for him too. Overload day.

Pryce has been sitting on the couch playing a random video game, Psychonauts from the look of it, not really paying attention to things when the duffel bag hits the chair, and a half nakes Leo walks in. He gives Nathaniel a small wave, and gives Leo a wolf whistle. "Hello." Pryce says simply to Nathaniel. Some time since Owen took up a place on the couch near Pryce Vincent disapeared off to another part of the mansion to do something else.

Nathaniel cocks an eyebrow at Owen's sudden jump that isn't entirely devoid of amusement, flicking his fingers in a wave Pryce's direction at the same time he turns around to face Leo. He lifts his hand and scratches the back of his neck, "Uh… I'm home?" Sorry about that whole random disappearance thing. Cough. He looks uncertain, albeit his expression is subtle, but he's grown a little since he last saw any of them and that uncertainty is now coiled up in six foot, two inches of lean muscle, making him look more like a great dane that just ate somebody's favorite shoes.

Pulling the towel off his head, Leo looks towards the voice. "Hey! You're back!" He says, with a bright grin. Of course, Leo doesn't feel bad about it at all. He's just happy in the moment, as always. The glittering around his body heightens a little as he looks to Owen. "Nate's back!"

Owen blinks a few times, looking at Pryce. "Where'd Vincent go?" he asks. Looking around the room, he stares when he spots Nathan. A smile spreads across his face and the Dark Force user nods. "Ah can see. Welcome back."

Pryce grins, "I saw that, welcome back Nate. Now Sweep Leo off his feet, give him a huge kiss, and get it over with." That said Pryce gestures at the large screen TV and causes the game to pause. One of the great things about his powers, never having to get up to turn on and off games and never having to worry about the controler cord being long enough….or even having to plug one in. "He had some things to do, including a video chat with a girl mom wants to set him up with."

Nathaniel tucks his hands into his pockets and gives a great, deep sigh, "I expected a more excited greeting, that's true." This is said at a drawl for Pryce's sake, but he quirks a grin slightly, grinding his heel into the floor. Admittedly, he's letting his power check for him, for all that Nathan can be an ass, he's shy about attacking Leo after ditching out for so long. He glances over at Owen again, twitching his nose and lifting his hand again by way of response, "Thanks." He rolls his shoulders and gives a shrug, reaching out to snag Leo by the front of his pants and yank him over so that he can lean down and press an ardent smooch to his mouth. Mwah!

As he's tugged, Leo lets out a little EEP and grins brightly. He does lean into the kiss happily. "Back for good, or just for now?" He says, tilting his head as he looks to Owen and lets a smile beam to the other mutant.

Owen nods, rolling his eyes slightly at the mention of a set up. He turns his attention to Nathan and Leo, just happy Leo'll be in a better mood. "Better be for good," he says in a teasing tone, returning Leo's beaming grin.

Pryce blinks as his cellphone starts to ring, after pulling it out of the pocket he looks and frowns at reading whom ever the call is from. "Sorry guys, I am gonna have to take this. Continue the sweet and romantic home comming thing wiht out me." That said the teenager answers his phone and starts talking to someone in another language while he slips out of the room

Nathaniel's eyebrows twitch when he's asked whether or not his return is for good, the corners of his mouth tensing before he nods slightly, "Yeah. Nothing left in Chicago to go back to now, anyway." He brushes back Leo's hair with his free hand, then looks in Owen's direction thoughtfully before he leaves off the other boy and heads back towards his abandoned duffel bag, "I just wanted to come and see you before I unpacked and stuff." He blinks as Pryce makes his exit, tilting his head curiously at the other language as he hefts his bag up over his free shoulder.

"You don't have to leave so soon." Leo pouts as Nathaniel starts to move. He does, however, move to Owen to give him a hug, so he knows that there's nothing wrong. His hair is still mildly all over the place from the shower.

Owen offers a wave as Pryce goes off, just turning to watch Leo and Nate over the back of the couch. He returns the hug to Leo and then grins. "Yeah, why leave so soon? Han' out for a bit."

Nathaniel twists his grip on the band of his duffel bag quietly for a few seconds before he says, "You know I'm an empath. I've just spent months doing legal shit with my parents. I know I was gone a while and don't have much right to be aggravated, but.. I can't deal with this right now." 'This' is indicated with a hand gesture towards Owen and Leo, followed by the young man shrugging, "I'll be fine later, but right now, I just want to drop my stuff, take off my shoes, and get some rest. I don't have the patience to be unrealistic. Just moody, jealous, and a general asshole." He lifts his hand, salutes off his eyebrow casually, and turns to head off towards the dorms, presumably.

"Wait, what?" Leo says, looking confused. "I don't understand…" Considering exactly what's gone on with Nate's disappearing… "What is there to deal with?" He asks to the retreating figure, shaking his head softly as he looks to Owen.

Owen frowns a moment, lightly chewing his lip. "Have a good night, " he calls after Nathan. Taking a deep breath, Owen looks to Leo. "Don' worry. Empathic powers on top of dealing with what Ah imagine were nasty, hateful people. Ah thin' he jus' needs a bit of time tah recharge so he doesn' do or say anythin' he doesn' mean."

"I don't understand…" Leo says softly, leaning against Owen and looking up. "I just don't get it." That's how he leaves it, since he really has nothing else to say. He's a ball of confusion.

Owen sighs quietly, slipping an arm around Leo. "Don' worry. It's one of those thin's ya gotta wait for him tah be ready tah tell ya more about," he says. "For now…jus' be happy he's back an' get yerself ready for tomorrow," he winks.

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