2012-06-09: Welcome Back Q


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Summary: Quenton comes back, Shane's not to happy and the anger leaves everyone feeling Awk-Ward!

Date: June 9, 2012

Log Title: Welcome Back Q

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

In a clear waste of electricity, the heavy curtains are drawn tightly shut over the windows of the rec room and the lights turned up to compensate. It's a fair bet that the target demographics of My Little Pony included neither the adult male nor the undead female audiences, but there you have it. Picking lightly at tiny lint pills from rainbow colored socks with individual toes, the mansion's most recently deceased yet still highly mobile student is only paying half attention to the screen. One hand holds a paperback book, The Vampire Encyclopedia, while the other holds a small stainless steel flask that most students would rather keep hidden from their professors, sloshing its contents idly from side to side. Jill blows out a breath, a soft derisive snort at something she's just read. "Well that's just plain wrong," she remarks at the poor fact-checking of the author.

Cale comes bounding into the room, chowing down on… a sandwich. A delicious looking sandwich. When he spots… ponies. Ponies? Squee. And. And a vampire. He is /torn,/ but eventually ends up plopping down on the other end of the couch from Jill, with a friendly, "Hi!" as he joins her in watching the show, eyeing the book she's reading curiously.

Having heard from Nick that Jill and the other girls were back Lock's been meaning to go see her, he would've already seen her if he hadn't had to head home to deal with a family thing. Dressed in jeans, sneakers and a red sweater he wanders into the rec room, he gives Cale a wave before doing a double take at the girl on the couch, "Jill?"

*CRASH* It's a huge crash. And then… *BANG* The sound of something akin to a gunshot goes off. And then there's a sudden, eerie silence, at least save for the sound of some pony giving another some inspirational speech about their tramp stamps. And then the door is swung open, and there, in all his black clad, rebellious glory is the Mansion's resident bad boy, Quenton himself. "Hey, kids," he greets cheerily, though there's that undertone. That… hard to explain undertone that screams jerk. Like Jill, his eyes are red, but so are the veins under his skin, and one part of his face has very faint scars.

It's a little bit after the sounds of things being wrecked fade away, but not terribly long, before a hurried *CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP* can be heard down the hall. Skidding to a stop, Shane stands in the doorway, looking a great deal less sullen than usual… though not much for the better. Eyes fixed on Quenton, she rakes a hand through pea-green hair, drawing in a long, deep breath. "Where. The *fuck.* Have you *been.*"

"H'lo!" the vampire girl beams back at Cale, a broad smile with a glint of fangs. She opens her mouth to say something to Lock but jumps at the sound of property damage, swinging round in her seat to face the door like she's got missile lock on the source of it all. Her eyes fix on the entering Quenton like a cat spying a bird. Again she's about to speak when something far more alarming enters the picture and she shrinks back slightly, mouth clamping shut. Supernatural senses are unnecessary to tell that some shit is about to go down and she has no desire to be in the middle of it. Slightly shifty-eyed, she looks back down to her book with absolutely no intention of reading it. It's good cover, though.

Cale just kind of… blinks, at Quenton's entrance, peering up at him from his spot curled up on the couch. Emerald green eyes shoot back and forth between Shane, and then Quenton. And then Shane, and then Quenton again. One of the corners of his mouth tugs down slightly, as he picks up a vibe he hasn't felt in a good long while from the big guy who just entered. He shoots Jill a questioning look, as if to ask, 'Who is this?' He doesn't say anything though. Newp. Just sort of… sits there terrified. He doesn't even have a book to read!

Warlock jumps at the smashing and crashing and he doesn't come back down again, he's just sort of there hovering a few feet off the ground, he doesn't even get a chance to register that he has yet to land before the arrival of Shane, wanting very much to carefully slip away, he attempts to do just that, he then realises, "Ah, why now?"

The anger that flashes across Quenton's face is just a brief spark, but it's replaced by uncharacteristic cheer, and he turns around then, tossing his duffel bag in Warlock's direction. "Hey, 'Lock. Hold this." If Warlock should catch it, it's rather heavy, about a hundred pounds worth of miscellaneous crap. And then his hands move for her waist, and if she doesn't withdraw he'd lift her into the air. "Hey, babe. I'm back."

"Shane!" Nicholas calls out from down the hallway, mabye a bit too loudly but he has to try to be heard through her signature headphones, as he sees her turn into the recreation room. "Shane, I have a que…" He stops talking as he sees the death glare from Shane to Quenton and then Quenton lift her in the air. He stops for the moment and hangs back to let them have their 'moment.'

There's a startlingly loud *CRACK*, as Shane's hands knock Quenton's away, augmented by explosions generated from her palms. Dropping to the ground, she takes a large step back. "No. *No.* Where the *fuck were you, Q.* Start with that, 'n *maybe* we'll talk about the rest." The slight young mutant is *angry,* and it's doubly clear to those who know how much she hates public arguments.

Vicarious shame and discomfort colors Jill's pale cheeks with pink as she completely, absolutely refuses to look up and acknowledge the confrontation going on just a few yards away from her. Her ruby eyes are fixed on the book resting on her thigh, but they aren't moving. She can't just get up and leave as that would arguably be even more awkward than pretending she can't hear the brewing argument. She shoots a brief sympathetic look at Cale but her eyes quickly lower and she frowns miserably. That's all the explanation he'll get for now. Keep your head down.

Cale just kind of sits there, yes, totally miserable looking, with his knees curled up to his chest as he scratches absently at his painted toe-nails, eyes occasionally flitting back and forth between the arguing couple. He wants to NOT be here so badly that he changes color to match the couch quite well. Just how long is this gonna go on?

Well Quenton solves one of Lock's problems, as he catches the bag theres an "Ow" as has comes backdown landing on his ass. Like Jill and Cale he does his best to look away and ignore whats happening, though maybe he should back up a little, yeah, backing up now. Lifting himself up on his hands and feet he crawls backwards to Jill's couch.

Quenton's hands curl into fists at Shane's reaction, and they drop to his side, clenching further enough so that loud pops can be heard from them, like knuckles cracking, but someone turned the volume up. "I was looking for my mom and dad," he growls back at her. "They made me…" His thumb lifts and he jabs it over in Jill's direction. "Watch the fucking plane when we went to go save Kristen Stewart's blonde twin over there. So I was in Romania, and soon as we got back to New York I breezed and flew to Manhattan. But hey. It's good to see you, too, sweetheart." His eyes drift over to Nick briefly and he tips his chin over. "If you'd rather ride off in the sunset with John Wayne, he looks pretty fucking pliant."

Taking a couple of steps backwards, Nick is about to turn and go the other way when he catches Quenton's nod and puts his hands up as if to say 'don't get me involved'. "I think there's something in the kitchen I need to see to." He says pointing in the direction of the Library. "Good to see you back." There's quite the awkward tone to his voice since he doesn't want to be anywhere close to near when Shane is upset, doubly so when it's directed at Quenton.

Shane's knuckles don't pop nearly as loud as Quenton's, but the tiny girl stares up at the larger mutant without any sign of fear at all. "…So what, couldn't even fucking bother to drop a message? 'Hey Shane, sorry but I ain't comin' back for a bit, gotta look for my parents, don't worry I ain't fuckin' off forever, hugs'n'kisses.' Fifteen fucking seconds, coulda solved a whole lotta shit. But hey! Y'know, whatever. Not like anyone here cared where you went, right?" And she pauses, eyes flicking around at the spectators, and suddenly she becomes very, very conscious of the scene she just created. ….oops.

"It's not *my* fault they made you sit in the plane," the blonde girl grouses, louder than she'd intended. That is, at a volume that might actually be heard. Glancing sidelong at Cale, her brow furrows at the boy's disappearing act, but still tries to catch his attention with a flick of her eyes and an incline of her head toward Nick and his escape route, silently mouthing the word, "Go." Even if Nick isn't actually pointing at the kitchen, the offer is appreciated. Lock gets a similar prompting, Jill coordinating the evacuation with military precision. Abandon couch!

Cale slinks off the couch, sliding out of his spot like some sort of… well, lizard. He then slinks some more across the floor, plodding along quietly and deliberately, to get out of the warzone that's about to erupt. Every sense in his body is telling him to leave, and leave right now! So Jill doesn't need to prod him much and besides… Nick is over there. Nick is… safe. He seems like someone who could handle Quenton. Whether or not he could.

"Yeah, Jill was the only one missing", Lock follows Jill and Cale's cue and casually stands up and tries to slip off in the same direction as Nick, if their lucky the rec room might still be there when they get back.

"Maybe a little trust? Christ, it's not like I found some other hand grenade to pull the pin out her ass so that I can tap it," Quenton growls, shaking his head while his red eyes flick over to Jill and he focuses his gaze on her eyes a moment. Something makes him self conscious, too, but not the blushing kind, his fingers moving to those light scars on his face and giving Cale a good view on why they exist, his fingernails digging into his cheek violently. Then his brow furrows, and he mutters, "Could have sworn your boy clone was in here," aside to Shane. "Anyway, what is this? I don't get why you're this angry. You probably would have did the same fucking thing." Lock's words make his eyes snap over to him. "I know there were more then just Jill being kidnapped, Jedi Academy reject. I didn't see you on the plane."

Shane steps back at the first response, eyes wide and skin going utterly ashen. For a moment, she says nothing, jaw hanging open, eyes bright with tears. "…Fuck you," she whispers, finally, and turns her back, running at top speed out of the Rec Room, shouldering *everyone* aside if she has to."?/

Nicholas looks at Jill and gives a smile, perhaps a bit too enthusiastic in his attempt to greet her. "Hey Jill, good to see you, did you have…" He stops talking as Quenton starts talking, then winces at his words. He winces again as Shane runs off and looks over at Quenton with a disapproving face. "It's going to take a lot more than flowers to make up to her."

Jill's jaw goes slack at Quenton's first pronouncement, tightening up again with something very much like anger as their eyes briefly meet, red to red. She looks away toward Shane's retreat and half-rises but hesitates. Of all the things she could say, or even feels like saying, what she finally manages in a cold, sober tone is merely, "That was uncalled for." Coming from her, it's practically swearing a blue streak.

Aaand BONK! Shane pretty much bowls Cale over on his way out, which leads to him leaning flat against the wall. Okay, he's not just leaning against it, he's actually sticking to it, while also looking confused and well… "What the heck…" he murmurs, glancing from Jill to Nick. "Now I know what she meant about her boyfriend being a huge jerk a while back," he mutters under his breath.

Warlock frowns at Quenton before looking away, "I was in Montreal", he watches as Shane runs out, "That was a doucey thing to say". The awkwardness in the room has taken on a whole new flavor.

"Fuck," is all Quenton can mutter. He and Shane, they sure love that word. "Shit, Shane, I didn't mean that's why —" And then she's gone, and his fist lifts and he begins to smash his knuckles into the side of his face, so hard that the air begins to ripple around it. Once. Then again. And a third time, and he gives an angry bellow. It's not particularly loud, but it definitely doesn't sound human. "Yeah, well, I don't need moral advice from someone who eats people," he snaps first at Jill. "And thanks for the romantic advice, Gone With the Wind, but Shane doesn't even like flowers anyway, so that wasn't the plan. And unless you're suddenly a necrophile, it's not like you and your crush are having any more luck with the not-so-relationship you guys have." Then Warlock and Cale both get glances. "Not like they had any use for a pacifist anyway, 'Lock." His eyes flit to Cale and he wonders, "Who… the fuck are you and where did you come from?" His eyes shoot back to Warlock. "Where's my fucking bag? I'
Quenton says, "I'm going after her."

"Anytime Quenton, I'll be happy to tell you how to deal with girls. Though if you don't have the art to master it, there is nothing I can do for you." Nicholas says in response, he's trying to draw Quenton's anger towards him instead of at Jill, Cale or Warlock. The comment though does cause him to turn red but he does his best to ignore it. "If you go after her don't start yelling or else you're going to hate yourself more and she's going to be even more pissed. Just let her yell at you and just keep saying 'I'm Sorry'. There's your first lesson in girls."

If the vampire girl is stung by Quenton's barb, she only shows it by a narrowing of her eyes to thin red slits. A pocket-sized umbrella, concealed by the couch, snaps to full extension in her hand, a black canopy speckled with multicolored dots. It might be bad luck, but she doesn't care. "I think I need some air," she offers by way of explanation, heading toward the front door and apparently willing to brave the afternoon sun and possible immolation rather than remain in the same room with Quenton. Now that's spite.

Cale just kind of blinks back and forth between Nick and Cale, and then after Jill. "I'm… gonna go outside, also," he tugs at his ponytail nervously, "Actually, Jill, do you think that's a good idea?" he says, suddenly worried. "I mean. It's kinda. Sunny. Out there."

Warlock looks round at Jill for a second at Quenton's 'eats people' comment, "Well 'Q', true as i'm non-violent i'm not much use in a fight but perhaps you were made to wait at the plane cos you can't be trusted in a fight, try dropping the attitude and keeping a level head and they might let you play with the big boys next time". Jill gets a confused look when she pulls out the brolly before going to follow her a Cale, picking up Quenton's bag and tossing to at him on his way.

"If you want an additude, 'Lock, keep it up and I'll additude you right in the mouth," mutters Quenton, after snatching the bag from the air, a rumble growing in his throat. "Hope you fucking blister out there," he snaps, while his eyes flit over to the door, to Jill. "Shane's not like other girls," he mutters to Nick, then. "And sorry, I thought what you do around girls is stammer and not tell them how you feel." He begins to head out the door. "Welcome back, Quenton."

"Hey, you leave Jill alone okay? For once someone's problem's might be bigger than yours." Nick snaps back at him as he looks over at Warlock and just glares at him to say 'shut the hell up'. "Well I think my way is working cause Jill's not storming away from me now is she?" He really didn't mean to say that outloud. "You're right, Shane isn't like other girls but then I was the one visiting her in the medbay when she hurt herself after helping rescue Cale's sister."

Pausing at the front door, umbrella resting jauntily on her shoulder in complete contrast to the darkness clouding her face, Jill flicks a glance back at Quenton. Childishly, she sticks her tongue out at him before booting the front door open with more force than was strictly necessary. Quenton's not the only one who can slam doors to show his displeasure. It's almost a good exit, save the quiet murmur of "Ow" over and over again like someone walking barefoot across hot gravel as the vampire girl picks her way to the shade of a tree.

"Wow, threatening violance, how out of character", Lock ignores Nick's glare, his experience of the other boy has him firmly in the 'dick' catagory with Quenton, following Jill he and Cale he steps outside.

Cale chews on his lip, looking to the side when Nick mentions his sister… "Actually, I think I'm just gonna go back to my room…" his room is nice, and free of people yelling at each other and making backhanded comments towards him. However, his path does take him out the door towards Jill and, probably past her. He looks a little… down.

"Uh, yeah, her problem's bigger then mine," Quenton snaps. "Bitch is -dead-, Nick. She's a walking fucking corpse. You know what they did to my Aunt to make sure she wouldn't walk again? To make sure she wouldn't be a vampire? Emma Frost fucking disintegrated her with her mind." His eyes snap over to Jill, then. "She wasn't given the chance the Mansion's newest Cullen got," he growls. And then his hand moves for Nick's shoulder, and if successful, he moves to press him against the wall, being as gentle as he could, which means still pretty forceful. "What do you mean, she got hurt?"

Nicholas takes slam to the wall and glares at Quenton. "Are you saying you'd rather have your aunt be undead, having to deal with that? But then you always have been more selfish to not understand what others are going through." Like Nick's one to talk. "Shane got hurt when we went to rescue Cale's sister, she exploded a bunch of Friend of Humanity jackasses and hurt her legs on one of her explosions. She was stuck down in the medbay for a couple of days so right now, she's just hurt cause you weren't around."

"I'd rather my aunt would have been given a chance to decide for herself, you little shit," Quenton growls, though Nick is actually a little taller then him. Still, his grip relaxes on the other boy, and after a moment, he mutters, "Thanks for looking… out for her. Only ever gonna say that once, though," he claims. "Just fucking once."

"I know what it's like to lose someone you care about." Nicholas growls softly at Quenton and he stares at him for a while. "Shane's my friend. So, you gonna go talk to her calmly or do you still need to beat the crap outta me to get it out of your system before you go apologize?"

"This Cale kid, he worth having his sister being saved?" wonders Quenton, then, eyes flitting over Nicholas's face, nose giving a twitch as his hand drops from him, his hand gripped at the strap of duffel bag as he slings it over his shoulder.

"Yeah, he's like me, lost both his parents before coming here, he deserves his sister being around." Nicholas responds to Quenton. "He's a good kid. Now go to Shane, she needs you and if you start getting pissed off, picture punching my face in and look for me to take it out on later if you need it."

"Being a good kid doesn't mean someone's worth something," mutters Quenton back to Nicholas, but still, he moves for the door, sighing and punching at his temple, stepping into the hall, where Cale may or may not be.

Cale continues on out the door to go talk to Jill! So there! Or something like that.

Nicholas leans against the wall as Quenton walks away, letting out a breath of relief. He honestly thought it was gonna be worse. "Hey Quenton, glad to see you back, seriously." He says taking a few more moments before he goes to see where Jill, Cale and Warlock might have wandered off too.

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