2009-03-28: Welcome Home


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Summary: Terry meets Eli as he returns to the Young Avengers!

Date: March 28, 2009

Log Title: Welcome Home

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

The evening is fast approaching this Saturday but the Young Avengers base isn't quite active right now. With Billy, Dante, Vision, and Tommy out on patrol, Teddy's been selected to stay back and guard the base for this evening. Currently, the shapeshifter's in the main living area on a couch. He's busily at work repairing his uniform, just sitting around in his briefs since he doesn't expect anyone else to be there while he works. Ofcourse, security is programmed to let anyone with a temporary Identicard or anyone on a certain list get in without incident.

Isn't it always the way that as soon as your stripped down to your breifs someone has to come to do the door? In this case it is a smiling blond teenager with a pair od mirrored shades and a long white cane with a red tip. "Hello, anybody home?"

Elijah looks at the front of the base and sighs. He's got a duffel bag over one shoulder and wearing a black hoodie with a Wu-Tang Clan logo on the back and over the left chest. He has a Yankees jersey underneath, and is wearing baggy jeans and blue Converse Chuck Taylors on his feet. He holds up an ID card he fishes out of his wallet. "Man, I hope this still works."

The security system doesn't sound any kind of alert when Terry strolls in, the temporary IdentiCard beeping slightly as its recognized. "Huh? Hey, Terry! Get your parents to sign the papers?" Teddy speaks up, looking over his shoulder. He doesn't bother to cover up for a multitude of reasons, working on repairing the rips he made in the back of his uniform. Meanwhile, the security system scans over Eli's ID badge and verifies that he is who he says he is. Two beeps and a click later and the security door opens, allowing access into Young Avengers HQ.

Terry nods smiling as he uses his cane to tap his way over to Teddy looking for a chair he can flop into. "Yes, and talking them into it was no easy chore. I have the papers signed, sealed, and ready for delivery from me, my parents, and the commune's lawyer. Now I guesse all that is left is the security check and approval form the people that are technicaly in charge right?"

Elijah pauses at the door for a moment before sighing and walking in. He jumps as the security door shuts behind him. He looks around and walks into the main area. The blind kid he doesn't recognize, but he knows Teddy. He sets down the bad with a thud and clack, and he smiles. "What's up? Nice look you got going there…" He chuckles slightly.

Teddy grins. "Right. One of us can drop off the papers and then it's just a wait. I don't see why they wouldn't approve though. Shouldn't be too long before you're an offical Young Avenger and will get a nice StarkPhone based IdentiCard," he laughs a bit. When Eli comes in, Teddy blinks and stares for a moment before the smile returns. He moves to quickly grab the super soldier in a 'pick up hug' (everyone that's been coming back as gotten one, just ask Tommy and Jonas). When he sets Eli down, Teddy blushes faintly and shapeshifts himself into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. "Eli! Great to have ya back, man!"

Terry grins and pulls out a large envalope full of legal papers to set down so that Teddy can make sure it gets tot he right people. "Hmm, does it have to be a written exam? I do so much better on oral ones." As Elijah walks in and talke he cocks his head ot the side to he can listen to the Super Soldier.

Elijah ooofs as he is picked up in a hug. "Nice to see you, too!" He wheezes and then let back down to the ground. "Good to be back. I heard you guys were getting the band back together, so I thought I'd see if there was still a spot open." He looks to Terry and grins. "Hello, I'm Elijah Bradley, just call me Eli. Nice to meet you."

Teddy laughs. "Dude, there's always a spot open for ya! You're a founding member of the team! I'll have to let the Avengers know you're back so we can get ya a new IdentiCard," he says, patting Eli on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Terry. You probably won't have to do any tests until after."

Terry grins at Eli and nods while moving his cane to the left hand and offering his right in the Super Soldier's direction. "Terricloth Starshine Wyatt, but please call me Terry or in costume Wave. Its a pleasure to meet you…Hmm, if your one of the founding memebers that means you must either be Iron Lad or Patriot….that or Stature has a much deeper voice than I would have expected."

Elijah chuckles as he shakes his hand. "I'm Patriot. A pleasure, Terry." He looks around. Nothing's changed much around here, huh?" He stretches and leans against the sofa. "My room still here?"

Teddy laughs. "Careful, she could be here all shrunk down," he jokes with Terry. Smiling to Eli, the shapeshifter nods. "It may look the same but we got a bunch of upgrades. Vision-improved tech, rooms are bigger and actual rooms now. Everything is repainted , we got a gym, a locker room, and Tommy insisted on a whirlpool bath so we have one of those."

Terry grins and laughs a little holding up his right hand and emmiting a flash from it. "Well unless she can shrink smaller than a photon she is not in the room."

Elijah nods at Teddy and glances around. "Well then, that's good to
hear." He sits on the couch and stretches again. "Anything else I need to be caught up on?"

Teddy pauses. "How small can she shrink…" he wonders. Shaking his head, Teddy moves to sit down and folds up his uniform. "Not too much. Terry here's joining up with us and we've got another new member by the name of Dante. Silent Image. He's a telepath," the hybrid explains. "We're going to be part of the team that's going after the invaders though, so we've all got to be ready."

Terry nods at Eli and Teddy. "Good to know I won't be the only teen hero showing up at the Staples Center. I guesse in the spirit of full disclosure I should tell you I am a photokenetic, and a born and raised dirty hippie. Although I bathe on a regular basis and other than when I am painting tend to be fastidious about my appearance."

Elijah nods as he takes it all in. He pauses and looks at Teddy. "Invaders? What invaders?" He looks to Terry. "I kinda gathered that from the name. I'm just a kid from the Bronx that works at the New York Public Library."

Teddy blinks. "You haven't been watching the news? The whole world's under attack from an alternate dimension that things we invaded their world and now they're hear for revenge. We've been fighting them for awhile now. We've beaten them back mostly…one last push should stop 'em for good," he says.

Terry stares, or at least looks like he is staring at Eli since he is kinda blind. "You know, invaders, the guys that put a dome over New York, have torn up a few areas of the city, were held up in Memphis and in LA. Liek Teddy said, invaders from another reality. Some guy called the Grey King put out a whole telepathic call to get everyone lined up at the Staples Center Tuesday to fight back."

Elijah nods slowly. "Oh, those invaders. I thought you meant the group that fought in WW2 came back and turned evil or something." He frowns for a moment. "Grey King? I know I haven't heard of him before. Do we know anything about him?"

Teddy shakes his head. "Not too much. He's with the X-men, telepathic and telekinetic. Our contact over there didn't give us too much info on him but he's on our side," the shapeshifter comments.

Terry shrugs, not really knowing much about the group called the Invaders. Unlike some people in the group he does not really know much about other Super Heroes, although he could talk for hours about the old masters or Dahli. "All I know is he got into my mind and given the way I think that can't be very easy."

Elijah nods at them both. "All right. Well, I'm glad to hear that there's someone of that power level on the side of good." He looks at al of the equipment for a moment. "So, where are the others?"

Teddy smiles. "They have a power booster, Terry," he says with a little laugh. When asked about the others, Teddy takes a deep breath. "Tommy went out to gather some supplies we needed, Vision's on patrol but is stopping by Avengers Mansion to coordinate with them, Billy and Dante are out on patrol too. Kate hasn't called us back yet and we haven't heard from Cassie since New Years," he rattles this off. "And I should probably call Billy and tell him you're back so he doesn't walk in and magic his clothes away thinking it's just me here tonight."

Terry nods at Eli, gald too that it was a good guy not a villian that managed to put an image in his head wihtout giving him a hemorage or something. "Power boost or not, a mind that moves at relatavistic speeds and normal speed telepathy are not things that normaly go well together."

Elijah nods at Teddy and stretches. "It will be nice to the the new people and catch up with the old gang. I wonder what happened to Kate and Cassie…" He shrugs and looks over to Terry. "I don't know much about psychic abilities."

Teddy shrugs. "Kate had to do some family thing but promised she'd be back once it finished and last time I talked to Cassie, she was in a big fight with her mom," he explains. "Tommy'll be happy to see ya, Eli," he chuckles a little. "I'll be right back, gonna go make that call," he says, headed for the phone in the kitchen.

Terry shrugs, "Don't really know a lot aobut the stuff myself. Now, physics and math those I could bore you to tears with while confusing the hell out of you at the same time. Sure thing Teddy, I think I am just gonna sit here a while…" Especially if hter eis a chance Teddy might forget to call Billy and catch him magicing his clothes off on the way in.

Elijah leans back into the couch. "Sounds good. I'll stay here and keep the new guy company." He drags over the oversized bag and opens it, pulling out the shield. He looks at it for a moment and grins.

Terry grins at Elijah and pulls his back pack that he carrys everywhere he goes over to him so he can rummage around in it a moment before pulling out a sketch pad and a metal box of charcoal pencils. "Hmm, let me see if I remember this right, your Patriot so your the one that is kinda like Captain America, super strong and bullet proof right?"

Elijah looks over to Terry, "Yeah, although my costume looks more like Bucky's if you remember how that looked. Domino style mask rather than what Cap had, but the uniform was similar. Also, I shave my head because it's easier to take car of than dealing with it. Oh, and I'm black." He chuckles, saying it as if he were describing his eye color.

Terry nods listening to Elijah, and flipping his sketch pad to a random blank page as he starts to sketch something. "Hmm, Sounds like a good look. Nice and patriotic without being too much like a walking flag. My costume is white leather, a mask that covers the top half of my face and sides of my head but leaves my hair free and has built in crome shades over my eyes. Oh, and fist sized starburst pattern over my heart."

Elijah nods. He stands in a pose with the shield, just to be weird. "Sounds like a good look. What color star pattern?"

Teddy comes back a moment later with a grin on his face. "Alright, called Billy and Tommy and told them you're back, Eli," he declares with a smile. "Lowered the chance of you accidentally seeing one of us naked."

Terry pouts a little in Teddy's direction, "Aww and just as I get a key to the place too." he says joking ly before laughing. After a second he holds up the picture he sketched for Elijah to see, revelaing a charcole of his face wearing a mask like the one he described. "Yellow, I have always tended to go for the gold and bright colors."

Elijah nods as he looks at the picture. "Very nice…" He smiles to Teddy and chuckles softly. "Terry, you're very good. I wish I could draw that well." He walks over to Terry and holds up the shield. "I have the shield right here, would you like to hold it?"

Teddy laughs a bit. "Sorry, Terry. You'll have to try and catch us in the locker room showers. Or just ask Tommy," he teases, sitting down. When Terry shows off the picture, Teddy whistles. "Nice," he remarks. "Nice and handsome like the original."

Terry grins and nods, "Not sure if I got the chin right, but its ok for a quick sketch. Thanks for the complaments though, I've been drawing since before I lost my sight." As Eli offer up the shield Terry grins and waves a hand surrounding it in a nimbus of light and making it float over to him.

Elijah lets go of the shield and watches. "Interesting." He looks to the floor and shuffles for a moment. "I'm, uh, sorry to hear that. The fact you keep it up is amazing. I mean, I've got dight and I draw stick figures that preschoolers laugh at…" He chuckles.

Teddy smiles, watching Terry's powers at work. "I just paint sometimes…" he muses quietly. "Good to know we've got such a good artist on the team now though."

Terry grins and spins the shield a few times and sets it next to Elijah. "Naw, no reason to be sorry. I lost my vision as my powers came in, and I can in certain ways get a look at the world through my powers. The whole art thing is jsut always been something I have done, and I make decent money with it too at least."

Elijah picks up his shield and nods to Terry. "Well, that's good." He looks over to Teddy. "I didn't know you painted." He shrugs. "I read quite a bit when not in the gym. Sistory mostly, and literature. Getting into the whole Harlem Renaissance."

Teddy shrugs. "I haven't really done anything paint related in years other than paint this place," he gestures around. "School and work got in the way," he shrugs again.

Terry nods, "Never was a literary one, people would go on about great books, or poems, just don;t get it half the time. At least school never got in my way, the commune was set up like home schooling and we did the work around what we wanted to do. Although I think I was the only one that ever read any of the high end physics books mom brought."

Elijah sits back on the sofa. "Great books are really an opinion to the reader. There are several books that are considered classics that I simply can't finish, or plain don't like. It has nothing to do with intellect, it has to do with interest." He stretches again. "I mean, I find physics and such interesting, but I need to learn the math first. Baby steps…"

Teddy leans back as well, getting an idea. "I think I just figured out what we can use one of those extra rooms we've got for," he says. "Library."

Terry nods and turns his head till its pointed at Teddy with an eyebrow raised. "You have a lot of unused rooms? Hmm, a library could be interesitng…nevr heard of a super hero team with one of those."

Elijah shrugs. "The Avengers might, I hear they have pretty much everything else." He chuckles. "Maybe an art studio?"

Teddy grins. "Right now, six unused rooms. Cap really had this place done over for us," he explais, gesturing around. "I'll ask the Avengers about it when this invasion's done with."

Terry shakes his head grinning. "I wonder if the Avengers would be willing to sit on for a painting. For some reason I keep picturing a nice group painting, Avengers and Young Avengers together…."

Elijah smiles at the idea. "That would be amazing." He is already thinking about standing next to Captain America when he hears 'Living in America' by James Brown playing from his pocket. "He picks up the phone and stands away from the group for a few moments. He returns after hanging up "That's my grandpa, he needs me to head back home for something. Not a huge emergency, just some stuff needs done and he needs a hand. It's a pleasure to meet you, Terry. Teddy, always good to see you again, my friend." He packs up his gear and grabs the bag. "I'll be back soon, I promise."

Teddy chuckles. "If not…well…Jarvis told me that IronMan had holoimagers made so a painter could get a team portrait done," he says, glancing around as if to make sure no one was listening. He jumps slightly when the cellphone goes off then nods. Standing, he pats Eli on the shoulder and grins. "See ya when you get back, Eli."

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