2011-03-09: Welcome The New Mutant Order


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Summary: The New Mutant Order make their stand in Mutant Town.

Date: March 9, 2011

Log Title: Welcome The New Mutant Order

Rating: PG - 13

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
//Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory. //

It's dusk in Thompson Square Park and a small crowd has gathered around the memorial for the recently fallen. It seems that there are a small group of guys preaching to anyone who will listen. Three guys in matching long black coats, jeans and red t-shirts stand around a fourth guy wearing the same thing. The guy in the middle seems to be talking to the crowd with much enthusiasm. "….take back the streets of Mutant Town. We are not safe here anymore. Who is to say this won't happen again. That is why you need to trust us, trust the New Mutant Order! We will protect you, your children and your neighborhood but we also need your help to do this! We cannot protect all of Mutant Town with just us four!"

Theo's silver Ferrari zips along the roads, a remarkable level of smoothness for New York traffic. He had a few errands to run, and since Shane always seems to be couped up in the mansion, he thought he'd offer her a chance to join him. After all, it's a free ride to the city, and in a ferrari to boot. The top was down at the beginning of the trip, but as the day wore on, the brisk air was cause for a change in that status. "Hey," he nods, pulling around a driver he feels is far too slow. "Check that out." The silver slows for a stop light too far out of range for the technopath to change. "New Mutant Order?" he echoes. "Well, it's about time they started organizing down here. There's been enough people getting cut down like cattle."

Shane eyes the gathering from under streaks of cherry, purple-black, and yellow-green hair, lip twitching upward slightly. "…They're jackasses," she grunts. "One of those trees isn't even for a mutant." Tugging the single long sleeve of her Vash the Stampede coat not bound down by buckled black leather, she snorts. "'Protect your families,'" she says, the mockery evident in her voice. "Yeah, until you slip up on your generous donations and find out they're just protecting you from their own boredom."

The speaker seems to drone on and on about how the New Mutant Order is the greatest mutant protection group to come across Mutant Town. "This is where the New Mutant Order needs you! Needs the mutant residents here!" He calls out but instead of asking for money he asks for.. "Volunteers are needed and we're accepting new members into the New Mutant Order. We will give you the power to make sure you have what is need to keep the streets safe!" He calls out to the crowd. In response though a young man in his early twenties with blue skin and a shock of blue hair speaks back. "You're what's causing the danger here, by taking the law into your own hands!"

Theo knits his brow, and he uses one of the phones in the crowd to dial his own. It rings, mounted into his hands free set in the ferrari, and without touching it, the phone answers, sending the sound through the speakers of the car so that the interaction can be more easily heard. Not only that, though, Theo's recording. This could be important information for later. "Maybe," he says as the phone's mute alert lights up, indicating that their voices won't be transmitting back. "Sounds more like they want an army than money. What kind of power do they have to give people, though?" He shakes his head, and the car starts moving again. He begins to circle the park, looking for a place to park as the speaker continues.

"Oh that's *loads* better," Shane grumps. "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWAH, just sign on the dotted line and don't ask stupid questions like 'Have you utterly lost your shit?' *Christ,* next thing you know they'll be testing you for thetans. An— wait. Are you *parking?* You actually buy into this bullshit?!"

Some people seem to be buying into this New Mutant Order but most the crowd seems to be weary and unsure. In response to the blue mutant the leader turns to him singling him out. "What can you do to make sure your loved ones are safe? What is it that you can do to make sure that.." But the phrase is never finished as gun fire seems to break out. Some fires at the four members of New Mutant Order but one of the ones raises a hand an erects a force field just before any bullets can hit anyone. In the group are two men openly firing automatic weapons at the New Mutant Order.

Theo continues to search, finding a possible location that isn't really a parking space. It's half of a parking space left over by some jerk who wanted to take two. Nice thing about smart cars, they fit in those little spaces sometimes. "Of course not," he answers with a snort, eyes still fixed on the crowd. "Never be the first one to buy into something this risky. It's a good way to get killed. People can talk about their fling with chance and how they made their millions, but usually it ends badly. Better to play the system than to get lucky."
The boy turns up the volume a little, leaning back in his seat. He doesn't get a chance to become too comfy, though, as the gunfire erupts. "Yeah, that's our cue," he says. He spots the two men opening fire, and puts the car into reverse. He pulls his personal phone out of his pocket, and tosses it in Shane's lap. "Get some pictures," he says shortly. The car starts to back out of the space, using a tight turning radius to get into position to tear away from the scene.

"This isn't risky, this is just *stupid,*" Shane rejoins, snatching up the phone and snapping pictures. Apparently the sound of gunfire isn't as foreign to the Southern Californian as others might believe; the Los Angeles area, after all, has long been a hotbed of gang activity, and while she'd vastly prefer to be anywhere else, the fact that she's in a car with someone else driving does a lot to placate her flight-or-more-flight reflex. "Either those guns are real, which case why the *hell are we still sitting here,* or they're fake, which case *what the fuck.*"

The two gun men continue to fire but none of their bullets can penetrate the force field but also none of those inside the force field, the small group of about ten that were spectators to the New Mutant Order speech, can leave. "This is that the New Mutant Order has been warning you about!" The leader shouts as he takes out an inhaler and takes a hit off of it. Shortly after the two behind him do the same. Shortly after the leader's eyes glow and he floats off the ground, using telekinesis to rip one of the guns out the hands of one of the gunmen. "Shall we give them a nice…Kick..out of mutant town?" He says before the other two laugh.

"Did you see that?" he asks. "Something's screwy," he tells Shane, putting the car into drive. He pulls it forward, putting a pickup between them and the fight, but in a position they can still see what's happening. He pulls the phone from its mount, and switches on the video, joining in the recording process. "Kinda strange that they all seem to have asthma, isn't it?" he asks, clearly not thinking it's asthma they are dealing with.

Robin had come to the park on a regular walk, liking the ability to be an open mutant without anyone making comments about it. Both she and Blank, though, immediately freeze at hearing, and finally identifying that it is, in fact, gunfire. "Ohh man," says Robin, ducking behind a tree and having her puppet keep an eye on the events that are happening. She too produces her cellphone and takes a picture over her shoulder, since it's one of those things that are nice to have.

"Yes," Shane says, in a credible imitation of Movie Snape, "*Asthma.*" *clickclickclick* goes the cell phone in her hand, as she hanhs over the back of the passenger seat, snapping away at the scene. For some ungodly reason, while she does this, she seems to be humming Beyonce's 'Halo' under her breath.

Once the gun is pulled out of the gunman's hand, things seem to happen in quick order. The Blue Skinned mutant inside the force field turns on the New Mutant Order and lets loose with a blast of lighting at the guy with the force field. "No!" He says. "We're not going to let violence rule Mutant Town again and you're not going to be fighting them!" As the force field goes down the telekinetic leader quickly pulls the other gun away from the gun man and uses his powers to compress them into useless pieces of metal.

The force field user is stunned out for the moment but his buddy doesn't seem to like that and grabs the blue skinned mutant and leaps up into the air with him coming down to slam him into the ground about ten feet from Theo's car.
The third mutant is a blur of speed as he moves towards one of the gun men to hit him with a series of punches in rapid speed.

Theo frowns, "See, this is why it's so nice to visit the city," he says sarcastically. The technopath has very little that he can offer to the fight, however, other than to monitor it. He hangs up his phone on the conversation, and dials for the police. "Yes, Thompson Square Park, there's some knuckleheads in a gun fight. Mutants too." He glances at the fallen form of the blue skinned mutant. "Hey, cops are coming, get yourself out, don't be part of the problem," he calls ou the window.

As Blank watches the fight for Robin, the teen pulls her cellphone back in front of her. Once the blue skinned mutant lands near the car, Robin furrows her brow and sends a text to Theo. 'hey im behind a tree. whats going on here? have you called cops?' She adjusts her glasses slightly and waits for a reply, tucking the phone back in her coat pocket for a few moments.

Shane rakes a hand through her multicolored hair, startling as the blue-skinned mutant thuds to earth not far away. "Okay *what the hell are we still doing here Theo.* Seriously. Let get *out* already before this turns into CNN-class drama already."

The blue skinned mutant seems like he didn't take the fall well and he rolls over with a groan. He narrows his eyes at the New Mutant Order member and fires a blast of lighting at him before passing out. The New Mutant Order Leaper flies right back into the side of Theo's car, slamming into door and denting it and shattering the passenger side window. As part of the guys body goes through the window there's a puff of red vapor that dissipates quickly, but not quick enough for Shane to get a face full of the inhalant.
The other New Mutant Order memebers try to keep some calm but don't seem happy. Once the two gun men are taken down the speedster rushes over to his companion whose been put through Theo's window and starts to pull him out.

The technopath nods, "Yeah, we better — " he stops as the text from Robin comes in. "Great. Robin's here. He hesitates pulling forward as he searches for her. The text receives an instant response: 'I'll pull over to you, hope you don't mind riding in Shane's lap'. "We gotta get Robin," he says, pointing in her direction. As the man slams into the window and car, he winces. "Ack! My car!" He hits the gas, unaware of the drug that just entered Shane's system. The car lurches forward quickly, heading for where Robin is.

Robin glances over to see the car coming her way, waving her arm from the tree in order to grab his attention. She winces back as she notices the damage to the vehicle, but when she's close enough, she runs for it. Blank remains behind the tree for the time being.

"Augh!" Falling back away from the red cloud, she waves a hand in front of her face, fanning the vapor away. "Holy *balls* that stinks! Hey!" she yells to the NMO ganger trying to pull his buddy out of her ride. "Thanks a *load* for ruining our trip, you *jackass!*" Even as the car lurches forward, she pulls one foot back, her skin staring to glow red, covering the girl in a film of scarlet light… which starts to twinkle, accompanied by what can only be described as the sound of Pop-Rocks. Her foot lashes out, and her heavy, black leather boot is utterly *shredded* as her foot — and only her foot, which itself is fairly unusual — detonates against the inside of the passenger door, warping it outward and hurling the unsuspecting thugs away. "HA!" she cries, a wide grin on her face… and still popping and crackling with energy, "That was *awesome!*"

A small inhaler falls into Theo's car as the man gets away from the car before it drives off. The leader of the New Mutant Order curses as he starts to fly up, taking the force field wielding mutant with him. The super speedster and the super leaper catch a good look at Shane before they head off themselves. It seems things didn't go exactly they way the NMO planned in mutant town but with the two gunmen taken down and the blue skinned mutant unconscious in the street they decide it's time to go. So instead of sticking around to help they're taking off. For now.

Theo, unfortunately, was inside the car with Shane when it went off, and the force knocks him against the other side of the car door. His body is thrown against the driver's door, and he blinks, his noggin a little rocked by the impact. "What the hell! Shane! What did you do to my car!" He stops the car. "What is wrong with you!?" He glances over his shoulder at the retreating mutants, and back at Shane. Convinced that the immediate threat is gone, he puts the car in park, and opens his door to circle the car.

Robin continues running towards the car until arrival, at which point she summons Blank back to herself by reaching out a finger and, tada, there she is. "Are you guys alright? What happen-" Robin cuts herself off when she sees Shane, though, and her eye goes wide. "Umm, you look a bit different. Is this what you look like when your powers are working?"

The door looks like a small wrecking ball hit it from the inside, bulging outward where the girl's foot impacted it. The girl herself looks from bare foot to deformed door and back again, wiggling her toes, awestruck by what she managed to do — namely, blast the NMO thugs away from the door witout liquefying the car's interior. Her foot glows and crackles similarly to the skin of her face, and the way her clothing seems to ripple over her suggests whatever the energy is doing, it's happening from every pore. "…Oh *come on,*" she scoffs at Theo's indignance. "You're telling me you'd rather have some creep hanging in your car? Psshhh. Hi pirate girl!" she says brightly as Robin trots up, "Oh hey, cool glasses, you paint the inside or outside?"

Theo isn't entertained. Not even moderately. "Get out of my car. Now," he says. Her lack of remorse for the recklessness makes him even more angry. His face is beet red, and he looks like he's ready to pop any moment. He doesn't know why her eyes are glowing, he doesn't care. He just wants her out.

"Um, the inside, since I thought the effect looked better if I painted there. I have two pairs…" says Robin, shifting slightly. Her attention shifts towards Theo when he says his stern, angry words and she raises her hands up slightly. "Ummm. I don't think she meant to… destroy your door."

Shane's grin fades, slowly, as Theo's anger grows ever more visible. "….Seriously?" Rolling her eyes she goes to open the door… and finds it harder to open, thanks to the damage, than she expected. "Cripes, it's not like you even have to *pay* to fix it. But, y'know what? Whatever. Next time some stupid supermutant wants to kill you while he's hanging through your window, 's up to you." Grabbing hold of the roof of the car, she carefully pulls herself through, the miniature explosions leaking from her skin rather effective at shoving crumbs of safety glass away from her skin. "But hey!" she says, turning to flash a manic grin through the empty window frame, "now we're even! Have fun on your ride home, Pirate Girl!" And with that, she turns, walking down the street, not much caring that with one clunky-boot and one bare foot, her stride is uncomfortably uneven.

The technopath doesn't answer, trying to keep his mouth in check. "Like hell I won't," he growls, not trying to follow her. Theo stares at the damage on the car, looking rather put off. The teen circles back to the driver's side, "You getting in?" he asks Robin. "I'm not sticking around for an hour. Cops will try to impound it, and then Tony will really be not happy." After all, it's an experimental project, not exactly something that should be leaked to the public.

"Um, okay," says Robin, rubbing her hand through her hair lightly. "Should I get in through the driver's side and crawl over, cause…" She eyes the door for a moment and walks to the other door. "Sorry about what happened there, uh, not that it's my fault, but that's a lot of damage." She moves to get in through the driver's side and crawl over, "Hey, what's this?" She picks up the inhaler to examine it.

Shane continues walking down the street, apparently not concerned in the slightest that she's begun to resemble the orbital view of a nuclear war; however, the inconsistency in footwear *does* begin to bother her, causing the flashes to grow slightly brighter, and passing gawkers to steer well clear of her. Something, after all, just *feel* dangerous.

Theo doesn't seem too interested in talking. But when he spots the inhaler he pauses, "That…is something those guys used," he says. He spotted them a moment ago. The teen gets in the car, shutting the door. "Maybe Shane got a whiff of one. Don't think that makes it okay," he adds, still rather pissed off about his car. "We better show it to the staff."

Robin blinks a few times and notes, "It looks just like an inhaler, though. Huh. I used one when I was a kid, but I grew out of it." She puts it in her bag and shrugs, "They must just have some kind of different stuff in there, though. Wonder what." She carefully brushes glass off of the seat, and then takes her puppet control position to keep Blank where she is until they're home. Easier to teleport her back than have her fly over the car.

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