2010-02-17: Welcome To Barnes Academy


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Summary: Troy meets his new roommate, Danny

Date: February 17, 2010

Log Title Welcome To Barnes Academy

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Danny and Troy's Suite

A standard adult suite, this room is basically a combination living room and kitchen. There are four doors leading off to the sides, each to it's own bedroom and personal bathroom for the people who live here. The kitchen is small, but well appointed. The TV is good quality and easily accessible for video games or movie systems.

Coming into his suite, that's been alone for quite a while, is Troy. He's in his 'normal' appearance, image induced normality. Beneath it, is always… the suit. He currently REEKS of cigarette smoke. He just came from outside, apparently. But, that's becoming normal for him. Ever since everything happened and he came here, he's been smoking regularly.

An unexpceted surprise for Troy is that there is someone now in the main room with a few duffle bags and even some trash bags filled with clothes. It looks like he's in the middle of moving. He was in an apartment by himself so he has everything from food stuffs, to dishes, to video games and movies to stuff for his own room. "Ah'm gonna have tah figure out what Ah need tah put in tah storage." Right now his old furnature is still in the Freedom Force Headquarters. As Troy walks in Danny turns and smiles. "Heya, Ah guess ya must be one of mah roommates? Ah'm Danny."

An induced eyebrow raises. "Wonderful." He says, not adding inflection in any direction to that. Just the word. "Troy Bay. Slide." He explains. "The only taken room so far is that one." He points to his door… with his name on it. He doesn't extend a hand, but he does offer a nod. "Sorry. I'll tell you straight up. I'm… emotionally odd. They're helping me deal with it here. If you have to live with me, you need to know." He pauses a moment. "You look… familiar."

"Sandstone." Danny replies, if they're giving out codenames. "Well Ah ain't gonna be round all the time. Ah got a second job out side 'a here." He starts to move some of the boxes with 'kitchen' marked on them to the counter. "Just warn me if you're about tah go psycho crazy or somethin' Troy but otherwise, Ah think we'll manage." He says starting to unload a few liquor bottles. "Sorry, Ah..uh..got a lotta this stuff. And Ah look familiar? Ya ever been tah Nowhere?"

Troy ahs as he hears Sandstone. He read that name briefly. "Governmental." He says. "That's where I heard the name. And they said you might be coming." He does move to give a hand with things. "I don't go psycho-crazy. I just… get weird. You'll know. Nothing dangerous. If I say something mean, though, it might be because of that." Liquor? Hmm. He goes to help put things in the kitchen. Nothing out here was his. He starts putting the liquor on shelves. "Never had any of it. Legally… I'm not supposed to."

"Whatever about supposed tah. You're a kid, hell Ah'm still young, we're supposed tah have fun, right?" Danny says giving him a wink as he takes out the rest of the bottles. There's about twenty bottles of hard liquor of various Rum's, Whiskeys, Scotches, Vodkas, Fragelicas and other various liquors for mixing drinks. "Ah do a bit of cookin' sometimes, mostly Southern style." Asian Southern boy, go figure.

"Everything I was good at isn't really important anymore, so I'm trying to find out what I want to do. What'll… carry over and what won't." Troy explains with a nod, unable to resist a bit of a grin at the 'supposed to have fun' bit. "What brought you down here?" He asks, moving to help with getting stuff in place. "Oh, and if you are gonna be moving furniture in, let me know. I can REALLY help with that." Hey, his powersuit has its practical uses, too.

"That's all back at Freedom Force Headquarters, which is why Ah'm here. Havok left, we were leaderless, kinda did nothing, got paid for it and well, got offered tah teach here." Danny says as he unpacks various kitchen stuffs. "Ah gotta go through classes an' all that, they said mah Tae Kwon Do skills would help but they got enough combat type teachers. So they'll be trainin' me tah teach History."

"Makes sense. I'm actually… well. I'm a powers-trainer of a sort. Specific powersets, but I'm open to a lot of things. I don't know what my actual classes that I'm taking are gonna be yet. Haven't figured that out yet. Since there's only a few of us here. I'm just taking basic college classes for now." Troy says, considering things. He thinks for a moment. "I may actually ask for one on one from your Tae Kwon Do. I haven't had any specific form of training. Mine was very generalized."

"Ah took it as a kid, to help with my athsma, or so mah parents hoped." Danny says with a laugh. It did help a bit though, he just hopes Troy doesn't smoke in the room cause that will cause breathing problems. "Ah never went tah college, Ah just went tah bar-tendin' school. Ah'm not sure what they'll be havin' me take either, Ah just told 'em when Ah work at mah other job. Which is usually nights."

Troy nods, considering things. He doesn't talk about his past. "I just didn't really have anywhere else to go." He says with a nod. "So, they gave me this option. And so far it's been alright. Never thought I'd work for SHIELD, though."

"Ah never thought Ah'd be workin' for the Government or the UN or whatever this is now." Danny says as he moves so he's sitting on the counter. "Ah just hope Ah don't get in trouble for all this liquor with a minor in here." He says with a chuckle. "For me it was this life, or work at bars and bookstores for the rest of mah life. And lets face it, bartendin' ain't forever once ya loose your good looks."

"They say that if you're old enough and in the privacy of your own room, it's fine. And, how are they going to know unless I get drunk, act a fool, and go out there, showing off?" Troy asks, raising an eyebrow. "They said they'd peek in. They didn't say they'd be monitoring our every move."

"Works for me then." Danny says as back at his old place he even has some beers in the fridge. He doesn't get drunk a lot but the boy likes to drink. "Ah don't mind teachin' ya the ropes in regards to Tae Kwon Do and, shit, Ah gotta look at the size of the rooms." He's not sure what to do with his piano. "It's just weird bein' in a place with no windows."

"I'm sure we could make windows. But they may not like that." Troy says with an impish grin. "I think even -I- could make a window. But…" he can't help himself. "We can always go topside for light. I have to do it every now and then. Smoking helps me think." Yeah. Something like that.

"Who knows, Ah might be able to also when Ah'm in mah rock form but Ah'm thinking you're right about them not likin' that." But now Danny is getting the idea of drawing windows on the walls, just for laughs. "Ah don't smoke, asthma, but drinkin', that's kinda mah thing. So are they're any rules besides 'odd mood swings' with ya that I outta know 'bout?"

"Not really. Other than be cool. I don't see myself dating, but you know. Standard dating rules. Since we have our own rooms, it's not that big of a deal." Troy gives a bit of a grin. "My last boyfriend… well… he won't be here. We're through, so." He shrugs. "Such is life, you know?"

"No shit?" Danny says not meaning to sound rude but the chances of getting a roommate with the same romantic interests. "Yeah, mah last boyfriend and Ah got into a bit of a fight. Ah wanted tah join up here, he didn't. He didn't like me doin' it and well, that was the end. So if ya ever wanna have a few drink and complain 'bout it, Ah am a bartender, Ah'm used tah it."

"Ah, something in common. Imagine that." Troy nods, chuckling. "Well, I can't say I'll make a whole lot of sense, but I'll try." He hops up to sit on another counter nearby. "Complaining doesn't fix, though. That's what this suit is for." Of course, he's induced right now, so the suit isn't quite visible. He forgets.

"It ain't supposed tah fix, it's supposed tah take some of the weight off and just let it out." Danny says as he hops off the counter and starts going through another box. A variety of kitchen spices and boxed and canned food. Yes there are a few boxes of hamburger helper. "Suit?" He asks looking around, trying to see what Troy means by suit.

"Every time I let the weight off, things got worse." Troy says with a soft sigh. As he hears the mention of suit, he blinks. "Ohshit… sorry." He reaches to his side and de-activates the image inducer, leaving himself as he actually is dressed. Same physical structure, but no visible upper face. Everything is covered in the suit. It's a dark grey and blue body suit.

"Woah." Danny says Troy deactivates the suit. "So Ah kinda got a mystery roommate in a way?" But he also figures that Troy looks like he does with the image inducer on under the mask. "No problems, Ah'm just offerin' ya an ear without any obnoxious, bad advice. Or once Ah get unpacked how about we put the wii and get silly?"

"Well, I can't really live without the suit." Troy says with a bit of a shrug. "Eventually, if they fix everything that's wrong inside me, I won't have to wear it anymore." He explains, thinking. "Get silly?" He raises a… well… it can't be seen. But the mild raise of cheek can. "Not too mysterious, though. Not me."

"Yeah, Ah mean, christen the fact that ya got a new roommate." Danny says indicated the alcohol. He's a twenty-three year old who enjoys to have a few drinks, get loosened up, and have a good time. "Ah mean hell, maybe after a few drinks Ah'll really think it's a good idea tah paint a window on that wall, right there."

Troy blinks. Looks to the pointed location, and can't resist a small laugh. It's one of the first he's put out in… in a long time. "Alright. Well, let me help you get done with all of this, then." He says, shaking his head. At least they can make him feel like a normal guy again.

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