2010-03-19: Welcome To Barnes Population You


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Summary: Misha meets Danny on his first day at Barnes

Date: March 19, 2010

Log Title Welcome to Barnes, Population - You

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Cafeteria

A large open space with dozens of tables is attached to a kitchen module and a few freezer bays. Trained chefs prepare nutritionally balanced meals for staff and students here that is usually actually pretty tasty and after hours, there is an a la carte fridge with glass doors open to all. The cafeteria is even equipped to handle non-traditional metabolisms and there is even a small private dining module towards the back for staff dinners, guests of the teachers or for use by students with dietary requirements that might disturb others. The entire ceiling is a dome of transparent material and full-spectrum lighting gives the whole space a pleasant, sunny atmosphere, bolstered by the video monitors on the walls showing various live land and sea scapes.

The new kid is very aware of the looks he's getting as he moves into the cafeteria, but thankfully there are few people out at this hour. Mikhail moves carefully, stiffly, as he explores the cafeteria a little. Favoring his left hip. The main kitchen area is obviously closed for the night. He trails fingers over a rail here and there as he makes his slow way to the after hours fridge. Here's where he finds what he's looking for.. food. Wearing a Barnes tshirt, with the proper cargo pants, and boots, he's a slender young man in his late teens. Not attractive though. Mikhail is on the plain side really, but his scars stand out. One over the left eye, and a nasty one on his throat. Both are very old. Long healed. The fridge door is opened and he begins to look over the contents. What does he want?

Dressed very similarly to Misha is Danny in the navy blue cargo pants and a tight navy blue t-shirt that Barnes has issued. He's working his job later tonight so he figures he'd get some food before going to work later. He goes over and stands next to the fridge by Misha. "Howdy, Ah don't believe Ah've met ya before. Ah'm Danny." He says introducing himself to the new student. Danny is fairly friendly right now and his smile shows it.

Guarded. That's the best way to describe the young man. He straightens from his inspection of items and lets the door close. Mikhail doesn't reply immediately, and looks Danny over first. A flicker of hazel eyes and then there's a quiet, "Hello." Heavy Polish accent, and wow is that voice awful. Gravelly. Husky. Like he'd been smoking his whole live. You know, since birth. "Mikhail." Another pause. "I am being new." Sorry, English isn't quite his strong suit. Yet. Fingers remain wrapped around the fridge handle though, flexing a little.

"Welcome tah Barnes then. Ah'm here as a student-teacher right now." Danny says as his voice isn't bad but that southern accent is thick. "Where ya from? Ah don't quite recognize that accent? Somewhere….in Eurpoe?" He asks as he waits for Mikhail to finish up in the fridge. "Is there any bottled water in there? Ah'm out in mah room."

Mikhail realizes that he's being rude by holding up the fridge and that hand jerks away as though the handle were super hot. "Sorry." Steps back, favoring his left side, so that the fridge is clear. It's not that he's shy. The problem is that he's very uncomfortable, not to mention in a country he's mostly unfamiliar with. What you hear about on TV doesn't prepare one for living in another nation. "Poland." That's where he's from, and there's a nod about Europe. "..I am Russian, but I was being raised in Poland." A glance away, then back, "I am being student. Mostly sure. College." No, doesn't sound totally sure about all of this.

"Ah'm studyin' tah be a teacher here. History actually." Danny says going in and grabbing a bottle of water and one of those little packs of baby carrots. "Ah never went to college but now Ah'm here and Ah guess havin' powers gave me a job." He says going over to one of the tables and sitting down. "Poland, what was it like there? Ah ain't never been out of the country."

That things are taken so casually allows Mikhail to continue on with it. He's an easy way to escape, but opts not to. This must be a home now, for he has no where else. Alienating the first people he meets might not be the best idea. "This school has college. Why not now?" Once Danny is done, Mikhail returns to picking dinner. Choosing several items, a full meal, he brings them to the table. A brief hesitation, and then he eases into a seat. Hurts still, but nearly healed. Poland? "How can I be saying right?" How does he explain? "School, family, friends.. was good." There's no excitement over it though. This is a reserved young man. Doesn't help that image that he speaks quietly. "You from south? Accent says south, yes?"

"Yussir, Ah'm from Virginia originally. But then Ah moved to New Jersey and now here. I just ain't ever been able to get rid of the accent." Danny says with a kind of shrug. "And why not know, it's kinda what Ah'm doin', studyin' tah be a teacher. Ah went to school tah be a bartender so I work nights at a bar on the weekends here." He says as he's young, in his early twenties and living up the New York Nightlife. "Ya seem so excited tah be here Mikhail."

Some of what is said has him puzzling through it, but the teen doesn't show it much. The accent, and his less than perfect English, are the cause of this. Mikhail gets the gist however and nods. Nothing is said though, especially not for the being excited. That earns a look like Danny just grew another eye. Oh, wait, kidding. Danny must be kidding. That puzzled look shifts and Mikhail snorts in sarcasm. "Is good place, but am being here for poor.. um.. what is word?" He thinks and then says, "Happenings? Bad happenings." A shrug and he starts unwrapping his food. "Glad to not be sleeping on street, but unhappy because of heavy losses. This makes sense?"

Danny nods as he drinks from his bottle. "Ah think so, ya lost a lot and had nowhere else tah go? Ah'm sorry tah here that. Ah think mah roommate is tha same boat." Danny says as he was here by choice. "Ah was with another government group before this, but Freedom Force got disbanded and Ah'm here now. It give me direction that ain't goin' intah accountin' in economics or something equally borin' or what mah parents decided for me."

Mikhail nods back for the roommate. He knows he's hardly the only one hurting. It's said only to explain. Can't be all that happy. It all still hurts too much. "I am not knowing Freedom Force. What is this?" There's a little spark of curiosity in his eyes. The young man inside isn't dead, just hiding his head in case of debris. "Are you saying you were being superhero?" That's a surprise, but there's some amazement there. Yeah, he might be a little bit of a fanboy for supers.

"Yeah for a short time. We was part of Freedom Force with Havoc. Unfortunately it got disbanded but Ah got offered the job here tah learn tah be a teacher." Danny says as he's fine with that. He looks content. "Ah mean this is a place for those of us with super powers, so pretty much off of us here do. Ah wasn't know as a hero though, just another guy in a tight suit."

"It sounds like you were being lucky in being hired here." In that you didn't end up on the street with only that tight suit. Mikhail doesn't much show his emotions though. Just eating between replies. Of all the people here, he's the one least likely to be noticed. No fancy power affects, mutants, or even a cute smile. "I am being here because SHIELD didn't know what to be doing with me." A shrug, if the truth. "I am at least citizen for it." Considering how hard it can be these days, he's glad for it. "How long until you can be teacher?"

"Ah would have managed without the job here. Ah also tend the bar and Ah could've probably gotten the job at the book store back. What's nice is they pay the medical bills here." Which can really add up with Danny sometimes with his severe Asthma. "Ah was lucky though, Ah can't rely on the bar till Ah'm old and grey, and when Am Ah done? Whenever Ah git mah certs, which should be 'bout a year."

A nod that you could have managed. Doesn't doubt it. Still, this place is kind of amazing. "Not everyone can be getting in here, Danny. That is why I am saying you being lucky." Motions with his fork before spearing a bit more food. "A year is not being too long. Will you be teaching here too?" Well, teaching after Danny gets official, for all that he's sure to be helping other teachers now.

"Ah think so. Ah think they want me to teach History. Ah ain't bad with it. At least it ain't English." Danny says with a laugh since his Southern accent is a bit thick. "Ya think of yourself as luck tah be here Mikhail? Oh and if ya ever wanna stop by and play some video games or just hang out, Ah don't think Troy would mind the visitors."

That English line coaxes a tiny smile from Mikhail. See, he really does have emotions in there! Looking away, he shakes his head over it until he looks back. "No." Lucky? Hardly. The word is very quiet indeed. "I paid for this in flesh. That is not being luck." The look he gives is melancholy, but he doesn't let it last. And in spite of that negative emotion, he's given a way out. That has the sadness tucked away, and some real interest showing. "I would be liking that, yes. Thank you. I am being sorry that my English is bad. Never thought I would being having to use it all the time."

"Don't worry Mikhail, Ah won't be mean and teach ya all the dirty words, unless ya wanna know them." Danny says with a chuckle before his face falls a bit. "What do ya mean, paid for it in flesh? If ya don't wanna share it, Ah understand." He's a bartender, he's used to just going on with a conversation, and listening when people need it.

There's a dirty look for that. He's not that stupid, and can tell the dirty ones from the proper ones. Ask and he looks away. Mikhail drops his gaze, giving a little shake of the head. "I am not knowing all facts, but mother was working in Russia. She sent email files and got killed. I got files, and was too attacked. Aunt was killed. I was barely escaping. House was gone, family gone, took bullet," He motions to his hip, "So came to America. Maybe I am being lucky in that SHIELD believed." A bitter smile there. "So I paid for this. More than ever wanted to pay." He shrugs and takes a drink. All this talking is awkward. His voice suffers for it. "I am safe here. Is okay. Could being lots worse."

"Oh god Mikhail, that sounds horrible." Danny says as it makes his relationship with his family seem wonderful. "Well Ah'm glad you're safe here, that's just…Ah don't even know what to say tah that." He says pushing his hair back and just shaking his head.

Mikhail shakes his head. "Thank you, but there is being nothing to say. I am not knowing how to feel most days. Was told that it would grow more easier with time. Waiting for that." Putting his fork down, he's decided that he can't eat any more. "I am much a downer. Sorry." Trying to be good and there he goes again. "I am not much wanting to be here, but it could be worse. Much worse. So I will rebuild what I can. These people are being nice. Very unlike bad rep I hear of America. Am being glad for that. Like you. Thank you." For being nice.

Danny puts a hand on Mikhail's shoulder and smiles. "Don't worry about it Mikhail. If ya ever wanna go out and do anything, let me know. Ah work at a bar, a club, in Mutant Town. Let me know if ya ever wanna go out and just have some fun." Danny might not be a mutant but having powers does help a bit. "Ah just don't like that this place is underground. Ah miss windows, so Ah had Troy help me paint 'em on our walls."

Appreciating the offer, the teen nods. "Am I not being too young here?" For he's eighteen. Sure he can drink in Poland, but here? Mikhail isn't a mutant either, but he doesn't actually know that. Thinks he is one. "I would like to be out, yes." The no windows thing gets him too. He's gone from very normal living to a SHIELD base. Takes getting used to. "Even to see city. New York has much to be seeing."

"Yeah you're to young but there are ways around it." Danny says smiling, should he be saying that, no, but he's a young man who likes to party. "Alright, how about tomorrow night, Ah drag ya out intah the city. Ah can get Troy tah go with us and we can just have a good time. Maybe feel like a normal person for a bit."

"That is sounding good." A firm nod of agreement. Mikhail would like to get out. Maybe feel human again for a while. He's not been able to let down his guard for over a month now, and that takes a big toll on people. A huge reason why he's so uncomfortable right now. "I am not having much money. Is that problem?" No, his means are fairly limited. Sure he has money, but not enough to piss it away by constant 'fun'.

"Don't worry 'bout it, we're gonna have fun." Danny doesn't mind paying for people, after all he's been saving up his money for the last five years or so. He stands up and stretches. "Ah gotta git goin'. Ah work tahnight at the bar, Ah gotta git ready before Ah go. It was nice tah meet ya Mikhail. Stop by anytime, and tomorrow night, we're havin' fun." He says with a grin.

Mikhail doesn't leave his seat just yet. Maybe if he stares at his meal he can eat a little more of it. The last month has been hard. He needs to replace the weight he lost. "I hope you are having good night. Thank you again, Danny. Is very nice to have friendly face." In a strange land. Very nice indeed. Without company to distract, he forces himself to eat.

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