2010-09-07: Welcome To JRXTC


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Summary: Selene introduces herself to Jinx, Robyn and Connor as the new instructor of JRXTC

Date: September 7, 2010

Log Title: Welcome To JRXTC

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

In less than 24 hours the summer comes to an official end for the students at Xaiver's. And with it, the leisurely, home-work free nights. With the first day of school almost upon them, Jinx and Robyn have been called to conference at the observatory. The subject: The Junior training team. Its leader: Selene. Sitting, unmoving in one of the many chairs found in the room, the Black Queen waits for the 2 charges to join her. And, with luck, immediately drop the otherwise extracurricular activity. But, on the off chance she's not so lucky, or wants to at least look like she's going through the motions for anyone who happens to be watching, she's got a pile of paperwork and a couple of boxes for 2 of the 5 students.

Robyn isn't quite ready for the school year to start, but he'll get all his stuff prepared tonight and do a full look at his schedule rather than glance at it. He's been dreading this moment, meeting with Selene, but now it seems he can't avoid her. As the elevator gets to the Obesrvation Deck, Robyn takes a deep breath before steping out. He really hopes Jinx got here first but looking around the room, there's no such luck. Only taking a few steps off the elevator, Robyn doesn't take a seat but just stands there, not really sure what to say.

Jinx is reluctant, to say the least. This is the woman, after all, who possessed her friend and almost sucked her dry… and not in any good way, either. She arrives just moments after Robyn, her ears pulled back and tail almost dragging the floor. As she enters, she gives Robyn a little smile, then looks to the big scary lady in the chair. "Ma'am."

Having watched Robyn today with that pensive look and that seeming dislike of whatever is to come, just after Jinx has made her entrance, a third individual comes into the main observatory. Connor steps out into view and looks around with a pokerface on, carefully neutral before his eyes flick to Selene. For a moment they widen and then restore to their normal state, though now the energies behind them dance like blue-green fire. Walking over to the others, the newcomer stands just behind and to one side of Robyn, and says in a carefully calm voice, "I hope no one minds.. this is an observatory… so I think I'll observe a bit."

The unkind smile forms on her thin lips and only grows as the three filter into the room. Yes, she's going to enjoy this. "Afternoon, children. I hope the summer has treated you well," Selene says with a quirk of her eyebrow, "And Connor, this involves you as well. So, please, make yourself comfortable" She waves a hand to those still standing, "Please, be seated." She pauses, then continues, "All three of you have been invited to the Junior X-men Training Corps. Or— oh my —Jr. Ecstasy. Or is that JRXTC?" She waves a hand, "Regardless, thanks to the guidance of your headmasters, it is I who has been placed as the staff lead for this team."

There are several things Robyn would like to say right now but he holds his tongue. There's just a "Hey" to Jinx and Connor before hesitantly going to sit down. His body is tense and he sits on the edge of the chair incase he needs to bolt at anymoment. There is obvisouly no love for this woman. "Why." Robyn states to her, not really in a question form. He figures there has to be some hidden motive or something.

Jinx firmly sets her teeth into her lip. Now is not the time for backtalk to the lady, though her purple eyes glare through downcast brows. "Ms. Frost let you be in charge of *us*?" she asks, having to admire that little bit of manipulation right there. She moves to sit, her tail curled tightly against her leg and hands in her lap.

The final entrant in this conversation does not move to sit. Instead his hands go behind his back, and he stands with a flat 'at-ease' position in the stop so that he remains facing the woman. His eyes flick to the others, but then he tilts his head and Connor just remains silent for the moment. About the betrayal of any emotions going through him at this point would be the roiling in the power in his eyes, and any of the surface thoughts that Selene might decide to catch… most of which would be assessing the room and how to cover for the other two to get away quickly if need be. The questions have already been asked, so his lips remain in a thin line, as if glued shut to keep him from speaking his mind.

"Why indeed? And yes," Selene says of the questions as she looks between Jinx and Robyn, "If you'd like that and a plethora of other items answered more accurately, I suggest you go straight to the horses' mouth." Her eyes find Connors, "But, before any of you plan a coupe, keep in mind this is extracurricular. If you're unhappy with it or the management, you can leave at any time." Something she plans to help along. "I'm already well away that your generation has an aversion to hard work."

"Why does someone like you want to teach someone like us?" Robyn says bitterly as he looks over at Jinx and Connor quickly. "You tried to kill two of us in this room, so what are you getting at." He doesn't want this to just end up another ploy to kill them. He hasn't even seen her since she left James' body. This is his first time speaking to the 'real' Selene.

Jinx turns in her chair then to eye Connor. "Connor, stand down already. She has Ms. Frost's permission. That means we have to put up with with this or.. like she said.. leave." She turns back, the scowl still on her features. "Yeah… working hard does not include being dead, ma'am." Her ears bend back sharply. "How do we know this is not just a manipulation to take revenge on us?"

Connor turns his thin look into a smile, "Nope. Not going to sit, because she wants me to be comfortable… which I'm not. Also… I think I'll stay and see what she has to teach. After all, it's probably not as if she wants to do this either, now does she…" Arching a brow at Selen before he turns his head to look at the others, "I think it's great that we have the chance to learn the tricks of the trade from someone who's gotten a lot more experience at it than anyone else here… and has probably tried to kill most of the staff too. She doesn't trust us, and we don't trust her… so everything's on a nice even level." But the smile he gives Jinx, and the scent of anger and amusement do nothing but underscore the level of sarcasm dripping from his lips.

Watchful eyes track the student's responses as Selene sizes up her future challenges. Jinx answered Robyn's question to at least the teacher's satisfaction, so she doesn't bother with a supporting answer. Especially when she's already mentioned Emma's status as the go-to-girl for complaints. "Indeed, how do you know it's not, Jinx? On the other hand, it was the school that appointed me. So, I'm in this position to either teach, or bide my time." Eyes back on Connor, "And as Mr. Blake mentioned, what better way to be ready for either eventual outcome." She straightens a little in her seat, "The staff is weak and they hand down this weakness in what they teach to you. Thisis because they have empathy for you. I, on the other hand, do not share this emotion. If you wish to learn—and by that I mean 'really' learn then you'll find no better teacher. Because I guarantee that I will be the only teacher who will train you 3 levels above the suggested Danger Room setting."

Robyn just nods and doesn't say anything. He'll leave his venting for later when talking to Jinx or Connor. Instead he just crosses his arms and listens. He's still torn if he's going to leave the team or not. "So what are your goals for this then? Just to train us in harder senarious, nothing more?"

Jinx breathes a sigh through her teeth and rolls her eyes, turning back around and crossing her arms over her chest. "Whatever," she resigns herself, slumping into the chair. She glowers at the woman at the desk, listening to what she has to say. "If we ask you direct questions, will you answer truthfully?" She asks. It seems an important, and not obvious, question.

"Actually Robyn," Selene says as she looks towards the student, "Aside from training all 5 of you, my plans include placing you, specifically, on regiment of Lithium and therapy. The rest of my goals are covered in a syllabus I have created for each of you. Aside from that, this team is also about you. So, I expect each of its members to tell me what they would like to achieve." She looks to Jinx, "Yes, because I have nothing to loose my telling you the truth." As for Connor, she looks towards him and says nothing more.

Robyn stands up and looks at Selene and then looks at Connor and Jinx. "You know what Selene, screw you. I don't know what kind of games you guys are playing here and I'm not going to stand aside and take shit from you, again. This team is something that I want to take seriously but right now, with you here, I can't help but think it's a joke." She just pushed his last button and it's obvious he's losing his temper.

Jinx almost chokes. "You have a syllabus?!" She fumbles to untangle her arms and legs. She eyes the teacher cautiously, looking to Robyn as she suggests drugs and he reacts with uncharacteristic anger. "Are you gonna try and kill, maim, or harm us purposefully?" she asks of the teacher. The fur on the back of her neck rises with the tension of the room. "'Cause that's something I would sure like a straight answer about."

Connor watches Robyn, ignoring Selene for a moment. Walking over towards where the other young man is, he reaches up to stop him from going off any further. Trying to place a hand on Robyn's shoulder, he says softly, "Don't give in to her that easily… it's what she wants. Besides… she can't put you on anything without one of the doctors on staff approving it… she's yanking your chain." But with that said, he looks back up at Selene, tilting his head again like a cat, "We've had a very bad summer, and most of us are still trying to get over the whole Ahab thing. On top of that we've been shown parts of ourselves that we may not like, but are entirely possible. So please understand with all due politeness… don't push his buttons. I understand we have some very nice wheelchairs stored someplace."

The angered teen gets Selene's total attention. In a neutral tone, one that almost sounds hopeful, she replies, "If you don't like it, Mr. Larkin, you can drop the course. Just walk from this room, past Mr. Blake, and you need not worry about me or the training I've been instructed to give." Raising one thin eyebrow she watches Robyn for a second before moving onto the other two, "No, Jinx. I will be doing as instructed. The story that happened between all of us no longer profits me to revisit. And, Mr. Blake, when the time comes that we need one, I'm sure Robyn will be more than able bodied enough to help you find them." She waves a hand, and puts it on one of the two boxes on the desk, "Now, if we're all finished…I have business to conduct. Namely, issuing two of you your uniforms." Assuming Robyn is staying.

Robyn snaps his head and glares at Connor for a few seconds before transferring that glare to Selene. He doesn't say anything right now but does clench his fists. He holds his tongue….for the moment, trying his hardest to keep his temper in check.

Jinx is the only one of the kids sitting and feels sorta dumb, but has no outrage to carry her to her feet. She clears her throat and nods at the answer given to her question, pushing her bangs back from her face. "Only two uniforms? Which two of us get them?" She envisions a trick here somewhere.

Connor can't help but grin a bit as he replies to Jinx, "Robyn and yourself… I'm the uninvited guest here after all." But then he leans his head in and whispers to Robyn, soft enough only Jinx can hear, "You're stronger than you know, and you're better than her, buddy… always remember that. She can only get to you, if you let her…" Straightening back up, he then sighs, "I apologize for the overt threat, then… you probably have gotten too many of them so far. But if the Headmasters think it's allright for you to teach, then we should accept that. If you'd wanted or could leave, you'd have done so already, right?"

Selene shakes her head at Jinx, ignoring the outraged teen, "Mr.Blake is correct. There are more, but I only called you and Robyn to this meeting. Connor will get his after the fact since, originally, I had planned to meet with him and Lucas on a separate occasion." Turning her head towards Connor, she smiles, "I'm sure you and Emma would share similar thoughts on that topic. If you'd like to speak to her about it, I'm sure you'll find that you both share the same opinion. Regardless, much like Magneto, I am here and will be making the best of it, no matter who takes my classes, or drops them."

Robyn does plan on talking to Emma about this and express his concerns. He knows that Selene can only get to him if he lets her but she's pushing those buttons just right. Also he hates her with a blinding passion. "So is there going to be anyone else on the team besides Lucas, Jinx, Connor and I?"

"Oh," Jinx says, eyeing the box on the desk. It could be anything and she puts nothing past the woman. Perhaps it will be spandex… no. Selene wouldn't be caught dead in spandex. It will be something bold and unique, and after Jinx's last uniform, she need not be embarrassed about something form-fitting. She rises, and steps forward to receive the box that holds her uniform. "If we survive this, nothing can stop us," she murmurs softly.

Connor sucks in a breath, and then turns and starts walking towards the elevator, his hands going into his pockets to hide some of the shaking, "Well, I really should hold off my own choice until my turn comes… but still, with an offer like this, I really couldn't say no." He stops and then says a bit louder for Robyn, "If I run into town quick, did you want anything? It'll be ready in the room by the time you get back." A polite smile is given to Selene then as he presses the elevator call button, and steps inside as it dings.

Inside the box, there's nothing any more bold than the other standard training uniforms with the exception of the color: Classic-X blue and yellow. "Theo," is the answer that Selene offers, before she stands up to leave. The other box is left where it sits. It's up to Robyn to take it. "Sunday is our first day. The rest is up to you." Stepping towards the elevator, she moves to catch the same car as Connor, "Mr. Blake, if you have a moment." If not, she'll wait for the next one and speak with him later. If nothing else, she's a patient predator.

Robyn takes his own box and looks inside, pulling out the blue and yellow uniform. "I'm fine Connor." Robyn says as he looks at the uniform. Yellow. "Theo?" He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He doesn't say goodbye to her or anything but just looks at Jinx and mutters to her. "I'm kinda surprised it's not a bullseye on the chest."

Jinx can't help but be a little dazzled by the blue and yellow. It sends a tingle up her spine and she has a moment of insecurity. Good thing nobody has James' nose in the room. She watches Selene leave the room and nods her head to the lady when she mentions a time. "Yes, ma'am," she mumbles. Though she may not be decided for now, it is hard to resist more leather. She glances to Robyn. "C'mon. Let's get out of here and go get some brownies." Brownies, the panacea of teenage girls.

Connor actually does hold the elevator for Selene, and gives the others a wave and some time alone before he lets the door close on them both. With his friends out of view, he turns on the woman and his look is both flat and intense, "If you want to get anywhere with any of us, I would really suggest cultivating a basic level of respect, ma'am. Because if you keep on trying to push Robyn's buttons, you're going to hit the wrong one, and I can guarantee… you'll be thankful the mansion has some of it's strongest and versatile on security." Then he shakes his head, "And that's not a threat… it's a statement. And maybe… a warning."

Pushing the button for the Teacher's level, Selene takes a step back, eyes on the door, "Robyn is only one of the 5 that concerns me. Currently, Connor, I find the team is without a student liaison. If you are up to the task, I need I'd like you to fulfill that position until either I find a someone capable of talking a leadership position or I promote you into it." She turns her head to look and the student, "I'm not sure what the position will require, but some of what will be needed was something you showed to be in possession of just a moment ago." The elevator stops and opens for Selene, "Consider it, or not. There are others if you choose the latter." Always a pleasant one. She steps out and begins walking towards her room, "Have a good evening Mr. Blake."

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