2012-10-28: Welcome To The Party


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Summary: Rashmi, Travis, and Sophie greet Amunet upon her arrival in Mutant Town.

Date: October 28, 2012

Log Title: Welcome to the Party

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue B)

//Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture. //

Early evening, and across the street from the gates to the Mutant Town camp, a pair of young women push shopping carts, side by side, loaded down with supplies. The one closest to the gates, a red-haired Hindi woman, looks across the street to the incoming line. "…More every day," she says to the blond next to her. "If it doesn't slow down soon, we're going to be in big trouble, just from sheer numbers…"

The blond girl pushes her cart along, struggling a little bit not so much to push the cart as to keep it in a straight line, but managing to keep pace with the redhead beside her in spite of the strip of cloth wrappes as a blindfold around her head. "Is this the only place like this in the whole country?" replies the blond girl, speaking with a noticeable Spanish accent. "What, will they simply pack us in here like sardines, then?"

The sound of scuffling beyond a close by wall where the slamming of cardoors is heard comes between their conversation. A young woman's voice saying, "no.. let her go and I'll go in without a fight papa." The young girls voice sounding rather resigned. A deep voice answers back and then there's a soft 'thunk' sound along with a couple of things being thrown on the ground before the slam of two car doors and screeching tires. Silence and then a soft sigh as the shuffling of shoes against the ground and a soft oofing sound is followed. "no! That's my bag!"

Rashmi's head snaps up at the sound of the argument, and as the car screeches off, she looks to the blond next to her. "Sophie… could you please stay here for a little bit? I'll be right back, I promise. Just keep hold of my cart, and stay in the light where I can see you, okay?" Placing the blond's hand onto her cart's handle, the redhead turns and hurries across the street, against all good sense *toward* the sound of scuffling and theft.

Sophie sucks in her breath, and bobs her head as her hands is moved to look after the other cart. "Si, I will stay," she replies, though the tension in her voice makes plain how she feels about the notion, even if she is trying to be brave. The blind girl stays where she is standing, and cants her head to one side, to listen from afar to what is going on. "Stay safe," she urges Rashmi, calling to the Hindi girl as she rushes off.

A young girl is hugging two duffle bags that look to have fallen open. Gads of clothes having been strewn around on the ground that others from within the area are grabbing and trying to make off with. The ice blue eyes track at people as she tries to grab on to what clothes she can while hugging the half full bag she still has like it's a lifeline. Her body though making rather split second movements now and again to keep away from others close by and in the end ends up pushing hersself against a wall, "noo! I need those clothes!"

"That," comes Rashmi's voice from behind the mob, sharp as a cracked whip, "is *enough.* You leave her alone, *right now.* And *put those clothes down,* or I'll get *really* annoyed." Crossing her arms over her chest, Rashmi glares at the crowd, almost exactly as would a mother catching her children involved in a truly heinous act.

Sophie remains standing just where she is, keeping both hands firmtly on the two trolleys. She glances this way and that, listening to the various sounds he might hear, while keeping an ear out for what's going on with Rashmi at the same time. "Aunque ande en valle de sombra de muerte, no temere mal," she murmurs to herself.

Of course that's the kind of tone that any child would respond to. So the ones who had the armfull of clothes end up squeeking and dropping loads of them before scampering off. Only a few of the clothes being taken but in the end she doesn't seem to matter. A couple of the kids looking rather unsure as they look to the clothes and then to Amunet and then to Rashmi. In the end it's something in Amunet's gaze as she watches before sighing, "Oh take them… " So thanks to ms. mama voice she only lost a few things instead of all her clothes which really are as ugly as sin really. keeping her back to the wall those ice blue eyes track from the fleeing kids to Rashmi again and she says, "Erm… .. thanks?" Still hugging one bag to her chest rather protectively.

"I'm really sorry," Rashmi says, stooping to fold up the clothes nearest to her, opening the nearest bag to pack them in. "Things are… kind of crazy around here… Most of the time there's just not enough to go around, but we *try* to keep the robbing down whenever we can." With what clothes she can reach easily safely tucked away, she picks the bag up by its straps, setting it down within Amunet's reach, then stepping back and smiling. "I'm Rashmi, by the way… Rashmi Franklin. What was your name?"

Sophie remains where she is, continuing to wait for Rashmi to return. As she hears a rush of children coming towards her, now, her lips purse and she draws herself up to her full height, in spite of the tremble in her muscles; afterall, with so many feet, it is hard to tell what they are merely by sound. Thankfully they just go rushing past, though when it's all over, one of the carts is missing an item. The blind girl hasn't noticed, as one might imagine; she just continues to wait, with little other option before her at the moment.

It's only when Rashmi has stepped back that ever so slowly Amunet moves a little bit closer. Her heavy shoes tromping non too quietly in the debris she's standing in. The ice blue eyes watching around her while she starts chewin gon the inside of her lips and shoving things back into the bag. A couple of books, and of all things a small sewing kit and a couple of dfolds of cloth. Granted it's all ugly cloth. But cloth. And then some clothihng as well. "Amunet… Amunet Raggess." Comes the soft answer as she hooks the bag closed and swollows rather hard. "Umm I… .. I don't know where to go now that I"m here.. is there… somewhere we all have to go or… or.. are we all like.. " Motioning off to the directions the other kids scampered.

Some people are easier to tell their a mutant right off the bat than others, Travis, is one of those people who can't really hide their mutation. The six armed mutant starts to approach Sophie and stops his gait when he's standing right next to her. "Hey Sophie, it's Travis. How you holding up?" He asks since they're both staying in Rashmi's apartment. "I just spent the last twenty hours in the embassy helping out, they sent me home to get some sleep but I wanted to find Rashmi, and I see there she is." He waves in her direction hoping to catch her attention with at least one of the two waving hands on his left side.

"They don't really care," Rashmi says, her smile fading. "They didn't even bother to shut anything off after they locked the neighborhood down, so… we're pretty much on our own." Glancing over her shoulder and across the street, she brightens, returning the wave and smiling. "But for right now… c'mon. I don't have much floor space left, but I'm pretty sure someone in my building does. My friend and my boyfriend are right over there, and we were planning on using some of the meat the Bistro had left to have a little cookout for the building. How's that sound?"

Amunet pulls her two bags in close to her chest and again she looks at Rashmi and then around again. Chewing on the inside of her lip while looking around her surroundings as if looking for anything that may work. "A… alright. I suppose. I.. I can't cook much. I mean I can bake a little bit but.. only simple stuff. I can sew though? I didn't get much choice on what I brought with me."

Sophie breathes a great sigh of relief as Travis appears next to her. "Travis," she replies, turning to face in his direction. "it is good to hear you. Rashmi left me to look after the carts while she went to sort something out." She releases the carts, confident that they won't go anywhere now that the many armed mutant is here. "Your timing, it is excellent, I was becoming worried. I do not hear a fight so I am certain Rashmi is in no danger, but I was afraid someone might steal the carts." She bobs her head, and smiles gently. "I suppose you were working while I was busy arriving here last night," she adds. "I consider myself very fortunate that Rashmi found me so quickly."

"Honestly things here could be a lot worse, luckily the word got out a few days ahead of time and most of the people and businesses here were willing to help out others." Travis says as he puts a hand out to grab onto the cart and another to put on Sophie's back. "Let's walk over to Rashmi." He guides the blind girl over to their area. "Hey Rashmi, you know I was joking when I suggested someone could sleep in the bathtub." He says in regards to Amunet before offering one of his many hands. "Hello, I'm Travis. You're not hurt or anything are you? Actually Sophie probably already asked that." Since he knows she can heal as well.

"Sewing's good," Rashmi says, nodding, "we'll always need more hands with fixing clothes… Hi Travis!" Stepping to one side to give Amunet a bit more space between them, she beams at the pair crossing the street toward them. "And yes I *know* you were joking, but I didn't know when you'd be done and I figured I could give up the futon for a night or two until we got her settled in. This is Amunet, by the way…" Leaning against the wall, she seems to be perfectly content to let the girl make up her own mind about what to do with all the new people. "Oh, Travis. The Bistro had some meat left, but it's going to go bad soon if it doesn't get cooked… how's a rooftop grill party sound?"

Following Rashmi, Amunet stays rather quiet hile seeming to look everywhere. All the while keeping a rather tight holdon her two duffles. The offer of the hand from Travis is answered by the blue eyed young girl stepping back a half step and then a small step to the left and she says softly, "ummm thank you I… I'm alright though. Nothing that won't be gone in a day or two." Just hugging her bags and seeming to try and watch where all those arms are, "I.. I wouldn't mind helping with fixing clothes. I have some spare cloth on me too, I don't know a lot of patterns but I know a few to get by."

"A rooftop grill?" Sophie's brow furrows. "I will have to make sure to stay well away from the edge," she asserts, "I am not keen on falling." Her gaze tilts in Amunet's direction. "I hadn't asked yet," Sophie replies to Travis, "But I will now." She smiles pleasantly, and steps around the carts to approach the new girl, both hands held out in front of her as she moves slowly and carefully. "If anything is hurting, I can take care of it for you," she murmurs. "You don't have to suffer it if you don't want to. I am Sophie; it is good to meet you, Senorita…?"

"Sophie, she doesn't need two of us to offer to heal her, especially after she said she's alright." Travis says with an amused tone. "Though we'll make sure you don't fall off the roof top. I'm not the greatest at cooking but I can grill decently enough if you wanted me to cook. We have a community grill up on the roof of our apartment." Travis explains. "It's good to meet you Amunet, not under these circumstances, but you're in good hands. I promise. If you need anything you can always come find Rashmi or myself or Sophie here."

Rashmi bobs her head. "Just because *they* expect us to act like animals," she says, nodding toward the gates, "doesn't mean we ought to. Whatever you can do to help out, we'll be happy enough to have, Amunet… But not right now. Right now, we go home, and get you settled in. You've had a hard enough day already, I think. C'mon…" Nodding down the street, she pauses to give Travis a quick hug. "It's good to see you again, sweetie… How long are they making you stay away for?"

Sophie reaching out for her makes Amunet stumble back and at the last moment trying to dart behind Rashmi to dodge those handfs. "Don't touch please!" She says probably more sharply than she intends. I.. I'm Amunet." She says in answer to the blind girl and keeps trying to keep everyones hands in view, which makes it hard when you add in the extra limbs. "I'm not suffering… "

Sophie draws her hands back at the outburst, and looks decidedly uncertain for a moment. "Si, as you wish," she murmurs. "But, the offer is always open, si? It is why I came here." She bobs her head at the introduction, and takes a step back. "I will not touch you; I simply wished to make sure you are well, is all." She moves back another step, feeling about in the air behind her until she finds one of the carts. "Is this the one I was pushing? And Travis, I am sure you are a better cook than I am. Unless you like eating charred meat, that might suit a dragon, hmm?"

"Hey, it's okay Amunet, noone is going to touch you if you don't want them to." Travis says trying to calm her down. "Sophie, I have the carriage." He says to her as he's been pushing it since she let it go. "That's good that you're not suffering Amunet. Sorry, you must be really scared, if you want to come with us to our apartment I'm sure Rashmi can make you a cup of tea while we figure out what to do with all this meat, besides grill it." He finally answers Rashmi's questions. "I was there for about twenty hours, I would have stayed longer but they told me to go get something to eat and some rest. When I go back tomorrow, you can come with me Sophie."

"The one next to that is the one you're looking for, Sophie," Rashmi says, nodding to the cart next to Travis'. "And that sounds like a good idea, isn't that where most of the injured go, Travis? The Embassy?" Gesturing for Amunet to walk beside her, she smiles gently, keeping her pace slow for the frightened teen. "Hey Amunet… I saw a couple books, when we were picking your things up… Which ones were they?"

Seeming to wait till the others are mving again Amunet puffs out her cheeks a bit before then touching her locket with one gloved hand. Only after touching it does she moves to walk along. "Just some home schooling highschool books. Not a whole lot. I'm not really sure what to do while I'm here to be honest… dad just… .. well… I'm here."

Sophie moves to the other cart, totally uncertain now as to who is pushing what, but she'll help to push something at least. "Si, if the wounded and sick are going to the embassy, then I will go with you there," she replies, bobbing her head in agreement with Travis. "Is the embassy safe? …It is sovereign territory to another country; do the Sentinels and Purifiers leave it alone, then? Or do they treat it just like the rest of Mutant Town?"

"Well they're pretty much left Mutant Town alone, for the most part. I mean they've shoved a bunch of us in here, had us all register, we're given rations for food but for the most part, they haven't directly done anything yet. The Embassy is in the same way. It's more mutants come in, don't come out sort of thing." Travis tries to explain. "Since the Embassy is pretty central it's a good place for things to be organized. A make shift medial center has been established there for anyone with medical skills and/or healing abilities, like you and I." He then looks over to Amunet and shrugs. "I don't know what any of us are expected to be doing here except surviving. If you want to keep busy we can figure out something for you to help out with, or you can just keep trying with your studies or whatever helps to pass the time."

"Pretty much," Rashmi says, nodding as she walks. "…Well, also I'm pretty sure they leave the Embassy alone in case Magneto takes it personally… Um. *More* personally. Really I'm just sort of glad he's got his own country to deal with right now." Shaking her head, she looks to Amunet, frowning. "…Your father took you here? Oh Amunet, I'm *so sorry.*" Drawing in a deep breath, she looks at Travis, and for a brief moment it seems the redhead's heart is about to break. "But it'll be okay… You'll see. Once this insanity is done with… I actually know of a *really good place* for you to finish your schooling. But for now… I've got plenty of fantasy books at home, if you like to read stories, and the cable still works if you'd rather watch TV."

Amunet just shrugs a bit at Rashmi as she has stopped watching the three of them directly and is now watching any others they may past. Side stepping when need be, but otherwise remaining close, "Don't be sorry… if I'd been thinking about it I would have seen it coming and been out of there before tonight. I just wish my mom had been able to get ahold of that friend of hers. Maybe this wouldn't have happened then… but… it could be worse I guess." Glancing then to the older girl and then the boy that had joined them before saying, "Well I've … .. I've got the books if… if anyone wants tyo study with me. I'm not a … well.. I don't know what I could really do to help on any of this."

"I will study with you, if you wish, when I am not too tired," Sophie murmurs. "I left to come here… sort of in a hurry. I was not able to bring any of my own school books. Just, Amunet, I hope you will not mind reading out loud from time to time? I do not expect either you or Rashmi to have anything in braille, afterall." She perks an eyebrow upwards above the top of her blindfold. "I believe I am in for an adventure tonight. I will help get the meat ready for grilling. …I have never done this before."

"I'd offer to help seeing my Mom's a teacher so I should know some of what she does but I'm too busy with the Embassy stuff right now. And there's no way I'm letting my Mom come into this mess….no offense." Travis says as he's very protective of his mother. "Rashmi also has plenty of movies at the apartment if you need something to watch to keep your mind off of things. You know, if she wants to sleep with you on the futon, I don't mind crashing on the floor, as long as I have a pillow and a blanket. As for the meat." He says to Sophie. "If we have some spices we can make a rub that you can put on the meat easy enough before we grill it. What kind of meat did they give us Rashmi, or do we have an assortment?"

"Good lord, all kinds of stuff," Rashmi says, picking through the contents of Travis' cart. "Mostly beef, some chicken, you'll have to look at the labels 'cause I can only really recognize the hamburger on sight… Oh and don't worry, Amunet, you can have the futon all to yourself tonight. And basically… yeah. If there's anything you need, we'll see what we can do. Even if… *especially* if it's just someone to talk to. My only real rule, given the circumstances, is that if you have a problem with someone, you both have to bring it to me. And you'll probably end up having to talk it out before it's settled. We just… have too many people in too small a space to really be able to afford anyone having problems for very long, is all."

Nodding slowly, Amunet tries to take all this in as so many things being mentioned at once before then saying, ""I can read to you sure… i.. I should probably keep you away from the arabic books though… I don't have my first level ones anymore." Chewing on the inside of her cheek she says, "ummm would it be ok if I was just in a corner somewhere? You two can have the futon.. I'd actually be more comfortable if … if I was in a smaller space."

Sophie laughs softly, "Well, I am sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. Or at least, I did last night. I am not sure what Rashmi and Travis have planned for this evening." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, as she continues with pushing the cart, only smacking it against the one Travis is pushing just once. "You speak Arabic, Amunet?" She cants her head to one side, and looks duely impressed. "I think we have every sort of meat known to man," she adds to Rashmi's answer to Travis. "I will look forward to helping you with that, Travis. I haven't cooked anything since I helped peel potatoes as a little girl."

"That's good that you can peel potatoes Sophie, I've seen a lot of them among the rations they hand out." Travis says as he walks along with the three. "We'll do what we can for you Amunet, or we can find an apartment with less people that's willing to put you up? There's a bunch of really nice people in our building who I'm sure wouldn't have a problem if there is space, but honestly, we don't mind you staying with us if you can find a place that works for you." He notices that there's something Amunet his hiding or not telling but is afraid to push to hard to ask since they just met her and it's obvious to him she's scared and lost.

"But most of all," Rashmi says, "we'll make sure you're as safe as you can be, okay? I won't lie… that's not a total guarantee. But we'll minimize anything you'd have to be afraid of as much as we can, okay…?"

Amunet glances over to Rashmi and nods a bit before then looking to Travis, yes she's wary but then gives a small smile to you all anyways, "Thank you. I apologize I'm just… .. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of this." Her gloved hands rubbing together as she pauses and steps off tot he side rather quickly over just a step behind sophie.

"There is no need to be sorry for being overwhelmed," Sophie murmurs. "To be perfectly honest, I am vastly overwhelmed, also. …I am sure there are very few people who are *not* overwhelmed. As Rashmi told me, it is okay to be afraid, si? But you are not without friends." The blind girl keeps trudging along, and wrinkles her nose as the group passes a storm drain that smells like something died in it. "Horrid," she mutters. "We must be getting close to home, si? I am still not sure of my way around here."

"Oh I'm overwhelmed by all this as well, I just know that I've been through other horrible situations and come out okay, I have to hold on the idea that this will be the same." Travis is just very easy going and he tries to keep his head level along with optimistic in tough situations. "Just anyone we can help out, make feel a little bit safer and less alone, that's what matters. As for being close Sophie, yeah we're close. We're not in that big of an area, we've got about two square blocks and a park….it's just a horrible storm that we have to stick together through to come out okay."

Rashmi nods, pointing to a four-story apartment block a little ways down the street, across a park mostly made up of paving and a few token trees. "That's the place right there… the Four Arms Apartments. Before all this… a lot of mutants tried to have a sense of humor about things." Looking at the tent city that has already managed to spread over most of the park, the redhead sighs deeply. "…I really hope we can get that back, after…" At which point she pauses, blinking sharply. "Oh! Right! One more thing. We have cats. I mention them because… well one, I hope you don't mind, and two… they're pretty weird. And I say that, having lived in Mutant Town; they're weird cats."

Amunet just blinks and this time she actually smiles. "I like cats." Comes the soft reply. "Long as they don't tear up the cloth or run off with my books … I think we'll get along alright." But stays behind Sophie as she walks for some reason, her nose wrinkling at the rather perfumed waves of scent coming from that storm ddrain but doesn't comment otherwise. "I'm sorry if.. if I'm so much trouble… what kind of.. of cooking supplies do you have? do you.. I mean.. do you have enough for cookies? l…. I can make cookies."

"I think I saw Zero yesterday pining for Robyn looking like a spider shaped pillow and Bamf keeps teleporting to me at the oddest times. Dexter…well, you're the only one he likes." Travis says of the cats before smiling. "Amunet, they're good cats just, like Rashmi said, the weirdest cats I've ever seen." He lets Rashmi answer about the cookies since he doesn't want to offer up all her food. "Amunet, you're no trouble at all. Trust me."

"Well, I don't know," Rashmi says, peering at the carts, nudging an item or two aside. "If we don't, we can probably find something. *I* was always good at Mami's curry recipes, but Connor was the one who liked baking. …But yeah, seriously don't worry about being a bother. Like I said; anything you need, we'll do our best to give you. We're all in this together, after all…"

This seems to be enough to end Amunet's comments at least and she just nods. "Cats that… teleport… shaped like a spider." Her head shaking faintly as if unable to pull the imagry fully out of her head. "Does it have a tail while looking like a spider shaped pillow?" Apparently her attention stuck on the weird cats.

Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head. "No, but he *does* like to turn into couch pillows while he naps, so you're *going* to sit on him at least once a week. Really he's a sweetie, but Bamf is the neurotic one. Dex… well, he'll tolerate you as long as you give him pets on demand."

"Zero can shape shift, he's the friendliest, usually, but I think he's a bit skittish with everything that's been going on. Like she said, Bamf is a bit neurotic and Dex…he only really likes Rashmi, he tolerates everyone else." Travis says. "I'm gonna leave you two girls alone for a bit, I'm gonna rush ahead to the apartment and grab a shower. Hopefully there's still hot water." He gives Rashmi a quick kiss on the cheek. "See you girls soon!" He says rushing a head of the group.

Watching Travis hurry off, Amunet blinks and looks to Rashmi, "Is he always so …. busy?" Glancing around again and looking to where the shadows are befoee then moving a small bit closer to one of the carts being pushed. "So… … umm.. I mean.. what can…" A hand going up to fiddle with her hair as if looking for the words.

"Actually, *I'm* usually the one running fifteen different directions before lunch," Rashmi says with a soft chuckle. "I always worry that I'm going to leave him behind, y'know…? But then something like this happens, and I don't worry so much." Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, she looks at Amunet, her smile gaining a bit of a wry twist. "…What can I do, y'mean? Don't worry, I don't mind people asking. *Some* people do, but that's usually because something really horrible happened whenthey got them, and it started them off thinking their powers are wrong and evil… which they're not, at all. …*Any*way, it's hard to explain my powers, but since we're still on the street, I'll try; Psychic Bowling Balls."

Amunet shows the first emotion she's shown since the wariness started. A bark of laughter erupting from the blue eyed girls lips as she brings a gloved hand up to her lips to cover her mouth struggling to stifflwe the giggle, "Im.. I'm sorry.. the umm.. imgry." Her other hand moving as if it would explain everything.. "just… yeah.. sorry."

Rashmi laughs herself, shaking her head. "It's fine… it's the fewest words I can put it in, really, and it doesn't actually explain anything. Here… Imagine you have six extra hands. Except they're nothing but fists, and they're always moving in circles. So if you want to do anything, you have to make it something kind of circular, and you have to time it right. And you *can* move them separately… but it's like doing six extra things all at once. Which is why I'm put down in the registry as 'Limited telekinetic, cognitive alteration,' because my brain had to rewire itself to handle it."

Amunet Oh's a bit and just nods a bit. "Is it ok if… .. if I don't want to talk about everything I mean.. I just.. … I thought I could trust my dad too and well.." Sighing a bit as she frowns, "Is there any way to get a message to someone? I want to see if I can get a message to my mother to let her know I'm ok. I didn't fight being put in here so she could get away from him without him chasing her."

"Of *course* it's okay! Amunet…" Rashmi turns, stopping the cart and looking directly at the girl, her expression gently serious. "It's okay… Seriously. What you want to talk about, what you want to do… that's entirely up to you. If we need your help, you *can* say no, and that's okay too. THis is a horrible, horrible thing that's happened to you… all that matters is that when this is over, you have *options* for where you go from here. And I know how to get you that. *Believe* me, no matter how this shakes out, I *know* I can find you a place where you'll be able to be happy. If your mom has a cell, we still have service, and you can borrow my phone. I still have a computer, soyou can email her if you want… basically, if you want to talk to your mom, and we can find her, you will."

Amunet smiles faintly and says, "You know out of everything I have every tried to learn the computer is something I was always horrid at. I can check my email but to be honest I never used it. I don't even think I know my mothers email address. The cellphone might work, but… not for a few days, I want to make sure she has time to get away first." Biting on her lips and then says, "I,,… I'm pretty good with… I guess you could call it an instinct? Helped a kid from beind run over by a truck once. I just had this feeling and well.. it happens now and again on small things… and on a few things. YOu know avoiding trouble. .. I never really had the chance or real reason to learn to fight. But umm… maybe it'l be helpful?"

"Well, then, I've some pretty good news," Rashmi says, her smile turning into a broad grin, "it just so happens that the school I went to actually had a *lot* of good self-defense teachers. Ones who knew how to handle mutant powers, and work with them. I never really had much use for the training myself, for a long while, so I can't tell you I'll be much *good…* But between Travis and I, we can teach you how to defend yourself long enough to get away, at least…"

Amunet thinks for a long time and then says, "Maybe… so far the only reason I'm in here is because I agreed to be. Getting away hasn't been really much of an issue. But I … maybe I should learn how to defend anyways." CHewing on the inside of her cheek while picking at yet another loose thread of her sleeve.

"I can attest that the place Rashmi is talking about has really good self-defense teacheres," Sophie interjects, finally speaking back up into the conversation. "I have been learning from one of them lately, and he's been generous enough to spend time with me one on one." She pauses, and smiles thinly. "And he will probably be really angry when he hears that I am here." The blind girl leans on her cart, and gazes sideways, in the general direction of the apartment building. "We should perhaps start carrying this stuff up the stairs while we talk?" she suggests.

"Good idea," Rashmi says, nodding as she hoists a couple of bags. "One thing you've got to understand about the guards, though… If they have an excuse to beat you, they're going to. That's… something we haven't been able to stop. Either curl up and try to protect yourself, fight back and make it worse, or run, and when they find you they make it worse for everyone around you. Right now, it's best just to not give them any reason to notice you, if you can help it, y'know…?"

Amunet tucks one of her bags cross ways across her back and then after making sure that the other two aren't in the way she picks up a bag to carry as well along with the other duffle bag. Then she whispers, "It'd be bad if one of them touched me… it'd just be… bad." Frowning a bit, "I wonder if that's why he sent me here…"

Sophie's brow furrows, as she picks up a bag as well — just one, in her case, and one that she can carry with one arm, while her free hand reaches out to try to find Rashmi. "I'll need your arm," she murmurs, "I'm still kind of… afraid of stairs, without my cane," she explains. Her gaze shifts to Amunet's direction, but doesn't comment on the other girl's admission.

"Then we'll try to make sure nobody touches you," Rashmi says softly, offering Amunet a bracing smile. "And for now, that means a big dinner, a warm bed, and tea, if you want." Maneuvering herself to place her shoulder under Sophie's hand, she leads the way up the steps of the building. "C'mon… let's get upstairs."

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