2012-10-16: Welcome To The Purifiers



Summary: Maxwell aka Frank joins the ranks of the Purifiers.

Date: October 16, 2012

Log Title: Welcome To The Purifiers

Rating: R

NYC - South Sea Port

Located at the mouth of the East River is South Street Seaport. What was once a fishing port is now a mall. Outside, the docks are lined with people and street performers, from contortionists to singers, mimes, and living statues. Large boats are on display for tourists on the side of the docks. If you're lucky and are here at night, a live band might sometimes be performing.

As promised someone called Maxwell aka Frank and requested to meet up at one of the small pubs down in the Financial District of New York City after hours. It's nearing on ten o'clock at night and most of the bar has cleared out. Sitting in a booth is the familiar face of Greg Connelly along with a man whose been seen on television - Matthew Risman. "You told him ten o'clock, right Greg? If this man doesn't end up being what you said, it's yours and Meyers ass on the line."

Maxwell pulls his bike up outside the bar and parks it. He'd entered the area about an hour earlier a few blocks away and spent time watching the bar and the area around it to see if there was any surveilence on the place other than his own. Certain that he's at least not going to be ambushed he steps in a few minutes before 10 and spots Greg, heading to where the man sits. "Hey there, hope you weren't waiting long."

Both men stand up and Greg offers his hand to Frank. "No we weren't waiting too long at all, Frank, this is Father Matthew Risman." The man addressed as Matthew Risman offers his hand. "Greg told me about your meeting and it's a shame you've had to be put through all that. He also told us about your wanting to help our cause. Greg, go get us all something to drink while I talk to Frank for a while, what are you drinking Frank?"

Maxwell shakes the man's hand and smiles a bit "Thank you Mister Risman, yeah the.. problem is becoming a royal pain in the ass. Just hope I can help out in some way." He looks over to Greg "Ah a beer is fine thanks, I'm not picky about the brand." He waits until Matthew sits and then sits as well. "So I'm guessing this isn't just a friendly call for a hello and a drink."

"Father Risman." Matthew corrects and as soon as Greg goes to get the drinks from the bar, he sits down. "No, this isn't. I want to know how dedicated you are to the cause, and see if you're willing to help out with a demonstration this weekend we are holding. We need to make our prescience stronger, show the American people that they can trust us and put faith in us to keep them safe at night."

Maxwell nods "Of course my apologies Father Risman, no disrespect intended. So what kind of demonstration are we talking? Another of those Friends of Humanity marchs are sothing with a bit more… impact?"

Father Risman smiles, and it seems quite sinister on his face. "You see, God doesn't like mutants, and we need to follow his path as well. It's not a march and people from various anti-mutant secs all over will be gathering this weekend for an execution of four very specific mutants we have in our custody at this time."

Maxwell gives a low whistle "Public Execution? Yeah that'll send a statement alright.. so what is it you want me to do during all this? Need guys watching out in case the muties try somthing?"

"You see, there are four mutants that threaten to take down everything thing we stand for, I tried killing one of them almost a year ago but he…got away." There is a twinge of irritation in Matthew's voice. "This time, we're not going to do it so simply, we have to make it large. We'd love to have you on board to help keep an eye on things on the main stage, maybe you'll even get to lynch one of them."

Maxwell nods and smiles "Ah a good old-fashioned hanging.. here I was afraid you were gonna have me wearing one of those black hoods and carrying an axe like in those old movies. But yeah you can count me in, where do you need me to be and do I need to bring anything with me. Guns, knives, that kinda thing?"

"Bring whatever you feel you need with you. We're not masking who we are, we're letting everyone know that we're going to protect them from the most vicious of mutants, starting with the four we have captured." Risman says. "We were able to get Giants stadium, they weren't happy about it but with the people we have on our side, it's impossible to say no. I'm not sure how much Greg explained to you."

Maxwell shrugs "He gave me the nickle rundown but I guess he wanted to see if the background check cleared first before explaining anything big. Course given what you just said I can fully understand his hesitation to say too much. So Saturday at Giants Stadium, not a problem."

Risman watches Frank for a while and motions to Greg to return to the table. Greg places a beer in front of Frank and sits down next to him with his half full pint. "Frank, do you have any questions for us, you seem like you're comfortable enough with what we have planned." Father Matthew says. "Also if you do well this weekend, there will be more and more opportunities for you."

Maxwell takes up the beer and takes a sip slowly before answering. "You're not asking me to do anything I ain't either done before, or frankly have wanted to do. If it gets these freaks out of my neighborhood I'm all for it. I suppose my only curiousity right now is what makes these four so special? I mean I follow the news and all and I never heard of any of those names before. I figured if you wanted to make a statement you'd be gunning for one of the bigshots like Magneto or that Dingo guy. I mean those are mutants everyone in this town is scared of."

"I didn't mention any names." Father Risman says looking Maxwell up and down for a bit. "You're a smart man though, to figure out that the four we're talking about is the four that have been mentioned on the news lately. Connor Blake, Nicholas Gerhardt, Quenton Michaels and Warlock Corvus are the four. This may be hard to believe but just follow me for a bit. Our leader, Reverend William Stryker, is a prophet. He's prophesied several things that have come true already, things that he couldn't have known. According to him these four are the four that are destined to destroy him and the Purifiers and he wants to make sure that it doesn't happen. So we kill them before they kill us."

Maxwell shrugs "I manage.. Myers let slip that the whole Salem center thing went down the way that mutant chick on TV said it did. Doesn't take much to add two and two to figure out the four you had came from that. Though truth be told I didn't know about that Quenton guy before you said his name." He listens to the rest of it and nods "As good a reason as any to hang'um high and watch them swing."

There's a tenseness from Greg as Frank says he let it slip which shows as he tries to hide himself in his beer glass. If Matthew is upset or annoyed by that, it doesn't show. "Connor Blake was the only mutant we were able to hide from the news, until that Redheaded nuisance decided to go public. It's not going to matter though, everything has been going as planned and as soon as the execution goes off, the mutant registration and relocation act will go through. It's already ready to be signed. It's amazing what you can accomplish with God on your side."

Maxwell takes another swallow from his beer "Amen to that father, Amen to that. Sounds like some really heavy stuff is about to go down. Glad to be a part of it all."

"We're glad to have you with us Frank." Father Risman says. "God sent you to us for a reason." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out three different business cards to give Maxwell. "One of those is my business card, this one is for the local group here in New York City and that one is for New York State. If you have any questions, almost always someone is on call."

Maxwell nods and takes the cards "I'll be in touch if I have any questions, and of course you know how to reach me if you need anything on my end of this. It's been good to meet you father but if there's nothing else I need to call it a night. Got work tomorrow and it's a fair ride back to hell's Kitchen." He downs the rest of the beer in a few swallows, just reinforcing that blue-collar stereotype he's been putting forward to this point.

"Travel safe Frank and may God be with you." Says Risman and he stands up to give Frank a handshake before he leaves. "We look forward seeing you on Saturday."

Maxwell shakes the man's hand and nods "I look forward to being there." He bids goodnight to Greg and heads back to his bike. Getting a few traffic lights away from the bar before sticking his hand in his jacket pocket and clicking the stop button on the small audio recorder he was carrying. This will hopefully be the first of many recordings he'll be gathering for when he's ready to give the public a true look at the inner workings of the Church. He's just gotta be carefull and play it safe. Though for now he's got some work to do….

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