2011-03-12: Welcome To The Roaring Twenties


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Summary: The first inter school dance for Xavier's and Barnes goes off without a hitch!

Date: March 12, 2011

Log Title: Welcome To The Roaring 20's.

Rating: PG

NYC - The Puck Building

Hard wood floors, tall windows and columns make up this large ballroom. There's a chandelier in the center of the room and white Christmas lights circle the columns and line the windows. Round tables and chairs with white linens are on the edges of a dance floor. A DJ booth that plays music from the roaring twenties to more modern music play through out the room. Off the main room there is a smaller room with a few couches and chairs along with hors devours and non-alcoholic beverages on a table along a wall.
During the dance there will be a sit down, four-course meal for the students. There is no set seating arrangements so students from both Xavier's and Barnes can mingle. Outside of the building SHIELD agents stand on guard and undercover to make sure everything is safe and secure for the students.

A bit of a perfectionist, Robin has come with Blank to the dance a touch early to make sure everything has gone smoothly. Dance committee after all. While Blank is not dressed up, Robin is dressed according to the 20s theme, though she wasn't able to find anything that would completely cover her arms, so she's opted for one that does most of it and has used makeup on her arms to minimize appearance of any scarring. Currently, she sits on one of the chairs, playing with her not-so-in-theme cellphone and glancing off towards the door every few moments.

"I'm *so* glad we finally got this underway," Rashmi says, approaching from the dining table where the last of the decorations is no longer being fiddled with. Dressed as a proper flapper, including effort spent to give a bit of crimp to her short hair, she drops into a chair next to Robin and Blank, sighing. "Thanks *so much* for carrying the load, Robin, I'm *really* sorry I dumped so much on your guys. I honestly didn't mean to."

Shaking her head, Robin rubs the exposed part of her arm lightly, "No, no, don't apologize for anything. To be honest, I'm kinda excessively finnicky anyways, I feel better about doing some things myself." She smiles and shrugs slightly at that, "But everything looks great now around here! I think everyone involved should be proud of this. Now I can't wait for people to start showing up."

Rashmi bobs her head, grinning. "Oh I know, I want *everything* to go just right… Which, y'know, is probably why I was *really glad* to hear about all the security we've got. It's bad enough when I can't even get Coldstone without a giant beetle throws swarms of bees at me." On the heels of that statement, the redhead lifts a shoulder, glancing toward the door. "I do kind of hope people remembered not to get dinner before the dance…"

"I sure remembered!" says Robin, putting her hands on her stomach, "I'm actually getting kind've hungry. But oh well!" She glances towards the doors again and says, "Yeah, I know. Go for a walk in the park, a gunfight breaks out! Go to do some shopping, end up fighting a Sandman knockoff! No, tonight had better go off without a hitch! I'm counting on it!"

"Well," Rashmi says, grinning and gesturing at the huge dining table, "have a sit, then! I'm done fiddling with everything, and people should be showing up pretty soon, right?"

Magneto enters the room. He's wearing a three-piece charcoal-grey pinstripe suit with turned up cuffs, a white shirt with a dark tie, and a bright white pompom mum as a boutonierre. The fedora hat he's wearing sits at a rakish angle, and he regards the room from under the shadow of the brim. He tilts the hat up with a thumb when he spots Robin and Rashmi sitting with Blank.

A casual stroll across the floor. He'll rach up and take his hat off as he nears. Not polite to wear hats indoors, you know. "Good evening, ladies. You both look dazzling."

At Rashmi's insistence, Robin nods and strolls over to take a seat at the dining table. "Yeah, we should have a few popping in any moment now." The teen turns towards Magneto before she manages to actually seat herself and she smiles at the compliment. "Well, thank you, sir. I put a lot of effort into it."

Walking into the dance Travis is dressed for the occasion. He's wearing a custom made black three piece, single breasted, suit with a red tie and a black fedora. His hair is slicked back and it seems he's put a bit of thought into exactly what they were. He has a clear box in his hands and looks around the room once he walks in. He spots Rashmi and walks over to her placing a kiss on her cheek. "Hey there, you look great. I got you a corsage." He says handing her the plastic box with a blue flowered wrist corsage in it. He offers one of his sixs hands to Robin. "Hey there, nice to see you again. Robin right?" He says remembering her from Africa. "And hello sir. Nice to see you again as well."

Rashmi pops up from her chair, grinning broadly as Magneto removes his hat. "Well *thank you,* sir! And I…. wow," she says, taking a second look at the elder mutant. "That suit looks *good* on you, too." Clearing her throat, she gestures to the dining table. "Anyway, um… sit wherever you'd like, I—" Trailing off as Travis kisses her on the cheek, she chuckles. "…Have to say hello to my date, apparently. Hi you." Travis gets an answering kiss on the cheek, and a hand outstretched for the corsage.

Magneto will pull out Robin's chair for her, since she hasn't seated herself yet. "If I may…? And yes, your efforts have served you very well. Very stylish."

He'll look around at Travis then. "Mr. Smith. Good evening. You are looking good, too. It would seem that the 1920's have arrived again, and in the style to which they were accustomed."

"Yeah, that's right," says Robin to Travis, nodding her head a couple times, "And you're Travis, if I remember right…" She smiles at watching Travis and Rashmi's interaction, even letting out an, 'awwww'ing sound at their interaction before she sits down in the seat offered by Magneto, smiling, "I do agree, sir, that a suit suits you pretty well."

"Thank you sir. I hope you're doing well tonight." Travis says as he looks around. "You guys did a great job here tonight. This place is really nice. It's a lot nicer than my senior prom." He says happily impressed. He doesn't sit down yet but is taking in the room.

Magneto will let Travis deal with Rashmi's chair, the way a good date should. Meanwhile, he'll choose a chair at the head of the table — of course. "I am doing excellently well, Mr. Smith. And you? I must say, however, that if your answer is anything less than 'excellent' in your own turn, you will be guilty of the most horrendous slur upon your companion for the evening, and I will have to take her from you to make up for it." Giant smile, all teeth. Does he mean it?

Rashmi chuckles, nodding. "Well, we *did* want it to be the kind of dance people would remember for years… And with Xavier's and Barnes willing to match us dollar for dollar on our fundraising, we did have kind of a lot of room to work with. So! When people start showing up in earnest, there'll be a three-course dinner, and a band in the other room." As Magneto makes his not-terribly-veiled not-much-of-a-threat, the redhead laughs, shaking her head. "Why *thank* you, sir, it's sweet of you to defend my honor… pre-emptively, even."

Travis does pull out a chair for Rashmi before sitting down himself. "Me, I'm doing great, well no less then excellent." He says with a big smile. "I have the best date here…" He says trailing off before looking to Robin. "No offense, I'm biased." He then looks at Magneto. "I..I don't know how I feel about you threatened to take my date away. It's like being threatened by a really scary father." He says it all in good jest though.

"Oh, no, I'm not anybody's date, so I don't suppose you've got anything to apologize for anyways! But if I did have a date, geez would I be cross with you right now," says Robin, smiling at that and wrinkling her nose a bit. "And yeah, this definitely seems like it'll be an event to remember!"

Magneto gives Rashmi an amused nod. "It is my tendency to pre-emptively defend that has earned me titles far worse than 'really scary father' in the past." He slides a look sideways at Travis. "And since Miss Franklin's father is not here, nor Miss Keen's, I am thinking that the role of in loco parentis is mine for the taking." He'll pick up his napkin and flick it out. "I can think of a number of ways to amuse myself with that sort of … power."

Rashmi chuckles, folding her napkin in her lap. "Well, *I* can't think of anyone who'd make a more, um… *effective* chaperon, sir, and thank you for volunteering yourself for the job." Grinning widely, she pats Travis' arm… the upper one, on her side. "Smart date I have, though, he's good at his flattery."

"I'm just a regular charmer." Travis says as he sits down next to Rashmi. He then looks at Robin. "Well, since you're not anyone's date, if Rashmi doesn't mind, maybe I'll ask you for a dance later." He's not flirting more just being polite. "Well sir, a lot girls need a good man to defend their honour. I'm sure not many can do a better job with being a 'scary father figure' to us teenage guys better."

Chuckling softly, Robin glances at Rashmi for a moment before saying, "Well, I wouldn't mind being asked, but I've never had expectations for these kinds of things. I definitely stayed seated during my school dances in the past. Not that I minded that, either!" She adjusts her glasses slightly.

Magneto settles his napkin on his lap and pauses while a server makes a round of the table, filling water glasses. "I think I will take your observation as a compliment, Mr. Smith. Any other interpretation would be far too much encouragement to exercise my latitude with this signal opportunity." This grin is toothy, too. "Any your flattery is not helping with that, Miss Franklin. Are we about to engage in one of our discussions of rights, privileges, and rampant, wanton outrageousness?"

He looks pleased with himself. He looks at each young person and perhaps — perhaps — there is a hint of pride there, too. Perhaps.

"*After* the dance, please," Rashmi volleys, lips quirking at the corners. "I'd much rather wear my feet out before I give my brain another workout… speaking of, of *course* I don't mind, Travis, dance with whoever you like! …Just as long as I get the first and last, of course."

And here's another girl sweeping into the room! Well… fluttering, anyway. Megan flits through the door, her pale lavender shoes not touching the floor and her matching fringed flapper dress swinging at her knees. Seems that someone decided to go all out when she heard that the theme of the dance was the Roaring 20's. She may look like she's in the partying spirit, but her expression is a little… disappointed… Maybe because she's entering alone when she'd had someone ask her to go?
The pink haired butterfly winged girl's feet finally touch the wood floor when she nears the table where Magneto, Rashmi, and the others are seated, her usual bright, chipper-ness making an appearance as she closes the distance, "Have any of you seen Mason?" If the lightness in her voice is a little forced, then it's probably just because she hasn't seen her date.

Robin raises her hand behind herself slowly and teleports Blank to the position behind her chair, glancing over towards the new arrival. "Mason? No, can't say I've seen him yet. I figure he'll be coming, though. I mean, he'd better be. Can't help plan an event and then blow it!"

"Miss Gwynn." Magneto rises and hives her a nod of his head in greeting. "You are looking very fabulous this evening, and we are graced to have your presence. Mr. Steele is, quite obviously, entirely undeserving of your companionship."

Rashmi bobs her head in agreement, pursing her lips. "Not to mention having a date…. Hmpf. I'll have to have a talk with him, I think. He's *definitely* given up on his first-dance privileges. Anyway pick a seat, Megan! I *love* that color on you, too, where did you *find* that dress?"

Travis puts the two together in his head as Megan asks for Mason and Magneto says Mr. Steele. "Wait, Mason Steele? Like the singer Mason Steele? You got him to perform here?" He doesn't know much about the various students at Xavier's. He turns to Megan and nods to her. "Nice to meet you, I'm Travis." He says offering her one of his six arms.

Megan blushes faintly at the complement from Magneto and does a little spin to show off her dress, layers of fringe swirling around her as she grins, "You like it? I found it in this amazing little resale shop." She wrinkles her nose upon hearing that Mason hasn't been seen yet, blushing deeper at Magneto's last comment and giving a mild curse, "I thought he'd be here by now…" She takes Travis' offered hand and gives it a brief shake before dropping into an empty chair, "Aye. Well, I don't know about performing, he didn't tell me that, but he asked me to come with him."

"Mason won't be performing tonight, no," says Robin, shaking her head, "He'll be enjoying the dance as an Xavier's student. If he decides to show up!" She and Blank both nod in synch with one another and she leans back slightly in her chair.

Magneto waits until Megan seats herself before he sits down again. He'll retrieve his napkin and settle it in his lap again, watching the young people around him chat with each other. "If young Mr. Steele does not show up, it will be to his loss, Miss Gwynn, and I am certain that the other young men who will be in attendance — and perhaps one or two not so young men — will not let his lapse in judgement pass without taking advantage of such a splendid opportunity."

Rashmi bobs her head in agreement with Robin. "Actually Travis, yeah. It's… kind of a huge secret to pretty much anyone who doesn't go to either school, but Mason Steele is in fact a mutant. But he was pretty adamant that he not have to play tonight, mostly because he doesn't always *get* the chance to just show up as a guest, you know? So… you were half right."

Travis blinks and seems a bit surprised. "Wow, so that..um…." He tries not to be rude about his fame and how teenage males usually view teenage male pop idles. "surprising. Just the name threw me off is all. I remember some of the girls in my school going nuts over him." He says. "Well I'm enjoying the music here tonight. Not what I normally listen to." He nods to Megan. "I doubt a guy could stand up a nice girl like you. If he does, I fear for him cause Mr. Lensherr here might have a few words."

Pink curls get tossed back over Megan's shoulders as she unfolds her napkin and settles it in her lap, her blush competing with her hair for which will be brighter, "Well, sir, I'd really like it if Mason could show up. I was flummoxed when he asked me. I never thought that one of my favorite popstars would ask me to a dance." She reaches for her water glass and takes a small sip, leaving a faint lipstick print on the glass. She bites her lower lip for a moment at the thought of Magneto 'having words' with Mason if she's stood up, "I'm sure he'll be here." She sounds like she's trying to convence herself of that as much as anything.

Fidgeting with her hair slightly, Robin nods at Megan, "Well, he'll probably show up fashionably late. I mean, he seems like the fashionably late type." She crosses her leg over the other, glancing down to the settings on the table, and says, "I am curious to whose faces we'll be seeing, though."

Magneto smiles into his own water glass. "Have a few words…? Oh, yes. I think I will, if any of the young men at this even disappoint their young ladies." And never mind the reverse. He's old school — young men do NOT disappoint young ladies. Young ladies, on the other hand, have carte blanche for making their young men work for their happiness. Such is life.

Rashmi chuckles. "He'll be here, Megan, don't worry," she says, taking a sip from her glass. "And *once* Magneto is done verbally filleting him, you'll both have a *wonderful* time, I promise." As more students begin to file in to the dance hall, the caterers start to pass out the menus, three choices each for soup, entree and dessert … and as a not to those with more exacting needs, some of the menus have been personalized; Braille for the blind, custom selections for those of specific nutritional needs, and such.

"Here you go!" A young man helping to run the dance arrives at the table where Professor Lensherr and several students are sitting, guiding a young blind woman who is clinging to his arm. "There's an open seat here," he explains as he draws a seat back. "I'll bring you a menu in a minute." Sophie taps the floor with her cane until she hits the seat, and pats it with her free hand before taking up a position in it. "Thank you," she repllies, and tilts a smile up in the general direction of the man, before he wanders off to be about his business. "Uhm… So, hello," she says, facing towards the center of the table and blushing lightly. "Might I ask, who is here?" (re)

Mike Drakos walks up to the hall, talking on a cell phone. "No, Mom, nothing bad is going to happen. It's just a dance. Yes, I'm sure. Yes, I'm wearing the tux I showed you, not the one Dad wanted me to wear. No, I wouldn't wear a powder green tux on a bet, Mom. I don't care if he wore it on your first date, I'm not on a date tonight. OK, I gotta go in, they're serving the food. …. NO, I know, no solid food. Love you, Mom, now get some rest OK? OK, bye."
He squares his shoulders and walks inside, finding his way to that table. The one with Lensherr.
"Good evening, Sir. I hope there's room for another here?"

"Till then Megan, you can hang out with us." Travis says as he stands up to pull out the chair for Megan. "Don't worry about it Megan, people are still showing up here so I'm sure you'll have your date." He says sitting back down and looking at the menu. "I'm kind of curious to meet some of the Xavier's students since the only ones I have met were in Africa." He says putting one of his middle arms around Rashmi's shoulders. "I'm Travis, I think we met while back at the Rally." He says to Sophie. "Hey Mike, feel free to join us."

Robin looks at the menu, when it's offered to her, glancing it over, glancing up at the others every few moments. "Mmm, this stuff looks pretty good… now I guess it's decision making time." She blinks a few times when Sophie arrives and says, "Oh, I'm Robin, and uh, present."

Magneto rises as Sophie is led to the table. "Miss DeCosta. How lovely you are tonight. As for who you are sitting with, I am, of course, Professor Lensherr. The gentleman on your left who did not introduce himself is Mike Drakos," he gives the cyberteen a warning stare, "a Barnes Academy student who once attended Xavier's himself. Mr. Drakos, may I introduce Miss Sophie DeCosta?"

Rashmi's smile falters very slightly at the mention of Africa, but the redhead visibly perks at the sound of Mike's voice, a wide grin on her face. "Mike! I'm *so glad* you could make it…. well mostly because d'you have any *idea* how hard it was to plan a three-course menu for you? But, y'know, also because it's nice to actually see you away from the halls, and… um." Glancing around at the others, she clears her throat, settling back in her chair and patting Travis' hand. "….Right. Introductions and all now, catch up not across the table. Sorry. Hi!"

Mason can't be on time! It would ruin the dramatic suspense! It wasn't going to be very practical for him to take Megan to the dance. His Saturday has been packed with a charity benefit he was asked to attend. It wasn't exactly teenager friendly. Mostly full of black ties and diamond necklaces from the upper end of culture. Mason's other fans, those who have a deep respect for classical music, were more than a little excited to meet the boy prodigy with a miracle touch for the piano. Mason wasn't quite as excited, but he didn't have much choice in the matter. He just spent the last seven hours listening to boring speeches followed by polite claps.
So Mason changed in the car on the way over. Black tuxedo changed out for a pin-striped jazz suit, complete with a black fedora and a hanky in the pocket. He also would be loathe to forget flowers for his date. The boy carries a small bouquet of white carnations, not too bulky given that a permanent resting place for them might be some distance off. He glances around the room as he enters for the dance, scanning for Megan.

Megan just wrinkles her nose again at the thought of Magneto lecturing Mason for being late and falls silent until their new tablemates arrive. She blinks a couple of times at the request to identify who is there, but offers her own introduction, "Ah… I'm Megan Gwenn." She flutters her wings a couple of times, at least as much as is possible while sitting, anyway, and smooths her dress over her lap as she looks over the menu. That's the only reason that she doesn't see Mason enter. She turns away from the menu and looks over at Rashmi and Travis, "That's right. I heard that there were some students that went to Africa recently…" She makes a face, "After hearing about what happened, I'm glad I didn't go."
Not that she doesn't like helping people, but still…

"I think I have the same problem Robin, deciding what to get." Travis says looking at the menu. He waves a hand at Megan and smiles. "Yeah, well, right now I think focusing on the dance and meeting new people is more fun." He pondering the menu again. "So, since it seems I'm the only one here without any history at Xavier's, what's it like there? I know a bit from Rashmi but is it a lot different than Barnes?"

Well, that introduction messes with his plan to use his 1950s party manners, freshly uploaded from a viewing of all the 'American Teenager Social Guidance Film Series' via the SHIELD library. Such a wealth of social protocol, that was! Mike synthesizes a blush and bows his head and says in a slightly adolescent-cracked voice, "Sorry, Sir, I was waiting for the OK to join and didn't want to interrupt." And it's a flawless simulation of 'Bobby' from the films, that hapless lad who's always having to take correction on his lousy manners.
He continues, in a much less geeky voice, "Thank you, Travis. Hello, ladies. Yes, I'm Mike Drakos, I was at Xavier's last year and this year I'm at Barnes. Any legends you've heard about me from Xaviers are probably not true."
He looks up at Rashmi, and takes in her outfit. "Le jazz hott," he murmurs, and adds, "looks much better than a school uniform. Thanks for taking the time to come up with a menu for me. You know it wasn't necessary, right?"

The blind girl's smile brightens, as there are familiar voices in amongst the introductions. "Senora Rashmi! And Professor Lensherr, it is good to hear you both once more. And you, Robin, as well." She bobs her head once, as she removes her wrist from the loop at the top of her cane, and leans it carefully against the table, not far from her reach. "I am Sophie DeCosta; I am new to Xaviers, just recently come from Spain." She brushes her fingertips over the dress she's wearing; it is white, and cut from simple cotton that is not nearly so flashy as what many others are wearing, but at least it matches her blindfold. "Does the evening go well, for all of you?"

Robin rubs her arm lightly and glances about at all the people, smiling, "Oh, it's gonna be a lot of fun." She adjusts her dress slightly, a bit awkwardly, like she hasn't really had much exprience with an actual dress before.

Zip! A blur in a ball gown enters the room, the mess of clothes flying behind her. Wait, a ball gown? Yes, it seems that Heather has decided to go for a very classic 1820s look for this party. Her hair is properly groomed for that era as well, though a little lopsided as if she has already spent some time sleeping on it. She raises her tape recorder up and declares her presence, introducing herself to everyone present, "I am Heather Brown, Codename: Timeslip. Where is Connor? What time is it?"
While the tape recorder asks the time, Heather Brown just looks at her digital watch, mismatched to her entire outfit.

Magneto gives Mike an approving nod. 1950's party manners is good. "The other young gentleman who failed to introduce himself is Mr. Travis Smith, sitting beside Miss Franklin. Also present is Mr. Mason Steele, who only gets a bye on introducing himself because he is so fashionably late that he has worried his young lady shamelessly. I do hope he does better in apologies than white carnations." Because Mike isn't his only target for the night.

Having fired off this round of missiles, the villain sometimes known as Magneto does not yet sit down again, because another young lady has entered the room. "Miss Brown. How delightful to see you. You are looking perfectly elegant tonight. The time is…" He glances at his sleeve, which morphs into a clock face. "Dinner time."

Rashmi blushes at Mike's comment, clearing her throat and trying not to choke outright at Magneto's running social commentary of the evening. "Heather!" she calls, rising halfway from her seat to raise a hand, "glad you could make it! That's… actually a *really* nice dress, wow. Have a seat, Connor should be here, um… I'm not sure when. Soon, probably." Glancing aside at Megan, the redhead lifts a shoulder slightly. "…We don't really talk about Africa, if we can help it. Mostly because we don't want to spoil the mood, y'know?"

Erik's comment about him draws his attention to the table with the rest. Mason's quick tongue can answer for Magneto's curve ball. "Mr. Lensherr, as much as I'd rather have been here sooner," the teen pop star says, removing his hat in a most graceful manner, "I'm sure that Megan in her compassionate heart can understand the need to attend the benefit for thousands who are without food in Ethiopia. Over a million was raised this afternoon. Hopefully more will express their support still." There's a twinkle in his eye with a smile in return to the Master of Magnetism as he makes his to sit down next to Megan. "I am most sincerely sorry that I worried you," he tells Megan.

"I already said I was Travis, in regards to us meeting at the rally Rashmi had a while back." Travis says in defense of himself, after all it's an awkward feeling getting on Magento's bad side for -anything-. He reaches a hand out and squeezes one of Rashmi's gently before putting down the menu. As Mason talks, he can't help but give Rashmi a look that almost says 'is this guy for real'. "So you're the Mason Steele, pleasure to meet you. I'm Travis as Mr. Lensherr kindly pointed out." He looks at Heather and raises both eyebrows. "Wow, that dress is impressive."

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards, and chuckles softly. "it is true; I did catch Senor Travis introduce himself," she observes. "But do I hear emphasis on 'the' Mason Steele? I am sorry, I did not realize you were a public personality." As she's speaking, the helpful young man who brought her to the table returns, bearing a menu. He sets it on the table and lets her know it's there; whereupon the blind girl finds it for herself, and goes about brushing her fingertips over the braille. "I am afraid I have never been to a dance in America before. Is there… anything I ought to know?"

Mike answers Heather's question at Heather-speed, giving the time offset from UTC and in nanoseconds (synched from the national atomic clock), along with the information that he just arrived and that he hasn't seen Connor yet. He then gives a sped-up translation of Magneto's comments. For the others present, this is probably a high pitched squrblesqurble noise; he doesn't bother making his face move with the sounds. And no talking about Africa. That's … not a problem. This is a dinner and a dance, after all.
And the 1950s manners don't allow him to roll his eyes at Mason's explanation to the girl with the wings — is she perhaps related to the Mysticism teacher at Barnes? — so he cannot, or wait, do they? A quick scan … alas, there is no way to tactfully say it, not even by presenting a quick puppet-show. "Mr. Bungle knew he was going to be late, but he didn't text his date with his apologies because Mr. Bungle is a tool who only thinks about himself."
No, alas, that wouldn't be the polite thing. Perhaps he could prepare a flash-version instead, and find a way to sneak it into Mason's YooToob queue. Theo might help with that. There would be no love lost there.

But before he can begin work on the thing, Sophie distracts him with comparative cultures. He asks, "Perhaps. What are dances like in Spain? What happens?"

Robin says to Sophie, "I'm not really sure what there is to know. I never really was into dances when I was younger, though, so I guess we can learn together. But yeah, knowing what you know about dances would probably help!"

"Oh, thank you," says Heather on the subject of her dress, looking down at it and fiddling with the fabric, "It's kind of warmer than I would have expected." She nods quickly at Mike and then adds to Magneto, still playing on the recorder, "Oh, Dinner time? I suppose that means breakfast time. I just woke up a little while ago, but I wasn't paying attention to the time. I think Rashmi's right. Connor will be here approximately… later." She sits down on the other side of Mason and glances over to him, and then past him. "I thought you were with Sophie," is all she has to say to him for now, "Since you were all on about some blind girl."

Magneto snorts at Mason's attempt to justify himself, but his apology to Megan makes up for it. The Master of Magnetism sits down again, his sleeve regaining its pristine pinstripes. He turns his attention on Travis. "Mr. Smith. A proper introduction, at your age and to a young lady such as Miss DeCosta, consists of your full name. I am aware that you are American and therefore likely untutored in such things. I suggest a class in etiquette as soon as possible, preferably with someone such as Emma Frost." Because if you can't learn proper manners from the White Queen, it's because you're dead.

Not using the manners you learned from the White Queen is, on the other hand, par for the course….

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "In Spain? Well.. I suppose people put on their best clothes, or perhaps not quite their best if they doubt the company they will be with, and then they get together and dance. I really cannot say I have ever danced, myself; since I lost my sight, I have not truely… wanted to, until this evening." At the comment from Heather about 'some blind girl', a single eyebrow rises but she offers no further reaction.

"Well," Mike says, "that's mostly what happens here, as well. I'm sorry you haven't had the chance to dance, though. Would you do me the honor of dancing with me? I've been dance-free for nearly two years myself, but I'm fairly light-footed." For a robot. But maybe she could stand on his feet.

Mason arches his brow at Travis' introduction, and nods, "Good to meet you," he offers. "I'm famous to some people," he answers Sophie, "I do a lot of music." He doesn't elaborate, since it would draw the conversation to himself more than he desires. He's not here for people to talk about his music and talent, he just got done hearing about it from old men and ladies for the majority of the day. "Heather, that dress is a fantastic choice," he tells her, rather than respond to the comment about being into a blind girl. "Makes me wish I had thought to dress like the nineteenth century, that could've been fun."

Travis apologizes to Magneto for the lack of last name before giving him a questioning look. "Who is Ms. Emma Frost? And sorry, can't say I ever took an etiquette class but I do know I start with the outter most fork first." He says picking up the salad fork. He's trying to be funny more than being a wise ass. "Well Sophie, one thing you're lucky about is that you don't get to see how awful half of us dance. In your mind you and picture it like a grand dance where everyone knows what they're doing."

Most people have never seen Hosea nervous. He's never gotten intimidated by racism from others. He hasn't been hesitant when faced with horrifying spookiness in a demon dimension. The African was even bold when going up against his long standing nemesis, Nero. Tonight, however, the 6'8", muscular and confident young man looks like an elementary kid that just got called to the principal's office. He steps in sheepishly, looking around at the grandioso decorations with wide eyes. Very wide eyes. His steps are small, but still larger than his sense of fashion.
Hosea's choice of outfit tonight doesn't look like it's from the twenties. In fact, it doesn't look particularly flashy from any period in time. He wears a pair of khaki pants that his mother got him, so at least they are nice khakis. His shirt is a simple black button down. His tie with an unidentifable color out of the seventies is fastened to his collar by a windsor that looks as if it was tied by a chimpanzee. His shoes are the same worn out hiking boots he often is seen wearing, nothing impressive. He makes his way across the room, spotting many friends that he knows. His usual bright smile is present, but clearly less joyous than is common. "Hello," he greets the table. "Sophie, you look vedy nice tonight," he compliments her. Which is more than can be said for him.

"Huh, well, that's fair enough," says Robin to Sophie, nodding slowly. She smiles when Mike asks Sophie for a dance and turns back to her menu, tilting her head back and forth.

"Well, I thought I would opt for plus or minus one century, but since it turns out I wear bondage gear in 2020, I've decided to opt for something more elegant," replies Heather to Mason, about to touch her hair but resisting the urge to scratch her scalp, "I'm still curious what happened with this amazing girl you were talking about. Break her heart, I am guessing? You dog." Pause. "That is how you use that, right?" She blinks a few times at Hosea and notes, "You are looking good." She notes, "I do not find much use for etiquette, since I feel justified in having different standards of politeness."

Magneto nods to the server, who comes and collects his menu and the choices he made off it. Magneto watches the young people at the table, listening to their chatter. Hosea is given a frown and a stare, but really. He doesn't expect the young man to 'do' the Roaring Twenties, any more than he expects Heather to do them, and for similar reasons: the culture gap is too large. Besides, he expects Hosea is wearing the very best he has, anyway.

Sophie is just giving her menu to a server as well, with her choices made and explained, when Hosea arrives. The observant might notice the blind girl's breath catch in her throat, and she blushes softly as she tilts her head up to face in Hosea's general direction. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I do not think I got the period quite right, but I hope I am reasonably close." She smiles, and bobs her head. "I cannot see you, Hosea, but I am imagining that you look stunning, si?" She sits up straighter, and brushes her fingers through her hair to tame a couple of unruly locks. "I am very glad you could come," she adds.
Sophie tilts her head, and adds in response to Mike, "Certainly… but perhaps after I dance with Hosea, si?"

"Of course," Mike says, "and Hosea does look stunning tonight."

A glance at the very tall black man, and a smile at the man's doe-eyed look. Oh, so that's how it is. Well, there'll be time to ensure that Hosea knows the proper dance moves, if he doesn't already. And if not then he can show some moves from back home, right?

Mike's personal selections for "food" have already been made for him, so his only requirement is to tell the server who he is.

Mason shifts uneasily at Heather's prodding. "Well, Sophie is a very nice girl," he says, "But Megan is the first girl I've gone out with from Xavier's," he states. "I have been on other dates since I moved here, but it's not really polite to talk about that sort of thing at a time like this. Maybe you can ask about it later." He leaves the statement ambiguous of whether there was indeed another girl, did he break up with her? Did she break up with him? Are they still going out? He leaves all of those things unanswered, trying to shut down Heather's questioning before it makes him too much trouble.

Robin glances at her arms for a moment and then stands, "I need to excuse myself for a moment." She stands up and places an item of hers marking her spot before leaving to the washroom with her puppet in tow.

Pouting, Heather says, "Fine, we'll talk about your silly love life at another time." She rolls her eyes and looks at the other teens around the table and adjusts her gown. "Everyone looks so fancy."

Hosea smiles at Heather and Sophie's compliments. "Thank you," he says, going to stand near his date for the evening. That's right everybody. Hosea has a date. "Dance?" he asks her. "I do not know how to dance," he timidly admits, his loud voice surprisingly quiet. "I would not want to trip and fall on you, yes?" He doesn't know if his excuse is a working one, but he looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Entering on a high note, Heather's date finally makes an appearance. Perhaps not his most grand entrance, given the native theatrical nature. Stepping into the light however might be surprising for others. Perhaps bucking the system, or perhaps in honor of something a little bit greater during the occasion, Connor Blake is wearing a military uniform! Dressed in the attire of the Doughboy, the off-color brownish uniform of the time, coupled with the more classic riding boots and cap for an officer. The belts for the waist gun-holster are present, but unadorned, and as he removes his cap, he has slung over his back a dress bag of some sort. Making his way over towards Heather, he smiles a bit, and looks around to everyone, giving a respectful nod to Magneto. Even his hair is slicked back to represent the style, "Sorry I'm late, but it was murder finding some vintage wear for you, Heather."

Magneto's attention goes from person to person. Sophie and Hosea…? Interesting. Mason, Megan, and…? Also interesting. Heather knows and is commenting, which is always a good sign, from her. Rashmi appears very happy, and Travis, too. Good. Mike is still doing his 1950's routine, which shows a spark of initiative. Robin seems to be getting along well…
Now, if only a supervillain menace would *not* attack and break this party up, life would be good. Or a superhero menace, considering Magneto's own attendance.
And then Connor enters, and Magneto's eyebrows go up. "Good evening to you, Mr. Blake," he says. Not his idea of a proper uniform for the time, but who is he to argue? Connor is American, after all.

Sophie grins up at Hosea, "Do not be troubled," she replies, "I don't know how to dance either, and I know you won't step on me; so it will be quite alright." She tilts her head at the sound of a new voice, and faces up in Connor's general direction. "Senor… Blake?" she murmurs. "If I am correct? I am not sure if we have met, though your voice sounds familiar; please forgive me if I am forgetting something. Sometimes it is difficult to attach a name to a voice, without a face, when I am meeting so many new people."

Heather stands up when Connor arrives, in a sign of backwards chivalry, "Oh, that looks excellent, Connor," plays Heather, approving of the outfit, "What do you think of my outfit? It matches your voice." She taps on the side of her head a couple of times at that. She gestures to the seat that's next to her and nods a couple of times quickly.

Sound track time. Well, it's the 1920s, right? What was that song, "Over There" … that's it. Mike calculates the acoustics and does his best to aim the sound so that it appears the music is coming from the overhead ballroom speakers, quietly. He's preparing for small talk with Robin but she's suddenly gone, and not even Blank is left, and Heather's date is here, so he can't make snarky remarks that nobody else will hear … not that he'd feel safe doing that. She might ANSWER and she's not quite aware of subtlety. OK, back to being cheerful and bland. Or is it blond? … No, bland.
"How are things doing at the School? Everything still in the approximate number of pieces so far this year?"

Magneto eyes the Connor and Heather show. Interesting. Unexpected, but also reasonable. He'll lean back in his chair, letting his attention wander from couple to couple. Young people, he thinks, and smiles.

Connor grins to the group as a whole, but moves over first to Mike and gives him a hard smack on the shoulder, "Quiet since Halloweird, but you know that… and between Miss Braddock and the Danger Room I've gotten a few new nicks and bruises for my troubles. But hey… we can't all be fourth dimensional, now can we." Smirking a bit as he walks over to Heather, he adds for Sophie's benefit, "Yes… But I prefer Connor. Having a good evening?" And then… almost over-dramatically goes to one knee, and says in a horrid but slightly passable French to her, "Le soleil couchant est seulement une bougie a cote de vous." followed afterwards, "And no… I don't know what it means, but the man who sold me the dress I got you said it was appropriate when I showed him your picture."

Mike has a computer brain and a built-in internet connection through is phone, so, quick Babel fishing expedition… "He says in painful french, 'The setting sun is but a candle compared to your brilliance.' And the literal translation is weirder than that." Again said at extreme speed, squrrrble squrrrble to the ears of others. (What is with the robot kid, does he need to get his bearings ground or something?)

Sophie tilts her head, and a slow smiles comes to her lips. "As you prefer, Connor… and yes, I am having a good evening. That is quite a compliment you give to…" She pauses, "To Heather," she finishes. "Though I imagine that the sun might be jealous, if it heard you say such a thing." She giggles softly, as she pats the table beside her to make sure her cane is still leaning where she left it.

Heather nods along with what Connor says, in a language incomprehensible to her, "I will make up meaning to that gibberish, but it sounds very nice." But when Mike translates the gibberish for her she nods in thanks to him and says, "Thank you for making up a meaning for me." Again to Connor, "That is very flattering."

Robin returns a few moments later, having reapplied makeup to her face and the exposed parts of her arms, her puppet standing closeby, and she sits back down in her seat. "What did I miss?"

Magneto hides a smile behind his hand. Connor? Over the top? Say it isn't so. That aside, he's far more interested in Heather's reaction than in anyone else's.
And… it's typically Heather. He keeps that hand up over his smile. At least Robin has come back, which is a nice distraction. "You missed some arrivals and departures, Miss Keen, but otherwise, we missed you far more than you missed out."

Connor turns a nice shade of red around the cheeks and ears for a moment, and then in a rush, he starts patting through his pockets, and mumbles to himself, "Shoot… I must've… be right back." And like that he's gone. Instead of portalling, where-ever he goes, it takes him the better part of a minute to get back, and he has a small box with him, "I… I know it's not prom or anything, but it's the closest thing to… and the guy is supposed to get the girl a corsage. I left it back at the room I…" Stopping as he looks around for a moment, and then gets wide, exasperated eyes, "What?!" Said in general to the group.

Sophie inclines her head towards the returned Connor, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I was not watching," she assures the occasional teleporter, in a particularly innocent tone. She smiles pleasantly, and clasps her hands over her belly as she sits. "I think it is romantic that you buy for Heather a corsage, si? Is that not half the purpose of a dance?" The blind girl pats about on the table, until her fingertips touch the glass of water set out at her spot. She curls her fingers around it carefully to avoid knocking it over, before lifting it for a sip.

"Nothing wrong with buying a corsage as far as I've seen," Mike says, almost creepily cheerfully. The whole 1950s behavioral indoctrination movies for teens and children are such an inspiration!
Though, at some point he's going to break and then it'l be time to break out "Twister".
"Actually everyone here is at least 8-dimensional, you're just not very deep in most of them," Mike mentions to Connor, timing it for when he's sipping a beverage. "From a purely dimensional point of view, that is."

Magneto is amused at Connor. Quite the improvement over the young man he saw after Africa. And in the interests of preserving what little dignity the frazzled young Mr. Blake has left… "Oh, look. They're serving the soup." He'll straighten and smile at his server. "Thank you. This smells delicious."

Heather watches as Connor vanishes off and she responds to his blushing by becoming a bit red herself, flailing slightly at the air in front of herself to distract from what she knows is a redder expression than previous. As he returns, Heather just nods along with what he's saying before she plays, quietly, recovering a bit from the brief return of the blush attack, "Pretend they are all in their underwear. I know what you are saying."

"Oh, soup!" says Robin, quite pleased by that, snickering at the interaction between Heather and Connor. Blank even makes a laughing motion. She pushes up her glasses slightly and chuckles again softly, picking up her spoon and idly stirring the soup. She glances again to the door.

Connor settles the corsage, and then helps Heather back to her seat, giving Robin a smile and nod in passing… and then looks around for a place for himself to settle. The military hat, reminiscent of a drill seargent's cap is settled in his lap as soup is brought around, and then looks to Magneto and the others, "Thank you for chaperoning, Sir… I actually got a call from a SHIELD agent when I went to my room. They ahhh… apparently wanted to make sure it was me, and to warn them next time I was doing that while this is going on. I suppose since Barnes is their school, they've got a vested stake too." Though his words seem sound, he speaks a bit faster than normal, perhaps because Heather's comment about the underwear has his freshly rose in his complexion. There's a long exhale before he adds, "If anyone needs to head back to the Mansion, and doesn't mind the side-effects… let me know. I don't mind playing express bus."

Mike's soup is a bit different than the others, and he's obliged to sip it with a straw, so it arrives in a champagne flute. Which is not quite as macho as the highball glass that would go with the tux were he able to pull off a James Bond, but then again, he's been Warned about changing his image inducer settings frivolously.
"Robin! how are you doing?" The robot kid glances at the door, as well; it's a copycat move.

A steaming hot bowl of soup is set forth before Sophie; French onion soup by the looks of things. The blind girl thanks the server, before feeling for her soup spoon. She uses the impliment to poke delicately at the soup, seemingly probing it to feel what's inside. Once she's satisfied and she thinks it sounds like everyone else has been given their starters as well, she finally digs it; after the first mouthful, she mmms softly. "An excellent soup," she comments to nobody in particular. "I always appreciate good cooking."

Magneto mms at Connor as he picks up his own spoon. "You cannot blame them. The presence of persons suddenly within their security cordons has seldom been a good sign, and I imagine that a strange military uniform, however historic, improved the matter for them. I will admit to having such thoughts myself, when I was in similar situations." He tastes his soup. "Excellent. My compliments to the cook."

Heather looks down at the corsage and nods, sitting down in her spot. She gestures to the seat next to herself for Connor, two seats away from where Mason is seated, as it remains free at this time. "I suppose this place is probably like a fortress tonight. I would seriously question the tactical reasoning of an individual who would attack this particular building on this particular day."

Robin's attention is snatched away from the door as Mike speaks. "Oh, Mike! Hiya, how're you doing? I haven't talked to you in awhile. How're things going at Barnes?" She rubs her arm lightly and shrugs. "Xavier's has been pretty okay for me."

Connor looks down at his soup for a moment, and then stirs it before taking a sip. Settling it there for a moment, he reaches out, and very delicately floats some salt and pepper over to himself, showing a modicum of fine control with his abilities, and then seasons it for his own tastes. Once he's done he then replies to the others, "I think we should agree not to think on which secret organization, mutant front, alien invader, demonic spawn of the underdeep realms, politician, or whatever else might decide to come and crash the party. This is just for us. This is high school stuff… for us, it should be more important than the end of the world." Trying a bit of a smile, he looks at Magnus for a moment, then back to the others, "Tomorrow will be there in the morning, right?"

"Pretty well, boring for the most part," Mike says to Robin. "I have my drivers' license now. And they tested me and decided that my problem with school was boredom, so I've been doing college level stuff. I'm not bored now, most of the time."
He's doing the polite thing and leaving out the unpleasant parts, but that's not something he had to learn from the 1950s manners tutorials. That door though… "Are you waiting for someone to show up?"

"I can think of one worse group to crash this party." Magneto muses, between one sip of soup and the next. "Imagine what would happen if a horde of… *younger siblings* invaded. Horrors. Especially if they brought cameras." Sip.
Yes, said straight-faced. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, even with the help of soup.

Heather plays proudly, "I am an only child, and that's probably good. I do not think the world would be ready for anyone else bearing even fifty percent genetic likeness to me." She looks down at her own soup and eyes it for a moment, downing it rather quickly. She's savouring, but not in the way most do.

Robin raises her brow slightly, "Um, yeah, younger siblings might be weird. I love my little sister to death, but her powers are a bit too crazy to predict." She seems to momentarily forget that the soup exists, speaking to Mike, "Not waiting for anyone in particular to show up, I guess…"

Connor grumbles a bit, almost playfully, "I have two younger sisters, and after the stuff they've heard about the school, Ariel seems to think she's going to become a mutant, just so she can come. Mind you… I left out the scary parts, as much as I could… but still…" Shrugging a bit as he watches Heather quaff her soup, and then takes a slurp from his own in order to help keep a sense of politeness around her.

It is just after dinner has been eaten and the students and staffs of the Xaviers an Barnes are intermingling. Not being able to eat since he has a blackhole for a head, Xorn simply remains in the background. As awkward as this may be for some of the students, it may be more so for the Asian X-Man as he has spent his youth in solitary confinement in a Chinese prison. He is not used to music dancing, food, and merriment. However, he is dressed formally in pristinely white Buddhist robes with a red sash adorned with the X insignia and he pats his foot awkwardly to the modern music playing in the background.

As it turns out, the Asian X-Man isn't the only one who appears if not uncomfortable, than at least lost. Sophie appears to be seperated from her date, at least for the moment; Hosea having had to wander off for the moment. The blind girl is proving to be the consumate wall flower, as she hovers near the buffet where drinks and snacks are set out. She's got a glass of punch that she's sipping from, and occasionally taps the ground around her with her cane to make sure nothing is going on that she doesn't know about.

Cloud didn't bother with the meal, he's not used to eating without seeing and didn't wanna risk making a mess, he's dressed in a black shirt, dark jeans, shoes and a black blind fold covering his eyes, rather been dancing he's been leaning against a wall just talking to other students, not that he'd recognise any new Barnes students he's met.

Getting a general sense of discomfort from the students, Xorn cannot help but feel their awkwardness and so, he decides perhaps to engage them. Approaching Sophie, his first meeting with her in Mutant Town was not so pleasant, so he makes a new attempt. As he hovers over towards to female mutant, "Young Sophie, enjoying the dance?" A similar message is sent telepathically to Cloud.

Sophie's attention piques, and she tilts her head up, away from her drink. "Professor Xorn?" she replies, to the immediate area. She taps around herself once more with her cane, as the corners of her lips quirk upwards. "Are you nearby? It is difficult to tell where you are when you speak directly into my mind; I cannot follow your voice." She nods her head, "But, yes, a good time I am having; I am just waiting for Hosea to get back."

Cloud nods when sent a similar message, "No concussion today, so is all good", he's no idea where Xorn is, but he's gonna guess he's within earshot (wait, Xorn has no ears…), he also hears Sophie's voice, "Hey Sophie, hows it going?"

Blinking as he sees Cloud with the blindfold Xorn simply shakes his head and presumes this is some odd fashion choice by Cloud. "Sophie, I am to your left. Cloud, I am to your right." With that he extends his arms out toward to gently tap their shoulders as they move closer towards him, "I saw Hosea only moments ago chatting up a student. Cloud, are you also here with a date?"

Sophie takes a couple of steps forwards, guiding herself both with her cane adn by following Xorn's directions. "I am sure he will be back soon; Hosea is very generous, and would not refuse to talk with anyone, I think." She clasps her hands around the top of her cane as she comes to a stop, and bobs her head. "I am doing well, Cloud. And how are you? Have you managed to wear a blindfold for an entire week?"

Turning to face right Cloud shakes his head, "Nope, i'm hear on my own, but i might meet someone here, not that i'd be able to find them again though", he grins at Sophie's question, "I'm good, and yeah i have been, got the bruses to prove it"

"So you are purposely wearing the blindfold and it is not your typically oddball fashion sense." Looking between the two, "Can I ask why you are wearing it? Is this some sort of experiment with blindness and to understand Sophie's world or is this some sort of dare?" Xorn asks.

The blind girl giggles softly, and shakes her head. "No, Professor Xorn. A week ago Cloud expressed doubts about his capabilities… so I suggested that he wear a blindfold for a week. I said he would learn just how much he truely *can* do, when he learns that he can still do most things even without the use of his eyes." She shrugs her shoulders dismissively. "In the first few months after I lost my sight I got a great many bruises as well. Finding my way with a cane was difficult to get used to at first; and I also learned to remind people when they guide me, to please not walk too close to lamp posts." She lifts her drink to her lips, but pauses instead of drinking. "Cloud, when I challenged you for a week, I forgot that the dance would fall within it. I would not think less of you if you took the blindfold off now; I am sure the room and the people here are quite a sight to see, and you should not miss it."

"Like Sophie said, bit of perspective i guess", Cloud runs a hand though his now brown again hair and shakes his head, "Nope, i said i'd do it for a week so it's staying on till tomorrow afternoon, anyway someone's probably taking pictures".

"I am very impressed with both of you. Sophie, that is incredibly wise of you. I think you will make a great teacher some day and a great leader for mutants and the blind." Turning to Cloud, "And how have you found being blind for the week? Has it helped you in anyway, Cloud? Perhaps I'll make the rest of the Alpha Squad try that. And if you would like a little help. I can telepathically give you a mental blueprint of the layout of the Puck building, so you don't bump into anything." Xorn then listens to the music in the background and once again taps his feet to the beat.

At Xorn's words, Sophie's cheeks redden fiercely, and for the second time she lifts her glass but fails to sip from it. "Leader? Me? Goodness." Her cane dangles from the loop around her rest, as her right hand comes to rest over her heart. "…If that is to be so then I am sure I have a great deal to learn before then." She smiles, and bobs her head politely. "I admire you for keeping in the spirit of the challenge, Cloud. I am sure if nothing else, you have learned well how to listen, yes?" She chuckles softly, and finally manages to sip some of her punch. "Professor Xorn… never has there been such an offer before. Certainly, please, show me the building if you can?"

Cloud nods, "Yeah i actually have learned a bit about listening, and got beeter at falling with limited injury", he shakes his head at the offer, "No thanks, don't things being added to my head"

"We all have potential for leadership within us. But some show comes naturally to others easier." Xorn would smile if he could as he opens his mind and telepathically enters Sophie's. Despite being blind, Sophie will suddenly get the sense of an minor intrusion her mind as mental blueprint of the building an layout of the dance and where structures are placed in the building enter her mind, "A gift. While it is not the gift of sight, at least for the evening you should be free of any obstructions." He then pats Cloud on the back, "It is admirable that you are doing this Cloud."

Sophie sucks in her breath as she feels the X-Man enter her mind; she would not term it an intrusion, as it is being done with permission, of course. Then comes the blueprint, and for a moment Sophie just falls silent. A grin crosses her lips, and she ah-has softly. "So that's where the kitchen is! I thought it was over there. Silly me." She chuckles, and shakes her head. "I could have gone this entire time not knowing. …Thank you, Professor Xorn, that is quite something."

"You are welcome, child." Xorn looks around at the students and staff, "Are you enjoying yourself? I must admit this is my first time at any type of social event such as this. I did not encounter such dances and festivities as this. In fact, the whole idea of a school is relatively new to me."

Sophie giggles softly, and nods once more. "I am," she replies. "It is good to get out and hear new things." The blind girl sweeps her cane around herself and then lets it go idle once more. "I am quite impressed with the organization, to bring two schools together and have it go off without a hitch. The people who set it up deserve congratulations."

Cloud leans back against the wall, "I'm actually suprised nothing has gone wrong, this many superpowered teens in one room without something going wrong, no idea how thats worked".

"Yes, this was completely planned by students. Ms Frost and Ms. Drew from the Barnes Academy were the ones who came up with the idea. But the entire planning was done by a committee of students from both schools. I must commend Rashmi, Mason, Robin and the Barnes students who planned it all." Xorn then responds to Cloud, "True but with the combination of X-Men, Avengers, and SHIELD here. I think we will be safe." He pauses a moment as he realizes that grouping can be pretty dangerous.

Sophie ahhs, "Why am I not surprised to hear that Senora Rashmi was part of the planning committee? She is involved with everything; it is very impressive." She nods sagely, before finishing off her punch and setting the glass back down on the snack table. "Everyone deserves congratulations though, naturally." The blind girl tilts her head in Cloud's overall direction. "I'm sure with this many mutants present… if anything did go wrong, it would be swiftly remedied anyway. I am sure I am not the only healer here." She smiles, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Though I am a little surprised that the New York Police are not keeping watch outside. …Or the military."

Cloud rolls his eyes, unseen as they may be, "Cos SHIELD are always helpfull and nothing goes wrong under the X-men's watch", he's heard things about SHIELD and is still kinda pissed about Star's death.

Noting Cloud's sarcasm, "Well then it is good that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are here to keep an eye on the ever neglectful X-Men and SHIELD." Xorn returns with a more sardonic comment and to Sophie, "Well, relationships between police forces are strained at the best of times, but not too worry. The appropriate authorities are aware of what is going on."

Sophie mmms, "Yes, well, hopefully things will not get out of hand." She purses her lips at Cloud's comments, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "There must be some things I am unaware of, Cloud… I do not understand what motivates your skepticism. Still, I am sure that as long as all of us mutants behave ourselves, and nobody who wasn't invited gets any brilliant ideas, the evening will go off without a hitch and we shall all go home joyful and refreshed, si?"

"Don't get me wrong, i doupt the Avengers can do any better", Cloud is about to tell Sophie the reason behind his skepticism but stops himself, theres no reson to worry her, she hasn't been here long, and she may be lucky, Xaviers might get on top of things.

To answer Sophie, "Unfortunately, things seem to happen to students from both schools. It seems to be the nature of the beast so to speak. It's all in the files to read. It seems to be a student at Xaviers or at Barnes always leads to some dramatic adventures. But I can assure you both. Tonight will be trouble free." Xorn responds and then looks around for someone in particular.

Both eyebrow rise above Sophie's blindfoldm and she grips her cane tightly with both hands. "Adventures? My goodness. I admit I had always rather hoped for a quiet life, especially after I became blind." She swallows, and licks her lips lightly. "Still, it seems that a quiet life is not what is intended for me; I think I realized that when my mutation first manifested. If adventure is required of me, well… then I shall simply do my best to be a good heroine, si?"

Cloud smiles at Sophie, "Just avoid hell demetions, futuristic leather fetishists and demons and you should be alright, hopefully, maybe", is there anything else he left out?

Shaking his head at Cloud, "Well, enjoy the dance. I shall be making rounds, plus there is someone I need to speak with who I believe is also chaperoning the dance." Xorn bows to both even though they cannot see him and he makes his way to another section of the Puck Building.

Sophie nods once, "Take care, Professor Xorn. Perhaps we shall speak again this evening; or another time, if not." She smiles softly as she relaxes her grip on her cane. "That sounds like good advice, Cloud. I shall be certain to be on my guard against all such things… especially Hell."

Cloud nods, "See ya later Xorn, if not i'll see you at squad practice", he can't tell if Sophie is joking or not, "Well hells been done so if something else happens, it'll probably be somethingelse".

Outside of the Puck building a black Rolls Royce Phantom pulls up to the entrance slowly. Once parked and idling the driver side door opens as Happy Hogan emerges to open the passenger door on his side of the car so that Tony can emerge wearing a double breasted suit with barely noticeable pinstripes, a splash of red down the center of a rather unique tie, and adjusting the fedora atop his head. Thanking Happy for opening his door Tony comes about to the opposite side of the car closest to the hotel doors to open the passenger door at the back extending his hand to help Pepper out of the back of the car.
Pepper reaches out accepting Tony's help then steps up onto the curb wearing a rather stunning red dress that seems to flow with her movements. “Thank you, Anthony.” She takes his arm effortlessly as Tony shuts the door waiting for the other member of their party to get out of the car. Happy has offered the cars keys to the attendant waiting patiently nearby then takes to removing the gangster-esque violin case from the trunk of the car. There is a lock upon it that is rather out of place though should catch no one's attention as it will be in Hogan's possession for the night. Tony taps the top of the car, “Come on shot gun we've got rugs to cut.”

The Shot Gun of mention is a lean speedster who climbs out of the passenger side front seat. Pietro too is wearing 1920's era attire, matching Tony. His suit is a silvery gray, and his tie is a bright shade of blue. Once out of the vehicle he fits his own hat atop his head. Yes, the gang has arrived. More or less anyway. "For a man who enjoys arriving late, you are sure in a hurry." Noted with amusement as he tucks a hand into a pocket as he walks around the front of the car. The fob at his waist glints when his jacket suit is pulled away. Pietro casually looks around the area, taking things in. One never knows at these gatherings if something wrong will occur.

The Stark Gang as some might come to call it looks impressive indeed, and is certain to turn a few heads. One head that it does not turn however belongs to young Miss Sophie DeCosta, who is in the act of being a true wallflower. The teenager, clad in a particularly simple white dress, is busy sipping a tall glass of punch and listening to the music and going's on. Wrapped around her head is a strip of cloth that matches her dress, serving as a blindfold. She humms softly along with the music, and it seems she cannot help but tap her feet to the beat.

Not too far from Sophie is another blindfolded teen, Cloud is dressed in a black shirt, dark jeans, shoes and a black blind fold covering his eyes, smerking he's leaning against a wall listening to the music, also oblivious to the groups arrival.

The Rolls drives off in the capable hands of the attendant leaving the posse standing just outside the doors to the building. "Quit looking so paranoid, Pietro. What could possibly go wrong?" That infectious smile certainly won't work on anyone present around Stark as things always tended to go wrong for one reason or another. Hopefully this evening will go well and the most worrisome thing that could befall the event is that the punch had run out. "Shall we?" The door to the building is opened allowing Happy to take the lead into the room with the others just behind heading towards the ballroom.

"I'm suppose to look paranoid." The speedster counters at Tony. "We're gangsters." Which of course isn't the real reason. Not that Pietro is attempting to hide it either. "And you have just jinxed us." There's a bit of a smile for that however. It's been years since he was at a public gathering like this, so the man is uncomfortable. Since people are going inside, he buttons his suit jacket up and trails after the others.

Mike Drakos is in attendance, his robotic appearance completely hidden behind his usual young-movie-star face, and a very striking rendition of a tuxedo worn by Fred Astaire in the 1924 Gershwin stage play "Lady Be Good" — if you're going to crib your image design from the 1920s, crib the very best, right? Red cummerbund, red carnation, everything else black and white, even white gloves. Still, he's not dancing! No, he's approaching Sophie, but stops when he sees Cloud with a blindfold.
This poses a huge quandary for the boy of steel and aluminum. He _wants_ to say something snarky, but he's been following the 1950s party etiquette from a series of really odd tutorial films, found in the SHIELD archives and eagerly adopted for their corniness. So he has to be NICE.
"Hello, Cloud. You look dashing tonight." He doesn't say rushing, that would be silly. He turns to Sophie, "Its Mike again, Sophie. Have you had the chance to dance yet?"

Entering into the room reserved for the party Happy makes his way to an open table to slide the violin case under and to claim a chair. "It would appear that we are fashionably late as it is." Tony comments to Pietro and Pepper as he takes a look about the room. So far the only person he's recognized amongst the dancing masses is Mike who is in conversation with two others at the moment. Crossing over to the table Tony pulls out a chair for Pepper then helps with scooting her up to the table. "Would anyone care for a drink?"

Sophie hmms? She shakes her head slowly, "No, Senor Mike, I have not danced of yet. Though if Hosea is not quick, he is going to miss out on having my first dance… though I am sure he'll still get most of them." She giggles softly, and shrugs her shoulders. "And you? Have you danced so far, or are you as consumate a wallflower as I am?"

"Mike?, whoa long time no see, errr hear, hows it going?", Cloud is half tempted to pull off the blindfold to check, but he agreed to do it for a week so he will, "You got a date mate?"

Recognizing a couple of faces from the school here as well, Pietro takes off his hat and runs a hand over his hair. The hat is placed on the table, but he doesn't sit. "Water, please." Wishing he could have brought Luna, the man rests that hand on the back of his chair and takes in the surroundings. Just doesn't want to sit yet.

"I'm a terrible wallflower, yes. The other people I wish to dance with are all taken up with other partners, and the dances aren't the kind where one can easily cut in for a single pass," Mike confesses. "But it's still early. Cloud, it's good to see another Excelsior again. I'm dateless, but that's because I've been a horrible antisocial grind all semester. College classes, two years early because they decided I was slacking. So yeah, school is going well."
He hears the voice of Tony Stark, thanks to audio amplification and filter processing — he's hearing all the people at the party, and keeping track of them, as a challenge to see if he can do it. Not eavesdropping, that would be rude, just storing into non-conscious memory for processing. But hearing Stark doesn't mean he will violate the 1950s etiquette and turn around to wave. That would be rude to his blind companions, y'know.

Pepper looks up at Tony, "I'll have whatever they're serving please." Happy rests an arm atop the table and shrugs off the offer for a drink. "Alright then. I'll be back in a moment." Tony nods his head towards his friends then removes his hat to drop it onto the table before wandering off in the direction of the refreshment table. Along the way he stops to say hello to those who greet him and says a few words to a few of the older crowd that he works with from time to time. At the refreshment table he finds himself at a bit of a loss. What had Pietro and Pepper wanted again? "Damn," muttered softly. Couldn't hurt to get two punches and two glasses of water. No one would know that he forgot what his friends wanted. If Mike catches his attention the older man will offer up a wave before turning back towards the table. Meanwhile at the table Pepper asks Pietro if he's enjoying himself at all.

Is he enjoying himself? Not really. Pietro never did do well at public gatherings. Still, he looks amused and answers her with, "How couldn't I be with a beautiful woman such as yourself in that gown?" Poor Tony is trying to remember fleeting things and the speedster finally sits himself. Looming around the table won't help anyone. "I'm not the social type." He admits after a moment, idly catching the wave and looking to Mike. Another kind of familiar face. Will have to figure out who he is.

Sophie smiles softly, "Well, not all of us are in the middle of dancing I'm sure," she replies to Mike. "Surely there must be a few attractive young ladies howvering around, hoping someone will ask them to dance?" She giggles and shrugs her shoulders. "You'll just have to pluck up the courage to ask, hmm? Afterall, the theme of the evening doesn't really allow for we ladies to do the asking; it simply wasn't done." She lifts her punch to her lips to sip, before flicking her cane idly in a circle around herself.

For quite some time Jeremy has been doing the behind the scenes stuff in regards to the dance. His shyness has been getting the best of him and he's been using the fact that to avoid heading to the main floor. He's finally stepping out to the main room dressed in a nice suit with his hair tied back into a pony tail. He's not really overly 20's looking but he did made the effort to look nice. He pulls his gloves tight on his hands and looks around as he goes to stand against one of the walls. It's like he's looking for someone.

"Well you sure do know how to flatter a girl," Pepper smiles setting down her small coin purse onto the table. "How did you end up getting talked into this affair then, Pietro? Or were you dragged into it?" Happy taps his foot to the beat of the music that is playing and laughs a moment after Pepper's comment. "I'm the one that got dragged into this for sure. Decided it might be fun and what else was I going to do?"
Over at the refreshment table Tony is managing to gather up the drinks for his table. Walking back through the tables carefully as to not spill any of the drinks Tony comes to walk past Jeremy as he comes into the room. "Good evening," said with a bright smile. Balancing four drinks with only two hands is not an easy task at all. "You appear to be looking for someone but would you mind lending me a hand for a moment? I hate to trouble you but I don't think I can make it back to my table without incident."

"Sadly, most of those waiting around are male," Mike says to Sophie, "and they don't want to dance with another guy. But there's the 'mosh pit' effect if I want to join in. It's just that I'm a bit hard on the other dancers in such a situation, or worse, I end up with terrible dents."
Mosh Pit, Demolition Derby, same thing. He glances around at last, scoping the locations of people.
"Do you need a beverage? I can bring punch."

How did he get talked into this? "I'm fairly sure Tony could talk anyone into anything." Wry that. Translation? He's an idiot who let his friend talk him into it. Misery loves company and all that. "He probably hopes I'll meet the woman of my dreams or some such nonsense. Then he can gloat about being the one who brought us together." No, Pietro doesn't believe that. Just being silly.

Entering fashionably late, or really just late, Vance Astrovik enters the Puck Building dressed in a black suit with a purple shirt for a splash of color. Waving to some of the students and staffers present at the dance. He moves towards the bar and orders a rum and coke and looks around for some familiar faces. Spotting his Avengers-mates, he walks towards them and lifts his glass in greeting, "Hello all."

Both Happy and Pepper have to agree with Pietro on the count of Tony being able to talk just about anyone into anything. Pepper reaches over to offer a comforting pat to the back of Pietro's hand. "I'm sure there are women floating around the lobby or the bar that will get dragged over at some point. Just let us know if you need any saving from Tony's matchmaking." This is when Vance arrives at the table where the trio is sitting. Pepper nods politely, "Good evening." Happy tosses up a wave to the young man, "Evening." The ex-boxer turned bodyguard is a bit distracted watching Tony speak to someone he's unfamiliar with.

Magneto prowls around the perimeter of the room, pausing now and then to have a chat or a conversation, then moving on. He'll nod to Jeremy as the young man arrives. "Good evening. Are you a Barnes student?" And since Tony Stark is right there, too, "Mr. Stark. Good evening. A somewhat different venue than our last meeting, but still with costumes." A thin smile.

Pietro snorts with sarcasm, "This is a party for mostly teen-agers, correct? Tony's timing leaves much to be desired." Still, he's amused and not angry. As Vance appears, the speedster looks up and nods a greeting. He has no glass as of yet, for Tony has again wandered off and started meeting people.. hands full of drinks for those at the table. "Tony also appears to have forgotten that he sat us over here…" Motioning to the inventor near the table and trailing off as he spots his father. There's a sigh for that, but he leaves it.

"Evening, Happy. Good to see you. And, Pepper, you look lovely" Vance takes a seat at the table. He nods to the others, "Tony. Pietro." Looking about the room and seeing the students of the schools intermingling and enjoying themselves. Ever the optimist "This looks like such fun for them, but I gotta say it is weird being one of the 'adults' though, Pepper if you wouldn't mind a spin on the dance floor later?" He smiles and when Magneto is seen he nods his head in respect to Pietro's father. "Sir." and nods to Jeremy, "Hello."

Tony is thankful to have Jeremy's help with ferrying the glasses back to his table and thanks the young man for his assistance. "A plasure to meet you Jeremy and I do appreciate your help with this." A polite nod is sent to Magento, "I daresay this event will go off more smoothly than mine. It is nice to see you again. Speaking of…" Turning sideways to scoot between some chairs that are in the way. "Pietro is here if you'd like to stop by my table."

Sophie perks an eyebrow as she chats with Mike. "Dents? I am sorry Mike… I can't see you. Is there something I should be aware of? You have… metal skin, perhaps?" She tilts her head curiously, and sips her drink lightly. "Still, you should not be afraid to ask a girl to dance… Just wait until there is a break and you see someone you would really like to dance with, si?"

Making his way back into the dance, there's a moment when Connor stops at the sight of Tony Stark in the room… then Magneto in the room… then both. It's one of those things where one expects to find that there should be a gaping hole in the ceiling, or some other form of ruin. Instead, everyone seems to be nicely civil. Back in the Doughboy uniform for the occasion, the young man makes his way over to the refreshments, taking a moment to wave towards Mike once more, and then checks around to see if anyone else he knows is present.

"Metal skin, precisely," Mike says. "And apparently a legend only in my own mind or you'd have heard the odd stories by now, but that's OK. Well, I should go try to see if someone is free again. And to take my leave properly, I am bowing from the waist a precise 23 degrees, just as it says in Emily Post's Obsession. I shall return, of course."
He bows at the waist in the described fashion, even if she can't see it, and decides to go say hello to the over-age gatecrashers. Which is to say, the highly inconspicuous chaperones. Tony Stark as chaperone. He's not sure which laugh-sample to play for that. But the increase in the crowd probably means the band is taking a ten minute rest.

"Jeremy." Magneto clasps the young man's hand and shakes it. "Do you have a last name? I find first names to be a trifle too informal." Then Tony has his attention, and he looks across the room toward the table where Pepper, Happy, Pietro, and now Vance are sitting. "Ah, yes. Thank you, Mr. Stark. I should go give my regards. Jeremy, why don't you join us? I do believe Miss Keen is here, but I'm not certain where she is at this moment. I'll introduce you to my son. He may know where she is."

Hosea has been lingering, dreading the whole 'dancing' element of the evening. As Mike walks away from Sophie, the Nigerian makes certain she is left alone. "Sophie," he says, eying a toothpick of cheese in his hand before looking in her direction. "I hope you are having a good time." His normal boistrous voice is still rather reserved for the evening. He puts the cheese in his mouth, chewing it carefully.

"Why thank you, Vance. I'll make sure to save you a dance." Pepper appreciates the compliment that was paid to her and is enjoying sitting at a table with such fine gentlemen. Tony has managed to navigate through the tables with Jeremy and Magneto not too far behind him. "Vance! Didn't know you were going to be popping up to this shindig. Nice to see you." A water for Pepper and a punch for Pietro, right? Somehow that doesn't seem right but he sets the glasses down close enough to each other that they can take the right ones. Jeremy is bringing Happy's drink as well as his own so he pulls out the chair beside Pepper and takes a seat.

Jeremy shakes his head at Magneto. "Well, I do sir but I don't like to use it since I don't see my self as part of my family anymore." Jeremy says nervously as he holds one arm with his hand. "I guess I can join you sir. Thank you." He says looking around the table and taking a deep breath as he notices it's mostly adults. He looks around again and his eyes linger on Hosea for a moment, wondering if he should approach him or not.

Sophie smiles, and nods to Mike as he makes his departure. "Good luck!" she calls after him. The blind girl is left standing alone only for a moment, before Hosea signals his return. "Oh! Hosea," she replies as she turns to face in his general direction. "Not bad at all," she adds, and bobs her head. "I hope you are having a good time as well, yes?" She blushes softly, and her hands clasp around the top of her cane. "I haven't danced with anyone yet, though."

Another sip form his punch, and Connor gives Hosea a nod of greeting before moving down and getting some other hors doevres. Once he's got himself nicely settled, the young man moves off to one of the side tables, and settles in for what looks like a light dinner, drawing his cell phone from his pocket and checking it every so often.

Why isn't he surprised that he has punch before him? Pietro supposes he should be grateful he has a drink at all really. "Thank you." For that Tony tried. The speedster does rise to his feet however with the arrival of his father. "Father." Doesn't even sound grudging. Merely formal and polite. There's acknowledgement of Jeremy as well, and the lean man seats himself again to idly switch glasses with Pepper. If the woman hasn't already done that. "You'll get used to it in time." This is said to Vance of being an adult. "If you grow up at any rate. Not everyone does." No, he's not looking at Tony at all.

While Tara has always been something of a tomboy, she does get a kick out of occasionally dressing up. Of course, her idea of 'dressing up' usually meant trying to find an ensemble so blindingly garish that her sighted brothers would wish they were blind as well. So today might be something of a surprise when she shows up in classic flapper attire. Sleek black dress hanging down to just below her knees, a long string of faux pearls, hair done up and, yes, even make up. (Which was applied by somebody more skilled than she. She tried to do her own make up when she was six, after learning that it makes you look pretty. The results were, shall we say, disasterous.) She bursts into the ballroom, and flings her hands up in the air in a grand diva-esque gesture, and announce, "I'm here! The party can now officially begin!"

Vance smiles widely as he will actually get to dance this evening. Hey adults can have fun too and Vance intends too. As Tony approaches, Vance sips his drink and then realizes his rum and coke may not be appropriate as the others are not having alcohol. He moves the glass to the side and blushes a bit, "Oh. I thought it might be nice to finally get to meet some of the students in a more relaxed environment." He ahems and when he hears Pietro's comment. "True." He rises when Magneto and Jeremy come by and again bows his head respectfully and offers another, "Sir." to Magneto and a smile to Jeremy, "Vance Astrovik." He ponders, "I guess I should have some punch."

It is a matter of complete convenience that Mike's intention is to get a refreshment, and that the only serving station which can provide what he needs is the one near the Stark party. A champagne flute of everclear, mixed with antifreeze and a bit of motor oil floated on top to make sure it's not appetizing to random strangers. The flow away from the server takes him past the table, and he nods a greeting. "Mr. Stark, Mr. Maximoff…" But when Tara arrives, it completely distracts him.

Magneto snorts at Jeremy. "So make up a name for yourself, something that is yours. If you deny your family, build your identy from yourself." He'll smile. "Ask Pietro about that." He'll smile at Quicksilver. "Pietro. How good to see you. May I introduce you to Jeremy, last name pending? Jeremy, my son Pietro Maximoff." He'll return Vance's greeting then, somewhat late, of course. "Mr. Astrovik. A pleasure, as always."

Drinks all around the now crowded table. Vance, Jeremy and Magnus are all more than welcome to take up the available seats that are left should they choose to. Happy has reached out to get his water, leaving Tony with the defaulted glass of punch which suits him just fine. Pietro is sent a considerable glare for his comment but the man leaves him be for the moment. Partially because it's true. "Punch is good. No chance of one of the younglings winding up with your glass Vance."Tony spots Mikes approach offering a wave to the young man, "Good evening Mike." Ends up laughing as Tara bursts onto the scene. "Awesome girl has certainlly made one hell of an entrance."

Hosea surveys the crowd as Sophie speaks, returning the nod to Connor. "I see," he says, not initially offering a dance to her. "I would dance with you," he says, "But I am afraid I do not know how to dance in America." He looks around, trying to figure out what to do with his toothpick. Where's a trash can when you need it?

The blind girl shrugs her shoulders as she laughs. "Neither do I," she replies. "Honestly, I don't even know how to dance in Spain, though I am sure it is similar. But I expect it is simple… just… put your arms on or around your partner, and move to the music, si?" She shakes her head slowly. "I am sure it cannot be so important to be perfect — among all these students and professors and X-men and mutants, I am sure the number of professional dancers must number somewhere around zero."

"Jeremy." Pietro makes no comment about having heard his father's line, and merely is amused at the uncomfortable looking Jeremy. No, the adult table generally isn't the cool place to be. Mike's greeting has the speedster frowning. No, still hasn't placed that face. Until Tony offers a name and understanding dawns. No wonder he didn't place that human form. Mike is wearing an image inducer! Tara's appearance earns a smile. Honest. A smile. "Awesome girl?" Asked of Tony.

Jeremy nods to Pietro. "Nice to meet your Pietro." He then gives Magneto a confused look. "You can do that?" He never thought about a name change before. "Last name pending is fine, I prefer just Jeremy." He looks over at Tara as she walks in. "Awesome girl? Who is awesome girl?"

"Already on that." A telekinetic aura surrounds the glass and follows Vance as he goes to get a punch "Excuse me, everyone." As Tara declares her entrance, Vance smiles at the young flapper and nods his head as he moves towards Mike at the serving station and orders a punch as he has the attendant appropriately dispose of the alcoholic beverage. Making his way towards everyone he introduces himself to Tara. "Hi. Vance Astrovik. Nice flapper dress."

Connor gives a bit of a laugh at Tara's entrance, and then replies to her, "Hey, c'mon now… no one's swinging from a chandelier yet, and no one else has a lampshade on their head." Grinning her way before he goes back to demolishing his plate, and standing up to go for seconds. Those poor cooked shrimp never stood a cocktail sauced chance…

The Nigerian looks around. There is nobody already dancing, and that doesn't help his confidence, given there is no one to witness American dancing. His gaze shifts to Tara briefly as she announces her entrance, and gives a slight smile before looking back to Sophie. "Is dat all?" he asks. "I would have thought dat dere was certain movements to make." He finally decides on his shirt pocket as a resting place for the decorative toothpick, and then reaches out to pout his arms awkwardly around Sophie's ribs. "Okay, well, we can try, yes? And den if everyone laughs, we can laugh wit dem."

Tara doesn't have her glasses on (since that wouldn't be part of the costume) so everybody can see her frost blue eyes whose pupils are pure white. When one gets to be in about thirty feet of Tara, it's noticible that the air pressure around her increases. Not uncomfortable, mind you, it's just a side effect of her strange sixth (technically fifth) sense. "Oooh!" she exclaims as Vance wanders into her bubble, "Another TK. I'm Tara Kincaid. Nice whatever it is you're wearing." She scowls a bit when she senses that, at this dance, nobody is actually dancing, so she grabs Vance's hand and says. "C'mon. Let's dance." She doesn't give him any time to respond, before tugging him insistently towards the dance floor.

Mike starts to move toward Tara and freezes, as the jock-like older guy moves in and smoothly entices her away with a telekinetic sneak play. Was that a snub or did she just not notice him? Not like he got the chance to say hello.
"Wow. It really is just like in the training films," he mutters to himself, and then shrugs and moves back in a direction that turns out to be towards the table with the adults.

Tony watches Tara all but drag Vance away towards the dance floor with mild amusement. "Don't tell me you've never heard of Awesome girl? I've had the pleasure of meeting her and she's now dragging off Mr. Astrovik towards the dance floor." Happy snickers before leaning back in his chair to sip at his glass of water. As Pietro seems to be speaking with Jeremey and Magnus an invitation to dance is extended Peppers way by her date for the evening. She accepts and allows Tony to get up from the table to help her with her chair. "If you'll excuse us for a moment gentlemen." With that Tony crooks an arm which Pepper takes and the pair make their way out onto the dance floor.

Magneto doesn't take a seat yet; he hasn't finished his prowl around the room yet. However, he's willing to delay it. "The young lady does have a certain flair, no? It goes well with her outfit, in my opinion." He crosses his arms, then returns his attention to Pietro. "It has been a while, Pietro. How are you?"

And then there's Mike. "Mr. Drakos. How are you enjoying the evening? May I introduce you to Jeremy? Jeremy, this is Michael Drakos, a student at Xavier's. Mr. Drakos knows Robin, too — perhaps he can tell you were she is."

Dropping his glass of punch, Vance catches it telekinetically before it smashes onto the ground. He seemingly has no choice as he is grabbed quickly and makes his way to the dance floor. Slightly embarrassed and hoping not to leave a bad impression on the adults, he looks to his teammates with a 'help me' look before shrugging and letting his rhythm get the best of him and he starts to dance along with Tara to the music, "I guess we'll break the ice. And nice to meet you Tara." As Tony and Pepper head to the dance floor, he smiles, "Ok then. Now time to impress the boss." Vance takes a step back so as not to hurt Tara. He leaps back and does a back flip landing perfectly on his feet. This little display was all courtesy of his telekinesis.

"Tara I am familiar with. Awesome Girl? Not so much." But Pietro's willing to grant her the title. She's certainly a way about her. As Tony escorts Pepper off, the speedster looks to his father. "Well, thank you. I've been quite enjoying the challenges of my new profession." Assuming that his father already knows he's been teaching. "You?" May as well be polite. However, he does add, "I believe Mike is now attending Barnes, father." There's a curious look to Mike for that, as the man is unsure.

"Actually, sir, yes, I'm a student at Barnes Academy. My parents decided Xaviers had, uhm, too much history." And it wasn't safe. Which was reinforced by the Halloween disappearance. The robot boy nods to Jeremy.
"I've met Jeremy in passing, we had a few orientation classes together."
Of course he's watching the dance floor surreptitiously. Observing the flagrant showing-off of the other guy. Wait til Tara busts out her gymnastic moves on him.

Jeremy watches Tara and then Vance with a sense of being overwhelmed. "Um..does it take all that to impress a girl, and I'm really glad she didn't drag me off." He says as he would be absolutely terrified if Tara did that to him. "Yes, I've seen Mike at Barnes before. We're in one or two classes togethers." He looks over at Mike and nods. "We actually live in the same suite too." He says but he usually says in his room when he's there.

Connor taps his foot along with the music, still digging into seconds, and looking as if he's going for thirds, but then finally he does speak up towards at least Magneto… but then pauses as he starts chatting with another man present. The pause causes him to go back to his food, beginning to reconstruct by category and garnish/sauce on his plate.

For a blind girl, Tara is actually pretty good at dancing. Of course, it helps that she took Ballet classes in the past to help with her floorwork. At Vance's showing off she makes a show of rolling her eyes (an exaggerated motion she learned how to do from her brothers) and calls him out for using his powers. "Cheater. If I weren't in a dress I'd show you how it's /really/ done."

Magneto hrrmphs. "Yes. Barnes vs. Xavier's. I do forget that they are not the same facility, but in different locations." And in his opinion, they ought to be the same. What is SHIELD doing, getting into the education business? It's like the CIA running a high school.

He'll watch the dancers on the floor for a bit, frowning. Not quite the forms and figures he remembers, but then, dancing wasn't his strong suit, even when he did it more often. He will notice Connor's aborted move toward him. "Mr. Blake. Enjoying the evening?"

Strangely enough Pietro feels the same as his father on the school regard. "Why I chose other schools." Noted in amusement. He keeps to his chair, toying with his water glass more than drinking.

Grinning, "Don't hate. This is a celebration of who we are. I'm glad to be a mutant and if it helps me dance then it's even better." Looking about at the stares he has gotten for that little display, "But yeah, I will tone it down a bit." Vance continues dancing, "I wish more people would get on the floor. But Tony and Pepper are a start." He waves to the other dancing duo as he twists and shakes to the beat of the music and tones down on the power displays. "Any ideas on how to get the others on their feet, Tara?"

"Same suite? We are? Oh, you're THAT Jeremy! I suppose I should go to my room sometimes, huh?" And Mike nods to answer the question, "Yeah, it doesn't really take that, and cheater backflips won't impress Awesome Girl. Maybe I should go cut in, does he deserve mercy?"
He goes to the trouble to quirk an eyebrow at Magneto's declaration, and a suppressed smirk. Thank you, image inducer, for being a better actor than his flesh face was. And now is a good time to sip from the drink.

Tony dances himself and Pepper over towards Tara and Vance. "I'm sure you could take him, Miss Kincaid. Sadly this isn't the best place for a competition." Shaking his head at Vance for executing a perfect backflip on the dance floor. A bit of fancy footwork and Tony spins Pepper away far enough to give the other dancing couple a bit of room. "Did I just do something responsible? Pinch me Pepper." She obliges and he jumps to the side glaring at her. "I didn't mean for you to actually do it." Pepper smirks, "I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity." Happy on the other hand engages Pietro in conversation as it seems most are heading out to do a bit of dancing.

Sophie grins, and nods her head quickly. "I was afraid you might never ask," she replies. She holds her left hand out in the air in front of her, in Hosea's general direction. "Will you lead me to the dance floor, Hosea? And then we can show everyone how to make a proper fool of oneself, and have an absolutely glorious time doing it." She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "Oh, but… do please warn me first, if you intend to teleport to the dance floor, rather than walking there, si?"

Connor pauses between finishing off his shrimp with cocktail sauce, and a few bites on chicken satay to say to Magneto, "Heather's enjoying the room… there's two beds, and she needs one because she sleeps so often. It's this little economy place right next to a bunch of places to eat up the street." Giving a single shoulder shrug, he then takes a breath, "Actually, I find this all a bit… overwhelming. Too much, too many people… I don't know where to start. No little things to focus on."

The dance floor! Right. Hosea moves his hands back from Sophie, and then reaches up to take it. "I think dat it is plenty close to walk to, yes?" he suggests, leading her in the direction of the dance floor. His hand, normally warm, is actually rather cool. This whole dancing nonsense has made him nervous. He reaches the floor, and then pauses, still holding Sophie's hand. He looks around, and then pivots to face Sophie, his right hand still holding her left. Now what? He vaguely remembers seeing some clip with dancing, and so he copies what he remembers, putting his left hand on Sophie's hip. "Okay, heah we go, yes?" he says, but he doesn't start moving.

"Don't give them a choice," answers Tara to Vance. "Just find somebody pretty.. or handsome if you're into that.. and drag them out on the floor. Enough people join in and… wait… is that Tony Stark?"

Magneto laughs almost silently. "I should say that the little things you are concentrating on right now are proving worth your while." Who knew that Connor was phobic around crowds? An interesting tidbit that gets filed away for later perusal. Meanwhile, he watches Tony and Pepper, and Hosea and Sophie. The latter… sigh. Surely Miss Frost includes a number of the basic ballroom steps in her etiquette classes. If she doesn't, he will suggest it.

Sophie allows herself to be led out upon the floor, and as Hosea's arms come to rest on her once more she does the same with her dance partner; one hand rests on the Nigerian's waist, while the other alights on his shoulder. "I really must get one of those canes that folds up," she observes, as the one she has ends up dangling against Hosea's leg. "But… yes, here we go. Si? We just… move. I believe that is how it is, yess? Step this way and that? I have never really… seen it. But I do know that you are supposed to lead." Fortunately for me, is the unspoken part.

Pepper is laughing softly about something Tony's said with her hand resting comfortably at his neck as they dance not too far from the others. Turning abouts keeping an arm about Pepper's waist Tony hopes that Tara is still able to hear him with the music as loud as it is. "The one and only, Miss Kincaid. You're looking lovely this evening." Slowing to nearly a stop he turns his gaze upon Vance. "I believe you've a dance to be had from what Pepper tells me. Would you like to trade partners?" If Vance and Tara are accepting Tony hands over Pepper then holds out his hand for Tara to accept.

Jeremy looks up at Connor and nods. "I agree. With the too many people and too overwhelming." He says quietly as he doesn't have a problem with the focusing part. He takes a drink from a glass of water in front of him and takes a deep breath. He offers a gloved hand to Connor. "I'm Jeremy, I'm a student at Barnes." He figures he is supposed to be socializing at this.

"Oh no. I don't swing that way. Not that there is anything wrong with it." Vance grins and looks around. Spotting Sophie and Pepper already on the dance floor. "Well it seems my other dance partner is already on the floor." He ponders using his telekinesis to bring Pietro and Magneto onto the dancefloor but then opts not too. "Sure wish Robbie was here. He'd get people onto the dancefloor." Looking between the unfamiliar students and staff members he realizes there is no one else to dance with and is grateful Tara dragged him out here. When Tony makes the offer to switch, Vance obliges, "Tara. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the dance and let's cut the rug more later." With that he moves to Pepper and bows formally like a gentleman and extends his arms to Pepper for a less acrobatic dance as his previous display.

Connor has five… no four… no two chicken skewers left on his plate as he listens to Magneto for a moment, and then Jeremey, before he frowns slightly, "Sorry about this… side effect of what happens with my particular powers. I've got double to three times the caloric intake. Back at the school, they let me keep a bunch of nutrition bars with me to help curb it. Especially after doing a lot of 'heavy lifting'. But on the bright side… seems like it speeds up a bunch of other things too." Grinning a bit, he reaches out and takes Jeremy's hand, "Connor Blake, senior, Xaviers. callsign Chase. Anything else… it gets lost in the explaining."

Tara looks totally stunned when THE Tony Stark asks her to dance. She holds in the ear piercing squeal of glee (but only just barely), managing to let it escape softly. "Eee!" She clears her throat and, blushing furiously, accepts Tony's offer to dance with him, placing her hand in his. "I'm /touching/ Tony Stark," she breathes, feeling lightheaded. Suddenly, she's all left feet.

"I lead, yes," Hosea says. He Takes a step with his right foot, rather wide so that he avoids stepping on Sophie's. Then he takes a step with his left backward to turn a little. "Okay, dey may laugh, but I will be sure not to step on you, yes?" he asks, laughing a little. He takes a few more steps, watching Sophie's feet rather than her face. She can't see him anyway, so he doesn't figure that he'll mind.

Sophie has to hussle her feet a bit to keep up with Hosea's big steps, being as how while he is very tall, she is in fact short. She laughs softly, and ends up clinging close enough to the Nigerian's chest that looking down doesn't matter. "Do not worry, I am used to minding my feet," she replies in a mirthful tone of voice. At least she is easy to lead; she manages to sway a little with the music, even if Hosea may or may not be doing likewise. "This is fun, si?"

There's clearly amusement radiating outward from Stark who tries to calm down his nearly fainting dance partner. "Are you up for dancing with me as well? We've got to show the rest of them how it's done, right?" Poor thing is reacting about as she had the first time he met her which seems like ages ago. Nearby Pepper finds that dancing with Vance is quite nice and is enjoying herself. "You dance exceptionally, Vance. Have you had any training or is this all natural talent?"

"My callsign is Rewind." Jeremy offers back but he doesn't give a last name. "Needing the gloves is a side effect of my powers, and it's what making me feel a bit on edge here." He doesn't want to accidentally touch anyone since he thinks it would probably ruin anyone's night.

Tara clears her throat as she gets herself together. "I.. uh… yes." The small girl clutches Tony's hand a little tighter as she puts a hand on his waist. Taking a deep breath she begins to dance with him, muttering, "God, you smell so good."

Hosea's doing his best, but his movement is only remotely with the music. His curly dark hair can be felt around her head as he tries to watch around her for where her feet are. "Yes," he says, "But I am not used to watching mine!" He seems to be enjoying himslef all the same, and he ponders how much easier it would be to carry her around the dance floor, but then, that wouldn't really be dancing, would it? He glances up at Tony taking the floor with Tara. "Who is Tony Stark?" he asks her quietly, since Tara seems rather taken with him based on the name alone. "Is he someone I should know?"

The Spanish girl in Hosea's arms merely shrugs her shoulders at the question of who Tony Stark is. "I have no idea," she replies. "He might be someone important, but I never got to read the news much. It never came in braille where I lived." She laughs softly, as she sidesteps along with Hosea. They might not be following any manner of proper dance step, but like the Nigerian, Sophie is certainly having fun. "I am sure he has nothing on you, Hosea."

"Thank you, Pepper. I guess it comes naturally. No training or anything. With my powers I can be a bit more agile than most, so I try to be that way without it as well." Vance then spins Pepper around and has a bit more pep in his step, "So how've you been? and good to see you in a less professional setting." He does another spin getting a quick glance at everyone on and off the dancefloor.

Tony can't wipe the grin from his face as he slowly urges Tara into dancing. Quite a few people have come out onto the dance floor now which means that the ice has been broken and the collection of students can enjoy themselves beyond the refreshment table. Softly a chuckle trickles free, "It's a Versace cologne." Knowing very well that Tara hadn't meant for him to overhear that but he can't resist teasing her a bit. For good measure he twirls her a bit then brings her back towards him.
Pepper makes note of how effortlessly Vance dances and mentions that she used to dance quite a bit in the old days. "I've been doing well for myself. Things have been quite chaotic at the Towers but we've managed to hold the place together so far, thank you for asking. How have you been fairing since you arrived at the mansion?"

Connor nods at the shake, and then goes back to cleaning off his plate, vegetables and ranch disappearing as if they were being sucked into a black hole that is something more than just the teenage metabolism, "Everyone's got problems… it's just how they're managed that tells us how we live with ourselves." And as if to demonstrate to Jeremy, he focuses some power, and his eyes begin to glow stridently, swirling vortexes that flare and then cease, "Needless to say… sunglasses are a must."

Hosea laughs, "I do not know, but he looks to have more money!" He realizes that the comment may have been a bit too loud, and backs off. He scans over to Vance, who seems to be so good at the dancing, and winces at his own skill. But as time goes on, he is starting to now at least stay in time with the music.

Now how do you follow Tony Stark. And really, the showoff TK guy was digging his own grave, but there is no way to follow Tony Stark. So Mike stands, expressionless, and watches the dance floor. OK, reset goals. Hosea is having trouble dancing with Sophie. Probably being too shy. The robot kid moves over to where the two are attempting a dance, and offers quietly, "Do you have any particular dances where you're from, Hosea? It might be easier to start from there, and I'd be happy to show you how to change that into the kind of dances they're doing here."

Tara is blushing furiously as she realized that she said that out loud. After the twirl, she stammers a little bit, brain working out exactly how somebody makes idle conversation with Iron Man. "I.. yes… I mean… why are you here?" Smooth, Tara. Smooth.

Sophie blushes as she shifts her hand a bit further up Hosea's waist, and clings lightly to the much larger man as she dances with him. "Perhaps," she replies, and tsks. "But what is money? Si, it is nice to have I am sure, but it cannot buy you any of the things in life that are truely important; and I pray that Senor Stark either has them, or can find them." She pauses, and ohs! "Mike! Err… we are doing… well enough. I think? I would not know if everyone were pointing and smirking, but I am sure they are not."

"It's been" Vance makes an odd face to try to put it into words, "I am happy to be back, but at the same time. Things are so different. New faces on the team. The Barnes Academy. Though I'm glad Robbie is there to help out, but I gotta admit I miss Steve. He was like a big brother. I could talk to him about stuff." Vance gives Pepper another spin as he catches sight of Tony and Tara, "But Tony is great too." He smiles, "I'll adjust. And I am genuinely glad you guys are holding things up in the Tower. Not to sounds too cheesy, but you guys are as vital to the Avengers as Jarvis is. So thanks, Pepper." He holds her close and dips her and then moves her close to Tony and Tara, "I think Ms. Kincaid found a better dance partner." He jokes.

Hosea nods, "Dat is hopeful," he agrees with Sophie. "Mike, yes, we do have dances! But it is not like dis. I do not know how da African dances would be heah. It is not da right music." He watches Vance give Pepper a spin, and tries his hand at it. "It looks like we do dis, yes?" he says, forgetting that the cane is dangling from Sophie's arm. That might not be very condusive to spinning.

Taking pity on the teen Tony ignores the nearby comment even though he's noticed Hosea for it. Doesn't know the man so he focuses back on his dance partner of the moment. "I'm mostly present as a deterrent to those that would try to ruin the evening. That and I know quite a lot of you so I thought it might be fun to be the less than evil chaperone." Pepper finds herself spun about and dipped as well as complimented which causes her fair skin to flush prettily. "Thank you. Everyone is doing the best that they can but we all do miss having Steve around." Vance has returned with Pepper so Tony slows the dance so that the four of them are practically standing on the dance floor. "She has. I was going to go straight for the robot but the music hasn't been right."

"For me the gloves are a must." Jeremy says but he doesn't give any demonstration of powers for Connor or say what they are. "If you see Robin at all, can you tell her I said hello. I was going to try to find her tonight to say hi but I haven't been able to spot her."

"No, they're not staring, but they are dodging away, and it's entirely unfair," Mike answers lightly, stepping back to avoid the cane. "How about this then. You should just count, in time with the music, Sophie put your weight on the left on one, and on the right on two, and Hosea the opposite, so you're moving more in synch with each other, and then it won't matter what dance you're doing or not. And for now, just do that, shifting your weight together. You can move on to steps when you get more comfortable."

He's still, as earlier, catching all the conversation he can hear, and categorizing it by voice but not content, so he doesn't quite hear Tony's remark which is good because he'd probably trip.
Connor sips at his drink, then sniffs at it a moment, "Robin… she's got the body double, right? The puppet-thing? I saw her last night, but I don't know where she is right now… Sorry." Shaking his head, he exhales and then picks at his plate a moment before going back towards the table and getting himself a little more to eat.

Tara somehow manages to disengage herself once the dance slows down to a crawl. "Okay," she says, breathlessly. "Cool. I… I'm going to get something to drink." She walks away from the Avenger and when she's far enough away that she doesn't think he'll hear she bounces lightly on her feet and does that quiet girly squeal again. "I /danced/ with /Tony Stark/. I'm never washing my hands again."

Standing with Pepper next to Tony and Tara, "Well, Tara, I see you found a better dance than me." He jokes "Tony, is there nothing you can't do." He then bows to Pepper, "Thank you for the dance, Pepper and it was nice seeing you. Maybe we can do lunch. Since I've been back I haven't visited the Tower yet, so I'll make it a point to visit." Vance then looks around, "I should meet some of the students." Spotting Jeremy and Connor off the dancefloor, he makes his way towards them. "Hi. I'm Vance."

Corrin comes in wearing a conservative black tux, contemporary to the '20's, with his hair slicked back and a neat bow tie. Shoes so shiny you can see your face in them. He's got a button in his ear, because he's one of the SHIELD crew working security for the event.
He'll smile and nod to a few people, faces he's familiar with, including Tony Stark. Mike gets a nod, too. "Hey, Mike. Having fun?" He hasn't noticed that Mike is concentrating on Hosea and Sophie — yet.

Tony thanks Tara for the dance, and gladly reclaims Pepper from Vance. "We'll have to have lunch then Vance. Thank you again." Pepper smiles and wraps a hand around Tony's arm. The billionaire offers a smile and a nod towards the man before sweeping Pepper away into the cluster of dancing bodies. Over at what used to be dubbed the adult table Happy is amusing himself with eating a meal and constructing structures from things that were at the center of the table.

Connor nods once to Vance as he approaches, and then asks slowly, "Soooo…" Looking to Jeremy for a moment, before asking, "Are you one of the SHIELD security people here tonight?" Looking the older man up and down a few times, as if assessing him, followed by another sip of his drink.

"Hello, Corrin, doing great!" Mike says, and realizes that Sophie and Hosea are doing fine without his help.
"Uhm, I think Tara might be free to dance now, so I'll leave you guys alone."
He navigates the crowd to find himself next to Awesome Girl, and says, "Hey, Tara, if you want I'll loan you my gloves, in exchange for a chance to dance with you."
Because he figures she won't want to wash her hands for at least a few years because of touching the billionaire.

Jeremy nods to Connor. "Thanks, she's one of the few people I know at Xavier's. Her, Mason and Rashmi cause I was also on the dance committee." He doesn't look like someone who would be dance committee material, especially since he's not dressed for the theme. He nods to Vance. "Hello sir." He says before turning to Connor with a shrug. "I haven't seen him as a teacher at Barnes before." But then he hasn't met all the SHIELD agents.

Magneto has retreated to one of the corners to take a phone call. He finishes up, then looks around the room. Ah, 1950's Mike is being obvious re: Hosea and Sophie. And then he's not, flitting off to Awesome Tara. He wonders if the young cybernetic teen realizes that the 1950's manners aren't quite as inclusive as he might desire.

Tara finds herself grinning when Mike shows up. "Hey, Astro boy," she calls out to him using her pet name for him. "I didn't know you were here. With this many people, I really can't make out one person from another, other than their voices." She has a glass of punch in her hand and she takes a rather ungilrly like swig of it. "I think I'm okay," she says, regarding the gloves. "You just don't meet somebody like that every day." At being asked to dance she gives him another grin. "Sure. Let me finish my punch, first, though."

Corrin continues around the room and pauses to watch the dancing. Hosea and Sophie… sweet. That's all he can say for it. Various others, somewhat less sweet, and at varying levels of competency and/or creativity. Mike is obviously on the hunt. Looks like they're all having fun. He wouldn't mind a turn out there, but… on duty. So he'll continue around the room, stopping by the Stark table.

"Hi." Vance says to Jeremy. "I'm here with Mr. Stark and Mr. Maximoff. I'm on the same team as them. Not with SHIELD, but we have worked with them in the past. And I am trying to get to know everyone here. Maybe I'll try to help out at Barnes. Are you enjoying yourselves?" He extends his hand to shake. While telekinetically bringing a glass of punch to himself.

Sophie tries to listen to Mike and Hosea at the same time, and keep up with the dance. Just as Mike wanders off, it comes apart, and Sophie stumbles a bit. "Oop!" She flails her arms briefly, and her cane glaps about in the air, she claps her hand back on Hosea's shoulder and rights herself. The blind girl comes back up laughing, and shakes her head, "Oh yes, Sophie, very graceful." She giggles, and leans back up against her taller dance partner. "Well there you go. Our mishap for the evening, si?"

"Tony? Do you mind if we sit out a few in favor of getting something to eat?" Pepper asks as they are standing in the center of the wooden dance floor. "Of course not. I can't remember the last time I ate something so definitely a good idea." A hand finds its way to the small of her back as he escorts her back towards their table. Happy has food brought over for Tony and Pepper and they've just seated themselves when the table catches sight of Corrin coming their way. Tony grins waving the man over as he rises up to greet Corrin with an extended hand, "On duty tonight? Please…" A gesture to the open seating at the table. "Stay a moment if you can."

Connor replies to Jeremy first, by saying, "You were on the dance committee? I hope it was easy on you all. People here wouldn't like my ideas on stuff like this." Grinning a bit as his head tilts and he attempts to puzzle out what Vance means, and then replies with a smile, "Oh… you must be on Mister Stark's security detail or something. So does Starktech pay well? I've always thought the private sector was overrated for people who hang out in places like these."

Mike says, quietly, "To be honest, I've met him before, once or twice. We're supposed to get together some time and discuss mechanical stuff but, uhm, things have been keeping me busy. A lot."
The robot kid tilts his head, remembering some basics of courtesy that are timeless. "I didn't see you at the dinner earlier. Did you get anything to eat yet? I believe there's still some sandwiches and other snack foods."

Hosea listens to Mike, happy to have the advice. "Okay," he says, too polite to tell Mike to get lost. "We now have a dance teacha, yes?" he says to Sophie, trying to be appreciative of Mike's help. "Whoops, I am sorray," he says to Sophie. "We may hurt someone yet, hah!" He glances about for the cane, not realizing that he's actually starting to move rather easily. Hey, they're dancing!

Laughing a bit, "I guess you could say something like that. We do provide security and I am work closely with him. But we just don't provide security for Mr. Stark. We provide for Earth in general." Vance then clears it up, "I'm with the Avengers and we sometimes help out with Barnes so I thought this would be a good time to meet some of the students. Are you with Barnes or with Xaviers?"

Tara shakes her head at the robot boy. "I'm good, actually. Stopped off at McDonalds before I came here." With that she finishes off her punch and holds out her hand to him. "So. Dance?"

Corrin laughs. "For a moment, Tony, but not more than that. The site commander wanted someone to do an interior sweep. All part of the protocol. I got picked, because I have the best suit." Smirk. He'll nod to Pepper. "We meet again. I saw you on the dance floor. You're quite good."

He does listen with half an ear to the conversation between Vance and Connor — they've said 'Barnes' and 'security' a few too many times for him to ignore it. But he tries not to be obtrusive about it, and he doesn't try to interrupt.

Connor cannot help but chuckle at Tara's comment, but then he takes a deep breath and tilts his head to one side in a rather cattish fashion, "I… don't recognize you from any of the TV I've seen since I came to New York. I go to Xavier's… actually it's my last year there. So still trying to decide after that." He then asks, in an apologetic tone, "Do you have… well… a picture of you in your Avenger's stuff? Sorry. Just so I know who I'm talking to?"

Tony wonders what the others are wearing in comparrison but Corrin always seems to have impeccable fashion sense. Taking up his seat again, "Well as long as your here grab some of the food. It's got to be incredibly boring out there. Which is a good thing don't get me wrong." Stopping while he's ahead he takes to eating dinner instead of babbling.
Pepper sets down her fork smiling up at Corrin. "Thank you, Corrin. I haven't danced this much in ages." Pepper may be out of practice but she still remembers her dance training from all those years ago even though this was not entirely the environment for ballroom dancing. "I'm sure Tony would want to talk shop with you but I've made him swear not to bug people about things that need to be done."

If it were a bad comedy Mike would trip now and land on his face in the punchbowl. But it's not. He's been actually preparing for the dance, obviously, by studying and loading the 1920s dance moves, and running them through during his training periods the last two days. Fortunately they're the standards at most schools anyway: Foxtrot, one-step, waltz, tango, and maybe a bit of swing. He's not going to pull that out unless Tara declares she can do it. But having watched her earlier, he's pretty sure she's a good dancer, and he'll ask before switching to anything crazy.
Which inevitably means, that as soon as something Swing starts, they'll be at it.

Blinking a moment for being asked for kind of id, Vance was never one of the more famous Avengers. Vance simply smiles as he pulls out his Avengers id card showing him as Justice. With his identity public knowledge he shows it. "No need to be sorry. More people should be vigilant. Anyhow, others know me as Justice. I've actually worked along some former Xavier students in the past. Actually I think Sam is a professor there now."

Looking at the ID for a moment, Connor then shakes his head and smirks a bit before saying to Justice, "Sam? Oh… you mean Mister Guthrie. Yeah, I see him around every so often." Leaving it vague with something of a smile before he continues, "Can I hold it?" His hand going towards Vance, while Corrin, watching from the outskirts, might be able to see the shade of a smile quirking the side of his lips.

Sophie giggles, and pauses for a moment to make sure she's properly righted. "No no," she murmurs, "It is my own clumsiness, Hosea, not yours." She shakes her head as she gets back into the swing of things, dancing more properly, especially as Hosea's confidence is picking up as well. "You are good at this, hmm? Does this surprise you?"

Corrin tilts his body so that he can watch Vance and Connor out of the corner of his eye and talk to Pepper at the same time. Automatic, low-level paranoia, and Pepper happens to have his interest at the moment, too. "Ages? Then may I assume that you would like to do more of it?" His brain catches up with him mouth, because HE'S the one who would like to do more of it, and he's just realized that if he doesn't ask Pepper out onto the floor if she says yes, she misses it, he'll be a total cad.

And would that be so bad? He doesn't think so. He'll smile at the very thought. (Tho' how he'll explain to the site commander about why he took a turn around the dance floor with a Stark employee… No. He won't have any trouble at all. He'll just say, "She was beautiful," and leave it at that.)

"Oh sorry. No. It's all official and stuff." Vance then places it back into his inner jacket pocket and sips his punch. "Yes. Mr. Guthrie. He and the rest of the team that I worked with were really impressive. You are lucky to have professors like him at Xaviers." He notes the smirk, but has no idea what Connor may be up too.

"I think it does," Hosea says. "I do not know much about dancing. Maybe it is because dere is a good girl to dance wit, yes?" His foot stumbles, heading straight for Sophie's. Oops.

Connor brings his hand up in a sort of Jedi-wave before he then smiles a bit more broadly, "Just testing you… couldn't help it. When you showed me your ID, I wanted to see how much farther I could take it. It's amazing the amount of trust people can place just from a first meeting alone." That being said, he then turns to look at the time, "I've got to go check on Heather and have some food out for her. I'll try and be back later." And picking up his hat, the young man just vanishes… barely a ripple in the air, and a beep on the SHIELD security sensor suite noting the gravity distortion.

While Tara doesn't really know the dance moves, she's good at improvising, showing off exactly how graceful the blind girl actually is. She's a bit restrained, however, since the dress doesn't offer much in the way of freedom of movement. "I hate dresses," she murmurs. "I can't do anything fancy, unless I want everybody to see my panties."

"I would actually," Pepper says relaxing back in her chair ignoring her food. Of course she's going to accept an invitation if Corrin is extending one and then go out to cut a rug despite knowing that Tony will be burning holes into their backs the entire time she's out there. Even more reason to do it! "If you're not going to draw the ire of your commanding officer Corrin I would love to dance with you."
Tony sighs, "By all means steal my date away but remember to return her at some point." Corrin is gifted a grin as Tony takes to annoying Pietro and Happy.

Perhaps she's lucky; or perhaps she felt Hosea going off balance, or it may even be a combination of both. Either way, but the time the Nigerian's foot comes down, Sophie's is just out of teh way. "Oop! Hosea, are you alright?" She cannot quite suppress a giggle. "I am sure you do this only to make me feel better about stumbling earlier, si?"

"What an odd young man." Vance just shrugs as Connor disappears. He then makes his way back to the adult table with Tony and Happy. "I think I can use a stronger drink. Just had an odd encounter with a student. I don't know how you deal with all of this, Tony." He finishes his punch and watches Pepper and Corrin dance. "She seems to be the belle of the ball. You better watch out."

"Actually, that's the point of some of the swing moves," Mike says to Tara, as they do a dip move, "or seems to be anyway. But we could stick with the waltz and tango or even the foxtrot, it's got some reet steps to beat your feet to." Yes, 1920s slang, every bit as incomprehensible as LOL.
In any case, he'll describe the moves for any new dance steps before they try them, of course. Where possible, using the terms from gymnastics, since they have that language in common.

Corrin bows to his fate… and over Pepper's hand. "Then, dear lady, would you please accompany onto the dance floor? I fear I see a great deal of enthusiasm out there but precious little in the way of actual, you know, dancing, and I'd like to fix that!" He's grinning by the end of this, and the smile stays as Pepper lets him lead her out onto the floor.
All others, watch out. BOTH of these people have had formal training, and after a calm start, as they figure out just how good each other is, they will start getting fancy. Aerial flairs, anyone?

"Yeah, but isn't Swing 50s?" asks Tara. "I mean the only dance I know from the 20's is the charleston." She's quick to pick up on the moves as Mike explains them. "I mean, I guess wearing tights and bouncing around the floor is pretty much the same thing, but that was… you know… a competition."

"I shall," she smiles and accepts Corrins hand to follow him out onto the dance floor. "It is after all a party for the kids. Otherwise I'd have to agree with you on that." Corrin turns out to be the best dancer that Pepper has had the pleasure of taking a turn around the floor with. She laughs freely and follows his moves as if they were born dancers. A pause between songs has her flushed with excitement and taking a few quick breaths. "When did you learn how to dance? If you don't mind me asking."

"I am clumsy too, yes?" Hosea says. "I think I must be done dancing now, before I step on you." He moves to the side of the dance floor. "It has been vedy nice to dance wit you, Sophie. I would like to again sometime." He holds her hand for a moment longer before he lets it go, moving to retrieve the fallen cane. "Heah, I would not want you to lose your cane."

Tony finsihes his meel glancing at Vance for a moment, "Tony Stark?" That's his answer for how he can handle it. His gaze tracks to where Pepper is having a good time with Corrin and shrugs, "Not worried at all, Vance. Not at all."

Vance laughs at both responses and watches the Corrin and Pepper and Mike and Tara. "So Tara. She is a Xaviers or Barnes student? She is definitely colorful and clearly the life of this party." Vance looks to Happy, "How's it going with you?"

Sophie smiels at Hosea, as she's led back to the edge of the dance floor and given her cane. "Thank you, Hosea," she murmurs. "I think I might panic if I lost my cane, it is like my eyes. It is comforting to know that you look out for me so, si?" She smiles, and stays where she's at as Hosea wanders off, at least for a moment. And then she is off wandering, following the blueprint that Xorn showed her as she meanders through the tables, listening to voices she hasn't heard before.

Corrin laughs a little breathlessly himself. Doing a tango to Prince's 'Kiss' will do that to him. "I was a competition ice skater while I was growing up," he says. "Dance classes the entire time, to improve my artistic scores." He'll indicate the table and Tony — does Pepper want to go back? Or does she want to dance some more. "How about you? I don't see too many people who even know Argentinian tango, let alone can dance it…!"
Room? Work? Duty? Those are all four-letter words. Corrin is *dancing*, thank you very much.

"Well, Swing actually started in the Roaring 20s, and had a resurgence in the 50s, and the 80s. It never really goes away," Mike answers Tara, "but it really started with the foxtrot and people who had to show off their fancy moves."
They're only doing semi-fancy moves, though, because other people are also dancing. And they MIGHT start copying Corrin and Pepper's moves when the Tango starts. But after that he'll have to stop so Tara can get more punch.

Tony sips at his punch turning away from Pietro and Happy to converse with Vance. "She's a Xavier's student. I met her a few months back at a comic book shop and she's certainly great fun." Happy shrugs then points out his little house made of table decor. "I'm not doing all that bad, thanks for asking. The food was excellent."
The tango is certainly a fun dance even though the intricate footwork can be a nightmare. "A professional ice skater? Wow…I'm impressed. Me? I liked dancing so my parents put me through lessons up until I was in high school. I loved it. Sometimes I miss it but being with Tony means I get to attend quite a lot of parties so I'm not so rusty." There's no need to rush back to the table as she'll let you know when her poor feet can't take any more.

Tara giggles furiously as she hams up the Tango, all the while making small talk with her friend. "So how's life at the other school? I hardly ever get to see you anymore."

"Well that's good to hear, Happy. And like I told Pepper. Thanks for all the work you guys do with Stark and the Avengers. You guys are vital and we appreciate it and you." Vance continues to watch the dancers and students and then realized that he has not eaten. "I wonder if there is any food left."

"It's been amazingly not sucky. I'm doing college classes, and teaching SHIELD drivers how to really DRIVE, and commuting out to the left coast a lot, family stuff. How about you?"
Mike is humble as ever, obviously. You can tell by the way he makes the image inducer make a 'gleam' in his eye at the bottom of a dip. Even though it won't have any effect on Tara.

Happy looks about curiously and points out someone who has been ferrying food from the kitchen into the ballroom. "That would be your man. If there's anything left he'll be the one to corner. Oh, and thanks for your kind words. It's really appreciated."
Tony has taken to watching Pepper dance when he catches sight of a young blind woman making her way through the tables. After excusing himself from the so-dubbed adult table Tony makes his way over toward Sophie. "Good evening, Miss. It would appear that your dance partner for the evening has left you floating amongst the tables. May I be of assistance?" It's a deep voice clearly not one of the students.

Vance nods, "Thanks, Happy. Let me go chase him down and get some food." Vance rises and follows the waiter out of the room.

Sophie comes to an abrupt halt, and the tapping of her cane ceases as she stands still. "Good evening, Senor," she returns in her most pristine Spanish accent, as a smile graces her lips. "I suppose that depends on how you mean to be of assistance… if you are asking me to dance, I am sure I could not refuse. But first, you must forgive me… I recognize your voice, but I cannot quite place where. It is difficult when I cannot see a face, si?"

Tara gives mike a shrug. "Same old, same oleeep!" she squeaks as she's unexpectedly dipped. "I've been taking the advanced combat classes. Turns out I'm really good at kung fu."

Heather zips back into the room from the washroom, still wearing her 1820s gown in her particular way of either subverting the theme chosen, or misunderstanding temporal conventions. She stops slides on the floor, her specially made flats not terribly worn by all the friction even by this point in the evening. She glances around and evaluates the situation as she stands by the tables. "There is lots of dancing."

"Si," Tony replies. "If your in the market for a dance then I'm more than happy to oblige." A brush of fingers to Sophie's hand so that she may take it if she's willing to be escorted out onto the floor. "I've no doubt that my voice many be familiar, Senorita. I am Anthony Stark, Iron Man and your current dance partner if you'll have me."

Corrin shakes his head. "Competition skater, not professional. A professional would be, say, someone in the Ice Capades. A competition skater… well, I tried out for the Olympics one year. Didn't make the team." A shrug, and he'll lead Pepper out onto the floor for the quickstep. (You thought there was tough footwork in tango? Let's show you tough footwork….!)

"I would hope so," Mike says. "You've got all the requisites, after all, including the whole mysterious blind girl trick. Oh. I've discovered that I'm a really good shot. Like, amazingly good. I shouldn't be surprised, I guess."
As the particular set comes to an end, he escorts Tara to the beverage table, figuring she'll be dehydrated and/or out of sugar high soon. And is dragged off to dance by another girl fairly abruptly, which leaves him puzzled. But he'll be back to dance with Sophie and Tara again if she's still interested.

"Oh!," Pepper blushes a touch. "I apologize for my mistake Corrin. You could certainly take up professional dancing should you retire from SHIELD." A bright smile and a nod off acceptance as she hits the floor with the brilliant man yet again. Of course the Quickstep is murder on endurance and about partway through the dance she must beg for a breather as she's not only out of breath but laughing far too much to remember where her feet need to be. "Thankfully I've not stepped on your toes!"

The blind girl ahhs, and inclines her head. "I understand," she replies. "I am Sophie DeCosta, relatively fresh from Spain and of no great fame." She chuckles softly. "I'm afraid I did not see your face before I went blind, however, so I do not know what you look like; but I've no doubt that you are as I have heard you described." Her fingers do not so much clasp with Tony's, as they climb up his arm to cling to his bicep. "It is as I thought it; I could not refuse such a dance. Will you lead me to the dance floor?"

Tara grabs some food and another glass of punch, and wanders over to Heather, after recognizing her voice. "Hey Heather," she says, coming over. "Yup. Just got done dancing myself."

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sophie." Tony is a bit uneasy when she clasps his arm but that does not radiate outward for the young lady to pick up on. "Hmm? At least whomever is doing the describing has got things right at least. If you don't mind me asking," already starting to steer her through the tables towards the dance floor. "When did you loose your sight?"

Heather nods quickly at Tara as she approaches, "Hello Tara. I'm not sure where Connor is now. I think he might have vanished someone off home, so I won't ask him for a dance. He'll be back later." She tilts her head slightly and adds, picking up some punch and downing it just as fast, "How did you enjoy your dance?"

Tara is, frankly, surprised Heather doesn't end up with a face full of punch after drinking that punch fast. "It was fun! And I got to dance with Tony Stark." It's not hard to hear the swoon in her voice.

"Three years ago," replies Sophie. "I do not mind the question, Senor Stark; I am used to being asked. There was a fire; I fell through the floor and cut my eyes on the way. They took infection, and the result is that I will never use them again." She taps with her cane in front of her, just to make sure she isn't going to run into a chair, at least until she and the famous man to whom's arm she clings step out onto the dance floor. "It is alright. It is a thing that I am used to and have learned to live with."

Corrin laughs and surrenders to Pepper's demand to be allowed to sit and recover. "No need to apologize. I'm just missing that life a little, at the moment, for reasons that should be obvious." He will escort Tony Stark's date back to her table (and at some point, that particular fact will hit him. HE DANCED RINGS AROUND THE FLOOR WITH TONY STARK'S DATE. And good lord, but he's glad SHIELD isn't letting paparazzi anywhere NEAR this event.)
Ahem. "Let me get you some more punch. I do want to thank you for a wonderful set of dances, and this is the least I can do."

Tony helps navigate Sophie to and up onto the little lip of the dance floor. "Please, call me Tony." Once onto the dance floor Tony finds a relatively uncrowded space and seeks to hold his dance partner in a decent enough frame that she should be able to enjoy the dance with him safely leading her about the floor. "For what it's worth I am sorry that you've had to go through that particular loss and pain. Are you enjoying your evening thus far?"

"Tony Stark Shmony Shmark!" replies Heather to that, shaking her head and crossing her arms. "I'm glad you had fun, though. That's what this thing is about, isn't it." She glances back out to the dance floor. "I should do a dance."

Pepper is certainly thankful to be escorted back to the table, not because she wanted to part company with Corrin, but she could definitely use that breather. "I understand, believe me I do Corrin. I've had a lovely time dancing with you and I would love some punch if its not too much trouble." Checking in with Happy for a moment she giggles a bit shaking her head just so, "I do hope you won't be a stranger after this. I know SHIELD must keep you busy but you're more than welcome to pop into the Towers whenever you wish. Maybe we can catch up over lunch some time."

Sophie positions her hands on Tony's shoulder and his waist, which… may or may not be correct for this particular dance, but it's the only one she happens to know. She smiles softly at his comments, as he leads her into motion on the floor. "It could have been worse," she replies. "I prefer to focus on what I do have, than what I lack." She giggles softly, and nods her head. "For example, I am having a marvelous evening; thank you, Senor. I hope you are enjoying yourself also?"

Tara gives Heather a little pout. "What do you have against Tony? He's totally hot." She takes a second to check around to make sure that nobody but Heather hears her say this, "He smells /awesome/."

"That's certainly the right attitude to have, Sophie." Tony has made sure that one arm is firmly at Sophie's waist and his free hand rests up nearby the hand she's placed at his shoulder. "I have been having a rather good time which is atypical for me in situations like this. I've had terrible karma with social events for the last few years. I'm grateful for the fact that tonight has gone over so well."

"He is attractive, and probably a genetically sound choice to produce offspring with," replies Heather, furrowing her brow slightly at the thought, "Wealthy. Apparently smells nice. But he's a slut, and I feel like he is overrated. If I were to require a sperm sample for anything, though, I would seriously consider his?"

Tara's mouth hangs open at Heather's assessment of Tony. "Uh." she says, at a loss for words. "You're weird."

Corrin arrives back at the Stark table with punch. He hands Pepper her cup and says, "I may take you up on that, Pepper. The lunch thing. I can't tell you when, however, because I don't know what my schedule is going to be like. On call, you know." He brought a cup for himself and he sips it, watching Tony and Sophie out on the dance floor for a moment, then turning back to Pepper. "How about you? What do you do for Tony Stark, billionaire extraordinaire? Or is that so top secret you'll have to kill me if you tell me?" His eyes crinkle in amusement.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly, mid-dance. Her cane bounces lightly against the back of Tony's leg, and her hand on his shoulder moves enough that her fingers brush against his. "It is the only attitude to have," she replies. "I have heard of people who have fallen to despair from going blind; some have gone mad, others have taken their own lives. I learned early that attitude was everything." She nods her head slowly. "It is good to hear that the evening goes well for you also — it sounds like you need it to, si?"

A quick nod is given in return to Tara's assessment, "I have been told." Heather raises her eyebrows slightly and glances towards Tony. "But do you disagree?"

Pepper can't help but to giggle prettily once Corrin has returned and asked what she does for Tony. "Please, have a seat. I'm sure the others have things well in hand outside. As for the lunch offer it's open ended really. I understand how things are given I've got quite the experience with having things happen or not rather abruptly." A sip or three of punch later she sets her glass down. "I manage Tony's life basically. It may not sound like the most glamorous job in the world but I have been his friend for quite a long time and I enjoy what I do. He invents and saves the world. I make sure he remembers where he needs to be and help him tie his ties. Amongst other things that I'm unable to tell you for you'd have to have your mind wiped by the very people you work for." Joking!

Hopefully Sophie is having a good turn about the floor with Tony as he seems to be simply moving them about in a small space with no real mind to actually dancing like the others currently around them. "I've needed a break, yes. I've people trying to kill me on a regular basis so appearing at a dance to enjoy the company of friends and students that I'm familiar with has been nice." Speaking of which he nods to those that are waving at him from not too far away and notices that those at his table seem to still be having a good time. "Do you attend Xavier's?"

"Well…." begins Tara. "I guess so, except for the overrated thing and sperm thing." She shakes her head. "I don't think I'm ready to think about collecting sperm from /anybody/ yet."

Sophie nods her head to the question, "I do," she replies, as she continues to follow Tony's lead. "I only arrived from Spain last month. I suppose it is fortunate that I learned to speak English as a second language when I was growing up." The blind girl giggles softly, "Otherwise it would be hard to have this conversation." She tilts her head, and gazes sightlessly upwards. "It sounds as though you have your own burdens," she observes. "I think I prefer being blind over having people trying to kill me — I hope you do not take that askance, Senor Stark."

"Neither am I, but it's worth documenting for later, for if it happens to become relevant," says Heather, nodding quickly, "What if you suddenly find yourself a lesbian in need of a sperm donor? Important thoughts." She taps her head a couple of times quickly and then gestures off towards the dance floor, "Speaking of, we should dance."

Corrin does perch on the edge of a chair, after giving the whole room a good look. Still on duty (sort of). "It sounds as if Tony keeps you very busy and occasionally entertained, and compensates you for the times when the one is over the top and the other is missing." Smile. "As for things you're unable to tell me…" A shrug, and another smile. And no comment about having been there, done that re: brain wipe. Not fun enough for table talk at a high school dance. "I imagine the air miles you pile up are by themselves a major feature of your job!"

Tony chuckles, "Yes, that would make conversation quite interesting but fortunately for you I speak a few languages. A friend of mine that came to the dance with me is quite a linguist so there would have been no trouble at all." The song changes so Tony slows the dance to a halt. "It is what it is, Sophie. Hopefully you will not have to face such things in your life time." Noting that this would be a good time to exit the dance floor Tony offers to help her back towards the tables. "I enjoyed our dance Senorita DeCosta. Hopefully your evening will continue to be enjoyable."

Tara finishes off the last of her punch, and grabs a quick bite of something before nodding. "Sure!" She has to admit that she's curious as to how Heather is going to dance. She doesn't do anything else normal, that's for sure.

Sophie flicks her cane out in front of herself, and resumes probing the floor before her with it as she is led off the dance floor. "I am told that Xavier's students often face strange adventures," she replies, "So, I suppose we shall see. Or, at least, you will; I shall merely experience." She shrugs her shoulders nonchallantly. "Que sera sera, as you say. But I will say, if ever you are wounded from your battles… if you should be near to Xavier's, make a stop? To heal, that is my gift, and always will I be generous with it."

Pepper crosses her legs then leans back against the back of her chair trying to relax at the table. "Things are always interesting around Tony. I tend to travel a lot with him but he has his several jets so no frequent flyer miles and I've really no true vacation to speak of. I fit things in here and there but life is always busy busy." The rest of her punch is polished off and she checks her phone which has been in the coin purse that's been sitting on the table all this time. "What about you, Corrin? Do you get to enjoy very much free time or are you quite tied up with SHIELD business?"

Heather nods a few times quickly at Tara and dashes in steps ahead of her to let her catch up at every iteration. As she moves, she plays, "I don't think any physical contact is viable, so we will have to be creative."

As Tony walks with Sophie back to the table he finds himself laughing at the joke then a bit taken aback by the offer she's made. "I appreciate the offer as it is given. I make it a point not to openly ask others about thier gifts but in your case you've peaked my curiosity." Tara and a young lady he's not seen before are nearby so he offers them a polite nod of greeting and a smile before continuing to walk Sophie to the nearest table.

Sophie smiles as she is brought to a table, and tilts her gaze up towards Tony. "I can heal others by touching them," she explains. "I am told that as I grow, I will improve at it. It is not instant, but I am sure that virtually everyone would find healing a broken bone or getting over a serious flu in only an hour or two to be vastly superior to the days or weeks it might normally take. And when I am older… well, who knows what I might be able to do?" She pauses, as her cane encounters the back of a chair and she checks to see if it is empty. "Before you ask… I cannot heal myself, only others. Or I am sure I would not be blind."

Tara chuckles at Heather. "Yeah. I never really expected to slow dance with you." She shakes her head. "I don't think you even could slow dance even if you wanted to." So, once again, she starts dancing to the music. "Let's see what you've got."

"I could slow dance with Chloe, if she were here. Have you seen her here? I could slow dance with her without any difficulty," says Heather, nodding to Tony Stark a few times quickly, though with a flat expression, as he goes by. "I will listen to music I will hear instead of the blats and bloooots that's playing over the speaker, if that's okay," plays Heather, placing a pair of earbuds in.

Corrin sets his punch cup on the table and smiles at Pepper. "I… am catching up with my SHIELD duties lately, so I have very little time of my own. I spent some time… on a sabbatical, of a sort, and there are elements of my duties before it began that still require attention." He straightens and touches the button in his ear. "Kelly here," he says. "All clear. Proceeding to the kitchens." Then he stands up and gives Pepper another bow, perfectly in keeping with the tux he's wearing. "Forgive me, but I fear that present duty requires my attention, also. Thank you so much for the dancing. It was wonderful."

"A most useful gift indeed." Tony makes sure that Sophie makes it to the chair without insident and offers a smile even though she can only tell by the tone of his voice. "I believe you have quite a future ahead of you, Senorita. I must however get back to the others so I will take my leave. Have a good evening." Tony bows out of habit from the waist and slowly makes his way over to his table. "Of course, don't let me keep you from your duty. As for the dances it was my pleasure, Corrin. Try to have a good night out there." Pepper beams up at the man. Tony arrives just as Corrin is making his exit and thanks Corrin for stopping by to talk to them and for showing Pepper a good time.

It had been several hours since the Stark posse had arrived at the dance, and with several people leaving it would appear that the night was coming to a close at least for this portion of it. "Happy, can you have them bring the car around?" Happy nods, reaching underneath the table to pull out the violin case, "Sure thing boss. I'll be outside." Hogan leaves, Pietro excuses himself as well leaving Tony to put on his hat and pocket Pepper's coin purse. "Care for a final turn around the floor with your date this evening or did Corrin wear you out?" She laughs playfully smacking his shoulder but follows him to the dance floor for one last dance then the pair head out of the ballroom to meet up with the others and to head back to the Towers.

Tara chuckles and nods again to her dancing partner. "I think she was here. I don't know, though, since with this many people around it's hard for me to tell one person from another." She grins at Heather, "Go enjoy yourself."

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