2010-10-27: Werewolf Therewolf Whowolf Youwolf

Players: David and Kenta

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Summary: David confronts Kenta about being a werewolf and they discuss the current happenings

Date: October 27, 2010

Log Title: Werewolf Therewolf Whowolf Youwolf

Rating: R

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

Outside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible..

At least after yesterday Kenta has washed up a bit but he's still just wearing a pair of torn up pants and a pair of period boots. His shirt is off, since he doesn't feel the cold, as he is tending to the fire. There's a pot of some kind sitting resting on the grate over the coals as he wants to make sure there's stuff down here for anyone who comes, especially since the Farmhouse was destroyed. He sings to himself as he works putting logs onto the fire so that the coals stay nice and toasty.

A wooden spear, made rather well and sharp flies through the air and embeds itself into the wooden section of the wall near Kenta. Making his presence known with the spear, David reveals himself, dressed shirtless but wearing the period pants and a long black trenchcoat similar to what an undertaker would wear, "Kenta? What are you doing here?" David stares a moment as he scans Kenta's skill set to see if any changes have occurred with his new status as a werewolf.

Kenta jumps and looks over at David. "Holy shit dude, what did you do that for?!" He asks sounding pissed and surprised. He looks at the spear and looks back at David, trying not to retaliate. "Seriously David, what's gotten into you? And what do you mean, what am I doing here. If you recall I've pretty much stayed here from the start…..shit…" He mutters as something dawns on him. "You're also affected aren't you…."

David notes Kenta's tone and responds, "What's gotten into me? You're a werewolf right?" He blinks a moment and looks Kenta over. Most of the changes that have happened to the students have yielded some changes even minute to the skill sets David has memorized for the students, "Well, at least I thought you were a werewolf." He blinks again, "If you are you, then I am sorry about the spear. But it's my understanding you destroyed the farmhouse in your battle with James and nearly hurt Hilde, Leo, and Star."

"Werewolf? What are you talking about?" Kenta says as apparently he doesn't know about it. "Fight with James…why would I fight with a student?" Though, most of the night before, well all of the night before is a jumbled memory to him. "I heard the farmhouse was destroyed but, I was here with Emma and Mike yesterday…why would you think I'm a werewolf?"

"Admittedly, I didn't see it, but the report is. That you are a werewolf now. You went to the farmhouse, attacked some of us here and then James appeared. You fought and in your fight literally brought the farmhouse down." David sighs, "It's daylight now, so you probably don't remember. You remember the daytime being here with Emma and Mike…which is good to know…but what about last night and the night before? It was a full moon." He walks closer and seems a bit more relaxes…but only a bit. He goes to remove the spear from the wall, "And, no, I haven't been affected…yet…."

"Last night, I was here. I remember watching out for Mike most of last night." Kenta feels bad for the kid for some reason. "I slept for a bit last night but not much, trying to keep things down here running. The night before, I don't remember much. I woke up in the moors." Which might be explanation enough. "I honestly don't remember any of that David, if what you say is true."

David shakes his head, "It is true. There were too many witnesses. I only caught the end of it. Heather and I arrived only after you had left." He removes the spear and still holds it tight, "It seems you have been affected too. Think about it, why would you wake up in the Moors when you've been staying here?" He looks you over again and then moves to the pot, "I'm hungry, what are you making?"

"Honestly, I thought maybe I finally found it was a bright idea to drink myself silly on some the spirits here and blacked out." Kenta says as stuff like that might have happened in his younger years. "So…I guess we gotta figure out what to do with me at night in case it happens again. Thank goodness that it was only the farmhouse that got wrecked." He says as he looks at the pot. "Oh this, nothing really amazing, just some boiled vegetables and potatoes. I don't hunt so it's like a meatless carrot, potato stuff."

David sniffs the contents of the pot and pats his stomach and smiles, "Good enough for me." He trust Kenta enough to put the spear down and head behind the bar to search for a bowl, "Well, that is a good point. You woke up in the Moors and survived. I suggest, at least at night. Leaving here and staying somewhere else." He pops his head up, "It's pretty cold out and you are walking around topless. Do you even feel the cold?" He finds a bowl and stands up.

Kenta shakes his head. "No, I don't. Something with the darkforce, keeps me from feeling it." The black marks visible on his arms and chest show his link with the dimension. "Emma tried to go into Mike's mind yesterday and see if she could help. She…she almost ended up hurting Mike, bad. I watched it, she brought me with her. This is all magic but fuck if I know what to do."

David exhales, "Well, I don't know about magic and I know less about this place, but one problem at a time. I suggest not sleeping here. I would actually say you might want to stay at the Asylum. Crazy things happen up there, but a number of affected students have stayed up there. I've checked on them from time to time, but since you could among the affected. A permanent staff member who is sane.." He pauses, "When not a wolf….might be a good idea." He pours some of the vegetarian meal into the bowl and sniffs it again whilst closing his eyes, "Really good job with this stew, Kenta."

There's not much flavor to it but Kenta's added the spices that he's found that he could. He's a passable cook. "Thanks, just something to keep up strength and such. Maybe I'll see if Hosea can find another rabbit or two to throw in there. And as for heading up there, maybe I will tonight. Just…I dunno, if I go werewolf again as you guys say I am, maybe it'd be best to keep me alone at night. Make sure no one gets hurt. How to they isolate Werewolves in horror movies?"

David sips the stew, "It's great for here, Kenta." He then pauses a moment a thinks, "How do they isolate werewolves in horror movies? I don't think I have ever actually seen a werewolf movie except for the American werewolf series in London and Paris. They can you talk to Dead People and see spirits? I know the wolves did that in those movies." He scratches his chin, "I believe wolves are chained up in dungeons or basements with big chains." He looks about, "Maybe there might be some chains at the smithy."

Raising an eyebrow at David, Kenta sighs and shakes his head. "Yeah, getting chained up, that sounds great and that'd make me a great person to watch over our wayward students." He says as he isn't really sure what to do. "Well, we'll figure out something, I didn't change last night so…who knows." But then what about tonight, or the next night or if they're still here a month from now. "Yeah, no dead people or spirits for me."

David shrugs, "Hey, you asked. Maybe have Emma do a scan and maybe she can suppress it, but if her scan hurt Mike. The magic here may affect cause it to have some negative effect on you. I suggest, someone staying with you, if anything to prevent you from wolfing out. I can volunteer, or maybe between myself, Scott, Emma, and Hilde we could take turns." He finishes up the soup and then stops a moment, "So you are a Darkforce Manipulator, right?" He thinks, "Have you ever tried teleportation?"

Kenta shakes his head. "No, hell no. Right now, I'm not comfortable with letting Emma in my noggin'." Kenta says as he feels it's a bad idea after Mike. "Having someone babysit me would probably be a decent idea for now. Let's see what happens. And teleporting, actually that's something I can't do. Odd isn't it?"

David hmmmns and shakes his head, "True…sometimes having Emma in your head can lead to…" He pauses a moment and has a sad expression, "Anyhow, I agree, but right now, she may be your best chance to figure out what's going on." He exhales, "Odd, but have you tried. Cloak and Shroud are darkforce manipulators who can teleport, but not all can. I believe the original Darkstar couldn't teleport."

"I don't think I can David. I mean, yeah I've tried that kind of connection isn't there. Also my powers were altered quite a bit so I wasn't originally this linked to the dimension." Kenta says as dark force is one of those fickle powers. "I just think we're over looking something, something big. Like there's that one spot we haven't found here that holds the answer or something. I mean…why are we even here? Where are we? All those questions, no answers or clues for weeks."

David shakes his head, "Wow, it really has been weeks that we've been here. I wonder if it is like Limbo and when we return, it will only have been a few minutes that we were gone." He laughs a bit as he finishes up the soup. "Well, I can tell you that I have explored as much of this place as possible. I have been all over that asylum. I've explored this town, the moors, the woods. I just don't know where else to go or look." He sighs, "Maybe I will ask Emma to unlock my mental blocks…though I would prefer not too." His expressions gets sullen again, "I hope our friends at home are trying to figure something out too." He half smiles, "I know they are." He says somewhat confidently.

"It could be David. I went somewhere once where it was ten years for me, came back and a month had passed here. Hopefully it's nothing so dramatic as that." Kenta says as he goes and grabs some of the soupy veggie stew to eat. "They are, believe me on that one. I just hope my son okay cause I hate being away from him like this. He was born when I was in that other dimension actually but he doesn't remember it. Just this is the longest I've been away from him."

David looks at Kenta and frowns, "Shit, Kenta. I'm sorry." David stands up and in an odd sense of affection half-hugs Kenta while he sips his soup, "Armande is fine. You have to believe that. He misses his dad as much as you miss him, but he is at the best place he can be at Xavier's. The X-Men are keeping on an eye on him. I'm sure of it." He pats Kenta's back and goes behind the bar and pulls out to cups and pours fresh water from a bucket into them, "Well, either way, We'll make it back. I am more concerned about what will happen to those who haven't been affected yet by this place. It's as if it is picking us off one by one. And poor Kisha…" He sighs a bit, "I really fucked up there."

"Don't blame yourself about Kisha, what happened, happened and hopefully we can find her and she's okay. After all, there was no body." Which is hopeful for Kenta but then this placed is messed up with a capital F-U-C-T. "Oh I know his fine, my parents will watch him and he's safe with them. And I don't know David, maybe we should focus on those affected and figure a way to get them unaffected. When I get back, magic studies for all."

David nods his head, "Yeah. Well I notice the changes have occurred when the attacks are physical. I was there when Robyn and Troy were attacked they were cut. I wasn't. Star had said she was cut by a zombie and Mike had his finger taken by the gremlins. So it is from physical contact when attacked. I am assuming the changes to Jinx and James must have also been something physical." He drinks his water and passes a cup to Kenta, "Hilde was scratched when the farmhouse was destroyed. but Leo healed her with his lifelight. I wonder if anything will happen to her? She may be one to watch." He finishes his water and goes to pour another cup, "And also, Heather has this idea with Robyn. We dug up his grave and found a skeleton with a teddy bear." He pulls it out from his coat, "We were thinking about making contact with Robyn and seeing if the bear helps for some reason."

"Yeah? Well maybe send her over here and we can see how she's feeling. So…where are we holing everyone up now that the farmhouse is gone? This place isn't big enough for everyone." Kenta takes the water and sips at it. "So we have Robyn, Troy, Star, Mike, James and Jinx. Anyone else? Besides Kisha vanishing. I mean…that's six so far so…who knows what's going on. The majority of us are okay right. Oh shit…have you seen Connor lately?"

David shakes his head, "I think you should include yourself in that list of people affected as well." He starts to list everyone who is here, "Do we even know everyone who is here. We only discovered Hildie here two nights ago. She had been wandering around the woods for weeks. So there may be others who are here and we don't even know, despite the fact that we have done searches." He thinks, "Connor. No, I haven't seen him in about a week or so. The students unfortunately don't like to listen." He shakes his head, "Well, we relocated here. Robyn, James, and Jinx are at the Asylum. I don't think we should stay there, so I think it will be a combo of here and the smith shop."

Kenta smirks at that. "Kids never do like to listen. You're still pretty much a kid yourself David. Would you have listened a year ago, two years ago?" He asks honestly. "Yeah, I dunno, you said you searched everywhere but honestly, we don't know. I mean I've done a bit of flying around here but this pace is just odd and there's no one else here but us."

David nods, "Still got a lot to learn myself. Guess it's why I am back." He ponders, "Maybe we should map this place out." He stands up and goes to the bar and leans a moment, "I wonder if I use the cyberglasses…I wonder what I'd see."

Looking around the room, Kenta starts clearing off the bar. "Okay, we don't really have much to write with or write on but this bar might do. Also maybe we can find some canvas later. Like right now I know a few places and such. See what we can find out. We know the lay out of the town pretty well, the farm house, the asylum…hey what is up there anyway? What's inside that place?"

David blinks, "You haven't been there yet." He shakes his head, "It's basically a replica of the institute. It's an old asylum, complete with patient rooms and old equipment and whatnot. There is a graveyard with some of the students and staff's last names. A mausoluem and an old abandoned church. It's basically Xavier's if it was haunted and without the major technology."

"I've mostly stayed in here just in case. Kinda a town base I guess." Kenta says with a shrug. "I've flown over it but I haven't been inside. And okay, maybe I will go check it out later. See what's there and what clues we can dig up there. For now I think I'm gonna go dig up some tobacco, have a smoke and clean up in here more. I'll go look for some canvas for a map. I'll see you around later David, and thanks, for the warning about what I did."

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