Wesley Oliver 'Olly' Cordova
Wesley Oliver 'Olly' Cordova
Portrayed By Zach Cregger
Gender Male
Date of Birth 04/05/1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Cusp Aeries
Aliases Olly
Place of Birth Southern Ontario, Canada
Current Location New York City
Occupation Vagabond
Known Relatives Eddie Parker-Mayfair (Half-brother by blood), Alexandra Cordova (Mother, Presumed deceased, or enslaved) James Resure (Biological father)
Significant Other ???
Identity Known to the Canadian govt.
Known Abilities Electrokinesis
First Appearance Electric Reunion

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Early life for Wesley was just a little less normal than other children, Wesley was born to a single mother. After his father rejected his mother, Alexandra, because she was his mistress, Alexandra decided to move back home to Ontario. After Wesley was old enough to be without his mother for the day, she would send him to his grandparents house while Alexandra worked.

Olly was always a quiet child, though it wasn't discovered why until he was school aged that he had a stutter, feeling embarrassed every time he talked in class, soon he just became a silent partner when it came to school. His mother did put him in speech therapy, but it only helped to partially cure the stutter. He still remained a quiet person during class times. This continued on as the years passed, and then before the young lad could finish his first year of middle school, he was taken by some less-than-kind folk. These human-supremacists ran a mutant slaving ring.

With the help of a telepath, the boy had been coerced into their van and was being hauled away to central Ontario to be later sold off to a high bidder. The high bidder in this case were some rich family who wanted to use Wesley as a playmate for their spoiled child because he couldn't make friends on his own.

After years had passed, the family that had bought Wesley sold him to a silver mine. Adjusting to life as a labor slave was hard, little food, working 12+ hours a day to mine things for rich people to wear around their trophy wives.

While in the labor camp, Wesley had received a nickname from his fellow slaves: 'Olly'. It's what he went by there. One of the boys Wesley had been a friend to names 'Gasman' had been moved to a supposedly large vein of silver in the mine. Though the people at the mine were wrong, it was no silver vein. When Gasman had hit the weak rock with his pickaxe, the mine had started to buckle and collapse. Wesley was working far enough out of that area to escape death, but his chest and legs were beat up, and possibly fractured.

The overseers took him along with some of the other slaves to the medbay, these were expensive people to buy. So they had to try and save their investment. Wesley was strapped down to an examination chair and his collar taken off to treat his injuries. It was then, combined with the screaming from some of the other slaves that had riled the boy up so much that a large electric shockwave had rung out from his body.

After waking up from the incurring explosion, Wesley had woken up with Major Mapleleaf standing in front of him. The boy had struggled to run out, but fund himself still restrained. The Major, while being a good guy, was still under the jurisdiction of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

So until the investigation was over, the other slaves were in protective custody. Being the main aggressor in the shock wave, Wesley was sent to a halfway house for troubled teens. Soon after he had made his escape in his sleep, traveling by power line to land in an alley.


Wesley meets his father in Electric Reunion


  • "I d-d-didn't do it on purpose."


  • Eddie is Wesley's half brother by blood of their father, James Resure.
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