2010-07-29: Whale Doodles


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Summary: Chloe is worried about her friend and brings Robyn chastising cookies.

Date: July 29, 2010

Log Title: Whale Doodles

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

It's morning at Xavier's and it's no surprise Robyn is in the art room. He's been in there since last night so really the time of day isn't important to him. He's just been trying to work but it's been the type of project that every time he gets half way through, he kind of just mushes it together and starts again. At the moment he's got a large round disk in front of him made from clay that stands about a half in high. He just seems to be smoothing out the top with a plastic tool, even if it already seems smooth, he keeps on doing it.

Fresh from the kitchen, where she's been slaving away for a full ten minutes or so, comes Chloe. A stern expression on her face and a large tupperware box in both her hands. "Ahah. Just the man I've been looking for Mr Keeps demons a secret," she intones solemnly. "You can't begin to imagine how annoyed I am that you'd all be so dumb as to keep that quiet. Now I hope you'll endure your punishment like a man and not like jump out the window or anything!"

Robyn blinks and looks up at Chole quite confused at what she's talking about. "What..what do you mean by keeps demons a secret?" He's really not sure at all, unless she's talking about James. "Are you talking about the thing with James? And if so, wasn't getting hit by a car enough punishment?" He actually sounds a bit annoyed right now as he pushes his fist into the clay in front of him runing his smooth disk.

"Not compared with the terror that is cookies covered with brightly coloured icing statements," Chloe proclaims, trying her utmost not to giggle and failing quite miserably. "And yes the James thing. If you'd let on about it I'd have told you what Future Heather told me, about how Future James is demonic and killed people who were important to me. Which might have been handy to know all things considered." She skips into the Art room and cracks open the box, which is filled with assorted cookies. "Next time something evil lurks in the school tell /everyone/ okay? See how they handle the entire school at the same time!" The top most cookies have slogans like 'Trusting your friends is a good idea' inexpertly added in pink icing.

Robyn looks at the cookie and then looks at Chloe and sighs. He's been trying to avoid 'questions'. "Chloe…it wasn't fully like that. I..I wasn't sure so I possessed James. Or I tried to and I hit a brick wall. Then the person possessing him tried to kill me by pushing me in front of a car. I was stuck in the medbay it's not like I could walk to the headmasters or mistresses office." He says as he picks up the cookie and looks at it. It's not like they came to visit until after the explosion either. "And Jinx tries to tell Ms. Frost I think. But by the time I was sure it was kind of too late to tell everyone."

"Some of you must have suspected something," Chloe points out with a shrug. "And I'm just as mad at the others too. Connor more so, Jinx less so. Teachers most of all. But the point still stands! If you'd all shared your concerns we'd have believed you, those of us with any sense anyway, and we'd have backed you up. So next time you hear about a big gribby evil thing promise you'll say." She pouts. "Even if just to me so I know to pre-bake get well soon cookies."

"I dunno, the last time someone thought someone or something was in James' head..it was bad, really bad." Robyn says as he was scared it'd cost him a friendship making accusations. "Sorry Chloe, I didn't mean to worry you. Just everything kind of happened so fast that it wasn't easy. Ms. Frost didn't find out until after the explosion and I think it was more I didn't want to believe that something was messing with my best friend…again."

Chloe holds out the cookies in the silent demand that Robyn eat some. "Don't worry I only did the icing. I feel a little guilty too if I'm honest, I told the thing in James what Heather warned me. Might have encouraged it into thinking it could get away with hurting you all… But anyway how about we get a pledge and have every student sign it? Promising we won't get mad if people voice the suspicion that something evil might have got into them."

Robyn shakes his head a Chloe. "No, I don't think that helped, it was a woman…named Selne whose like as old as dirt. She would have tried ether way." And Selene almost succeeded in killing Robyn and Jinx. He does pick up a cookie and takes a bite out of it, then another bite and doesn't speak again before swallowing. "I hate the future, can I tell you that now? And time travel and everythign to do with it."

Chloe scowls. "But not my roomie," she points out. "Or else next time I'll make the cookies Mr." And while no-one has ever seen Chloe bake to know how bad it would be her attention span strongly implies the result would be burnt or raw. Perhaps even both. "This sort of thing is why I'm going to talk Heather into us becoming time cops. We'll travel through history punching people who try meddle with things they shouldn't."

"Actually I like Heather, she's really intersting to talk to. I like her view on the world it's…unique and something I have trouble grasping..in a good way." Robyn takes another cookie to see what the next saying on it is. "Time cops? And that's kind of brilliant and hilarious in the punching people sense. I just want to go on to art school but I doubt that's gonna be happening." He nibbles on the cookie and looks up at Chloe and gives her a smile. "Thanks again, for the chastising cookies."

"I wonder if there are any real wizards in New York? The kind who could teach proper demon banishings," Chloe muses thoughtfully, helping herself to a cookie as well. Hers says 'loose lips make demons pout' in neo green. "And I had to check about the Heather thing, because you did say /everything/ about time travel and that's pretty much her power. We need to have a pre-emptive intervention for Connor too. Because Future him wouldn't tell me /anything/ cool. I bet he specifically avoided letting Future me know what he was upto too, because otherwise I'd have made sure to list the things he needed to let me know. Important stuff like when dress styles change so I can be ahead of the crowd."

"Real wizards…I think so. Though James wasn't possessed by a demon, just an old bitch of a woman or something. If anything I think she said she was a goddes?" Robyn is having trouble remembering it all but he knows she wasn't a demon. Then there's a look of anger that crosses his face at the mention of 'future' Connor. "That's because he doesn't know anything cool to say, he's just an asshole, but I guess he's back to normal now." He's just kind of afraid to go see him. "The stuff he told me, I wish I could forget. Apparently I'm an asshole in the future…like him."

Chloe blinks a few times. "I wonder if mutants can learn magic? And if it acts like a demon it deserves to be called one," she says with a shrug, vanishing the cookie she'd taken with disturbingly quick bites. "He seemed okay to me. And if he's gone then he doesn't exist any more so there's no use hating him," the speedster points out. "But you should be glad he told you stuff. Consider it the best motivation there is! Sure you /could/ turn out a complete jerk, but you won't because then he would be right. So be as awesome as possible to stick two fingers up at his future."

"Honestly, who knows Chloe. Sorry if I'm not myself just..a lot on my mind is all." Robyn says trying to dismiss his negitive feelings, with another cookie! "No, I'm really not glad Chloe. I dunno, it was just a really bad time for me to hear that stuff. But at the same time you're right, I told future Connor I wouldn't let him turn into that asshole and I'll make sure I don't either. Oh and so you don't yell at me, but apparently according to Rashmi and future Connor, that Ahab guy who took Cam…apparently he wants to kill me."

Chloe takes her second cookie, which she finishes before Robyn has got his second bite in. "You should be flattered! Someone is dumb enough to ruin their entire evil scheme just because in the future you're better than them. Because no matter what trouble this Ahab causes he's told everyone he's coming and maybe given people like Dr McCoy and Forge the time they need to counter the mind control thing he's using." She sighs wistfully. "I hope someday /I'm/ awesome enough that people will foil their own schemes to try stop me. Or maybe I am but timecop me is watching my back…"

There's a slight smile from Robyn and he shakes his head. "I know, I guess I become cool enough to do something in the future. Just..I don't get how. I mean, I'm really not that import or the hero type. I just want to be an artist unless I'm one of those politcal artists who express their view against what's going on through sculptures and this Ahab guy -really- hates art?"

"Maybe it's a mutation thing? You could make James Bond give up his day job with a power like yours and a lack of ethics that lets you use it however you'd need too," Chloe suggests, putting the container of cookies down and wandering around the art room. "Or maybe you make a fifty foot statue of Ahab being doodled by a whale."

Robyn laughs. "You rock my socks." and he can't stop laughing. Just the idea is funny to him. "Oh man, so is Ahab 50 feet tall or the whale? And if I do end up sculpting that, I'll just site you as my muse okay?" Then Robyn pauses and an awkwardness seems to cross his features, he moves in towards Chloe, stops and then puts a hand on her shoulder. He's bad at giving hugs, recieving is fine but giving, it's weird for him. "Thanks a lot Chloe, for being a friend. I'll just remember that you have my back next time, and I have yours."

Chloe grins. "Think nothing of it! And please don't say I'm the muse, 'coz isn't that usually the model for a piece of art?" she says with mock horror. "And cool. I'll try make sure I don't get myself maimed if you ever need my help, because seriously I'm at a fifty fifty maimed to not maimed ratio when it comes to getting involved in Xavier related doom. I aim to be near the bottom of the school doom league tables by the end of the year." She squirms a little at the hand on her shoulder, probably because it means she has to stand still for more than two seconds without seeming horribly rude. "What're you working on now? I mean art wise, please don't let it be whale related now I've said that."

Robyn shakes his head. "No muse isn't a model just the inspiration. Your face doesn't have to be anywhere on it, though I can put a little smileface and the words 'I run faster than you' on the bottom in your honor." He kids and then when asked what he's making, there's a shrug. "Honestly I dunno. Just kind of going nowhere with want I want to do. I want to sculpt but I don't know what so I just keep making a base and then destroying it."

"Make a little fort to hide in," Chloe ventures, beginning to pick things up from around the art room and briefly inspecting them before putting each object back. "Or try something you don't find appealing looks wise but is technically challenging. I'm always just doing stuff at random simply because it seems difficult, it's why I'm resuming the half dozen dance classes I'd tried at one time or another."

Some of the things she picks up are probably Robyn's, especially if they have a macabre feel to them. He has yet to paint the one sculpture he did of a plate of spagetti and meatballs where the spagetti is all toothy snakes and the meatballs have evil faces and seem to be attacking a scared kid with a fork and knife and it's on one of the shelves in the art room. "Well, I usually go for weird but what I was thinking is making a few seperate pieces that fit together."

Then Chloe gets an odd look. "You dance? Wow…you just never struck me as a dancer type." She always seemed kind of tomboyish in her own way. Not your typical girl, but in a good way.

Chloe blinks. "I've done ballet, tap dancing, salsa dancing and the list goes on and on. I like to stay active and it wasn't martial arts," she explains with a wave of her hand. "Okay so I quit pretty much every class within a month of joining, but I still know the basics and now that I have so much time to practise I could probably get damn good by the time I'm due to finish school."

"Wow, I've never taken a dance lesson in my life, or really danced much. I don't have that gay sterotype as a dancer though I like some of the techno music?" Robyn says but then his view on 'techno' is skewed as it's more of a goth style than of Lady Gaga. "Salsa though, that sounds fun and wow, who knew you were also a graceful butterfly Chloe." Robyn is sitting at one of the art tables with a lump of clay in front of him that's just sitting there drying up as he chats with Chloe and there's a tupperware container of scolding cookies on the table. "Anything else that's surprising about you?"

"You're asking the wrong person," Chloe points out with a shrug. "I don't find anything about myself surprising! Except for how easy I'm finding adapting to the weirdness that is this school. My musical tastes might be considered pretty strange, I like just about /everything/. From classical violin to the kind of drum and bass music which can strip paint from a wall."

"I like a lot too but then that's cause my Dad's a musican and I swear, his CD's take up just one section of the wall in our living room. Jazz, Rock, Classical, that's why I took up the cello cause he wanted me to play something." Robyn says with a nod as he pokes at his clay. "Okay, I gotta scrap this, it's just too…dried out. But I think a fresh block will help when I get my ideas fleshed out."

The door to the art room bumps open, swinging free and almost closing again before being blocked by someone's shoe. "Okay then, I'll see you later," a cheerful, if somewhat distracted sounding girl's voice says to someone else in the hall outside. The shoe stuck in the door nudges it open the rest of the way to allow a girl carrying a short stack of newspaper to enter. 'Girl' may be generous, because though the thing is definitely girl-like and wearing a girl's clothes, it is visibly alien, a deep sky blue and shiny like PVC. "Oh," it says, stopping short on seeing the room already occupied. "Sorry, are you using this room?" It pauses, chewing on its blue lower lip, crystal blue eyes flicking downward shyly, and shifting the newspapers to the crook of another blue arm.

"Heya!" Chloe offers the new girl, waving. "Help yourself to cookies, we're just chatting. Or rather I'm distracting Robyn here from his art. The names Chloe by the way, nice to meet yah." She pauses to give Robyn an apologetic look. "Sorry for wasting your clay. I don't think I've ever felt as happy as when Forge said my cybernetic arm was getting an mp3 player I could comfortably listen too. Life without music would suck."

Looking up at Jill, Robyn smiles. "Yeah, don't mind the sayings on them like 'Let me know about the demon, dummy'." He says as he takes another cookie. "I'm Robyn, nice to meet you, and I'm using the table but there is plenty of room in there that isn't being used. And Chloe, dont' worry about the clay, it's the school's not mine. I just pay for my tools and such and some clays they don't have. I abuse the school resources when it comes to art."

Jill folds the newspapers up against her chest to keep from dropping them. "Oh, well, if you're sure." She sets the papers on an empty section of table, well away from the clay. "I'm Jill. Nice to meet you too," she chirps and drops herself into an empty chair. A brief glance at the mentioned clay gets an interested 'hmm' noise but not much else. "Seems to me a bit of modeling clay wouldn't exactly bankrupt the place," she offers with a little grin and fusses with a sheet of newsprint to get it to lay flat.

"They make different kinds of clay?" Chloe asks curiously, resuming her pacing back and forth around the art room. "Isn't clay just another name for mud? But you're right I guess they probably can afford for us to waste some, although don't let the schools art teacher hear I've said that."

"Kinda Chloe, but just like there is different kinds of dirt there are different kinds of clay. There are water based or Firing clay, oil based and polymer based clays. Even paper based, I like the water based the best and even then there's different kinds like red clay commonly used for terra cotta." Robyn can go on and on about clays as he loves to scultp. Looking over at Jill, Robyn smiles. "Nice to meet you Jill. So what are you working?"

"And there's different kinds of clay you just find in the ground, depending on what's in them," Jill adds, perhaps unnecessarily. "And some of it, I think it's in Kentucky or somewhere, you can even eat right out of the ground." She lays another sheet of newspaper over the first, smoothing it out and lining up the edges. "Oh, just something for fun. I'm gonna do a magic trick and try to blow my roommate's mind, but it's no fun if she sees me do all the setup work."

Chloe scratches her head. "You /eat/ clay? Okay I think Heather might have been outdone on the weird food scale if people out there actually eat clay," she says with a perplexed frown. "What kind of magic trick? I'm guessing you know her powers won't spoil the trick…?"

Robyn makes a face as he won't even eat clay..on purpose. "Yeah, clay, not tastey. I've tasted it a few times accidentally, not something I want to eat." He says with a chuckle. "And whose your roommate? And that's kind of neat that you know magic tricks."

"*I* don't eat clay, but some people do," Jill says on the defensive. "Her name's Kisha. She's an inventor, sorta, so I bet she likes to know how things work." The blue kid begins carefully folding the top sheet of newspaper in half, then in half again, repeating with careful folds until it's as small as she can make it, a small rectangle even with the corner of the larger unfolded sheet. "And if she can't figure out how this works, it should drive her *nuts*." A self-satisfied little grin plays on Jill's lips. "I mostly taught myself, though I had a few lessons." She pinches up the two sheets carefully and holds them up so the folded packet is hidden from view. "Wanna see?"

Chloe nods when asked about seeing the trick. "Short new girl? I think I saw her walking around with her hair on fire the other day," she offers. "Not like /all/ of it, but enough that you'd think someone would notice…"

"Okay cool, Kisha, she's going to destroy the world someday, in a fabulous manor, I'm convinced of it." Robyn says as he stands up and goes to clean up. "I'd love to see Jill but I gotta get going, I gotta find James and talk to him, I keep seeming to miss him." He says with a frown as he looks at Chloe and nods to her. "Thanks again for the cookies, Jill it was great meeting you. You two take care."

"Uh yeah, that sounds like her. She's… interesting." Jill makes a bit of a face, but her tone never drops below civil as she fiddles with the newspapers. "Nice to finally meet you, Robyn. I'm still trying to get on a first name basis with everyone here before the school year starts. Y'know, while it's easier. See you later, okay!"

"Ahhh, interesting. The most variable of compliments!" Chloe proclaims with a grin. "Bop James on the head from me and tell him if he gets possessed again I'll be forced to do something drastic to punish him, like buy him a gift." She winks. "I'm glad you're recovering well anyway. I'll cya laters!" Her attention flicks back to the blue girl. "So, what kind of trick is it?"

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