2010-02-02: Wham Whoa Wow Cool


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Summary: Dallas comes to Robyn for some…advice.

Date: February 2, 2010

Log Title Wham! Whoa! Wow! Cool!

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

It's early morning and someone is already up and in the music room. Classes haven't started yet and most kids are still getting ready for the day and having breakfast. Robyn has been in the art room for the last hour already, who knows how early he got up. He's got a few picture scattered over the table and they look like they're pictures of Tom Brady from the New England Patriots. He's got what looks like the beginings of a football player being sculpted.

Dallas wanders into the art room, one of Robyn's usual haunts, looking both chipper and faintly amused. He's dressed in jeans, a black polo shirt and matching sneakers and even wearing a faint dash of cologne or aftershave. Old Spice. Oh dear. He stops when he sees the football protect and both eyebrows go up. Knocking on the art room door he says, "Hey. Busy?"

Robyn looks up and smiles. "Oh, Dallas hey! Great, what's your favourite number, or what was your number when you played football in your old High School?" He asks quicker than he really intended but he's had this project in mind for a while. He then gives Dallas a confused expression. "Why are you in the art room and not in the weight room this early?" Yeah, he knows his friend.

Dallas grins. "18. Peyton Manning's number." He shrugs and says, "Ah, I, um, didn't really feel like I needed to lift this morning." He grins and crosses the room, giving the art piece a closer look. "It's good. Really good." He pauses a moment and says, "Sooooo, how are things?" Why no, he's not procrastinating about something. Not at all.

Robyn blinks. "Whose Payton Manning?" But he knows what he's going to do on the sculpture now. "Are you feeling okay?" He asks as Dallas says he doesn't need a work out. "Things are going okay, Owen seems really depressed about something but everyone else seems to be doing better, I guess. Even me. Everything okay?" He does notice Dallas is acting….off.

Dallas gives Robyn a long-suffering expression at the question. A bit like somebody who was just asked, 'What's gravity?' or 'Where's my head?'. He just shakes his head and says, "Never mind." And then he sits on a desk opposite Robyn. Chairs are so passe. He grins faintly and says, "Um, yes? I think so? Good." He pauses, as though analyzing things and then says, "Yea, good I think."

Robyn shrugs at the nevermind, he'll have to look up who that is later. "Well, that's good. You look a lot more…upbeat than usual. And smell a lot less sweaty." He teases as he has noticed the Old Spice. He starts to put some of the pieces of his sculpture to the side as he talks to Dallas. "Something happen, you just seem…better or something."

Dallas blinks and sniffs his shirt. "I usually smell sweaty?" He frowns a bit. "Thanks for telling me earlier, dufus." He gives Robyn a mock glare and then says, "Ah. Well, it's the weirdest thing. I kind of met somebody. And it was like WHAM! And I was like WHOA! And he was like WOW! And then there was, ah, good stuff. And it was interesting. So we were both like 'Cool!'. And then I got detention." He throws that out in a considering, thoughtful tone, as though it makes sense, with only the faintest stress on the pronoun of the person involved, as he watches Robyn for a reaction.

Robyn laughs and shakes his head and sticks out his tongue. "No you don't, I was just teasing you." He says before trying to process the whole Whoh! Wham! Wow! thing. "Alright, skipping the detention part, so you met someone. And…you like them? Like…crush like and you found out they like you to? Is that what you're trying to tell me?" He doesn't ask what the good stuff is but his assumption at the moment is, crush lead to kissing, lead to more, lead to even more, lead to being caught on campus for doing something he shouldn't have to detention.

Dallas grins and says, "I'm pretty sure we both like each other. We fought demons together the other night. He's brainy, like you, but more science-brainy. And tough, when he has to be. Sooooo, I went over to his place for something and things kind of just … went from there. And I was late getting home and was busted by an invisible teacher. Which, I might add, should be against the Geneva Convention or something." He shrugs elaborately. "So. What's up with you?" His tone is infuriatingly casual at that last bit.

Robyn smiles and nods. "Oh yeah, Mr. Weyrin can be cool but he's also like Summers Junior about some things. And right now, what's up with me is listening to you Dallas." He says with a chuckle. "So you met someone, that's awesome. What's he like?" He doesn't put any emphasis on the fact that it's a guy, but he does notice. "I hope it works out for you Dallas, that's really awesome."

Dallas grins and says, "I don't /know/ that there's anything to work out. I mean, it wasn't like kissing Lucas or Owen. You know? That's pretty much them kissing me. And it was kind of okay. With the exception of one becoming a crazy, murdering demon and the other one turning into a killer vampire bat. What's up with that, by the way? Why are all the people who want to kiss me kind of …evil? At least part time?" Yes, he's babbling a bit. Actually, he's a lot like the Dallas who first showed up at the school and promptly got buried under an avalanche that started with a rogue telepath. "Annnyway, this time it was me. I took the first step. And it worked out. I /know/ he was into it. But, you know, he's way smarter than I am. And already living on his own. And major super powers when he takes his stuff. He's way sheltered, which I need to work on. But fun." He shrugs and asks, "So, what do I do next?"

"Wait…you kissed Lucas and Owen…why the hell did you kiss Lucas?" Robyn doesn't mean it to come out like that, but he just sounds really surprised. Though he does turn a bit red. "I've never been evil." He says and yes, he just admited that he would have liked to kiss Dallas, but that's just more of an attraction than a /real/ crush. "So wait, I knew you might be but you've been hiding it from me this entire time while going around and kissing guys? I never pushed the subject cause I figure you were either really closeted like I used to be or just really homophobic." He's just trying to process all of this. "Okay, okay, wait, what do you mean by, what do you do next. I..um..I dunno. Just…spend time with each other?"

Dallas points out reasonably, "I didn't kiss Lucas. Lucas kissed me. And to be honest, he wasn't that good at it. Pay attention, I need advice here." He blinks at that statement of Robyn never being evil and opens his mouth to say something and then shuts it again. Some boxes you just leave closed if you want to have friends you can look at without blushing. "And Owen also kissed me, rather than the other way around. He's, ah, you know how you can buy model car kits with a hundred pieces or ones with five hundred? Owen's the five hundred piece model. Interesting, but too complicated for beginners. Also, the Lucas thing threw me for a loop, because I thought I was hiding it pretty well. And the Owen thing was, well, it's been a busy week. And I'm not homophobic. I just didn't want it to apply to me. Actually, I'm still not sure about that." He frowns momentarily and then waves it off. "And seriously? That's your advice? What about stuff? Rules. Regulations. Special plays. All that stuff?"

Robyn blinks and tries to figure out what to say, a few times he opens his mouth but stops himself. "I…I…I don't know Dallas. Jordan's my first boyfriend, I don't know this stuff. I just kind of…go with it. Special Plays? I don't know, this isn't like football, you can't just practice for the big game, I don't know." He sounds more flabbergasted and lost than anything. "Rules, I would guess is don't cheat on your boyfriend? There is no book that tells you what to do. You just kind of go with what you think feels right I guess. Umm…I really don't know. I'm not an expert or anything. Jordan and I haven't really done..um…we've just…nevermind but, I guess just, spend time together, do things together, like a couple."

Dallas gives Robyn a closer look and says, "Ok, I think I'm skipping some stuff. Sorry. I'm just …excited." He pauses and says, "The Lucas thing was his way of screwing with my head before the whole demon thing. He's like any other bully in the world. He could sense weakness." He shrugs and says, "He used it against me. Before and after we was a demon. And that's still my fault and my problem." He pauses and says, "But with Wy… with this person, it's like there are all the good parts but without the guilt or the evil at the end. Or without feeling like I'm caught in a hurricane and about to drown. He's more like the life raft than the tidal wave." He pauses and says, "Ah, anything I need to explain? You look a little lost."

Robyn shakes his head. "I've just never had anyone ask /me/ for relationship advice. And I get exactly what you mean. You feel, more stable with them around. They make you feel happy, like something lights up inside you when you're with them. There's this comfort that they bring. This warm feeling, it's weird sounding but I think I know. It's like that with Jordan. When he holds me it's this safe feeling. When I've felt lost, he's like something solid to hold onto." He shakes his head before going too far on a tangent. "So, what's this guys name?" He asks being curious as hell right now.

Dallas nods and says, "Exactly! I mean, we, ah, made out and it wasn't twisted and messed up or crazy and overpowering. It was just … good. Intense. Yea. But not like, out of control." He smirks faintly, "Well, mostly." He pauses and says, "And his name is Wyatt. Ah, I think you know him. If you can keep that quiet, please. But yea. All that bad stuff and horrible stuff and the things I couldn't even really imagine? None of it happened. And you know, I screwed up with letting Lucas get to me. Ok, yea. I did. But that isn't the way it has to be. I get that with Wyatt." He shrugs. "It really is too hard to explain. Sorry."

"Wyatt…?" Robyn says sounding confused as he's trying to remember who he is. "I know him, and yeah of course I'll keep this quiet. I promise." He says and his smile shows he means it. "Well when someone forces you to do something you don't want, even a kiss, it can get to you. Even a someone brushing your cheek, invading your personal space is unnerving, but when it's /real/, when you want it, it's great, isn't it?" Then something clicks and Robyn breaks into a big grin. "Holy shit, Wyatt? Teen Doctor kid? He saved me life." And he feels that he'll always owe him for that. "His family is okay?"

Dallas grins back at Robyn and murmurs, "Not so much a kid." He nods and says, "But yea, the doctor. And fine, apparently. He told me about your run in with MGH guys." He continues, "But yea. I owe Owen for basically showing me how to just go for it. But with him, it was like, you know, an afterthought. Or pity. Wyatt…." He grins and says, "Wyatt /really/ was happy to be kissing me."

Robyn can't help but laugh, there's just something amusing it in all. "Well, I shouldn't say kid, he's like the same age as us. But yeah, with the MGH guys, if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be dead." He bites his lower lip for a bit trying not to remember that. "I'm really happy for you Dallas, and it sounds like you found yourself a hero." He says chuckling. "Wyatt…he's a good guy. When you see him next, tell him I said thank you and I still remember what he did for us?"

Dallas nods and says, "Of course." He sighs faintly and says, "Though the next time I see him, I'll have company. Inviso-teacher." He shrugs, "Apparently he wants to make sure I'm not doing anything I shouldn't." He sighs and gives Robyn an amused look. "Which, by the way, I was totally planning on doing when the WHAM! happened."

Robyn rolls his eyes as Dallas mentions Mr. Weyrin. "Hey, I gotta an idea." He thinks the 'something he shouldn't' is doing more than just kissing. "Next time you wanna go see him, I'll talk to Mr. Weyrin, he's my squad leader. Let me know what you're planning, I'll ask him for an extra training session at that same time. Distract him while you go off!"

Dallas grins and then bends lower to give Robyn a quick hug. It's not entirely comfortable, but it's not treated like a horrible chore either. "Thanks, man. I'll owe you one." He grins and adds, "I promised to get him out of the house more. Which he /really/ needs." And then another pause, "And dude, he kind of dresses like a color-blind geek."

Robyn retuns the hug with one hand and is a bit surprised by it. "Nah, it's what being friends is for. Getting the annoying teacher off of the others back. I'm really happy for you Dallas, I like seeing you like this. You're…comfortable. If that makes sense. It's like you're happy being you instead so stiff and guarded all the time. Maybe when things clear up, we can double date or something." He says with a grin. "Not until you two have had all the alone time you need."

Dallas blinks and says, "Oh crap. Dating. I …might be dating? There could be the possibility of dates?" He sits down and says, "I'm like ninety-nine percent sure that Wyatt wants to spend more time together. But dating? How do you even do that? And how do you know if you are?"

Robyn shrugs and fights back a laugh. "Haven't you seen any of those crappy love girly movies? Well not that I like them but I had mostly girls as friends in High School. Dating, it's nothign complex. It's going to a movie together, going out for dinner. Doing stuff together. Enjoying that you're doing it together. It's like hanging out with a friend but with someone who makes you feel good inside, and someone who you'll probably end up making out with or doing…more…with….at the end of the night."

Dallas shakes his head. "Why would I watch chick flicks?" He seems slightly offended at the idea. And then, thoughtfully, "Ah. I, ah, hadn't thought as far as the 'more' part." He frowns a little and says, "Wow. I wonder if my Internet block covers those sites too. I need to do research and stuff."

"Cause you have female friends who drag you to the theatre to go see crappy movies like Thirteen Going on Thirty when you'd rather be watching Corpse Bride?" Robyn says before shaking his head. "No, I wouldn't go on the internet Dallas. I mean..unless..you want to look at porn, I mean.." Okay, Robyn's turning BRIGHT red now. "I can let you know some sites that the school doesn't block?" Why is he even admitting this!

Dallas says, "Ah!" To that first part. Entirely reasonable. And then grins at Robyn at the second part. "Wow." His eyebrows lift and he gives his friend an 'Ah Ha!' expression. "Good to know." His tone is as dry as dust. He pauses and says, "Hey, seriously, thanks. Ah, not for the porn. Although…. bonus! But you know, putting up with my crap."

Robyn is still red and nods. "No, anytime you wanna talk, about anything, let me know. Things just kind of happen…and you figure it out as you go. I mean, there isn't an instruction manual. Just take it easy and…yeah. I am happy for you, both of you. Really. And don't worry about it, you've put up with my mental break downs and running away and just being a downer the past few weeks so of course I'll put up with your crap."

Dallas nods and tries not to laugh at Robyn, this time. He's much more used to 'guy' humor, apparently. Porn jokes don't phase him when he's not hiding anything. He pauses and says, "This still doesn't mean I didn't screw stuff up. With Lucas. The demon thing. It doesn't /solve/ anything. But it's, you know, a good place to stand while the tide comes in, so I can decide if I want to swim or run back up on the beach."

Robyn puts a hand on Dallas's shoulder and nods. "Just, don't beat yourself up for it too long? You have someone now that you can hopefully start something special with. Focus on the good. Don't forget the bad, but don't dwell on it either. Just remember now, that whatever you decide, his feelings with be effect by it." He just smiles and pushes some of his hair back. "Just don't ask me for sex advice cause…I don't have any."

Dallas nods at Robyn's words and then grins impishly, "Yea, you want sex advice, you go to seniors. It's not like any of them are able to keep their pants on for more ten minutes at a time." He pauses and says, "C'mon, let's skip afternoon classes and go get some hot chocolate at the Grindstone. What are they going to to make me do? Scrub toilets /twice/ as hard?"

"Yeah well Jordan always says Addison 'knows' things..but…anyway." Robyn nods. "Yes, hot chocolate, grindstone, good." He doesn't mind skipping classes. If Robyn actually cared about classes and paying attention, he'd probably be a good student, it's just, he doesn't care. "And who knows, maybe you'll have someone as company to scrub them with you."

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