2011-1-9: What A Mess

Players: Jordan Mayfair, Shifter, and Zoya

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Summary: Jordan brings some women home, but they turn in succubi and Shifter and Zoya help defeat them.

Date: January 9, 2011

Log Title: What A Mess

Rating: PG

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room)

It's early Sunday evening and a limo pulls up the entrance of the Mayfair Estate. Mr. Harris, the driver, steps out and opens the door. He opens the door and out steps a young beautiful blond model, Tawni, followed by a beautiful brunette model, Kandi, and last out is Jordan. "Ladies, this is my home!" He grins and nods to Mr. Harris who gets back in the limo and drives off. Jordan escorts the two models to the door and opens it. Impressed by the lavish living room to the wealthy attorney. Kandi squeals with glee and rushes towards the sofa looking around at the art in the room. Tawni remains by Jordan's side. She's been here before.

The sound of a stereo can be heard from Shifter's room, "Time on your side that will never end, The most beautiful thing you can ever spend, But you work in a shirt with your name tag on it, Drifting apart like a plate tectonic, It don't matter to me, 'Cause all I wanted to be, Was a million miles from here, Somewhere more familiar…", dressed in dark blue jeans and a light blue long sleaved shirt, Shifter is playing video games.

Kandi hears the music and begins to dance around while Jordan and Tawni watch. Jordan shakes his head disapprovingly and whispers something into Tawni's ear and pats her on the ass as she goes to join Kandi in dancing in the living room. Jordan, meanwhile, and walks up the long rounded stairway until he reaches Shifter's room and knocks on the door and telepathically speaks to Shifter, "Axel. You decent?"

"Too much time spent dragging the past up, I didn't see you not looking when I messed up, Settling down in your early twenties, Sucked more blood than a backstreet dentist, It don't matter to me, 'Cause all I wanted to be, Is a million miles from here, Somewhere more familiar…" ,when he hears Mayfair's telepathic voice Shifter pauses the game and gets up, 'Yeah i'm decent', he walks over and swiches of the game, unless Mayfair asks him to he'd rather wait till the end of the song to turn off the stereo.

Jordan smiles, "Interesting song. Who is that singing? Sounds like the Cure." Jordan is dressed in the tuxedo, though the bow tie hangs from his collar and his shirt is mostly undone. He nods to the kid, "Well, we have some company downstairs. Be gracious and come on down. After the song is done." Jordan winks and returns back to the living room and the inebriated women have moved from dancing sitting on the sofa and are in a similar state of dress as Jordan with their shoes off. They have openned a glass of champagne and are sipping from it rather sloppily.

'The Kaiser Chiefs, they're a British band from somewhere called Essex", Shifter smailes and nods, 'Thanks, i'll be right down', when the show is finished, he pulls on socks and shoes, shifts his features to hide his mutant side and heads downstairs to the living room.

When Shifter makes his way down the stairs. He will find Jordan on the sofa with both ladies curled up on each of his sides, "Ladies, meet Axel." The ladies stare at the young mutant and blink. Jordan shoots each of them a look and then they look to each and smile almost devilishly and turn back to Shifter. Tawni waves her hand, "Hi cutie. I'm Tawni." Kandi jumps up and rushes over to the bottle and waves it about, "I'm Kandi."

Shifter blinks in shock at the two women on the sofa, and goes bright red when Tawni refurs to him as "Cutie", having spent the last few years underground he hasn't interacted with women much, he raises a hand in greeting "Hello".

Kandi takes a sip of champagne from the bottle and then pours a glass, "Here ya go, kid." She then gives him a kiss on the cheek as Jordan watches and laughs. Tawni whispers something into his ear and he smiles as he says, "Kandi, he is young." She puts her arm around Shifter, "How old are you?"

Shifter doesn't drink but being called "kid" makes him take the glass, he almost drops the glass and blushes a deeper red when he's kissed on the cheek, "I..i'm nineteen", honestly his answer would've sounded the same if he could talk normaly.

Kandi and Tawni laugh simultaneously as Jordan just watches and then laughs too. "Kandi, go easy on him." Tawni runs her fingers through Jordan's short black locks as Kandi grabs Shifter's hand. "Wanna dance." She does not wait for an answer as she hugs Shifter's body and begins to sway back and forth around him.

Shifter has no idea how to dance which makes him feel all that much more awkward, 'Help!, i don't know how to dance!", he does his best to copy what Kandi's doing but off all the things he's been involved in, this is terrifying.

Laughing, Jordan stands up and offers a hand to Tawni. He places his hand on the back of her waist and thrusts her forward towards him. He raises his other hand and she places her hand in his. They begin to do a three step waltz. Sending a mental message to Shifter, <Take her hand and put your arm around her waist. Take control and be a bit aggressive if you have to and begin to waltz like we are.>

Shifter gulps and does as instructed, trying to mimic what Mayfair is doing as close as possible, 'Am i doing this right?, i've never done this before', he keeps his eyes on Kandi to avoid watching his feet.

Jordan mentally laughs as he spins Tawni around and then lets her go midspin. Tawni stumbles over and crashes into the TV and knocks it over and herself. She lets out a small curse. Jordan does nothing to check on her, but continues watching Kandi and Shifter, "You're doing very well!"

Shifter barely regesters the crash he's consentrating so hard, he smiles when told he's doing well and begins to relax, 'I'm actually doing it', he grins at Kandi and continues dancing with her.

Tawni stands up and is bleeding from a small cut on her forehead, "Damn it, Jordan!" Jordan had been watching young Shifter and Kandi dance and had been smiling, but then when Tawni reveals she has been cut, Jordan frowns, "Excuse me." Jordan grabs Tawni by her arm and leads her into the kitchen. Yells can be heard coming from the kitchen at which point, Kandi still dancing leans in and kisses Shifter.

Shifter is about to step away to check out whats happening in the kitchen when Kandi kisses him, he loses all coherent though at this moment as after the inital shock he begins kissing her back, still he has gone an even brighter shade of red if thats possible.

Kandi leans in into the kiss more and then Shifter may feel a drain on his very soul. As Kandi's form begins to change. Her face begins to go very veiny as the succubus drains Shifter. In the kitchen things can be heard being thrown about and a struggle is occurring. In fact, anyone outside or just arriving to the Mayfair Institute may notice something odd. The limo that had dropped off Jordan and his guests remains parked inside. The limo usually gets parked in a garage, but instead remains parked by the entrance. Mr. Harris, the driver, is smoking from a pipe and with each inhale his appearance changes to appear more and more demonic.

As Shifter begins to feel weak he starts to pull away, something is wrong, he knows enough that this isn't supposed to happen, it isn't right?

Zoya doesn't know anything about demonic possessions. Really, she doesn't know anything at all about anything otherworldly. But, she's come to trust her instincts, and instincts are saying that something isn't right. Yet, she doesn't arrive right away, going around to enter the house through the back. She's getting paid to not be seen, not to jump at the hint that something isn't right. All the same, the sounds of things being thrown tells her without an inch of a doubt that not all is well within the Mayfair residence. To the kitchen she goes, being that's where the commotion seems to be. Yet, she doesn't come in guns blazing so much as stepping into the doorway with her arms folded before her and a lazy smirk about her face. "New tryout?" she announces. Hey, before she got a job there was some fighting involved!

Upon arrival into the kitchen, Zoya will find Tawni, blond succubus in an evening gown stands over a bloodied and beaten Jordan who groans and rubs his neck. He is dressed in tuxedo tatters as he is crawling about. His clothes have been torn to shreds. Also, Tawni is bleeding from a small earlier cut on her forehead. She stands over Jordan with a butcher knife in hand, "I'll filet you and eat your flesh!" Jordan momentarily looks up to see Zoya entering and shoots her a mental message, <Demon succubi, one in here and one with Axel!>%r%tAs Kandi continues her kiss with Shifter, her form continues to change as the blackened veins on her face begin to appear over her body, she lets out an enjoyable moan from her kiss with Shifter whose flesh begins to wrinkle up a bit.

As the draining continues Shifter is forced to switch back to his normal mutant apperance, he tries again to push away using his tail for added strength, well whatever he has left.

Zoya almost makes a show of emitting an audible sigh, 'if it isn't one thing it's another.' To the slightly bloody blonde making threats to her employer she reaches under her jacket and pulls one of her weapons, almost casually bringing it around to aim at the other woman's head. "Sorry, dis one is already called for." If Tawni isn't quick she's about to have another hole in her skull, one shot hammering out with no visible recoil from the shooter's end. She can't argue with free energy. If it does the trick, Kandi is next in line.

The attack on Shifter is halted when he shifts to his mutant form. He is able to push off from Kandi who is now a blackened form of what she was before. Fangs appearing in place of teeth and claws instead of nails, "You are tasty, young one!" Claws out, she leaps like a cat onto Shifter.%r%tTawni is not so lucky when she looks up and is greeted with a bullet to the head. In it goes, through its brain, and out through the window catching Mr. Harris' attention. Tawni's head explodes and succubus entrails, blood, etc are sprayed throughout the room and even on to Jordan who getting his awareness looks about at the dead succubus, the broken window, and the messy kitchen, "You couldn't have found a cleaner way, Zoya?" Right after asking the question, Mr. Harris in his demonic form jumps through the window and tackles Jordan.

Shifter uses his remaining energy to shift his hands into the form Zoya had descriped as "demonic" when she saw them, "You are not getting another taste", he moves towards Kandi bringing both sets of claws slashing down.

Zoya gives Jordan a rather cold look of her own, "Did not say anytink about tidiness. Should know me well enough by now." She's just about to step out of the room and take care of the next one when something comes crashing through the window, going right on top of the man she had -just- been talking to an instant before. Speaking of being obnoxious… Jordan wants cleaner? Okay, -fine.- Much like Tawni probably had done earlier she claims one of the large kitchen knives for herself, almost neatly leaving the one sidearm on the counter in its place, and tries to throw Harris off of Jordan. Right back out through the window, if she must.

Mr. Harris is flung off of of Jordan and out the window. Jordan stands up and adjusts what's left of his tuxedo. "Yes, well. Sorry for the rudeness. Please dispatch of Mr. Harris in as quiet and clean a way as possible." He looks out the window as the demonic limo driver stands up and sighs, "I never cared for his driving anyway." In the meantime, he makes his way out of the kitchen towards the living room.

Kandi won't be as easy to kill as Tawni. Kandi as the claws come down, she leaps back while trying to aim a back kick to Shifter's face, in a suprisingly agile display of demon gymnastics.

Shifter shifts one of his arms into a bone shield to try and deflect the attack, with the drain, shifting is begining to take it's toll already, just his luck first real kiss and the girl is trying to kill him.

Zoya watches as Jordan steps out of the kitchen. If he has the other one then alright, she can take care of Mister Ugly over here. With Harris back out on the lawn she has time to retrieve, and put away, her own weapon since it's something she flat-out refuses to leave behind for long. While she's at it she selects another knife from the wooden block, roughly tests its balance, then tries to find where the limo driver got off to. Soon as she can find the guy she's going to fling one of those blades at him, nowhere in particular. She just wants to drive the steel in to the hilt, take some of the fight out of him if not outright terminate the guy. Later, once all this is taken care of, Jordan can explain to her how all of this happened. And what exactly -is- happening.

The kick is deflected by the bone shield. But Kandi is rolls away and is standing again ready to attack. Picking up a metal spoke used for the fireplace, Jordan makes his way with Kandi set to attack Shifter she doesn't notice Jordan who sends a mental message to Shifter, <Axel, the only way to defeat it, is to kill it. Do you want me to kill it or can you handle this?> He holds the spoke like he is seasoned in using it as a weapon.
Mr. Harris went towards the garage and upon Zoya finding him, the knife is flung and strikes his shoulder. He lets out an inhuman growl and then bears claws and fangs and turns to Zoya. The knife flung in its shoulder. It pulls out the blade, blood drips from it and he licks it and hurls the blade back towards her.

'I don't know, i've never killed anything before, but i can try', Shifter shifts the muscles in his legs to leap to the ceiling, then shifts his hands and feet to cling upside down to it, "You want a taste?, come and get it".

Zoya can stop a bullet better than she can a knife, oddly enough. She ducks to the side and snaps an arm out, backhanding the airborne utensil away from her with a clatter of metal. Something isn't quite right about it though, attention shifting to the back of that hand where an angry red mark now resides. Everything seems to still work as she flexes her fingers into a fist but it doesn't feel pleasant, not by a long shot. The second blade stays in her left hand, letting the crimson run down towards the fingers of her right. "That just makes me mad," she challenges the possessed one. Claws and fangs, and use of edged weapons. She hopes Jordan knew what he was talking about a moment ago, because this is seriously going to hurt the Ruskie. Shooting him would be so much easier, so neat and tidy, all things considered. For now she squares her shoulders and gets a running start, leaping out through the busted window and outside to join the fun.

<That's all I needed to hear.> As Kandi realizes that someone is in the room with her and Shifter. She is greeted by the edged type of the metal spoke into her right eye. Kandi's unearthly screams cand be heard all the way outside. As she stumbles about with the metal spoke in her eye. Jordan looks to Shifter, <Zoya is in for a nasty fight with Mr. Harris, who apparently is a demon. I'll finish this one off.>
Mr. Harris grins as Zoya charges towards him and grins, "A woman? A human woman at that?" He rushes towards her, "This will be quick." Fangs and claws ready as he leaps up at her.

As Mayfair is handling Kandi Shifter swiftly crawls along the ceiling to the kitchen, 'Ok i'm on it', he reaches just above the fight and hoping he isn't spotted shifts to claws again and drops aiming for Harris.

Zoya does her forward roll thing across the ground, coming up to meet the guy who can apparently still insult her just fine post-possession. Of course, the way in which he chooses to address her gets a look from her end of things that almost rivals his in wickedness. "-Human?!-" she spits out, twisting around on the spot to sling the second knife at him so quickly that it sings through the air. "Am mutant!" As he leaps at her she becomes more careless, not focusing on those claws. Her prize is his chin. If she can land a hit against that chin she could shove his head back hard enough to snap his neck, if it still follows human limitations. It's worth getting clawed up for, cuts will heal.

As Shifter makes his way out, he will spot Zoya's hand connecting with Mr. Harris and his neck being snapped. He falls back away from Zoya and approaching Shifter. It falls down to the ground and begins to convulse. The creature's body rises and as its head dangles held on by a few nerves. It adjusts the head placing it on its body and flesh begins to stitch together and Mr. Harris is back. Appearing at the window, Jordan appears with Kandi's head on the metal spoke. Mentally to the others, <It appears that the head has to completely come off for it to do.> He looks about the kitchen and into the living room, "What a mess!"

As Harris has already gone down Shifter flips and lands on his feet, 'Take off the head?, ok', he shifts an arm into a sword-like blade and swings aiming for Harris' neck.

Zoya thought it was all over and done with. As Harris starts moving around and regenerating himself she stands there, head slowly canting to one side in disbelief. And people thought -she- cheated. Narrowing her eyes she thinks right back 'You didn't like it when I did that last time.' Looking over to Shifter she thinks, and hides the urge to show him a wicked little grin. "You can turn hands into blades, you can do it." It's more than an observation, she's practically telling the guy what to do. It'll be good for him, build some character. And, wow, what initiative!

With his head back on, he growls at Zoya and runs towards her, but then Shifter moves in with his sword head and Mr.s Harris' head is completely cleaved off. Jordan has a half-grin on his face, unsure of how to react, but still a bit upset about the mess. He leaps out of the broken window to join the younger mutants as Mr's Harris body convulses and then stops, dead. He is stil carrying the spoke with Kandi's head, "I must have been drunk to have found her even slightly attractive."

As the body slumps and hits the floor Shifter continues to repeatedly stab the body, his final blow is to where Harris' heart should be, shifting back to normal he pulls the heart out and crushes it, before throwing it back onto the body.

Zoya very nearly flinches, even when she knows its coming. Snip, thud. At least this mess is kept out in the yard. With the demon-inclined down and Jordan rejoining them with a head on a stake she takes a moment to lick her wound, literally. Her hand could be in much better shape than it is. "Do not know, at least were assertive type," she off-handedly points out, watching with a detached level of interest as Shifter surprises the hell out of her and goes to town on the body. The slightst of grins creeps across her face as she watches him go, "Just fertilizer now."

Looking at Zoya and shaking his head, <You enjoy this too much.> Jordan grins himself and and looks to the body, "Axel, are you ok?" He says as he approaches what is left of Mr. Harris and just shakes his head looking at the body.

Shifter nods, "I'm fine", he looks down at the body and is tempted to start attacking it again, 'Why did they chose to come here?", these attacks keep happening, how can they all just be random?

Zoya lightly rolls her shoulders, thinking back 'Nothing wrong with enjoying your work.' If Shifter would have said any of that out loud she would have had questions aplenty. For now she gives the torn apart remains a good, hearty kick of her own before letting it be. With that out of the way she looks back to the house, considering going inside to get cleaned up. Did wounds from demonic claws lead to infection..? She didn't know. Frankly, she doesn't care to find out.

Shrugging, "I let my guard down. I am assuming it was after me. Whatever it is. I have made many enemies. I guess even outside of the Earth." Jordan looks at the head and removes it from the spoke and tosses it by Mr. Harris's body. "I want things cleaned up." He pulls out a cell phone from what remains his pocket, "Yes, #42. You have an hour." He puts the phone back in his pocket, "Clean-up crew will be here shortly." He exhales and looks about, "So Zoya, how was your evening before this?" Jordan seems incredibly dismissive of what has just happened.

Shifter nods that does make sense, when the head is thrown onto the body he shifts a blade out of the bottom of his foot and stamps down slicing it in two, then walks away to lean against the wall.

Zoya seems as indifferent as ever, "Was okay. Not much of interest goink on." Something she should look into changing at one of these points… First National Bank seems lovely this time of year. "Could say dis has been highlight of day." To that she passes a subtle glance towards Shifter. He learns quickly enough.

Jordan hmmmns and nods, "Well, good job. Axel. You did well. You both did." He looks back at the estate and sighs, "Why don't you all get changed? And head out for a meal. Killing makes me hungry." He looks at what remains of his tuxedo. "The cleaners will be here shortly."

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