2011-06-19: What Am I

Players: Franky, Kai, and Vance

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Summary: Continuation of How to Get to Sesame Street

Date: June 19, 2011

Log Title: What Am I

Rating: PG

NYC - Le Bistro Bestial

//At the Le Bistro Bestial there are no menus, all the specials for the day are written up on chalk boards around the restaurant. A variety of sandwiches, soups, salads and other small dishes can be found featured here. There are shag carpet covered chairs and tables are set up around the small restaurant and in the summer there are some tables set up outside on the sidewalk. On the walls are colorful Richard Scarry pictures along with a faux Lion head above the bar.

Le Bistro Bestial has been in business for thirty years is run by two families, one American family and one French Family. Both have mutant children and grandchildren who help in running the restaurant. One reason their food is so good is the head chef has the mutant gift of knowing and understanding flavours.//

Franky leaves the shopping cart in an alley beside the Bistro. As he enters the man behind the counter looks up and seems to be about to say somthing before recognizing Franky and just giving a nod and wave. "Evening folks, somone will be with you in a moment." Franky finds an empty table and takes a seat. "Hy do vork for dem zomtimez, lifting beeg tings."

“Oh that’s nice, so you work here. Is the food any good?” Vance takes a seat next to Kai. He looks over the menu, “What do you recommend, Franky?” Vance looks over the bistro and is surprised. From the name, he was expecting it to be fancier.

Franky nods "Vell I do vork all ovfer mutent town, mostly lifting und carrying tings. Sanvitchs here iz goot, vould recamendz dem best." He smiles as the server brings over some glasses of water before scooting off to tend to another table while they decide. "Zo vat brings you too mutent town? Hy don't tink hy been seein hyu aroundz before."

Kai picks up one of the glasses of water and takes a sip while looking round the restraunt, "Is everyone in here a mutant then?", he looks at the menu trying to find the healthy options, "With the way most people react to mutants isn't having a place like mutant town just like living under a massive bullseye?"

“Well I come to Mutant Town from time to time to help out and do some outreach work like helping with that building that you saw me working on.” Vance smiles and sips the water and place an order for a Genoa Salami and Bologna sandwich, “I am so hungry. I didn’t eat at all today.” He says to the two, “Feel free to get whatever you want. My treat.” When Kai asks the question, “Well, I think there are positives and negatives to places like Mutant Town. I agree it puts a big target on a group, but at the same time, you can live here without having to hide who you are. You can be free. To some that is more important. What is the point of security, if you are not free? But to counter, what is the point of being free if you have no security?”

Franky shrugs and orders a pair of bologna sandwhichs. "Iz an hokay plaze. Not been any troublez for avile. Last problemz got solved by few folkz here, few men tryz to startz trouble here few dayz ago. Hy makez dem leave." He smiles wide, seeming rather proud of that.

Kai looks down the menu, "I think i'll just eat when i get home, i'll stick with water for now", he considers what the other two have said in responce to his question, "So it's a basic trade off between freedom and security, why can't people have both, matants have the ability to protect themselves, so like Franky said, can't they just keep humans away?"

“Well you shouldn’t have to keep humans away. Despite what some more fanatical mutants may say. We are all human. Do you agree?” Vance asks both Franky and Kai, “I mean I am a mutant, but I can co-exist with my teammates and friends. I do not just surround myself with mutants. However our abilities are considered by some to be weapons. They see us like they would see a gun or a knife. It’s said actually.”

Franky nods "Not all humanz iz bad, many living here too. Not everone here iz a Mutent, hy knowz, hy ken zee dem. But men here few dayz ago vanted a fight, though dey didn't vant vone after dey saw da gun didn't vork on me." He reachs into one pocket and pulls out what appear to bee seven bullets, each one is flattened like it struck somthing it couldn't penetrate.
Franky says, "Had to getz anodder shirt though."

Kai nods, "I guess that makes sense when you look at it from that point of view", he hmms at the comment about being seen as a gun or a knife, "Or walking liquid nitrogen?", Franky can see mutants?, he's tempted to ask the man what he sees him as, when shown the bullets he reaches out to pick one up.

Franky takes a few swallows from the water. "Mostly goot pipple in mutent town. Don't tink many vant to shtart troublez here, too many stronk mutents deez days."

Kai picks up his glass again focusing to lower the tempreture before taking another sip, leaning back he looks round the restraunt while rolling the flattened bullet though his fingers, it's been a while

“So are you a mutant, Franky?” Vance asks as he looks at the bullets. “What do yo have like super strength?” He blinks a moment as he registers what Franky just said and he looks at Kai and back to Franky, “When you see me what do you see? Can you tell I am a mutant? And when you look at Kai, what do you see?”

Franky nods and smiles "Yez hy iz Mutent, verry stronk, verry tuff." He ponders a moment as Vance asks what he sees, he seems to zone out staring into space as he gets glassy-eyed. Looking towards Vance he's silent for a moment and says simply "Mutent.." He then turns to look at Kai and there's a rather long pause before he seems to snap out of his daze. "Hmmmm hyu iz not mutent, ken zee hyu are not humen, but not mutent eizer. Not sure vat hyu are, color all wrong."

Kai already knew he wasn't human but he isn't sure exactly what he is the only people who know that are his employers, "So i'm not a mutant, then what does that make me exactly?"

Looking curiously at Kai, Vance shakes his head. Kai had presented himself as a mutant to Vance. He sighs, “So you have no idea what you are. Not human. Not mutant. That still leaves a lot of other options. Alien. Robot. Android. Synthezoid. Clone.” Vance gestures to the waiter, “Can I have the bill?”
Franky shrugs to kai's question "Dunno, never seen dat color before ven hy do dat. Sorry if hy zaying zomting wrong dere. Ken't alvays make dat power vork." The server nods to Vance's request and returns shortly afterwards with the bill.

Kai raises an eyebrow, "I was born on this planet, i'm a swimmer so no electronics and who could i be a clone of?", he knows for a fact he isn't a robot, he's been injured enough times and seen his blood and bone, "Are you always completely accurate Franky?"

“Well Synthezoids can be in water. And aliens have been born on this planet before.” Vance rises to pay the bill and looks at Kai, “Did you really think you were a mutant?” Vance asks almost hurt that Kai may have deceived him.

Franky thinks for a moment or two, apparently pondering how to explain this. Checking his pockets he produces half a crayon and turns over his paper placemat. "Ven power vorks hy see ze person here." He draws a circle with a smiley face "Und around dem hy see a green light." He scribles a zig-zag energy feild around the smiley face, then draws another. "Ven hy looked at hyu I zee many colors, hy zee green, zee red, zee orange.. dunno vat de odders means. Zo hyu is part mutent, but parts uf odder tings az vell." He makes little ray-lines and squiggles coming off the second smiley face.

Kai nods at Vance, "Yeah i did, i mean what other explaination was there?", he looks at what Franky's drawing with genuine interest, "So i'm part mutant?, and part other things, how does that work exactly?", what is he?

Not sure if he should believe Kai or not, Vance shakes his head and goes to pay the bill and then returns, “Well, you could be any number of things. Franky does not know enough to understand quite how his ability works to figure out how to classify and identify beyond basic humans and mutants.” Vance shrugs, “Maybe you are a mystic or the son of a Frost Giant.” He smiles a bit and laughs.

"My parents are human, i'm sure of it, my mom's in marketing and dad's a soldier, nothing out of the ordinary there", Kai looks at the table and seems to pretty much disappear into his thoughts, what exactly is he and how is it possible for him to be a mixture of different races?

“Well your parents might not be human. They may have said that they are, but they might not be.” Vance starts to feel sorry for Kai, but turns to Franky, “Don’t feel bad, Franky. You are actually helping Kai. He needs to learn who he really is.” Turning back to Kai, “I think maybe your control issues may be tied into subconscious issues with your identity. If you learn who you are, then maybe you will learn how to control. You should talk to your parents.”

Franky nods and stands, gathering up the crayon and the bullets he showed them earlier and sticking them back in his pockets. He pulls a few crumpled dollar bills out and leaves them on the table. "Hy alvays leavez a tip, iz goot ett.. ettiwe… iz goot mannerz." He looks to them both and smile again "Izz goot to meet hyu both, mebbe ve see each odder again if hyu comez back to mutent town. Hy gotz to go find a plaze to shleep for tonight, shelter iz full. Bye now."

Kai shakes his head, "If that is the case i don't want to talk to them about this, at least not yet, you said theres a school that can help me, i want to go there, please?, i don't know what to do", he gives a nod to Franky as he goes to leave, "Yeah, see ya Franky".

Nodding his head and patting Kai’s shoulder, “Well, they probably have the best answers. You’ll need to talk to them sooner or later.” With that he rises, “Ok I better get back to that building.” Vance offers a smile, “Thing’s will be fine.” With that he exits the bistro.

Kai watches as Vance follows Franky out the door, fine guess the confused teen is gonna have to start messing up more often then, with a smile he exits the bistro covering the front of the building with a think wall of ice as he leaves.

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