2009-02-24: What Did You Bring Me


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Summary: Billy peeks in on his twin after coming home.

Date: February 24, 2009

What Did You Bring Me?

Rating: PG for reference

Tommy's Room - YA Warehouse

Morning has come, and with it, the young Avengers resting has finished. Making his way to his brother's room, Billy knocks gently. He wears his normal clothing accompanied by a pair of double-bandoliers. On one is slung a scabbarded sword, and on the other his staff, which is much more ornate than it used to be. He wants to make sure Tommy is alright… for a reason.

Things around the Young Avenger headquarters have been extremely quiet, in fact they are too quiet for Tommy's liking. The place was a ghost town. Which of course means that Tommy had nothing to do for the most part. So he has been drawing and drawing and drawing and there are a lot of pictures that have been piling up in his room. They are done in various mediums, but all of the subject matter is pretty much the same. It is various pictures of the former Young Avenger team. The team at it's prime. But there are some abstract and rather 'different' pictures done. Like just random body parts that can be associated with various members. Like one of Hulkings hand, or Billy's old head gear. When he hears the knock, Tommy rolls over on his bed and grumbles. "Come in."

Opening the door slowly, Billy peeks in. "Oh good. It wasn't the real you, last night. I got a little worried." He says, waiting for his brother to get up. He seems… calmer than he had before, despite the weaponry. He steps in slowly. "I'm back." that's all he says about it for now. At least, until someone questions him further.

Tommy doesn't get up persay. He does pat the spot next to him on the bed, an invitation for Billy to sit. "It's about fricking time." He rolls to his side to look his twin over. "Missed you baby brother. Anything interesting happen while you were gone? We got bubkis going on around here. I actually ran out of toasters with no one around to fix them, so I started cooking my toast on the stove top. At least the stove hasn't been destroyed."

Billy chuckles, nodding as he removes the bandoliers from his back, laying them down on the floor. "Oh, a little. I met a few dead people. Learned a little more about my magic and about mom's. Learned a little more about me. And came back last night to see You, Me, Cassie, and a few others attacking Teddy, Dante, and Vision." He says with a shrug. "Got stabbed through the chest, but it didn't hurt. So, I came home." He grins reaching over to get a hug from the brother.

Tommy listens and nods. He does move to give Billy a big hug and squeezes him carefully. He just said he was stabbed after all. "Well that's definitely more entertaining then my experience. But you are alright?" He has to check first, then he laughs. "Didn't happen to bring me back a present? I do love getting me some gifts." He grins at Billy. "I feel bad, that you had all of this fun and here I was just sitting here trying to figure out how to use a toaster with limited to no success. It's a damn shame that I love toast so much."

"Yeah, I'm fine. The sword didn't hurt me at all. Came out clean." Billy says with a shrug. "I… honestly feel like it's a part of me." He says, thinking about it. He really doesn't know what the sword is. "I couldn't bring back presents. I was walking. And, I was powerless for most of the trip. I had to find a way from Canada to Dallas without my powers." He grins, offering a slight shrug. "Dude. We get paid here. You can BUY toast at the greasy spoon down the street."

Tommy looks at Billy for a moment and he archs a silver brow. "Really, that's a little weird. The only sword that is a part of me is dangling between my legs." He shrugs, "It's okay, I'll survive without a present. But as for the toast. I don't like the way that they make the toast. They don't put the condiments on properly and well, what's the point of having things made for you if you have to put the stuff on yourself."

"I'm just glad it wasn't YOU last night. Be careful when you go out there. They're everywhere and they DO seem to look a lot like us." Billy says as he rises, picking up his weaponry again and putting it away before going to… fix the toaster…s.

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