2010-10-17: What Do You Remember


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Summary: Heather goes to find Robyn in the Asylum.

Date: October 17, 2010

Log Title: What Do You Remember?

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Patient Rooms)

This hallway seems almost sterile with white walls and white tiled floor that creates an echo as it's walked across. Befitting the previous status as a mansion that this abode used to carry, with row upon row of heavy wooden doors on each side, with metal catch-slides at eye level and on the bottom for food to be delivered or taken. Between each of the doors a wrought iron gas lamp flickers leaving long shadows along the long hallway. The only window is a large, glass window at the end of the hallway that lets appropriate sun, and moon light into the passage way.

Even though Heather has orders not to enter the asylum, she walks the hall, holding her pickaxe in her hand, limp by her side. It's best to at least be careful in this kind of area. Today, she's come to the asylum for a very specific reason. Or rather, two specific reasons. She knows that Robyn has been disappearing lately, and figuring that this was an Important Place and that Robyn was an Important Person, well… It only seemed reasonable to enter this place, careful though she may be about it.

Robyn standing facing the large glass window at the end of the hallway looking out to the night. He's transparent and what he's standing in front of can vaguely be seen through him. He's wearing a white shirt and pants, very typical of what a patient here might once have worn. His barefeet seem to be touching the ground and Robyn seems focused, or just lost in thought, as he looks outside, putting a hand up to reach through the glass.

"Robyn Larkin," says Heather, but it comes out more in her squeaky, incomprehensible little voice. She continues her quick walk towards the patient of the asylum, focused and calm. She puts her pickaxe back away, now bringing the wax case and knife to the front, carving out. <Can you read right now? Can you remember your name?> She is back in the clean Hello Kitty pyjamas that she arrived with, though wearing more straps to keep her shovel and pickaxe tied down and her knife sheathed.

Robyn turns and looks at Heather and nods. "Yes, I remember my name and I can read though…there isn't much here too read." He says as he's had time to look around. "Things are becoming weird Heather, I don't know how to describe it. I feel, like there's something wrong." There are a few blank spots in his memory as it seems to fade in and out.

Nodding, the girl strikes a line through the wax words, more are scratched in, carefully and precisely, <I know a feeling like, but this time it does not belong to me. You're important to this setting, Robyn, and I want to help you. I want to help solve this place. Can you describe the feeling to me?> She turns the script towards Robyn again, watching him carefully.

Robyn takes a few paces down the hallway looking at one of the doors to the patient rooms. "Nothing's right Heather, there's something wrong. This place feels…not like home but I belong here. This place, Xavier's." He then turns back and looks at her. "It could be because I can't leave here….So why do you think I'm important here?"

Heather follows down after Robyn, keeping to his pace to be sure not to miss anything. She carefully chisels more words into the wax tablet: <Because you are becoming part of it. Integrating with the world. By becoming part, you become important. You cannot leave the Asylum anymore?> Her eyes flick up to meet Robyn's and she gives him a slight incline of the head.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, every time I try to leave something stops me." He doesn't demonstrate but starts to play with one of his sleeves. "I can't touch anything anymore either. I haven't been able to for a few days. Tell Connor I'm sorry for worrying him?" He knows his friend probably is but he can't go back to the Farmhouse. "What have you explored here Heather?"

<Many places,> writes Heather, <places above and below ground. Houses and lakes, strange places. There's somewhere else underground I want to see. I want to look into your grave.> After she gestures towards the words in her case, she pats the pickaxe at her hip. <In the asylum, little. I have orders not to come here. But sometimes, I must bend the law to solve the world.>

"Why do you come here? What is it you wish to accomplish by coming to such a place?" Robyn says sounding a bit confused as to why she would come to the Asylum. "And my grave? I have a grave here?" He says as he looks down at his transparent hands. "If so why would you want to dig it up." He almost sounds disturbed by that fact.

<I unearthed my own. There were no secrets there. But in Chloe's, there was a note. I will not repeat it, I assume you know it. But if you are important, perhaps so is your implied death,> writes Heather on the slate, considering Robyn's words. <I come here to see what this place is. I am unafraid, but I'm told I should fear. There is too much to learn here, though.>

"Are you in a half life too?" Robyn asks Heather after she said she unearthed her own. "A note…I think I heard something about a note, I don't really remember." Things are starting become blurred again for Robyn. "This place….it's a place for us. For those who…are different. Can't seem to…fit in with the outside world. Need help." At least that's what he thinks. "Much to learn here, who are you?"

Heather's expression darkens a little when Robyn reverts to this self with no knowledge. <Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip. But who I am is irrelevant. Who are you? What is your name?> she scratches, watching the boy in the half life. She approaches the boy, and studies his features. <What are your memories?>

Robyn gets a distant look on his face while being asked questions. "Both are fuzzy, I've lost them." The ghost says as he goes to run a hand against the wall but his hand just goes through it instead. "I'm….I'm me. Why are you here Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip. And why is it you can see me?" He walks towards her and reaches out a hand to try to grab her shoulder but instead Robyn's hand just passes right though. "Is that why you came here? Because you can see things that aren't supposed to be there?"

<You think me a seer? No, that is not my purpose. Though, perhaps, in a way it is. I see the messages the worlds make and listen to their whispers, learn from that advice,> writes Heather. She's running out of room, though, and her writing gets smaller, more careful. <I can see you because I can see you. Is there need to explain?> She watches the hand pass through her dispassionately and adds the line, <You are perhaps such a message.>

"A seer?" Robyn asks not sure what that is, he was just more thinking she might be one of the crazy folk of this place. "I have no message, I am just…I need to go." He says suddenly as if he has somewhere he has to be. "Don't tell anyone that you can see me, don't tell anyone you can talk to things that aren't there. If you do….bad things will happen." He says sounding worried before attempting to rush off to another spot in the Asylum.

"I will not mention such things. I know of places like this, and I do not want any part of it," says Heather, in her fast-world speak, since it doesn't matter anymore if Robyn hears her or not. She starts heading back out of the building, deciding that this conversation is reason enough to dig up his grave. Now she just has to find someone that will accompany her to the dig.

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