2009-05-22: What Geekery Is This?


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Summary: Danny comes in to the Freedom Force base, Cole doesn't want to let him leave.

Date: May 22, 2009

Log Title: What Geekery is This?

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Freedom Force Headquarters

The Freedom Force Headquarters consist of a receptionist at the front, preventing unauthorized entry to the rear areas. The actual headquarters is primarily a war room for discussing and strategizing. At the moment, there's simply a cache of computers and maps, as well as some interesting weapons. The place is still being built.

"Stupid drug-lab fires," Cole Aron grumbles to himself as he looks over a map hanging on a bulletin board. It's of the New York City area and has a few push-pins stuck in it. Cole is currently shirtless, just in his new uniform pants (blue with silver piping), gloves, boots, and the goggles perched in his hair. His face has soot on it, the outline of where his goggles were visible. His uniform shirt is hanging on the back of a chair nearby. "Now where was I?" the shield maker grumbles, looking around for his box of pushpins.

Danny walks into the Headquaters after a long night last night. He feels like he's hung over but he hasn't had anything to drink recently. He just has a backpack slung over his shoulder as he walks in. Danny just got off of work from the Bookstore a few hours ago and figured he'd share the bad news to the team about him and Gabriel. He doesn't know about Alex yet other wise this would have been easier. As soon as he steps in he stops and uses his inhaler before greeting Cole. "Hey Cole."

Cole jumps, nearly scattering push-pins but quickly grabbing the box and holding onto it to keep the lid closed. He lets out a little sigh of relief before turning to Danny. "Hey, Danny," he greets. Realizing he's shirtless brings a blush to Cole's face but he doesn't scramble for his shirt.

"Sorry, Ah didn't mean t' scare ya." Danny says as he doesn't seem all that in a good mood. Who would be after losing their powers. "Just figured Ah'd come in and fill out a report about what happened last night. Ah ain't gonna be much help round here for a while." Who knows how long actually. "So what happened t' ya Cole?"

Cole blinks a few times, looking Danny over. "What's wrong?" he asks simply. "And what happened?" he goes on. He waves a hand at the question though. "Just got a blast of smoke in the face while I was rescuing people from a fire in the city. Nothing big."

"Ah ran this Green Humanish thing in Mutant Town last night, took both mine and Gabriel's powers along with some others." Danny beings. "Also took the powers of mah boss, Nik, who runs club Nowhere." Cole might have heard of it since the club isn't to far from where they live. "There weren't nothin' Ah could do to stop it."

Cole jumps, eyes going wide. "Dammit…you and Gabe too?" he asks. Quickly he scoops up a pushpin and hunts for mutant town on his map. "THat's three members of the team down…where the hell did this thing come from?" he asks, sticking the pin into the map. He then moves over to give Danny a quick hug before trying to move him towards a chair. "You're okay, right? It didn't cause any extra harm to you?"

"Ah'm alright, Gabe got injured though." Danny says as he hugs Cole back and sighs as he sits down. "Just, my Athsma's been actin' up a lot more than it usually does, like when Ah was a kid before the….before the accident." He says shaking his head.

Cole frowns. "Where is Gabe and what happened to him?" he asks, looking for something to write this down in. "Do you want me to get you a doctor to make you'll be okay?" he asks, worried about all his teammates.

"Ah think he dislocated his arm, he'll be fine though. Ah think he went to a doctor." Danny says as he shakes his head. "No, Ah'll be okay, just, when Ah was a kid Ah got sick all the time. My immune system wasn't so great but after the accient Ah stopped getting sick all the time. And my athsma cleared up a bit but it's always been bad, now, Ah've been havin' attacks like Ah used t' when Ah was a kid. Like before the accident."

Cole sighs, turning to get a towel to wipe his face clean. "Sounds like your powers compensated for your illness…" he sighs. "Maybe you should stay here for awhile. You can use my room," he offers. "You, Gabe, and the Bossman. Damn…just me and the knife chick I haven't met yet…"

"Ah'll be fine, Ah still got my two jobs t' work." Danny says and it's more him being his stubborn independant self than thinking about his health. He's just become so used to depending on himself over the last few years after running away from home. "Wait, what do ya' mean by The Bossman?" He didn't hear about Alex yet.

Cole frowns, eyes flickering blue for a moment. "No. I'm sure your jobs will let you off. If you have an immune system problem and athsma, working with so many people just isn't a good idea. YOu could get very sick," he says, looking concerned. "And Alex got attacked by that green thing when he went to visit his brother."

"Ah was workin' at Nowhere when it happend and if Ah miss work Ah don't know if Ah'll be able t' afford mah rent and stuff." Danny says sounding worried. Actually he's not that bad off he just hates dipping into his savings account. He's a bit frugal when it comes to funds. "Let me guess, you ain't gonna stop arguin' with me until Ah agree with this, ain't you?"

Cole crosses his arms. "You do get a paycheck for being part of Freedom Force. And I'm sure we can get something worked out to have your rent taken care of," he says. The shield maker then smiles. "That or you beat me in a lightsaber duel," he tries to joke a little.

"Do Ah get t' use mah martial arts skills?" Danny asks raising an eyebrow. "Ah may not have mah powers but Ah can still fight." He says chuckling. "And Ah'll stay with ya if ya agree to a Star Wars movie night with me. Ah can even cook dinner." And Danny's got a bit of that Southern Cooking style when it comes to anything culinary.

"Use the Force you must," Cole says in his best Yoda impression. He then nods. "Sure. Star Wars and hot food up in my room tonight," he says with a chuckle.

Danny laughs and then coughs a bit, he hated being sick all the time as a kid. "That sounds like a good plan Cole." He'll admit, he was a bit of a geek in High School. "Ah'll have t' go home and pick up a few things first."

Cole frowns slightly and then sighs. "Alright. I'm gonna jump in the shower. You come right back or I'm coming after ya."

Danny chuckles and stands up moving in to give Cole a hug. "Alright, anything ya want me t' bring over?" He asks as he'll try making dinner for the two, some good southern style fried chicken. He'll even bring a few drinks along, after all Danny is a bartender. "Ah'll see ya later Cole." He says smiling at his cute teammate before heading to his apartment to grab a few things.

Cole returns the hug and nods. "Bring good food, a good drink or two, and if you have one…one of those plastic lightsabers with the flashlight in 'em," he chuckles. "See ya later," he says, watching Danny go. He glances at his map, noting the locations push-pinned and frowns. "Where the bloody hell?" he mumbles, grabbing his shirt and heading for his room.

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