2010-02-04: What Happens Next?


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Summary: Robyn visits Jeri…

Date: February 04, 2010

What Happens Next?

Rating: PG (with mature subject matter)

He's been trying to forget it, push it to the back of his mind. If he doesn't think about it, it didn't happen. Which is why Robyn is now at Jericho's office door knocking. Something happened where it snuck up on him, where he freaked, and he knows he's has to confront the problem before it gets worse. Robyn's a bit disheveled looking and red eyed from crying still.

Jeri's in his office, of course. He calls out, "Come in." He's wearing just a black t-shirt and jeans. The least professional psychoanalyst clothing anyone would normally see.

It's not about the attire, it's about the trust. And maybe that's what makes Jericho easier to trust, that he looks normal. Not like some professional doing his job. "Hello, Dr. Parker-Mayfair? I…I was wondering if we could talk." He's never really had to go to someone like this before, not even his parents.

Tilting his head, Jeri nods. "Of course we can, Robyn. That's what I'm here for." He says, making a motion. "Chair, couch, sit where's comfortable for you. Would you like a drink? Water? Tea? Cranberry Juice?" He always makes the offer. It's good for some of them.

Robyn nods and walks over to the couch and sits down, grabbing a pillow to hold it against him for protection and comfort. "Um…cranberry juice?" It's better than water and sometimes after crying something to drink is nice. He doesn't say much, obvious that he doesn't really know how to begin. "Thanks for doing whatever you did with Dallas, he seems like he's doing a lot better."

"That he is. He and I had a nice chat today. He seems… happy." Jeri doesn't know how much Robyn knows, but he's also under the order of confidentiality. He opens the fridge and pulls out a pair of bottles. He cracks the seal on each one and passes one to Robyn. "So, what's on your mind, kiddo?"

He doesn't say much more about Dallas cause likewise, Robyn doesn't know what he's told Jeri. "I like seeing him happy but no, that's not what's on my mind." He says taking the cranberry juice and sipping it. He looks at a spot that's not Jeri's face musters up his courage. "It's about what happened, with Nathaniel, when he wasn't a demon. I thought…I thought if I didn't think about it, everything would be fine."

"I heard a little. But Addison didn't give me details. He simply said you'd probably need to talk to me about something horrific." Jeri says with a nod. "So… just, give me an overview that I can figure things out from?" He asks, tilting his head. "You know I won't let it out of this room."

"Give me a moment." Robyn says taking a few more sips of his juice before trying to figure out where to begin. "Well, Rashmi, Lucas contacted her and we all went with her, and it was a mistake. We were out of our league, I got captured by Nathaniel, only it wasn't him. It was a demon version. He…" Robyn's voice gets caught in his throat as he talks, trying to drink some more juice to stop him from breaking down. "It wasn't supposed to be like that, it was supposed to be something that I wanted, not he wanted. I didn't even want it with him but the demon, he..forced me to do things, feel things."

Jeri winces softly. He knows, then, what it was. He moves around the desk to sit next to Robyn, in case he needs someone to lean against. "And now, it's coming back. When you spend time with your… person. You can't get it out of your mind." he says softly. It's normal. That's what happens. Most victims get that way, and he knows it. One of the few things he never thought he'd have to deal with here.

Leaning against Jericho, Robyn nods. "Jordan and I were…well, we were getting close and I freaked. I love Jordan, he's not going to hurt me, but I freaked. I just felt everything again and I broke down. I want to be with Jordan, I really do, but I can't." He says fighting back every urge to cry again. Robyn doesn't like crying, he doesn't think it solves anything.

"Shhhh." Jeri says softly, letting himself move to comfort. "It's alright. I'm sure Jordan will understand if you tell him." He says, nodding as he thinks on things. "You don't have to rush into things. Take your time. When you start feeling it, tell yourself that you've got someone who loves you and will wait until you're mentally ready. It helps."

Robyn hugs the pillow with one arm, holds the juice tightly in his other hand and leans against Jeri, kicking his shoes off so he can curl up. "I don't want to feel broken though, I want to feel…fine. It's not supposed to be like this. Maybe it would be easier if I could get mad, but I can't. I just get upset and getting upset doesn't fix anything. What if Jordan doesn't want someone whose…broken." Used.

"Have you talked to him? Have you asked him what he wants?" Jeri asks, tilting his head softly as he listens. "The only way to find out is to ask him. Do you think he'll tell you the truth?" Jeri doesn't know Jordan, so has no idea. "And you're hardly broken. You're in one piece. And you're stronger now that you've been through it."

Shaking his head, Robyn focuses his gaze downward. "He's been through so much, he doesn't need to worry about me too." Robyn's not great at leaning on people, he's used to just relying on himself and ignoring things usually works. It becomes a distant memory you don't have to think about. Be a duck, let it roll of your back, but this can't roll of his back. It's stuck there, in a spot he can't reach. "I don't want to have gone through it though, I don't want to be stronger because of it. And if I'm stronger why can't I deal with it?"

"The human mind is fragile, Robyn. It takes time to get over things. When you break your arm, does it immediately work right? No, it takes time to heal. The mind sometimes takes longer. I'll bet that Jordan will be willing to wait. Have you been intimate before?" Jeri asks, being a little blunt. "Don't worry. It won't get you into any trouble to tell me the truth."

"Yeah but here they have machines that can help fix broken bones easier, there's no machine to help fix the human mind, and I'm not letting Addison make me forget." Robyn says thinking that won't solve anything, but not letting himself think about it and trying to forget, is that any better? "No…we..haven't. I want to be, but we've held off cause school grounds and all that. And now, I wanted him to be my first, I wanted it to be special between us and now, it's a mess." Robyn says as he starts blinking, a lot. "I shouldn't have gone off. I should have just stayed here." He says finally starting to cry if he wants to or not.

"Well, you know that now. But what's done is done. It can't be undone. Are you afraid Jordan will do to you what the demon did?" Jeri asks. He doesn't call the demon Nathaniel. He knows better than to do that. "He can still be your first. The first one you chose." He explains, considering things.

Shaking his head, Robyn waits until he's done crying, to talk. "No, Jordan's not like that. He's not. I know he wouldn't force himself on me, if he was going to, I think he would have already. He wouldn't have stopped when I freaked. Jordan's…great. It's me. I just see it, I feel it all happening. I remember it all. It's a bad flashback."

"Then change the flashbacks. When they start, just tell yourself it's in the past. Tell yourself that this isn't like that anymore. I know… it'll take time to be able to. If it helps, ask Jordan to tell you that. He wouldn't do anything to hurt you, and you know it, so trust him to help you." Jeri says. This is his… least capable field, but he's trying.

"It would be so much easier if I had someone to hate, or someone to blame." Robyn says but he doesn't have a target to direct his emotions about it. "You know how hard it is, to not know who to blame about it?" He knows it's not his fault but it still hurts and makes him feel used.

"I know. My husband…" Jeri says with a half-shrug. "He threatened the life of my son, just to try to convince me to go with him." He says. "And I know that's not something Christopher would ever do."

"I talked to Nathaniel, I told him I didn't blame him, I don't blame him. I blame that…thing. It was the same thing that was in Jordan." Robyn takes a deep breath and sighs. "I don't know, I don't. I'm gonna try to talk to Jordan but then what? Just hope he puts up with me?"

"Robyn, if he can't wait for you, then he's not worth your time." Jericho says firmly. "And I know that can be a painful realization, but you're worth more than your body. Yes, a body is a nice thing to share with someone you love, but you still have to make sure you're ready to share it. If memories creep in when you don't want them to and you can't push them away, then you're not ready to move forward. He'll accept it, or he won't."

Robyn doesn't want to think of that, he's already dealing with enough. "I was ready! It's not fair! It's not. Why did he have to do this to me? I don't get it! I barely knew him, and he did this. None of this is fair! Leo's leaving and he lost his powers all because of what he did to me, none of this is fair!"

"Neither is life, son." Jeri whispers, just nodding softly. "So we pick up the pieces and we make it what we want it to be." He says before pausing. He coughs and adjusts his voice. "This…" He says, voice sounding very similar to a cartoon character from an adorable movie. "Is my family. It is little. And broken. but still good. Yup. Still good." He nods solemnly.

At the voice, coming out of that body, Robyn can't help but smile and chuckle a little. "Pick up the pieces and make it what we want to be." He says, and that he can understanding. Very well, it's like sculpting. "Lilo and Stitch. I have to talk to Jordan soon, and I don't know if I'm going to tell my parents but, I have to see them soon too. Sorry, for being…difficult." He just thinks he is even if he isn't.

"Robyn, son… you don't have to apologize. I'm here to help you kids learn how to deal with things. That's what I do. I give you something I never had. Someone who knows what it's like to grow up with powers and not have anyone to turn to." He says, nodding. "And I've dealt with my own freaky shit in the past. I can definitely get what you've been through. I may not have done the same, but I can help."

"I love my parents, they're good people, they just don't understand the power stuff. And I'm afraid if my Mom found out about some of the stuff that happens here, she'd pull me out." Which might sound odd coming from Robyn since he tried to run away not to long ago. "Also, I have something kind of odd, I don't know if you're the person to talk about."

"Something odd?" Jeri asks. "I can understand not wanting to talk to Mom if that's how she'll feel. You know it could have been worse out there." he says. He won't press. But… "You can tell me. If I'm not the person, I can recommend someone."

"Yeah, something odd." Robyn says as it's another thing that's on his mind. "There's a new kid here, Richard. He looks exactly like me. We're both adopted, and have the same birthday it's just…he thinks he's an Alien but I dunno, is there a wait to test to see if we're…twins…separated at birth?"

"I know Richard." Jericho grins softly. "And yes. I'm sure you are." He says with a nod. "Who do you think convinced his family to send him here?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "I thought that if he ran into you without being forced to it, he might realize that he's not an alien. But, I guess that didn't work. Perhaps Jared's powers. He can feel it and know it, but…" He shrugs.

"Wait..you know him? Or knew him, before here?" Robyn says trying to understand it, but also at the same time Jericho confirming that he's sure they are unleashes new feelings, but a lot less confusion. "No, he seems pretty convinced he's an alien, not that there's anything wrong with that but he didn't seem as…phased as I was by the fact that we looked alike. I really have to get to know him." He says to himself before standing up. "Thank's Dr. Mayfair-Parker, I guess I'll just take my time and get over it and talk to Jordan."

"Parker-Mayfair. Christopher's name first. Sounds better." Jeri nods. "Yes. I was called in to talk to him. I got him sent here. We'll see what we can do. It just may take time." He says, standing. "Alright. You know where I am. Come and talk to me anytime."

"Sorry, Parker-Mayfair. Thanks." Robyn says pausing, looking up at Jeri, pausing for a second and then turning to leave. "If I need to talk, I'll find you." He says nodding before leaving the room.

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