2009-01-30: What is Chaos?


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Summary: Danny-Man and Silly-Boy run into a chaotic friend at the park

Date: January 30, 2009

Log Title What is Chaos?

Rating: G

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

It's around nine o'clock at night and their's still about an hour before night life in New York really begins, which is why Danny has decided to hang out in Union Square for a while before he has to be at work later. Dressed for the cold, he sits on a park bench sipping at a cup of hot chocolate to keep warm while listening to his mp3 player. He's just realxing for a bit before the long work night.

Hot chocolate. It's like a beacon for the oddity known as Nightshade. He'd been out all day, playing around, 'drawing' on buildings, and 'breaking' bad guys. But after picking up on the scent of chocolate, the teen/alien combination is creeping along through the park. When a second familair scent comes to him, Nightshade lets out a pleased little noise. Right now, he's slowly and stealthily approaching Danny from behind, just crawling along the ground.

And some people, despite a parentage that practically /drags/ them to dramatic monologuing and gathering mutants for various reasons, are just walking through with their hands in their coat pockets, watching the night go by. Erik even yawns slightly as he looks across the square.

Terry loves Union Square, there is just something about the artistic indie parts of the city that he can'th elp but be drawn too. As it is he is simply wandering the area, is long white cane in one hand and a steaming hot chocolate in the other while he humms just under his breath. Terry is humming in tune with the nearest street preformer, just letting himself flow with the music and movement around him. Too bad the blind teen is not using his powers at the moemnt, other wise he might have a chance of noticing a familier shape creeping twords Danny not far from where he is walking right now.

Danny happens to be obilvious to the little purple oddity crawling his way, especially since the blind man just letting the music take him has seemed to peak his interest. He raises the brim off his cowboy hat, the hat a gimic he uses being a bartender, which does work. Taking a sip from his hot chocolate, he can't help but watch. It's interesting to him.

And suddenly…Nightshade pounces! "Danny-Man!" the alien voice cries out as he leaps up into the back of the bench. Neither mind is paying much attention to the others right now.

Erik quirks his eyebrows as he hears a pouncing, always enough to draw a look and a move of the hand to his pocket. He watches for the moment.

Terry is blind, he is happy, he is dressed in bright colors, of course people are watching him. It is probably only luck that he is not glowing, or being trailed by little motes of flickering lights. The sound of Nightshade's exclimation as he pounces does attract Terry's attention, he has no idea who Danny-Man is but he does recognize the purple things voice. Suddenly the night has just gotten a lot more interesting.

Danny can't help but smile and laugh as he's pounced. "Heya Nightshade, ya want mah Hot Chocolate?" He says offering it to the purple oddity. He doesn't mind giving it to the living embodiment of chaos. Though getting pounced by Izzy has distracted him from anything else, including people watching. "How ya been? Ya stayin' outta trouble?" He says in his thick Southern Accent.

Nightshade rolls off Danny to crouch on the bench next to him, nodding vigorously. "Yes, please!" the human voice chimes. Apparently he's picked up a new word. There's a pause, the oddity's head snapping up suddenly as he senses something but he shakes it off. "Nightshade is good!" the alien voice replies.

Terry takes a moment to wonder just how to aproach Nightshade, not sure if he would recognize him without being surounded by glowing lights. Well, luck favors the bold right? Terry decides to just walk over to where he can hear Nightshade and Danny talking and say hi. "Nightshade? I would recognize those voices anywhere." Terry moves his head as if looking around before sayin in an almost consperatorial voice, "You have not been out beating up bullies again have you?"

Danny looks up at Terry and offers a smile. "Nightshade, causin' trouble, Ah'd never believe it." He says with a chuckle, obvioulsy joking. He hand the cup to Nightshade, letting him finish what's left, which is about half the cup. "There ya go Nightshade, and Ah'm glad t' hear ya've been doin' well." He says patting him on the shoulder, forgetting about that odd texture he his.

Nightshade looks over his shoulder suddenly, regarding Terry curiously. "Silly boy! Silly boy gave us hot chocolate!" the human voice says, rather pleased with remembering thee blind teen. The oddity happily takes the cup from Danny and just absorbs it into his 'suit'. Moments later the crumpled cup falls 'out' of his hand and Nightshade sags on the bench. "Goood…." the third voice trails off in a 'dreamy' tone.

Erik chuckles a little bit and shakes his head at the antics of the…Nightshade-thingy, since he recognizes it vaguely and everything seems to be in control.

Terry grins and gives a little laugh listening to Nightshade. "That would be me. Glad to hear you are doing well. Any chance you could introduce me to you friend here?" Terry nods his head in the direction he can hear Danny's voice comming from and then grins in the same direction. "I would say that I could not belive in Nightshade causeing trouble, but I try not to lie." Terry's voice carrys in it an almost half chuckle to make sure that Danny understands he is joking more or less.

Danny chuckles at Terry's words and goes to offer a hand, but withdraws it remembering he's blind. "Ah'm Danny, Ah'm a friend of Nightshade's here." Danny says patting Izzy on the back. "And which one of us is ya callin' a Silly-boy there Nightshade?" He asks as he takes off his hat to push back his hair before putting it on again. "Ah think Nightshade and chaos go hand in hand, ain't that right Nightshade?"

Nightshade lets out a happy little noise at the pat on the back and leaps back up onto the edge of the bench. He points at Terry. "Silly-Boy," the alien voice states. He then points at Danny. "Danny-Man!" the human one adds. "Chaos?" the fused voice seems confused, looking down at his hands as if expecting something to be there.

Terry grins and does let out a peel of laughter at Nightshade's antics. "Yes, Chaos as in deterministic systems that are seemingly random but are governed by physical laws, that are very difficult to predict accurately without a large enough volume of information." Terry pauses and then grins at Nightshade and Danny, "Sorry, raised by a physics prodigy, knowing things like that are a bit of a side effect." Terry offers a hand in danny's general direction, "I should introduce myself, I am Silly Boy, but you can call me Terry."

Danny shakes Terry's hand and smiles. "Pleasure t' meet ya Terry, or Silly-Man. Ah'm Danny-Man but it's kinda obvious since mah name is Danny an' all." He says with a shrug. "And yes, chaos, it fits ya t' a T Nightshade. "And don't worry 'bout it, ain't nothin' wrong with knowin' about physics."

Nightshade just stares at Terry. Neither mind knows what he just said. He turns to Danny and starts to ask a question but pauses. "Nightshade is not wearing a T-shirt…" the alien voice trails off. Yep, he's confused.

Terry grins, and laughs just a little, "Well you never know. Some people tend to look at hippie artists odd when you know more about wave functions and particle physics than some Nobel winners." To Nightshade the blind man says, "Well if your not wearing a T-shirt I at least hope your wearing some warm clothes in this cold."

"Ah'm a bartender in the East Village, Ah see all sorts come in. Just because Ah'm orginally, and always a bit at heart, a Southern boy doesn't mean Ah haven't seen more than cows." Danny says with a laugh to let Terry know he means it in good humour. "Nightshade here's just dressed in his usual purple. And to a T means, fits exactly Ah guess."

Nightshade shrugs. "We're not cold," the human voice states. "Nightshade is not wearing clothes or chaos," the alien adds, still confused. He looks back and forth between his two friends then tilts his head to the side.

Terry just raises a single eyebrow at Nightshade saying he is not wearing any clothes. This he has too see, for just an instant he uses his powers to reach out and sense the wavelengths and paths of photons in the area so he can put together a mental image of the world around him. "Not wearing any clothes at all? That sould be causeing a much larger stir than you are now, even in this part of town."

Danny looks Nightshade up and down, confused. "What ya talkin' about Nightshade? Your wearin' that purple suit ya always wear, except for the time ya were a snowman." Danny says sounding confused. He looks over at Terry and tries to explain what he can see, in case. "He looks like he's wearin' a puprle Spider-man costume, strange but nothing too strange.

Erik shakes his head as he feels something for a moment that causes him to go out of focus for a moment and then blink back in. "Ah…" He rubs his head.

Nightshade nods. "We're naked. No clothes," the human voice says to Terry. "Why would we stir the town? And how?" the human continues to question. "Nightshade is not wearing a costume, Danny-Man," the alien voice chimes in, amused. There's a sudden pause as Nightshade looks up. It lasts for a few moments before he shakes it off and looks back to his friends.

Erik blinks as he notices Nightshade look up too, and poses out of turn to make his way over. "What did you feel." He asks quietly, seriously. He sways a little on his feet for a moment, rubbing his head.

Danny seems outright perplexed and it shows on his face. "What do ya mean you're naked? Ya look like you're wearing some sorta costume t' me." Danny says and as Erik walks over, he looks up at the white haired man. "'Cuse me? What do ya mean but, what did you feel?" It doesn't make any sense to him.

Nightshade shakes his head and looks at Danny. "Nightshade is not wearing a costume," the alien says. "Yeah. We don't need clothes," the human chimes. He ripples a moment and suddenly is wearing a t-shirt and shorts over his 'suit'. They remain before fading away back to 'normal' Nightshade. When Erik comes over, Nightshade just tilts his head to the side. "What?" the fused voice asks.

Erik is clearly wierded out by /something/. "When you looked up at the sky, I saw it, what did you see." Erik asks again. "Sorry for interrupting." He says as an afterthought.

Danny isn't sure who he's more weirded out by right now, Nightshade or Erik. He opts for Erik thinking he might just be some drunk crazy. "Sir, might Ah suggest you goin' t' get some water, Ah can buy ya a bottle of water if ya like, and then just go home and rest. Will ya be alright goin' home?" How anyone can see anything in a New York City sky is beyond the country boy. He turns to Nightshade and smiles. "Ah think Ah understand now Nightshade."

"Nightshade saw sky," the alien voice says slowly. "And bugs," the human voice chimes. He's just confused. Looking at Danny, Nightshade shrugs.

Danny isn't sure who he's more weirded out by right now, Nightshade or Erik. He opts for Erik thinking he might just be some drunk crazy. "Sir, might Ah suggest you goin' t' get some water, Ah can buy ya a bottle of water if ya like, and then just go home and rest. Will ya be alright goin' home?" How anyone can see anything in a New York City sky is beyond the country boy. He turns to Nightshade and smiles. "Ah think Ah understand now Nightshade."

Nightshade saw sky," the alien voice says slowly. "And bugs," the human voice chimes. He's just confused. Looking at Danny, Nightshade shrugs.

Erik blinks at that and stands there, swaying a little bit, before he shakes his head. "I'll be fine going home." He says suddenly, rubbing his head. "Sorry for interrupting." He comments. "But…watch out for anything strange."

Danny looks at Erik, very much the way that someone looks at a drunk friend with concern. "Ya sure, just take it easy and take care of yourself. And Ah wouldn't recommend ya be drinkin' anything else t'night." Danny says to Erik honestly believeing he's drunk. "And this is New York City, ya can't not run into something strange." He looks back at Nightshade and shrugs in response to his shrug.

Terry blinks and shakes his head a moment. "Whoa, head rush." Terry shuts down his powers since they are more distracting than normal for some reason tonight. "Ok, what was that you understand now Danny?" The blind teen nods in Erik's genearl direction and gives him a small wave, "Stranger than being approached by people that feel something not everyone else does? Or stranger than normal where blod guys in white leather fly around wreathed in halos of light fighting muggers and the occasional monster?"

Nightshade watches Erik go. "Sick man…" the human voice trails off. When Terry speaks, Nightshade looks at him quickly and carefully. The teen oddity leans forward for a moment but says nothing.

"What it is is that Nightshade here, Ah think he can change his shape. Am Ah right Nightshade?" Danny says seaking conformation. He can't help but agree with what Terry says and smiles with a slight chuckle.

"Yes, stranger than that." Erik says with a shake of his head. "Stranger than that by far." He says as he stumbles off.

Terry nods and can'ts his head at Erik a moment even if he can't 'see' him. "Even given my back ground I am not sure if I can think of something mush stranger thana few of the things I have seen since moving here…but I will certainly keep an eye out…" Yes, even Terry can not resist the pull of a good pun. "Ahh, a shape changer…that certainly sounds interesting."

Nightshade blinks a few times then nods. Leaping off the bench he quickly shapeshifts into Terry, then Wiccan, than an ederly asian woman, then a cartoon character, then a large bald man in robes and a cape, then back to Nightshade. "Nightshade can play pretend," the alien declares happily.

Danny sighs and shakes his head. "Man, it's still early and that guy's already sauced and probably gettin' cut off. And speakin' of that, Ah gotta head to work, Ah'm bartendin' till three am t'night. It was great runnin int' ya again Nightshade. And Terry, it was a pleasure meetin' ya. Take care, both of ya." Danny says tipping his hat before getting up to go wander down the street towards the bar he works at.

Terry nods in Danny's direction and gives him a small wave when he says he is going. "Good night then Danny." After he is fairly sure that Danny is gone Terry moves around the side of the bench and sits in what he hopes is an empty space on it instead of in Nightshade's lap. "Strange night, but then again this is new York right?"

Nightshade seems dissapointed as Danny leaves, waving a bit. "Bye, Danny-Man…" the fused voice trails off. As Nightshade's in front of the bench and not on it, no danger of being sat on. "The night is not strange…" the human voice shrugs.

Terry shrugs at Nightshade and says nothign for a long moment before he takes a sip of his nearly forgotten hot chocolate….or make that kinda warm soon to be cold chocolate by now. "Well at least the Danny-Man seemed nice."

"Danny-Man is very nice!" Nightshade's human voice chimes as the oddity climbs back onto the bench. "He is our friend," the alien one adds.

Terry nods and grins brightly in Nightshade's direction. "Thats good, I had worried about you a bit after you ran off in the park."

Nightshade tilts his head to the side. "Why?" the alien voice asks. "Yeah! We're strong and tough!"

Terry laughs a little. "Yes you are strong, and very tough, but someone needs to have more than that on thier side. I was worried you might be without a home, even for someoen with your strengths it is dangerous to sleep on the streets of New York or in the Park. If not for the people there is the chance of freezing in your sleep…"

"The cold does not bother Nightshade," the alien voice chimes. "We have a place to live. It's by a castle," the human adds.

Terry stops and…well given that he is blind does not exacrtly stare at Nightshade but for someone that did not know about his handicap might think thats what he was doing. "By a castle…well you are doing well for your selves. Best I could find was a rent controled loft in the the village."

Nightshade seems confused. "Nightshade's home is not controlled by anyone but Nightshade," the alien voice says. "Yeah. And what's a loft?" the human asks after a short telepathic conversation.

Terry shakes his head, "No, Rent controled. It means…well heck not even sure how it works but it means the apartment I live in has a limited amount that can be charged for rent. A loft is a large open spaced apartment."

Nightshade lets out a scoff-like noise. "They make you pay to live somewhere?" the human voice asks. "Nightshade thinks that is silly. Our place is free place!"

Terry says, "Scoff if you like. We can't all be costumed royalty living in castles. Some of us are just humble artists that would rather a warm bed and a a good sun roof than end up living in the streets."

Nightshade makes another scoffing noise. "Nightshade does not live in the castle. Nightshade lives on the castle. Food lives in the castle," the alien voice explains. The human voice just agrees with a "Yeah!"

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