2009-03-13: What's in a name?


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Summary: Natasha alerts the others that she's bringing Winter Soldier to the mansion.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title What's in a name?

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (War Room)

The War Room holds the heart of the Avengers tech. Monitoring systems, computers, networks to SHIELD and their other allies, as well as holding their various devices when not in direct use, such as comm units and so forth.

The call has been placed and Tony has been alerted. A possible hostile is being brought into the Mansion for a little history delving. Having gotten the promise that he won't attack Jessica, and having him hand over his weapons, Natasha leads The Winter Soldier through the halls of the mansion, down the elevator to the war room. “If anyone will be able to tell us who you were, it will be Tony Stark,” Natasha assures, squeezing his arm once before letting her hands fall back to her side as the elevator opens. By the time they reach they reach the War Room, Natasha appears all business. “After your run in with Jessica, you'll have to understand if they're a bit wary about your being here.” She doesn't think it has to be said, but a part of her is just trying to fill the silence that's been brewing since the car ride over.

After eating some breakfast with Kelsy, Jessica sighed at hearing that Winter Soldier, who worked? works? for Hyrda is here, of all places. She's not to happy seeing that she has a great dislike for Hyrda. She's in a nice pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, not bothering with costumes around the Mansion. "I'm still not happy about him being here." She notes as she brings Kelsey downstairs with her since Kelsey still hasn't gotten the newest Identicard. "She walks into the War room and just stands there with her arms crossed as she leans against the wall, not saying anything for the moment.

She was having a nice breakfast, having finally managed to run into one of the current Avengers. Her Identicard is one of the older models and has been glitchy, perhaps because of moving back and forth to Otherworld over the past few months, so, as Jessica gets the call, Lionheart comes along with her, masked as usual. She moves along, unaware of who Winter Soldier actually is. Her accent is there, as always. After all, you can take the girl out of the UK, but you can't take the UK out of… the captain. "Haven't a clue, really, but…"

“I could care less about your friends.” James says, pulling the glove over his steel arm taut and allowing his cold, dark eyes to scan the area intently. Every piece of high technology provides cover. Every corner something to fire around. As he continues following after the spies lead, he cannot help but feel he's made a grave mistake. When he spies Jessica, he immediately regrets not having a gun.

Natasha leads James in, standing near the door until he's entered fully. Giving Jessica a quick nod, her eyes slide between the two, a look that's clearly a warning being shot in Winter Soldier's direction. No guns, no attacking. Kelsey gets a faint, almost uncaring nod or recognition before Natasha steps further in, pointing to a nearby chair. "Go ahead and try to get comfortable, there's no telling how long this might take. We'll start as soon as Tony gets here." She moves over to the large span of computers, sliding her ID into the console and tapping a few passwords in to force the monitor's to black. They'll still get updates and the surveillance is still running, but this way Winter Soldier doesn't get to see how far their eyes reach.

Jessica doesn't like this, not one bit, but her jaw is set firm and her stare is on Natasha so it doesn't reveal much of her emotions. "Well why don't you tell a bit now, like why you let one of our foes into the Mansion?" It's Hyrda for Christ's sake and to her, they're all bad. "Why not talk to Nick?" Knowing that Natasha has ties with SHIELD as well.

Having nothing to really comment on, one way or the other, Lionheart simply leans against a wall, glancing between the faces gathered. Two she knows, one she doesn't. It takes a few moments before she looks to Jessica. "So, who is this bloke anyway?" Her body relaxes where she stands as she just watches him.

"You're pretty angry for somebody who hasn't been killed yet." James remarks, smiling charismatically towards Jessica and lifting his chin defiantly, advancing just enough that Natasha wouldn't hold out an arm to restrain him. "…but I read your file. Hydra may have poor intel, but I know enough to ignore your bitter hypocrisy, doll." He spits out, turning to study Kelsey next, shrugging at her seemingly benign behavior. She's ok. "Look. I don't want to be your friend. I don't care about what intel I can gather here. I don't care about how bad Hydra's treated all of you. I'm just here for answers."

Tony was warned a possible hostile was being allowed in the mansion, and that's enough to make him break out his Sunday best, which in this case is the Ironman Armor. Anyone, Natasha tells him is dangerous, is someone he's going to take seriously, this will be no exception. The armor thunks sharply against the floor with each step, if you listen carefully you can hear servos and motors whirring in perfect concert as he strides. Light emanates from the eyeslots where digital displays show him everything about the room. Who's there, threat assessments, and physical readings, constantly being monitored and updated. He looks over at his fellow Avengers "Ladies,….seems we have a guest for the moment. "He looks at Natasha "So what can i do for you, or him?"

Natasha straightens the fingers of her glove and sends Jessica an amused look. "He's your foe, Jessica. You chose to go under cover as a double agent. Or are you under the dillusion that you've never crossed the line into villainy and required a chance for redemption?" Her fingers fold into a soft fist at her hip, brow arched as her gaze lingers on the other woman. "Nick is busy," and unlikely to tell them anything, "Tony however is more than capable of getting us the information Winter Soldier needs to achieve his own liberation. If you don't like it dear," she points to the door but doesn't waste another word on Jessica. Sore subject perhaps? Since Lionheart's question wasn't directed at her, she doesn't bother answering, pulling her ID out and moving to Winter Soldier's side, arms folding over her chest. As the armor approaches, she looks to the door and waits for Tony to enter. "We need to know what you can find out about his past before he became the Winter Soldier. Most of his non-combat and mission related memories have been wiped. We will be relying on his DNA and your skills to find out more."

Jessica looks at Natasha and shakes her head. "You're under the impression that I chose it, it was assigned to me." She says as it was something Nick Fury told her to do. She stays quiet though, arms still crossed over her chest, leaning against the wall. As Natasha says that about his memories she's not surprised, that's one of HYRDA's specialties, brain washing, she went through that many many years ago.

Nothing. Imagine that. The British woman sighs softly as Iron Man walks in. "Oh good. Perhaps when we're done with this, you wouldn't mind updating my identicard?" She says, slightly hopefully. "I haven't been able to reach a single person on this thing. I think Otherworld may have broken the blighted thing." Lionheart says in Tony's general direction.

As Iron Man enters, the Winter Soldier studies the suit oblivious of the man inside. He's dealt with similarly clad 'heroes' with the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man; how different can this one be? "I'm the Winter Soldier." He starts, looking each of those gathered in the eyes, or eye-like slits, as he takes a step forward and clasps his hands in the small of his back. "My first name may or may not be James, and that's about all I know…" He says, pausing and slipping a casual glare aside as a few fragments of memory rush past. "…I would also like to murder Steve Rogers."

As Natasha mentions Winter Soldier, his armor already goes to work, accessing the Internet and looking through any files, documents and data ever mentioning about a Winter Soldier, or a Project Winter Soldier. His information is first gathered from the US and then extends out further, accessing world data, and looking back. Any data is then correlated and brought forth, while backtracking as well. For all appearances her stands there and nods and looks at Lionheart "Already on it and have a replacement for you in the library. When your old card failed it relayed the info to me and I created a new one. Figured youd need it." His voice has a metallic ring to it, so its hard to tell his emotional state. He looks at Natasha "Get me a skin and blood sample and Ill see what I can gather, I'm already working on finding any existing data on the name Winter Soldier. It shouldn't take too long, but I want to double check any findings." As Winter Soldier mentions the name James and murdering Steve, the armor lights up slightly as if powering up, but then returns to normal status. "You'll find that much more difficult then you can imagine. Still this is a definite lead, something you were made to do. Hmmm."

Natasha pinches the bridge of her nose with a frustrated sigh. When you do a mission then sit in a tub of goo for the rest of the time, general 'keep your mouth shut' training just isn't a factor. Winter Soldier makes this perfectly clear. "..James. You're not killing Steve Rogers. You don't even know those memories are real." With a quick breath, Natasha pulls out a small USB card and holds it out towards Tony. "This is all the information that I have on him from my own time in the Red Room until now. Including what I have to assume are altered memories of Steve leaving him to die." At the mention of samples, Natasha nods and reaches for a nearby tray, taking out a small razor and needle and stepping in front of James, holding her hand out for his. As soon as it's given, she takes the samples, handing them back to Tony before slapping a band aid on the wound.

"HYDRA specializes in brain washing people, making you believe things that didn't really happen. Believe me." Jessica says and it's hard to tell if she's sympathetic to Winter Soldier's cause or is just stating what she's been through. "I'll see where this goes, for now." She states remembering when she was first sent to kill Nick Fury and since then he's helped her on way to many occasions.

"Oh wonderful. I had been wondering." Lionheart says happily towards Tony as she tries to listen in to the majority of the other conversation. But then, she's an Odd Captain Britain. She didn't have a scientific background… she wasn't a mystic… she wasn't a brawler. She was just a mother. She has yet to have been brainwashed or controlled, so that's all new to her.

James pulls his hand back and stares at the bandaid, sending a sidelong glance towards Jessica as an incredulous 'heh' puffs under his breath. "You're quite the humanitarian." He remarks, canting his head towards Kelsey then back to Stark. "He's just a man." He says, anything close to mirth fading from his features. "…how long will this take?"

Tony takes the card and samples from Natasha. He's had to deal with Hydra on many occasions, both alone and with the Avengers as a whole. He looks at Jessica his hollow, metallic voice speaking "See if you can get any classified info from Nick. I have my suspicions, but I need to check them out. For now, Natasha you're responsible for him. Hes a time bomb waiting to go off, and he needs to be dealt with." His helmeted head swivels and locks onto Barnes "It wont take long, give me an hour, and I'll see what we have. For the time being I'd like for you to remain here." Of course the unspoken part is…where I can keep an eye on you. "I'll be back when I know more." He turns and again the metallic thumps resound as the armored Avenger leaves, still his voice can be heard as he calls back. "If you need me folks…you know how to reach me. " As he finishes speaking he makes a private call to Reed Richards to check the samples for him. Its nice to have friends in fantastic places.

Natasha gives Tony a /look/ before she turns that look to Jessica. Her look clearly says 'Thank GOD you're here to state the obvious.' It goes unspoken, but as Jessica continues to speak a thinly veiled temper flickers behind green eyes. "I don't believe you're in a position to STOP this from happening, Jessica." The name is spoken sweetly, the venom only clear to the one man in the room that knows her well enough to recognize and remember it. Tony. "But yes, be a dear and go check with Nick." Tony gets a quick nod. "I have my eyes on him, we won't leave the room until you give us the say so," she promises. Walking past James, she gives his hand a quick, very subtle squeeze, moving to edge into a nearby seat. "Now, we wait."

Jessica gives Natasha a blank stare that doesn't convey anything. "Did I try?" She asks as she doesn't like what's going on, she knows she's not in position to say yes or no. "Now if you don't mind, I have other important things to focus on like an invasion of our world. I'm going to go on patrol, Captain Britain if you like to join me I wouldn't mind the company." She says turning around and walking out of the war room. She's gonna put on her costume, go out, and find some invaders to work out some frustration for a bit.

"There's a big bunch of strong folk out there. Maybe we should get rid of them." Lionheart says towards Jessica with a shrug. "It's not like I have anything else to do…" She's always in costume. After all, her children are frequent visitors here, and she can't be seen by them.

"Wow, disobeying a direct order from Ironman. Classic HYDRA. Very nice," Natasha says with a dark smile as she watches Jessica exit. Nice. "I suppose I'll call Nick and see what he has to say about the situation." She pulls out her cell phone, casting a disapproving glance to James. "They're suspicious. And rightfully so. You did attempt to kill two of us, you recall? Regardless, he's working to help you, you could try a thank you." She taps a few buttons on her phone, sliding out the keyboard as he begins to send a text to Fury.

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