2012-07-31: What's So Cool About Video Games


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Summary: Amy and Ahmed aren't the video game nuts Shane, Nick and Cale are.

Date: July 31, 2012

Log Title: What's So Cool About Video Games

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

The gray, overcast day has faded to a dark, brooding night outside. Inside, however, the lights of the Rec Room are bright and cheering, as Shane massacres her way through zombie after zombie with a steadily-degrading, but deadly-looking electrified hand-sickle. Her earphones are clamped tight over her head, plugged into the XBox to serve a triple purpose; that nobody else be bothered by the screamy, meaty, splashy sounds of a zombie apocalypse, that successfully allow her to shut out the outside world… and that perhaps none of the staff will notice if she happens to be playing her game some hours after the Rec Room's curfew. Sitting next to her is aclothes-sized box, wrapped in a wide sheet of white butcher's paper.

Walking into the rec room looking quite dirty and smelling of horse is Nicholas. He looks every bit the horse rider he is tonight, dressed in a short sleeved button down shirt, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He's been out riding most of the day and has just finished grooming Orion. If he's back late, it's because of his lack of direction sense getting him lost again. Walking into the rec room, eatting an apple, he walks right over to where Shane's sitting and leans over the back of the chair right next to her. He doesn't say hello but takes out his phone and texts her two words. "Killing Zombies?"

It probably would have been longer had it not been for Nick's seeing eye leopard. So right behind the cowboy comes the blue-accented and glowy-eyed snow leopard form of Ahmed. While his roomie texts, he vaults his front half up on the back of the couch, offsetting the weight in a generally worrying fashion, and proceeds to watch the screen. Zombies… yuck. As proved by the nose-crinkle and the cheek cleaning that long tongue does over slightly shimmery whiskers.

Amy comes through the door, with a popsicle in her hand and giving it a lick. The young woman glances about as she enters, and comments, "Orange popsicles are the best popsicles." She looks towards the screen for a moment and then shrugs lightly. "Sometimes I wonder, you know, if zombies are really happy and fulfilled and just want to share that with everyone. But then I guess they'd kind of be like meth dealers."

Shane glances down at her phone briefly, then pauses her game. "Naw," she grunts, tucking a lock of sky-blue hair away from her eyes. "Game's 'bout runnin' a Make-A-Wish foundation. Just hit th'part where th'water gets spiked with LSD, 'n I'm runnin' round killin' sick kids *thinkin'* they're zombies." Pushing back her headphones, she tilts her head up and gives Nicholas the hairy eyeball, reaching for a magic marker next to her. "Just 'cos 'o that stupid question? Y'get a choice. I torture you a little, 'r I torture you f'r a couple weeks." The meaning of those words is made clear, as she scribbles a quick 'Happy birthday, Nick' on top of the box.

"Ahmed, you're going to knock the couch over." Nicholas says to his roommate just not understand why he's still in cat form. "Hey Amy, you really come out with the weirdest things." He says not really understand how she comes up with that stuff. "Wait, so you're not killing zombies but little kids, that's morbid." Then he sees what's being written on the box and Nick gets quiet as his face falls. "Um….it's not for two weeks." He says looking anywhere but at the box for the moment. "I was hoping not to make any sort of deal out of it."

Ahmed covers his nose for a few moments, and then with a growl that could not be taken as anything more than a grumble, he just headbutts Nick in the thigh hard before coming around from and sits down next to Shane… waiting for a moment before he flops down next to her on his side, almost dog-like. To Amy, his tail curls up towards her in a wave-like gesture, but otherwise he seems content with hanging out like this form a moment.

Amy looks towards Ahmed blankly for a few moments and then says, "I figure given everyone's clearly casual cool attitudes that either you are the most callous people, or I am not going to get eaten here?" She then considers that for a few moments and then says, "Why would you kill sick kids, anyways? Sick kids are totally cool little troopers or whatever." She coughs a couple of times into a quickly produced handkerchief, as if demonstrating how cool sickness can be, folding it up.

Shane rolls her eyes, flushing faintly as it seems her sarcasm has completely bypassed the entire room. "…It's Dead Island, guys. Jesus. The hell could a game like that even get t'market?" Shaking her head, she looks up at Nicholas again, nudging the box. "So don't make a big deal. Just finished early, 'n didn't feel like sitting on it f'r two weeks. So… left it up t'you. Sides, 'f I kept it in my room, Amy'd probably let it slip 'round you in a couple days anyway."

Nicholas keeps quiet as he walks around to the other side of the couch and sits on the floor between where Shane and Ahmed are sitting. "I'll…wait Shane." He says in a soft voice. "It's probably the only birthday present I'm gonna get so, I'd rather wait. It's not like I told many people when it is." He says before looking at the television. "I can't believe I didn't recognize the game."

The form on the floor gets up and moves slightly to one side, as Ahmed returns all of the ectoplasm slides off of him and reforms into what looks like a beachball at his foot. Opening the door to the pool, he kicks it out there, letting it part far enough from his person so that it just falls flat into a puddle of goop in an unused area at this time of night, "I'm Jewish… we invented sarcasm, and gave it all to you ungrateful mensch." But then he grins at Shane, and unslings his backpack, "Funny coincidence… I happened to have something for Nick too." And from inside comes a wrapped rectangular box that gets set next to Shane's package. His has a card though.

"I don't have a gift or anything. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday. My birthday's May 26, I expect everyone present to remember it," says Amy, nodding a couple of times at that. For those with a keen memory, that would mean that she was in the Friends of Humanity facility for her latest birthday. "I should probably get you a gift or something, and for everyone who showed up to pull my ass out of the fire."

Shane shrugs, waving away the offer of a gift. "Don't need to. Like I said b'fore; Cale needed somethin' t'smile 'bout. 'N Nick? Wait 'f you like, open'm when it's y'birthday. Just lemme know how y'like it, and we're cool. Also. Ahmed. Jewish didn't *invent* guilt. Greeks did. You jus' perfected it. Like seein' a Model T, an' turnin' round and designin' a Porsche."

Nicholas waves a hand to Amy. "Don't get me anything, I'd rather forget it's my birthday." He says before looking over at Shane. "But some people don't want me to forget about it." He says giving a faint smile. "Thanks Ahmed, but I'm gonna wait till my actual birthday which is August 13th. I apologize now though if I'm a bit of a mess on my birthday.

Ahmed snorts out a chuckle as he moves to flop on one of the side loveseats, leaving a bit of a stain while the remainder of his ecto-covering evaporates, feet up on the arm as he then says, "Greeks did everything first… fine fine fine… whatever." And waving his hand in the air, "Yeah… and I know you… you'd dodge your birthday like the Nick we know. I've been carrying this around in my backpack for a month now. Just in case the right time came up. So… peer pressure, and all that." His eyes flick up towards Amy, and he adds, "You can get him something later. And I'll try and remember your birthday. I'll make you a cake… or pie. Whichever you prefer."

"I guess I can understand that, being a mess on your birthday. I was, and I'm told that I can be a pretty positive sort of person," says Amy, before noting, "And maybe an Asian culture did the guilt thing first. Have you ever seen those pictures with the asian dad saying horrible stuff? Hilarious. And thanks, gooey cat suit guy, I appreciate the future cake and slash or pie."

"Gooey catsuit guy," Shane repeats with a snort. "Ow, my imaginationing-meats. So yeah. S'fine if you're half a wreck, Nick. By now, think anyone who matters ain't gonna give you shit for it."

Nicholas shrugs at Ahmed's comment. "I'd just rather be by myself and not get you call miserable with me or anything, I don't want to start any fights but I know I probably will if I'm around too many people." He says before resting his head back on the cushions of the couch. "I imagine you are just as bubbly as your brother Amy." He looks back at the television and figures he'll change the subject a bit. "So Shane, have you played Lollypop Chainsaw yet? That's a zombie game I guiltily want to play.

Ahmed rolls his eyes, keeping his expression mostly from the others as he says at first, "It's not a suit, it's a shell… I make disgusting goo that I can shape into anything I want… technically." But that doesn't seem to be what causes the look as he sits up and looks at Nicholas for a long moment before he takes a breath, and reaches up to primp his spotted hair a bit, "If you can believe it… until I got here, I never got to play Xbox except at friend's houses… parents didn't allow it in the house. Heck, I barely got to get a World of Warcraft account… Still can't decide what games I'd like. Except Kineticimals." The look pans the room, "No judging me. It's a cool game."

"Yeah, I guess I'm bubbly as Cale? Is heerrrshe being really bubbly?" wonders Amy, tilting her head curiously. "I don't really play a lot of video games like my little sibling person does, or really watch the animes or anything like that. I'm more of a 'play Volleyball, cry blood and do kickboxing' type of gal."

"Naw, Nick," Shane says with an amused snort. "Cale ain't half as bubbly's Amy. Trust me; they put'r in my room. …'N ain't played it yet. But I got it. Thinkin' of pullin' out my old PS2, 'n doing a Cheesy Retarded Marathon one night 'fore everyone gets back. God Hand, Bayonetta, 'n Lollipop Chainsaw t'finish it off, cos one day soon I'm'a just wanna turn off my brain an' let it leak out my ear like that, y'know? Hell, could make a party game outta it; play until you can't fuckin' take the stupid anymore, hand off the controller t'next guy an' grab some popcorn."

"I know Cale better than I know Amy, but I'll take your word for it." Nicholas says giving a grin to Amy. "Ahmed, at least you have that stuff here. And just pick a game and try it, if you don't like it, pick another. Fable is always a fun game. I had all the systems back home, we'd have game nights on the weekends and stuff." He says before looking over at Shane. "If you're gonna do a PS2 night, you have to include God of War in that. The first one."

Ahmed shrugs, which on the couch makes it just look like he rolling his shoulders to find a comfortable spot once more, and then he takes a breath, "Last game I saw on TV that I thought I was going to like turned out to be crap. Call of Duty."

"I'd say maybe Cale's a different sort of bubbly? Like. The kid's adorable, and I don't think I'd really class myself as adorable. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm great. Absolutely fantastic! But not adorable," says Amy, grinning widely at that, "So what kind of sports clubs are around this campus anyways?"

"God of War ain't retarded, Nick, c'mon. That's Face-Melting Metal Greek Epic. 'M talkin' 'bout stuff that'd make Suda51 wince. Y'know, anythin' by Clover 'r Platinum, 'cept Viewtiful Jow 'n Okami." She pauses, blinks, and glances at Ahmed. "…Actually yeah… Okami. There's a game y'could try. Hafta dig through my shit 'n find it for ya." Looking around at Amy, the slight young mutant blinks slowly at her, then makes a point of looking down at her toothpick-skinny arms. "…Sports clubs? Fucked if I know. Danger Room, Advanced Combat, 'n Martial Arts 's all I know about."

Nicholas shakes his head. "There really aren't any sports clubs that I know of, just people who like sports for the most part. There really isn't anyone to compete without here, especially since powers makes it 'unfair'." He says with a slightly bitter tone. "I enjoy horse back riding but I don't really do it competitively anymore. Anyway, Shane, I didn't realize you meant retarded as in bad PS2 games, I'd put Gungrave on that list. That game was crap or Mr Mosiquto." He looks at Ahmed and laughs. "Call of Duty is great but for you…I'd really try Fable. It's a cool fantasy RPG and depending on your choices effects things in the game and with your character."

Ahmed snorts out a grumble, "Dude, I live in a mansion with a roommate who moves stuff with his mind, I'm in the room with a girl who blows things up with a touch, and one of my friends turns into a living cartoon. Who the heck needs role playing games. Besides… I have my online stuff for that. Text is a much easier medium for imaginative expression." Sitting up, he starts walking towards Amy and the exit, "I used to fence… now I only get to do it in the Danger Room. Pretend competitions and stuff." For now, the present left next to Shane's forgotten.

"I played this game once where you're this plumber and you're smashing turtles and like little evil mushrooms and eating nice mushrooms, and saving mushrooms from castles," says Amy, helpfully, before licking off her hand from the melty popsicle she's been neglecting. "I did kickboxing and wrestling and volleyball back at school. That's why I'm so tough." Indeed, Amy seems like she's in incredible physical condition, aside from the everythingbleeds. "I guess I was hoping to meet people into the same stuff, 'cause then I'd be able to practice."

"Sign up f'r Mr. Logan's class then," Shane says. "Hear he's like, a Canadian ninja or somethin'. A fucking terrifying, hardass Canadian ninja. Get all the tough you want, there." Looking to Nick, she opens her mouth to reply, closes it, then shakes her head. "…You'll see what I mean when I bust it out. 'N maybe it ain't for you, Ahmed, but ain't no harm trying. Okami's pretty awesome. It's like you're playing in one of those old Japanese art scrolls."

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and shakes his head. "Dude, first you make it sound like you want to try playing some video games because you never got to back home, and then when Shane and I try to help you, it's like you throw it off. Why does it seem like you're always so afraid to try new things?" It's a pattern he's noticed with his roommate. "Sorry Amy, there aren't really many of the sportsy jocks around this school, most the people you meet are more into things like your brother, they've started to assimilate me into the collection. See, I'm even speaking Star Trek speak and I'm a Star Wars fan not a Star Trek fan." He jokes. "I like watching football, besides horseback riding, that's the only sport I usually follow." He looks back at Shane and nods. "I can't wait to see what you mean, I am gonna guess I probably haven't even heard of half these games."

Ahmed says over his shoulder, hiding the smirk on the other side of his face, "Make you a deal, Nich-o-las." Accenting each of the syllables somehow without ruining the name. His hands go into his pockets, "Open your presents, and I'll come to the game night. Yeah… it's extortion… but you know what? I might have an issue with doing new things, but you need to pull the bug outta your butt for five seconds and let it down. C'mon."

Amy chuckles at Nicholas and says, "We'll see. My sibling has been trying to get me into all that nerdy stuff for such a long time." She pulls out her handkerchief again, coughing into it a few more times, this times more violently than last, folding it up and slipping it back into a plastic bag within her bag. "Maybe I'll try out for this Logan's classes. Sounds fun."

And with the pair of comments tossed between Nicholas and Ahmed, Shane's mouth shuts with a sharp click, a nod tossed Amy's way to show she heard the bloody mutant's musing and agrees. Fiddling with the volume control on the headphones still dangling from around her neck, and goes back to playing, the action now truly inaudible to all. Clearly, Shane has no intention of throwing her hat into this particular ring, again.

And at that point said brother - er, sort of; sibling type person? At any rate, Kaylee comes meandering into the room, wearing her usual ensemble… "What nerdy stuff?" she says through a mouthful of sub sandwich, tongue unconsciously wrapped part of the way around it as if to shove /more/ of it into her face. Omnomnom.

Nicholas gives Ahmed an exasperated sigh. "Ahmed, I may be miserable on my birthday but I'd rather have -something- to look forward to on it than remembering how much I miss my parents, is that such a hard thing to ask? To wait two weeks to open my presents on my -actual- birthday? I don't understand why everything is a deal with you Ahmed." He says sounding a bit confused. "Anyway…" He says looking over at Amy. "You'd probably like the Danger Room, it's really cool down there. Hey Kaylee." Nick says as she walks in. "How far are you into the game Shane?"

Ahmed just heads over and picks up the present, pushing it back into his pack before he moves off and begins catting up, the form starting with his feet and slowly exuding towards his hips, "Whatever. You guys have fun with the on-screen mayhem. I'm gonna go catch a nap." And with that he fully forms up, and slinks out of the room.

"Okay, have a good nap, shelly cat guy," says Amy, waving a hand towards Ahmed as he goes, responding to Kaylee, "You know. Pretty much all the stuff that you're into. That kind of nerdy stuff. Like. Pokeymans and not so final fantasy thirty six." She then nods to Nicholas and says, "Yeah, I've heard rumours, it seems /really/ cool, actually. If all video games were like what it sounds like that place is… I'd play more."

"*Fucking Chargers,*" Shane says, as if that answers Nick's question in its entirely. Which it just might, to anyone familiar with Dead Island. "Later, Ahmed," she calls to the retreating feline, before offering the controller to Nick. "Take over for me? Gotta get a drink."

"Pff, you don't even have any idea," Kaylee rolls her eyes, "Final Fantasy is only up to like, thirteen. Or fourteen. If you don't count all the spinoffs. And Chronotrigger totally doesn't count either." More eyerolling. "Anyway."

When Ahmed leaves, Nicholas lets out a sigh. "Damnit, I really don't understand him." He mutters to Shane. "I should be on my way too, I still need a shower and dinner even though it's late. I'm surprised you're letting hang around here without how much I stink of horse." He says getting up. "Amy, Cale, you two have a great night and Shane, see you tomorrow morning for Ms. Pryde's session. Have a good night." And with that Nick exits the rec room and turns the opposite way out of the door than he's intending on heading.

"Yeah, goodnight to you too," says Amy, waving towards Nicholas and then notes, "I don't know anything about any of that stuff you said Kaylee, but it's nonsense to me!" She looks towards the screen and then says, "I think I'd like to play that in the Danger Room. Kill some zombies. Harmless zombie murder."

Shane snorts loudly at Amy's assertion, shaking her head. "No thanks f'r me. Once was enough, 'n still dunno how that happened. Anyway, I'm'a get a drink." The game is saved, logged out of, and the controller left on the couch as the slight young mutant levers herself to her feet. "Anyone wants t'play, have at. Later, guys."

"Pff. The Danger Room is way more… well, I guess you probably WOULD like it. I thought it was kinda scary. I mean, I handled it okay but… real fighting is…" Kaylee trails off, shaking her head.

Amy waves at Shane and looks towards the screen for a moment, "I am pretty good at fighting, though, you know. Real fighting, and sporty fighting. Really, just kicking ass."

"That's true! But, I don't know, I mean this isn't like some kinda schoolyard bully. They have actual superpowers. I mean, it hurts! The last time I was in the danger room, a giant viking woman tried to throw me off a cliff. And, well, skeletons and zombies and stuff…" Kaylee trails off, rubbing the back of her neck as she takes up Shane's unoccupied spot on the couch.

Amy shrugs and says, "Superpowers shmuperpowers. It's just people who are more shiny and magical." She starts towards the door and then says, "I'll need to check it out sometime, see how much fun it is. At least it'll be a workout…" She pauses at the door for a few moments, looking back towards Cale. "Hey, you know things'll be okay, right? We'll be okay. You and me, kiddo."

Cale smiles, fingering the hem of her skirt, "Of course, sis. Things're better than ever. I mean. Well. Not ever…" she trails off… "But, well, they're as good as they can be, I think, and it's not worth dwelling on. I don't think."

Amy smiles back towards Cale, nodding once, and then saying, "Have a good night, kiddo. Kill some zombies for me…" She walks out the door of the rec room, back towards the dorms.

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