2012-01-17: What's Under The Ice


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Summary: It's a day of cats and faeries!

Date: January 17, 2012

Log Title: What's Under The Ice?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Even though it's cold outside and there's a thin layer of ice over the koi pond, that doesn't stop Sage from being outside. He's got a knit cap over his head, winter coat and thick wool socks on under his sandles. He currently is lying on his stomach on the bridge at an odd angle so his face hangs over the side, looking down at the ice intently as if he's trying to spot something. Every few moments one of his dreads will sneak down and tap the ice and Sage's face brightens with a childlike excitement as if he's waiting for something.

The cold air and the solitude seem to draw others out to this place as well. Ahmed is out for once not in his ectoplasmic shell, opting instead to walk on two feet, two snow-booted feet and obviously resisting the urge to kick or otherwise send white powder flying everywhere, or other such childishness. So instead he opts for walking funny, causing his bootprints to leave funny patterns here and there, even hopping so that they trail at whacky angles.

Taylor is out and about, but seeing Ahmed first as he walks through the snow, the little felinoid student decides to get even, dropping down to all fours and crawling along the ground in a stealthy approach. Once Ahmed is in proper position, the student rockets out of their hiding place in a pounce that will make Ahmed's bum make a funny pattern in the ground. Once some tumbling occurs, Taylor puts hands on Ahmed's shoulder and quotes a wise lion princess, "Pinned you." The student's tail flicks a few times at that.

Needing to pull himself away from the internet Warlock also finds himself wandering the vacinity of the Japanese Gardens, dressed in dark bluish jeans, a black long sleeved shirt, red/brown belt, red/brown sort of jedi-like boots, a dark coloured coat and steam-punk style goggles on his forehead. Spotting Ahmed he's about to say hello to the cat boy when he's jumped by another large cat chuckling a little when it's clear that the other student isn't being attacked.

*Tap Tap Tap* Goes Sage's hair lightly on the ice, almost intent on what he's staring at, that is until Taylor tackles Ahmed and the noise causes Sage to look up. "Shhhhhh." He says putting a finger to his lips. "You'll scare away the Aeyins." He says as his eyes glance back and forth at the ice widly, trying to see if he can spot one.

Whatever Ahmed was going to say gets cut off by Sage's words, and he gives Taylor a couple good knees to the side, all in rough play, before he flips them both other, slips off, and is suddenly up next to Sage, looking over the side of the bridge and into the water as well. He looks, looks back at Taye, looks again, and slowly, despite himself, an ectoplasmic tail begins to grow off his backside, slowly resolving itself until he finally asks in a conspiratorial whisper, "What's an Aeyin?"

Taylor seems surprised at this hushing, well enough that they can be kneed off of Ahmed. Once off, Tay gets up and then looks towards Sage, walking over to his other side and crouching down to check out whatever he's looking for, looking back towards Sage once Ahmed asks the question.

Still chuckling a little at the cat fight Warlock walks over to the rest of the students, "Is an Aeyin some kind of bug or fish?", is asked in a similar whisper to Ahmed, when everyone else is whispering then whispering is the thing to do, "Wow, is your hair actually moving?"

Looking up at Ahmed from his awkward position on the bridge, Sage smiles up at him. "They're the ice builders, they still have a lot of work to do here but I'm not sure if it's cold enough for them." He says tapping gently on the ice again with one of his dread locks. "Too many voices can scare them since we're not supposed to see them." But apparently the tapping does something different? He shakes his head at Warlock. "It's not a bug or a fish they're a type of faery. And yes, I can move my hair." He says quitely.

Soon there is a long and superfluffy tail that is dangling over the side as well, brushing at the ice next to one of Sage's locks, and despite the fact that there might not really be such a thing as an Aeyin, Ahmed seems genuinely interested and is looking around, trying to spot the little things. He tilts his head back and forth, and watches as his tail brushes along the very edge of the ice, kicking up a little bit of something there into the air before settling once more, and grins, "Okay, animate hair is cool… " He whispers out, "Can you play piano with it?"

Taylor seems a bit surprised at the response from Sage, but after a moment's consideration, sniffs at the air as if to try and pick out where any of the faeries might be, peering back and forth at the koi pond.

"Cool, must feel weird when you get a hair cut though". Warlock walks over to peer at the ice, "You're Northern right?, Englandwise i mean", he can't seem to spot any of the Aeyin thingies himself, "I can't see them, maybe only certain people can see them, like with mediums and ghosts", still he keeps looking, never know what exists nowdays.

Sage shakes his head. "I haven't tried because I don't know how to play the piano. My sister and my Mom are really good at the piano. I haven't tried playing my Ukulele with it yet, I'm afriad I'll break it. Can you play the piano with your tail?" He asks Ahmed in return with a grin that screams of childlike innoncece. His hands then go straight to his hair. "Are you crazy? I haven't had my hair cut since I was eight." He says in his thick British accent. "They Aeyins are quick and they move fast. They're probably hiding since we're making to much noise." He doesn't sound disappointed by it though.

Ahmed reaches down and bundles up his tail, trying to get it away from the water, "Man I wish… I can't control it really that well yet. Maybe someday though. I'm Ahmed, nice to meet you. Oh… and the lump over there is Taylor. Say Hi Taylor." It resists of course at first, but it's his tail, and eventually it slithers up from the water and settles in a thump on the bridge before it bursts into a pool of mostly clear gel, some of it dripping off the sides and into the water, creating little oil slicks where it travels, "Dang… thought I could hold it that time!"

"I'm not a lump!" protests Taylor, but then still does offer a sheepish, "Hello. I'm Taylor…" The felinoid student looks back at the water and then up at Sage's hair, and down, and up again. "I couldn't play anything with my tail. I swear it has a mind of its own. New feature, though, so I don't know."

As everyone is giving out names he offers out his, "I'm Lock", he watches as Ahmed's tail melts, "What were you trying to do?", he watches the tail oil drip into the water, "I feel a little left out, i'm the only one without extra limbs, i only get four" he jokes, it probably has big downsides too, "Why don't you leave a camera here to record the ice thingies?"

"I'm Sage, Sage Windsong Chipmonk Holbrook the Fourth, it's a pleasure to meet you Ahmed, Taylor and Lock." Sage says offering a hand to them both. "Don't worry I don't think you're a lump Taylor, though lumps of sugar aren't a bad thign." He says smiling. "My hair definately has a mind of its own, sometimes I have a mighty hard time controlling it. And it's not an extra limb exactly…it's still hair." Sage says before giving Warlock an offended look. "That ruins every bit of fun there is in looking for them!"

Ahmed starts chuckling a bit, and then he takes the hand and gives a firm shake, his pale skin and his catslit eyes much more obvious this close, "Nice to meet you. That is a long name… really sixties too." With that though he turns and looks at Warlock, almost pitying him as he says, "Dude… it's the little things." His tone sounding slightly more serious than it needs to be as he moves towards the other side of the bridge, more of his ectoplasm forming up around him as he begins to assume his feline shell, "If I see any Aeyins I'll let you know, okay?" And within the space of a minute there's instead his trademark giant snow leopard form, complete with the metallic blue rosettes that goes bounding off towards the quad, graceful in every one of that huge feline's movements.

Taylor makes a few grumbly sounds at the other feline teen as he readies to head off, probably a bit inexplicably, and then looks over towards Warlock with a tilted head, noting, "If you were to catch 'em on film, you'd never know what they smell like… But yeah, my tail's not really a limb, just a butt extension."

Warlock starts kicking some of the snow off his boots, "Sorry, i just thought because you wanna see them but you said they dont want you to see them, it's what i did when i was little with Santa, though to be fair that didn't work out the best", he smiles a little at Taylor's description of the tail.

"They smell like cold, and water." Sage says to Taylor as if he knows from experience. He watches Ahmed change and gets a sort of excited expression on his face. "Wow, that was cool. Bye Ahmed!" He calls after him as he pushes himself up. "Would it be weird to as him to pet him? I mean he looks so soft…" He says before chuckling at Taylor's 'butt extension' comment. "It's more that it's fun to catch a glimps of them while at work, spotting them in person. Besides, I don't own a camera. I should be off though, I have some plants in the attic that I need to watch over. Have a great day Taylor and Lock." Sage says as he starts to walk towards the mansion.

Taylor looks towards Sage and says, "Just pet him, it'll be fine. He really doesn't mind. Welcomes it." The feline's eyes flick over towards where Ahmed heads off to, and then Tay says to Sage, "I'll seeya later, Sage." The felinoid student then glances towards Warlock and says, "So did you think setting out the camera for Santa was worth it?"

Warlock gives Sage a wave as he leaves, "Have fun, and good luck finding the thingies", before turning to Taylor and shaking his head, "No it wasn't, my brother got hold of the camera and recored part of a horror film onto it, i wouldn't go to sleep without the lights on for like a month, i liked ghost stories and stuff but i was to little to watch that".

Taylor chuckles and says, "I guess that's the problem with having siblings, huh?" The felinoid student shrugs lightly and says, "Sounds like a bit of fun, though."

Warlock grins, "Yeah it cam be fun most of the time, then again he can also be a dick who sometimes only seems to exist to wind me up", still thats changed a bit since moving in with his grandmother, "Still, plenty of people to hang out with here".

"Ah, yeah, there are lots of people here. I'm not used to it. I was always an only child and didn't really do much hanging out with people at school," says Taylor, rising up and looking towards Warlock. "You miss your brother?"

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